Cover Boy

“This way Bowdy, yes that’s great…and look over your shoulder, great, perfect.”

Bowdy McDonald gave the camera a broad smile and ran his hand down his bare chest and drove his fingers into the top of his jeans.

“Nice Bowdy, real nice. Keep it coming.”

The tall muscular model played to the camera like he was making love to it; pouting and oozing that sensual charm that came so naturally to him. Placing a booted foot on the box in front of him he straightened up, letting his tight six-pack ripple as he ran his hands back through his auburn hair, pouting with hot pink lips; his CK’s showing tantalizingly above the top of his jeans.

From the back of the studio, through a mane of long ebony hair, two ice-blue eyes watched the ‘show’. Cain Gallagher scrutinised every move that the young model made with the eye of a well trained body-guard. He stood as always, legs slightly spread, hands clasped across his abdomen, but today those well-placed hands were hiding a rather large erection. Bowdy shifted again, looking over his shoulder making Cain fidget where he stood in the shadows; it was getting too much. The female model Cain was ‘baby-sitting’ sat to his left, screeching at the make-up artist who was desperately trying to fix the girl’s face. But Cain didn’t hear any of it, all he knew was he needed Bowdy off the set and he needed him now.


The door to the male changing rooms squeaked open.

“I’ll be out in a second.” Bowdy announced lightly. He was half way to pulling off his boots when a thick arm closed tightly around his waist and drove him face first against the wall.

“No ya won’t.” A husky voice whispered Ankara escort in his ear sending a shiver down his spine. “You ain’t goin’ nowhere.”

Cain spun the young model round and pushed him back against the wall. For a moment a look of surprise and shock crossed the taller man’s face and then a soft pouting smile spread over his features as he gazed at the dark brooding body-guard. He could see from the expression on Cain’s face just how riled he was and he decided then and there he would let Cain have his fun.

“You fuckin’ little cock-tease. You’ve been out there all mornin’ poutin’ like a bitch on heat at that camera, knowin’ I was back there.” Cain growled.

“I had no idea you were here today, honest.” Bowdy smiled.

“Don’t Bow, you know what happens when ya lie ta me.” Cain pressed his body up against him, his thick muscular hands resting either side of Bowdy’s head. Even though Cain was a foot shorter in stature, Bowdy felt powerless against the solid frame of this man; but then it wasn’t the first time he’d felt powerless against him.

Cain growled as he pushed his face against Bowdy’s neck, nuzzling and licking his soft white flesh. Bowdy shivered again and moaned as Cain deftly took his earlobe between his teeth and nibbled. He could feel Cain’s raging erection pushing against the material of his pants and instantly wanted it in his hand. But the thought was ripped from his mind as Cain’s hungry mouth found his and a thick wet tongue pushed deep into his mouth.

Bow gave way, arching into Cain’s body, pushing and grinding against his solid muscles. Cain teased another moan from the younger male as he twisted a hardened Ankara escort bayan nipple between his fingers. Bowdy’s body felt incredible under his wildly roaming hands; smooth and velvety and taut. Bowdy bucked against him and Cain felt the model’s hardened cock push into his thigh. The boy was ready for him. Roughly he pulled Bowdy from the wall and pushed him against the clothing rail. As the young model panted and gasped Cain grabbed two scarf’s from the rail and wrapped them around Bowdy’s hands, tying him with arms outstretched to the metal pole.

“Do you know what I’ve been thinkin’ about all mornin’?” Cain growled at Bowdy. “This!” And before Bowdy had time to reply, Cain grabbed the zipper of Bowdy’s pants and tore at it, wrenching the jeans and jockeys down in one hard tug. Bow’s legs buckled for a moment at the brut force. He stood, tied and naked in front of the hungry Cain, his dick standing to attention as his heart pounded in his chest.

Cain was on him before he could think. Kneeling down between his legs, his long liquorice hair caressing Bowdy’s inner thighs sending sizzling tingles through his abdomen. Bow moaned as a hot thick fist palmed his cock and began to rub slowly back and forth. He tried to spread his legs a little, to let Cain have more of him, but the jeans around his ankles held him in place.

“Oh god Cain, yyyeesss, ohhh, pppllease, fuck me.” He whispered hoarsely. Cain didn’t have to be asked twice. He leaned in, taking the fiery throbbing tip of Bowdy’s cock into his mouth, licking the salty-sweet drop of pre-cum from the tip as he slid it to the back of his throat. Bowdy bucked and moaned but Cain didn’t Escort Ankara let go. Reaching up he cupped Bowdy’s balls in his hand and squeezed. “Oh god yyyesss.” The model hissed, throwing his head back and relaxing into Cain’s touch.

Cain couldn’t contain himself. He’s been so hungry for his lover all morning and now he demanded satisfaction. He picked up speed, rocking his head back and forth, growling deep in his throat with pleasure, sending vibrations down the length of Bowdy’s solid shaft. His own cock pulled against his jeans and he had no choice but to release himself from his confines. With one hand cupping Bowdy, his mouth suckling hard and firmly on his lovers ivory rod, he wrapped his free hand around his own cock and tugged. The sensation was unbelievable. His asshole spasmed and his abdomen tightened as he pumped at his own cherry red manhood. He could feel the cum rising, his balls tightening with every stroke.

Bowdy was on the edge too. He writhed and tugged at his bonds, unable to move against Cain’s incredible mouth. Cain couldn’t hold back any longer. As he pumped rapidly a fountain of cum shot from his dick spraying the floor where he knelt. Bowdy, watching the erotic show, pushed deep into Cain’s mouth, and with a wailing scream he shot his load into the back of Cain’s throat. Cain gulped and let the creamy sweetness slid down.


“Don’t ever do that to me again, d’ ya hear.” Cain whispered with a smirk as he untied Bowdy from the rail, kissing him softly on the cheek.

“Come here.” Bowdy answered, pulling the dark body-guard into his arms and kissing him deeply, tasting his own cum still on Cain’s lips. “I can’t promise I won’t.” He pouted. “I have to go.” Pulling his jeans up and grabbing a shirt, the tall auburn-headed model headed out onto the set as Cain watched him go.

“Well maybe just one more time eh?” Cain murmured after him.

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