Cursed Pt. 04


We headed to the bedroom, still laughing about the young men at the restaurant. The Ladies hung up their new clothes and I stripped down.

“Can you both still take all of my cock down your throat?” I asked.

“I’m SURE I can!” said Lauren.

“There’s only one way to find out,” chimed in Ashley. Both Ladies lay down on the bed with their heads slightly hanging over the side.

I asked Lauren to wait while Ashley tried first. I put my 8 1/2″ cock to Ashley’s mouth and she began to swallow as I moved forward. I told Lauren to lick Ashley’s pussy while I slid my cock into her throat. Lauren happily complied. Ashley swallowed again and again as my cock sank completely down her throat. Then I retreated to allow her to take a breath. I repeated this again and again while her throat muscles massaged my cock and Lauren licked her pussy and began to suck on her clitoris. She was reaching a peak of excitement, so I commanded, “CUM, ASHLEY! CUM FOR ME!!”

Ashley had a powerful orgasm while I slid my cock out of her mouth. Lauren reduced the intensity of her attention to her mother’s pussy, allowing Ashley to come down from her orgasmic high. When she had recovered, I asked, “Do you want to exchange places?”

In response, the Ladies scrambled to get into the appropriate places. Then I began to slide my cock into my little sister’s mouth. She swallowed and swallowed as my cock entered her throat and slid down until my balls were resting on her forehead. Ashley was licking her daughter’s pussy and sucking on her clitoris. I slid my cock in and out, deep into Lauren’s throat, while her swallowing massaged my cock. Enjoying the deep throat efforts of my two beautiful Ladies, my climax was quickly approaching. My cock was far down Lauren’s throat when I shouted, “CUM, LAUREN! CUM!!”

She climaxed and I shot load upon load of my semen directly into her stomach. Then we rested for several minutes.

When I had recovered a little I asked, “Is anybody up for a little more sex?” It was a silly question, but I had to ask. Immediately there were two volunteers.

I asked Ashley to lie on the bed with her head near the edge, and I asked Lauren to straddle her head so that I could enter her pussy from behind while Ashley was licking her pussy. When everyone was in position, I thrust my cock into my stepsister’s pussy while her mother licked her clit. I was thrusting into her hard and deep. Combined with the oral caresses on her clitoris, it did not take long for Lauren to be on the verge of another orgasm. I commanded, “CUM FOR ME, LAUREN! CUM! CUM!! CUM!!”

Lauren came like a freight train. She shook and quivered and spasmed as her orgasm ripped through her. I continued to pump my cock deep into her pussy until her climax began to wane. Then I withdrew and allowed her to relax.

While Lauren was floating in her orgasmic bliss, Ashley turned on the bed and spread her legs wide open. I did not need any persuasion! I moved into position and pushed my rigid erection deep inside her. As I pumped my cock into Ashley I thought, ‘Make a baby for Ashley.’ Thrusting deeply into her, I reached down to caress her clitoris. She was ready to cum, and after several more thrusts, so was I.

“CUM, ASHLEY, CUM! CUM! CUM!! CUM!!” With that I began to blast my potent sperm into her depths, spraying her cervix and her entire vaginal canal with spurt after spurt after spurt of my powerful semen. If she were not already pregnant, she would be now. As her orgasm shook her, my own climax poured into her, filling her with my life giving essence.

It was late and we settled into blissful, contented sleep.

Shortly after 2:30 AM the doorbell rang. I looked at the security monitor and saw two police officers standing at the door. I pulled on some jeans and wrapped a robe around me. As I left the room I told the Ladies what I saw and suggested that they stay put.

Through the door I asked for the names and badge numbers of the officers (just in case). Then I opened the door and let them in. “What’s this about, officer?” I asked. Police coming to our door in the middle of the night could not be good.

“Could we sit down to discuss this?” he replied.

I showed them to the living room, offered them a seat, then I sat down.

“Are you Michael Martin, son of Marlin Martin?”

“Yes, why?”

“Is Mrs. Martin at home?”

“Yes. I’m sure that she is, or was, asleep. Is there something that I can help you with?”

The officer paused, and then he continued, “I am sorry to inform you that your father was involved in an auto accident this evening. He died at the scene.”

I was shocked! He had proven to be a despicable man, but he was my father. I’m sure that the shock showed on my face. I was momentarily speechless.

When it appeared that I could not say anything, the officer continued, “I know that this comes as a terrible shock. I am very sorry for your loss.”

“Thank you,” I mumbled. Then I continued, “I think that I should wake Ashley, his wife. Then perhaps you can tell us any details that you might have. “

I left the room and went into the master bedroom. I told the manavgat escort Ladies to pull on some pajamas and robes and join me in the living room. I added that Marlin had apparently been killed in an auto accident.

I quickly returned to the living room to rejoin the officers. They were both sitting where I had left them. “His wife, Ashley, and her daughter, Lauren, will be here in a moment. Perhaps you can give us some more information about what happened?”

The officer who had been doing most of the talking nodded. Then the Ladies entered the room. Ashley’s eyes were red. They sat on the couch next to me.

The officer began, “As I told Michael, Mr. Martin was involved in a fatal auto accident tonight. He had apparently been drinking. He crossed the center line on a two lane road and crashed head-on into a semi-tractor-trailer. He was killed instantly.”

Ashley put a hand to her mouth. Lauren looked away. I asked, “How did it happen? Was anyone else injured?”

“The truck driver got some bumps and bruises, but nothing serious. He said that your father’s car was coming around a curve, and apparently he over-corrected on the curve and swerved right into the path of the oncoming truck. The truck driver didn’t even have a chance to swerve or anything.” Then he asked, “Did Mr. Martin routinely wear his seatbelt?”

I answered, “Nearly always. Why?”

“Apparently he was not wearing it at the time of the crash. Was he routinely a heavy drinker?”

“Not routinely. But tonight was ‘cards night’ at the club, and he would sometimes have a few drinks then.”

The officer nodded. “That is about all the information we have for you. I am sorry for your loss. Tomorrow you will need to go to the coroner’s office to make formal identification. I’m afraid that it will not be easy.”

I asked, “Can I handle that? She doesn’t need her last memory of him to be that.”

“I’m sure that will be fine. Here is a card with the number. Call in the morning and they will give you the address and other information.”

I showed the officers to the door. As they left, he said, “Again, I am sorry for your loss.”

“Thank you.”

I returned to the living room. We looked at each other. Ashley said, “Now what?”

“Well, we will need to mourn my father’s death. We will also need to see that it is ruled an accidental death. I assume that there will be some questions about the cock cage that he was wearing.” Ashley nodded, and I continued, “When they ask, I will tell them that my father had become obsessed with his fidelity. The device IS a male chastity device. I will say that he asked me to find and order a male chastity device because there was a woman he had met through work and he was afraid that he might be tempted to stray from his marriage vows. I will say that he insisted on wearing it, and he had given the key to you, Ashley, and the extra keys to me. Lauren, you will need to give me the other key.”

Both women nodded their agreement. We spent the next hour talking about details and plans for the next few days. Eventually we settled down into a restless sleep.

Saturday morning I called the store to advise them of what happened, and that I would not be able to come to work for a while. Then I called the coroner’s office and made arrangements for the formal identification of his body. They indicated that an officer would be there, and they might have a few questions.

I arrived downtown a few minutes before the scheduled time, and was met by a female detective. She accompanied me into the viewing room. Marlin’s body was indeed a mess. It would have been difficult to make a positive identification from his face. However he had a rather distinctive birthmark on his left shoulder blade that had not been damaged. It was definitely my father.

Then the detective took me to an interview room. As we walked down the hall and into the room, I could feel her attraction to me. I smiled inwardly.

“Was your father a heavy drinker?” she asked.

“No, but he would sometimes have a few with the guys on card night.”

“Did he always wear his seat belt.”

“He would usually wear it, but occasionally we would need to remind him.”

“Had he been depressed?”

“Not really. He did sometimes stress about work. And he had recently been worried that he might stray from his marriage vows.”

“What was the device that he was wearing?”

“It was a male chastity device. He and Ashley had been married for a little over a year. She is a very beautiful woman. But there was a woman that he had met through work, and he was afraid that he would be tempted.”

“So he bought this device?”

“I am much more comfortable searching and ordering online than he is – was. He confided in me, man to man, of his concern and he asked me to find something that would absolutely prevent him from breaking his vows. I ordered it for him. After he had put it on, he gave the key to his wife, Ashley, and the spares to me for safe keeping. I brought a key if you need it.”

“That’s pretty amazing!”

“He was an amazing man. There manavgat escort bayan is one other thing that will undoubtedly come up.”


“Ashley was hoping to become pregnant, so he had asked her to get a large life insurance policy in place. He worked in the financial services industry and earned a very substantial income. He wanted to be sure that his family would be provided for.”

“He sounds like an amazing man. About how much did he earn?”

“I’m not exactly certain, but I heard him say once that it was mid-six figures plus bonuses.”

“Yes, THAT would qualify as substantial. Is there anything else that you could add that would help me with our investigation?”

“Nothing that comes to mind, but I trust that I could call you if something else comes to mind.”

“YES, CERTAINLY! Here is my card. I will put my direct number and my personal number on the back. I guess that if there is nothing else, I should walk you back to the security entrance.”

“Detective, thank you so much for being so kind. I’m sure that you are very busy, and I really appreciate your taking the time to investigate my father’s death so fully.”

“Thank you for your cooperation. Be sure to call me. And I’m sorry for your loss.”

“Thank you.”

As I walked to my car I reflected on the fact that she had licked her lips fourteen times during the interview and she had been fidgeting with her buttons almost the entire time. ‘Be sure to call me’?

When I returned home to my Ladies, I recounted the entire story of my trip downtown, but omitted the gory details of Marlin’s injuries. We discussed the burial arrangements and such. He had not been a religious man, and his injuries would preclude an open casket. We decided that immediate cremation and a memorial service at the funeral home would be fine. The body would not be released until next week, so we would make the arrangements on Monday. They had called their respective offices and had left messages about Marlin’s death and that they would not be able to come to work for several days.

After all of the tension and seriousness of last night and this morning, we needed some tension relief! We headed to the bedroom!

Several hours later we emerged from the bedroom. Each of us had climaxed at least three times, and Lauren four. Then we had slept for a while. It was nearly time for dinner. We really didn’t want to go out, so we ordered delivery.

We sat at the kitchen table, eating and talking about things that we would need to do in the next few days. I would call the managing partner at his firm to advise him of Marlin’s death. Ashley would leave a message for his attorney to arrange a meeting to discuss his will. I would contact the coroner’s office to learn the official determination of cause of death.

Sunday was a flurry of activity and phone calls. His managing partner called to offer his condolences and to suggest that he would like to meet with Ashley when she was able, to discuss how Marlin’s partnership in the firm would be handled. I didn’t even know that he WAS a partner! I had always thought that he was just a numbers guy. The attorney called and suggested a meeting for Monday afternoon.

We ordered more delivery for dinner and talked about the new developments, especially Marlin’s firm. He was a PARTNER in a very well regarded local financial planning and management firm! That had to be worth quite a bit. Ashley already had a career, and she was not suited for that firm. But I was a business and finance major. They might simply pay out his share of the partnership, but maybe if I could ‘assume’ the partner role, I could have an unbelievable career opportunity! We would investigate this further when she and I would meet with the managing partner.

After dinner we retired to the bedroom. We had sex, and more sex. Then we watched some videos of us all having sex, which got us aroused, so we had more sex. Then we cuddled together and went to sleep.

Monday morning we called the funeral home and made an appointment for 10:00 AM. Their business is based on unpredictable events and quick response so a same morning meeting was typical for them. We discussed our preferred arrangements and they were very cooperative. They asked what should be done with the ashes after the ceremony. We had not considered this. They said we could keep the urn (not!), or purchase a crypt (again, not!), or perhaps have his ashes scattered someplace meaningful. We said that we would get back to them on that. Maybe we could add them to the compost pile.

As we drove to the attorney’s office, I received a call from Detective Candice Howard, the detective who had interviewed me. She said that the preliminary coroner’s report had come in. The cause of death was reported as an accidental death, an alcohol related automobile accident. She asked me if I still had her card, and said that I could call her at any time.

When we met with the attorney, I told him that the detective had just called, and that the death was being ruled accidental. He said that he had reviewed the escort manavgat will and, since all of the beneficiaries were present, he could present us with an overview now. The formal reading of the will would have to wait until the certified death certificate was released.

Marlin had created this will shortly after he had married Ashley. The general provisions were:

– $1 million would be placed in a trust for me, with Ashley as the administrator, until I reached the age of 25 years old.

– I would receive ‘my’ car now.

– $1 million would be donated to Marlin’s alma mater.

– $1 million was to be given to the charity (or charities) of Ashley’s choice.

– The house, remaining cars, and the balance of assets, the estimated value of which totaled about $7 million, would go to his loving wife, Ashley. (Actually the house, cars, and the household checking account were joint owner with right of survivorship, so they would transfer to Ashley automatically.)

The attorney reviewed family information to see whether there might be other likely claimants, and concluded that the will should be uncontested. Given that there was little potential for a contested will, he said the distribution might be in 60 to 90 days. Additionally, he suggested that Ashley should empty all joint accounts immediately and establish new accounts, so she would have current, liquid funds available to her.

We told him about the recent life insurance policy. He said that, since the Coroner had ruled the death as an alcohol related traffic accident, it should qualify for double indemnity for accidental death, or $5 million doubled. He went on to say that the insurance company will drag this out with their own investigation, especially with the recent inception of the policy, so that it might be up to a year until their payout.

When we arrived home, we called the managing partner of Marlin’s firm and arranged a meeting for Friday morning. We suggested that I would like to attend, and he did not object. Then we called the funeral home to arrange for the memorial service to be held Thursday afternoon at 2 PM.

When we had arrived home, we had gotten undressed; we really preferred being nude as much as possible. We sat around the kitchen table, still somewhat in shock at the recent events. I said, “There’s something that I have been thinking about.” My Ladies looked at me as I prepared to continue. “We have established a new life together over these past few weeks…” They nodded. “And I really do not want it to end when summer break comes to an end.” They nodded again. “So I have been thinking that I would like to transfer to a school within commuting distance. I was thinking about ‘The University’.” This was a very prestigious, very exclusive, very expensive private university in the area. “And maybe Lauren could go there too? Of course, it IS expensive.”

Lauren was nodding excitedly as Ashley said, “Well, cash might be a little tight until the estate is settled, but not THAT tight. I certainly would love to have both of you here with me every night! Especially with the twins on the way! Why don’t you two look into it and see if that is a possibility?” We both agreed.

We still didn’t want to go out for dinner and we had been running around all day, so we ordered delivery pizza. When the doorbell rang, I checked the security monitor. It was the same young woman who had been so forward with me a while ago. “I’m going to answer the door. When she starts to hit on me, I would like both of you to come into the front hall behind me. I think it will be priceless!”

As I opened the door, my cock was about half-way erect; not standing straight up, but showing most of its 8½” length and 6½” girth. The young woman who appeared to be 18 or 19 just stood there and stared at my cock, licking her lips. Then she started to unbutton her blouse. She was a cute little thing, probably 18 or 19 years old, not bad looking, but not particularly beautiful, with probably B-cup breasts, and she was clearly ‘in heat’. Then my beautiful ladies walked into the hallway, each nude and showing off their beautiful, big breasts – F & G-cup breasts. The girl’s mouth fell open. She mutely took my money and left without a word. It was so funny!

We sat around the kitchen table eating our pizza. Lauren dropped a big splat of tomato sauce onto her left breast and I offered to clean it up for her. One thing led to the next, and soon she was laying on the kitchen table, my cock deep in her throat and her mother licking her pussy. She swallowed and swallowed and swallowed my cock until my balls were pressed against her forehead. I pumped my cock in and out, again and again, while her mother licked her pussy and sucked on her clit. When I told her to cum, I thought she would bounce the table clear across the room! Then Ashley bent over the edge of the table and I entered her from behind, pumping my rigid manhood into her just pregnant pussy again and again. She was hot and wet and I was primed for action. I held her hips as I pumped into her, the slap of flesh against flesh reverberated throughout the kitchen. My climax was rapidly building and I shouted, “CUM, ASHLEY, CUM!!” as I began to spray my semen into her. I pumped jet after jet of my own cum into her as her orgasm shook her. Then we rested. Before we headed to the bedroom, Ashley said, “I definitely think you two need to find a school within driving distance. I want you both here every night!” We all laughed.

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