Cousin Gina

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Cousin GinaIt all started when I was in 8th grade. Girls were drawing my attention more and more every day it seemed. I was becoming distracted by them during class and pretty much everywhere I went.Then one day it hit me like a freight train. I was sitting at lunch with some friends when I glanced up at the counter. There was a blonde, with some shapely hips and long legs. She was shifting her weight from side to side in a very provocative way. Her blonde pony tail tossed back and forth with her movements. My eyes were locked on that tight ass and narrow waist. It seemed like an eternity that I sat and stared, just waiting for her to turn around.Finally she picked up her food and slowly turned. My jaw almost hit the table when I realized it was my cousin Gina. She looked around for a minute and then made eye contact with me. She smiled and waved, which I responded to with a quick wave and a smile.Holy shit! I was just fantasizing about my cousin? Sure, she is smokin’ hot and only a year older than me, but she’s my cousin. I should be thinking those things should I? My brain was still reeling as she walked over to sit with her friends.Over the next few months I continued to fantasize about Gina, finding myself comparing other girls to her but never finding one that came close. I wrote little stories about her and found myself dreaming about her on a regular basis.My freshman year found me in the same school as her. This gave me the opportunity to see her everyday and our friendship grew stronger. She took her “little freshman cousin” under wing and invited me to hang out with her friends. Now, she had some pretty hot friends, but I had to be careful not to stare at her too much.Sometime during October, about half way through the first semester, one of her friends was having a big party. Gina called and asked if I would want to go along. From what I had heard there would be a ton of people there and it sounded like a hell of party. She told me it would be out at her friend Myra’s farm and that I should dress accordingly. In other words, don’t wear anything I didn’t mind getting messed up. There would be a hayride and probably some football or baseball to be played.It seemed like months until the day of the party, but it finally did arrive. Gina rolled up in her new car to pick up her “little freshman cousin.” I saw her give me a little bit of a lingering look as she watched me walk to her car. I had decided to wear a striped rugby shirt with a pair of jeans. She seemed to approve as she leaned over to open my door, I couldn’t help but notice as her shirt hung open at the neckline a little as she leaned. I could just see a little cleavage, and I think she caught me looking. She said nothing but had a little mischievous grin on her face as we sped off towards the party.We arrived about 20 minutes later and the party was already going strong. A couple guys were tossing around a football and the girls were watching. I followed Gina over to where her friends were standing and just kinda stood there looking uncomfortable. Myra was the first to greet me and I then exchanged pleasantries with the other girls.One of the guys yelled something at me, wondering if I was a guy or just one of the girls. Gina rolled her eyes and told me to go be a guy if I wanted. I decided that perhaps if I were playing football, I could sneak a few more peeks at Gina.The next couple hours were spent playing a rough game of “touch” football. Every chance I got, I would sneak a peek over at Gina disguising it as though I were looking at the other girls. Then we all gathered around a fire pit with some cold drinks. I was finally accepted into the group by now and had the bruises to show for it.A short while later, as the evening air began to cool, Myra’s brother Rich came up the hill with the tractor and hay wagon. The hay bales (actually straw because hay itches too much on bare skin) were in a ring around the edge of the wagon, giving everyone a good place to nestle in for the ride. Myra went over to the shed and brought out several heavy blankets, making sure everyone knew it was gonna get pretty cool on that ride. I could tell by the look in her eye, that something was up.As we walked over to the wagon, she handed out a blanket şişli escort to each of the couples. When was down to two I looked around and saw that Gina, Myra, and their friend Cindy were still standing there. I had seen each of the other blankets go to a couple and I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next, although I was kinda hoping they would put Gina and I together.Myra grabbed my arm and tossed Gina a blanket, apparently claiming me as her hayride partner. Everyone climbed on the wagon and took their spots. It was very comfortable as we settled down into the bed of straw, relaxing against the bales. We pulled away from the farm and headed down the road. The sun was long gone, so the only lights were on some poles near farms that we passed and the headlights of the tractor.Probably ten minutes into the ride, Myra snuggled up to me claiming to be cold. It seemed that most of the girls on that ride were cold from what I could see. However, the farms were pretty far apart and the tractor was pretty noisy, so it was almost like each couple was in their own little world under their blanket.I felt her hand slide across my chest and relax there for a moment. Then it slow slide down toward my pants. I just closed my eyes, dreaming about what was hopefully going to happen. Unfortunately, I was unaware that Myra was famous for being a tease. She ran her hand along my leg and began massaging my thigh. She was breathing on my neck, causing the hair on my neck to stand on end. She was making me very horny, and she knew it. I was still a virgin then, so this very intimate attention was almost more than I could handle. She told me some dirty things that she wanted to do to me and then told me we were almost back to the farm so she wouldn’t be able to do them tonight. I was so horny, but I was trying like hell to calm down before we got back to the campfire. With the thoughts Myra had put in my head, there was zero chance of that happening.We parked near the campfire again and people began jumping off the wagon. I took my time, thinking maybe I could get an extra minute or two to calm down. I scooted myself over to the edge of the wagon and was about to jump down when Gina and Myra grabbed me by the hands and gave a quick pull. I fell forward, thinking I was going to crash to the ground when Gina suddenly stepped forward in a vain attempt to catch me. Instead, I took her down with me. When I gained my senses, I realized that I was living a fantasy. I was laying directly on top of her, our hips aligned and her legs slightly spread. After an awkward moment, she smiled and I started to pick myself up. Myra placed her foot on my ass and pushed me back down. Myra started chuckling as she walked away, saying something about fucking cousins. I barely heard her as I felt Gina’s warmth below me and her legs slowly begin to slide up along my side. She had a very serious look on her face, as if she were feeling the same things I was at that moment. I leaned in and gently kissed her on the lips. She didn’t fight me and only closed her eyes as I felt her body relax. She then opened her eyes and reminded me that everyone else was probably waiting on us. I reluctant climbed off of her and started back for the campfire. That was the end of the excitement for the evening.Myra and I started dating soon after the farm party. She showed me all kinds of new things, which I truly enjoyed. We never had sex, which seemed a little disappointing at times, but I think somewhere in the back of her mind she knew I had eyes for another girl. I continued to hang out with Gina and the rest of her friends on a regular basis, but I never kissed Gina again throughout high school.Myra and I broke up when she left for college, both of us knowing she had a lot more cocks to suck and probably fuck. I would later hear some of these stories, but they were just a bunch of college fuck stories. My favorite story happened a few months later, sometime in May of my senior year.I turned 18 on May 1 of that year. Life didn’t seem all that much different, although I was starting to realize that I would soon be off to college and couldn’t shake those stories Myra had told me. I began to wonder if I would lose my virginity to some girl at şişli escort bayan a frat party after a good night of drinking or if I would find a girl like Myra that I could date and fuck all the time.This was pretty much all that was on my mind as I sat in my lawn chair at my family’s cabin near the local lake. I was enjoying a sunny May afternoon and thinking about hot girls. Life was treating me pretty good.Then I heard a familiar voice, it was Myra, walking down the hill toward me. She had a big grin and a tiny bikini on. I couldn’t help but stare thinking that I just might have to tap that today. She started throwing verbal jabs at me as I blatantly stared at her bouncing tits as she walked down the hill. My brain was frozen for those few minutes as she made her way over to me and I totally missed the fact she had company. Finally I noticed the other visitor, it was Gina. Suddenly, Myra kinda faded away as I watched Gina descend to my place on the beach.Myra got my attention back as she plopped on my lap, grinding her hips in. While I had been starting at Gina, Myra’s efforts did not go unnoticed for sure. I turned and looked at her… if I hadn’t had any pants on I’m sure her little bikini bottom wouldn’t have stopped my cock from sneaking right up in her pussy. Needless to say, my cock was at full attention. Gina laughed at Myra and peeled off her tee shirt. Let’s just say I found a new level of hardon when I saw that scene unfold. She then slipped off her shorts, leaving only her silky smooth skin and yellow bikini. However, her bikini was less revealing than Myra’s.Myra must have felt a little snubbed at my attention for Gina because she jumped up and ran to jump in the lake. As she did, Gina walked over to talk to me. I made no attempt to hide my erection, not that it would have done any good. Gina’s eyes locked on it for a minute, which gave me a moment to scan her entire tanned body. Then she looked to see where Myra was, and saw she was swimming around in the lake. In a quick motion she bent over and kissed me square on the lips. I grabbed her head and held the kiss for a couple minutes. She pulled away saying she didn’t want Myra to see that.A few moments later, I stared in awe and Myra lifted her perfect glistening body from the lake. I was torn between this gorgeous piece of ass walking towards me and my cousin Gina, who obviously was sharing some sexual feelings with me. Myra walked near me, but kept walking over to the boat dock where she spread out a towel. She then laid face down and untied her top. I almost fell out of my chair as I could see those perfect tits emerge from the bikini as she lay there on the dock. I looked up at Gina who was also staring at Myra, probably admiring that perfect body too.Gina handed me some suntan lotion pointed at Myra. I wasn’t sure what this meant, but I didn’t hesitate either. I stood up and took the lotion, heading for the dock. Maybe Gina wasn’t going to have sex with me, even if she wanted to. Perhaps that was why Myra was along. I reached the dock and walked up to Myra who had her eyes closed. She didn’t acknowledge my presence as I knelt over her, then I decided to straddle her. I placed one leg on each side of her and began warming the lotion with my hands. After a few seconds I started rubbing it into her skin. The feeling was electric and my hardon roared back to full staff. As I leaned forward I could feel it rubbing against her ass, sliding back and forth as I reached across her body. Finally I was almost done and decided to be a little ballsy, so I rubbed down the sides of her body and put lotion on the exposed parts of her wonderful tits. She didn’t even move, so I started to stand up. At that moment, she flipped over.I stood there motionless, staring at her naked upper body. She shaded her eyes from the sun and looked at me, explaining that it isn’t nice to lotion one side and not the other. I knelt back down, causing my dick to press right into her scantily clad pussy mound. I was tempted for a moment to pull down my shorts and stick it right in there. Instead, the lotion spread nicely over the belly and her arms and neck. She just glared at me for stopping, so I took a couple good handfuls of lotion and began rubbing mecidiyeköy escort bayan her perfect breasts. She moaned a little as I massaged them, perhaps lingering a bit too long.She reached down and grabbed my shorts, pulling the waistband down and freeing my cock. She pulled it down at an awkward angle and rubbed it against her bikini. I was in shock, but somehow had the presence of mind to lean forward, creating a more fitting angle. She pulled her bikini aside, revealing a swollen and obviously dripping wet pussy. I started to push forward and just felt the tip of my cock touch her pussy. It was almost more than I could stand, but I tried to keep from coming. She rubbed it up and down a few times and that was more than I could take. I erupted right there on her stomach, convulsing in absolute pleasure. When I came back down to earth she was just staring at me, with a grin on her face. She told me I was “such a man” and pushed me off of her. She rolled over and into the lake, attempting to clean herself off. She then crawled back up on the dock and took off her bottoms. She told me to go away as she was going to get a good full body tan.I couldn’t believe I had been that close to losing my virginity and had literally blown it. My head snapped around as I forgot all about Gina for a few minutes. She was laying in a beach chair, eyes closed, and it seemed she has missed my little episode with Myra. I stood up and walked back to my chair. My now deflated and spent cock hanging comfortably inside my shorts, I took a seat next to Gina.Without opening her eyes she asked if I had fun. I was almost sick, thinking maybe I had blown any chance of getting in her pants. I stammered around for a minute and then she smiled. I felt a twitch. Gina sat up and looked at Myra laying at the end of the dock, completely nude. She stood up and turned to face me, slowly untying her bikini top. I watched in disbelief as she slowly let her top drop to the ground. I reached up and gently touched her tits, bring them closer to me and nibbling on them. Gina moaned as I began to slide her bottoms down with one hand, she made no attempt to resist.My cock was now back at full attention and Gina immediately noticed. She stepped out of her bikini bottoms, leaving her totally nude and on display for me. She looked one more time at Myra and then told me to pull my shorts down. I did this quickly and just sat back in my chair. Gina straddled the chair, which had no arms on it, and positioned herself above me. I began to gently rub the sides of her body and looked deep into her eyes. A moment later, any sense of apprehension faded from her eyes and she slowly lowered herself.My cock head met her moist pussy lips and she paused. I rubbed it back and forth a little, causing her pussy to lubricate my cock. Then she sighed deeply as she lowered herself down onto my cock. It seemed like an hour for her to slide down my seven inch cock, but it was pure heaven. Once she had firmly implanted my cock into her pussy she leaned forward and just held her position. I began to suck gently on her nipples as she slowly rocked her hips against me. Having just come minutes before, I hope this would last forever.Gina began to moan louder and louder as I slammed her hips down onto my cock. I could feel her juices running down on me and that ever so familiar boiling deep in my balls. Suddenly she pulled herself down tight against me and her pussy walls began squeezing my cock with more pressure than I could ever have imagined. Her eyes rolled back in her head and I felt that throbbing of my cock. I wasn’t sure if I could pull out at this point, but I attempted to lift her off of me. This didn’t work at all as she clamped down on me, forcing my cock deep inside her. My cock began spurting what I believed to be the biggest single load of come I ever had. Our bodies locked together as our orgasms subsided. She rocked just a little as she came down from her cloud of bliss.I held her just like that for a while, our naked bodies clinging to each other. Ten minutes later I felt that twitch again. She sat up and smiled at me, flexing her pussy muscles. My cock jumped back to life inside her and she began to hump me slowly. She fucked me to orgasm again, once again filling her pussy with my seed. Myra was still passed out on the dock, but had begun to stir, so we quickly dressed. I kissed her again with more passion than I knew I had, and vowed that we would do this again and that I was hers forever.

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