Cuckold Camping Trip 3


Cuckold Camping Trip 3
After that night I noticed a change in my sweet Jen, She was a different woman inside and out. She became much more confident mostly because she began to realize how attractive and powerful she was. She and Kevin’s wife began going to the gym regularly I watched as the extra weight fell off of her. Her new found confidence as well as a more toned physique started to bring the attention of other men when we were out. With the changes her old wardrobe was exchanged for more provocative dress. It’s smarter than sluty she has mastered the art of intrigue showing just enough of her new found power to lure attention. My reaction to this was a surprise to me I found myself proud to be the one married to the woman they were all sneaking glances of trying not to let their wives and girlfriends see them stealing glances. I get to see the desire in the stares, instead of making me angry I was very turned on and felt pity for them for not making the discovery that we had.
Our life now different was mostly better Jen was tone and sexy Kevin and I where friends and he would take me to the gym but I did not respond as quickly as my wife. I began to look forward to the interludes that would take place Kevin and I had gym day once a week. Usually on the weekend due to work he would work out and I would follow him around although my sets always seemed to be less weight and less numerous I did enjoy the sights in the gym I ogled the women through the mirrors and noticed they would do the same to Kevin. I could tell through the interactions he would have with them that Jen was not the only one being serviced by Kevin. By the time we got home I would be spent sore and tired but excited about what I knew was coming. You see Jen loved gym day as well because it was her day when we got back.
Kevin would shower first then I Jen was usually greedy for him and by the time I was toweled off their foreplay would be in full swing sometimes he would not make it out of the bathroom or just in the hall and her lust would make her pounce I come out of the shower to find my wife running her hands all over Kevin’s chiseled body her light skin in contrast to his dark body, our wedding ring on her fingers that are now wrapped around his massive member while she uncontrollably pushed her other hand into the now well lubricated pussy that was about to be invaded they kiss and I see she has real Passion. Now we still have sex but not like this, this is something different something primal and I love seeing it as much as she needs it Kevin is way more dominate than I and sometimes it goes on right there in the hall but most of the time I follow as Jens legs are wrapped around him hand he carries her to the bed room for my favorite part when he sinks that massive cock in my wife she comes alive like someone has just put electric to her
I can’t control myself and stroke my own penis as Kevin’s massive rod impales Jen and she responds in time he is a master of sex and is attentive to her his speed depth and control are like nothing I have seen and when I try and mimic it with Jen it is not well received he controls her body a tug of hair or a an open hand slap on her ass that leaves a hand tattoo on her now perfect backside and she loves it the creamy union shows that she is responding well to Kevin her pussy engulfs that shaft until his balls slap against that hard ass it’s hard for me to decide my favorite position she loves doggy style and I love seeing his heavy cum laden balls slap her clit as that massive pole stretches her and her tits sway with ever stroke I love the sight of them when he grabs her by the hips and plows her in earnest the sound of her moans as the collision takes her voice for a split-second and the shock of her hanging breast tells me his is in her with deep and forceful thrusts or when he is building up with her the genital sway and the soft coos as wave after wave come over her . When she is on her back the movement of her nipples back and forth and her outstretched talons tell the story of depravity that we have fallen into she will turn her head and bite the pillow and must have something in her hands whether that is sheets or her milky fingers griping tightly on Kevin’s bulging black biceps the sight of her desperate kiss and hands griping on to his body as he lowers his hips and takes her deep is a sight. When they are seated facing each other the intimacy cannot be denied her eyes lock into his and I can see their souls touch as he gently rocks her back and forth I can only hear the sounds of their union and their kisses in this position but I can tell in that moment she is not mine. The only part I find more arousing than the initial plunge is the end I love it when she is on her hands and knees sweat dripping from them both she is near delirious with pleasure and begs him for cum I can never last that long but if I haven’t cum all over myself by this time I join in encouraging him to empty himself within her. If I can hold out I have a reward the sight of those heavy black balls twitching in Jen’s swollen pussy and her guttural grunts as Kevin pumps deep inside of her as he withdraws her wrecked pussy leaks from the assault and if I have not cum I cannot keep myself away from it she holds my hair and pushes my face down onto her sometimes so hard that I cannot breath as I taste my wife and her lover. I then have a need to mount her. This rhythm goes on for the day. Sometimes Kevin’s wife is their sometimes he is alone. All I know is I love how happy Jen is and our new found weekend routine however it does draw some strange looks from the neighbors.

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