Dad Bod


It been a tough two years. My wife left me and our daughter. After that I fell into a deep depression. I stop caring about myself, ate poorly, did not exorcise and gained a lot of weight. With the support of my daughter, friends and a good therapist I got through it.

I was in my doctor office for a checkup, she told me that my blood pressure was high and to lose weight. She asked, “anything else”, I felt my cheeks redden before I spoked “Doc, I been having trouble getting erections”, not that I was going out on dates, I just wanted to jerk off, but could not get hard enough to get off. She nodded then spoked “Your blood pressure, weight and stress are probably the main cause. Exorcise will help with all three and in turn your erection problems should get better. Make an appointment in six months and if you have made positive progress in your weight loss and you are still having problems, we can talk about Viagra”. I walked out my doctor office, a man on a mission. Not being able to get erect when you want to jerk off, plus the thought of me going out on a future date and not be able to perform is a great motivator.

When I got home, I started cleaning out refrigerator and pantry. Gone was the soda, chips and junk food I was living on for the last two years. My daughter, Emma came home while I was cleaning. She started her freshman year of college and decided to live at home to save money.

“What are you up to Dad? “as she looked around the kitchen.

I smiled at her as I answered “My doctor told me I needed to improve my health. My blood pressure is high and losing weight will improve that and my overall health”.

She ran over to me and gave me a big hug; she has always been a health nut. Running in the morning, going to the gym 4-5 times a week and yoga at night. She been getting on my case about my health and eating better. “Great!! I’m happy to hear that” letting me go, she then pulled out her phone and started tapping on it as she began walking around the kitchen.

“What are you doing?”

Smiling as she answered “Making a grocery list. I will be doing the cooking for now on. Don’t worry I’ll make sure there will be protein and it taste good”.

With that my journey to self-improvement began. The first few weeks were hard. My body hurt from the home workout my daughter set up for me. Drinking mostly water and eating healthy kicked my craving for junk food into high gear. As the weeks went by the craving lessened, my body tightened up as I lose weight. Emma was pleased with my progress and told me to keep up the good work.

I was relaxing on the couch as my daughter walked urfa escort into the house.

“Hello Dad, I have a surprise for you!”

“Oh, what is it?”

“I got you a membership at my gym plus I got you a personal trainer.”

“You did what?” I was surprised and my face showed it “Thank you but how can you afford all that?”

“With your membership, I got a friend and family deal. The trainer is free. She’s new to personal training and needs experience to build her resume.”

“I don’t know, I don’t think I’m ready for a real gym yet.”

“Yes, you are! Trust me you are ready, and she knows what she is doing. She is a bigger gym rat than I am. It will be great!”

The following day I showed up at my Emma’s gym. What my daughter failed to tell me is that it was a private gym, only one on one training. So only me and my trainer would be using it. I rung the doorbell and waited. After a moment, the bolt was unlocked, and the door opened. Standing in front of me was the most amazing woman I have ever seen, she looked ready for a bodybuilding competition. Standing about 6 feet tall, with broad shoulders and muscular arms that most men would kill for. Thick, powerful legs encased in leggings that looked painted on. Her sports top looked like it was a size or two too small, straining to contain her massive breasts. An unbelievably cute youthful face with big green eyes and a pixie haircut dyed pink that made her look younger than she probably was.

“Hi, you must be Mr. K, I’m Jennifer. Please come in.”

I entered the gym. It was big and well equipped.

“Hello Jennifer, this is a nice gym.” I heard the door close and lock behind me. I turned to face her.

“Please, just call me Jen. I wish I could say I did it all by myself, but my family helped finance this place.”

I must have been staring, Jen smiled and gave me a wink.

“I’m sorry” I sputtered “I didn’t mean to stare.”

“That’s ok. I work hard for this body and I would be upset if people didn’t look.” She popped a bodybuilding pose “I’m an exhibitionist by nature. I love showing off my body. I have some answers to some FAQs, I am 21 years old. I been working out since I was 17. I want to go pro and compete in Ms. Olympia, but I need to gain a little more muscle mass and yes they are fake” she gave me a wink and a knowing smile “down the road I might want to go bigger.”

We talked for a while, Jen asking what my goals were and taking measurements of my body. After she got all the information she needed, she escorted me to door told me to get a goodnight rest, we start tomorrow.

The urfa escort bayan first few weeks were brutal, every muscle hurt, I wanted to die but it was worth the pain as I saw my excess fat melt away being replaced with muscle. It also helped that Jen kept me motivated by wearing her trademark too tight workout outfits. In all honesty, Jen is a great trainer. I do not think I would’ve gotten this far without her.

I knew, I would never have the body of those 80’s action movie stars but I was feeling good, looking better than I have had in a long while.

Emma was incredibly pleased with the progress I was making. Joking that “She’ll need to beat back the neighborhood MILFs looking for a date and that I had a hot Dad bod!!”

I was in gym shower resting, letting the hot water soothe my body. Today’s workout was not too intense, but I was tired and sore, nevertheless. With my eyes closed, I began washing my body.

“Let me help with that.” Hearing Jen’s voice surprised me and before I could react, her arms wrapped around me. I felt her power as she hugged me tight, her massive breasts pressing into my back.

“Jen want are you doing?!?” I tried to move away but her strength was too much. I felt her lips on the back of my neck as she planted kisses.

“Don’t worry Daddy, I going to take care of you” as her arms squeezed tighter, I could feel her nipples, breast flesh and implants being press into my back. She hugged me tightly and continue kissing the back of my neck for a few minutes before picking me up and moving me out of the shower. Her power was incredible. She lowered me down and released me from her powerful hug. Walking back to the shower and after turning off the water, she slowly turn to face me, looking directly into my eyes, she start going through a flex/posing routine. The sight before me was incredible. Her shin flawless, no hair whatsoever on her body. Perfectly shaved and smooth. Her muscles flexing as she moved from pose to pose. Her massive breasts complementing her muscles as she poses. She was perfection. I felt something I have not felt in a long time. Lust.

Jen walked over to me. Reaching out she took my cock into her hand and squeezed firmly. Watching Jen pose I did not realize how hard my cock got. It been a long time since my cock was this hard. It been even a longer time since my cock was held by a woman. Moaning loudly as she squeezed, I almost lost it and came right there and then. Releasing my cock, she placed her hands behind my head and firmly pull my face into the cleavage of her breasts. As I stood there, with her breasts wrapped escort urfa around my head.

“We will work on your endurance Daddy, but for tonight enjoy and don’t worry.” Jen whispered quietly. Releasing my head, she walked to a bench, her hips and ass swaying seductively. Sitting on the edge, she looked directly into my eyes and smiled.

“You ready Daddy?” I just nodded and walked over to her. Jen laidback and spread her legs wide. Not knowing how long I would last; I slammed the entire length of my cock deep into her tight wet pussy. Jen screamed with animal lust as my cock entered her. Her legs clamping down around my hips, her arms wrapping around my back pulling me into a tight embrace.

“FUCK ME DADDY, FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM!!” She screamed, squeezing her pussy tight around my cock as I began pumping my hips. My lust took over and I began slamming my hips into hers. Driving my cock deep inside her. The sounds of lust filling the room. With one last thrust I exploded deep inside her, filling her with my cum. I laid on top using her breasts as pillows, panting as my softening cock slid out of her. Jen unhooked her legs, lowering them to the ground, hugging me with her strong arms as she kissed the top of my head.

“That was wonderful, Daddy.”

“Thank you” I replied “It been so long. I won’t forget about this anytime soon.”

Jen held me tighter and laughed “This wasn’t a one-time deal. If you train at my gym, I’m training your entire body.”


I escorted Mr. K to the front door and told him to rest for the next few days, his muscles need to recoup before the next round of training. He laughed and said ok. He is so cute. After locking up, I walked carefully to my office. Keeping my pussy muscles flex tight not wanting to waste a drop. Entering my office, I checked my computer to make sure the shower cameras recorded everything.

“Did you enjoy yourself?”

Turning to face the voice “Yes Mistress I did. Thank you.”

“Just remember he belongs to me and your job is to train him for my service. Understand?”

“Yes Mistress”

“Assume the position I want to taste him.”

“Yes Mistress” I walked over to a tall table and slid out the stirrups, placing them into their proper position. Sliding onto table I place each foot onto the stirrups and begin adjusting myself. Once I was in the proper position and settle down, I inform my Mistress that I am ready to serve her. I heard her heels striking the floor as she walks towards me. Placing her hands on my knees, she forced my legs even farther apart. Placing her lips on my pussy, I felt her tongue enter me. For the next few minutes, her tongue explores my sex looking for every drop of Mr. K’s seed. Satisfied that she found everything, she lifts her head up, smiling and licking her lips.

“I knew my Father’s cream pie would be delicious!”

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