Subject: Dad Loves Me Part 24 Dad Loves Me Part 24 James hoo) I awoke before daddy this morning. I could feel his breath on the back of my neck. It was a nice feeling and I would have liked it to last, but I remembered we were to go to Tom and Gary’s house this afternoon for the barbecue. We had decided we would eat a very light breakfast. I realized I had to use the bathroom so I gently disengaged myself from daddy’s embrace. I went and did what I needed and returned to the bedroom and looked at daddy. He was so handsome laying there. He had rolled onto his back and the covers mostly fell from him. His rugged face with his beard and mustache which he kept trimmed, his densely furred chest, with one arm raised above his head, I could see the heavy patch of hair in his armpit. I could feel my cock growing in lust for my man, my lover, my daddy. I walked to the bed, and removed the sheet we used to cover during the warm summer nights. I looked at the rest of my sleeping daddy. He was so sexy and I couldn’t believe how lucky I was. I moved to his crotch and breathed in his scent. I lightly took his cock into my hand and lowered my mouth. I took him in lightly sucking and licking on his cockhead. I immediately felt a reaction. I moved further down still using my tongue. More reaction, more growth in his cock and light moaning. I moved down even further. I hit my usual limit with daddy’s hard cock but I heard him lightly say “Please take my cock the rest of the way son. I want to give you my seed this morning.” This pushed me to take the rest if his cock, and although I had the urge to gag, I fought it off and deep throated my daddy for the first time. He moaned even louder. I then came up off a little and sped up my sucking. He put his hand on my head and breathed faster istanbul travesti and finally grunted and shot his load into my mouth and I hungrily sucked it all down. After I pulled off of his cock I moved up to kiss him. “You finally took me all the way into your throat. Good job son.” We both got up and I went to the kitchen to start the coffee and daddy went to use the bathroom. He walked into the kitchen behind me and turned me around and hugged me tightly. “Are you sure you want to go through with the barbecue?”—“Yes daddy. Gary is really cute and Tom is pretty hot too. I would like to help them get as close together as we are.” We ate a very light breakfast of oatmeal. After we ate I cleaned up the kitchen and daddy went into his study but didn’t have a cigar so he would not take the chance of smelling like smoke. There wasn’t a lot to do so he was done fairly quickly. He walked into the family room and sat with me in the loveseat. We discussed how we would handle things when it turned more intimate. We watched a couple movies waiting for the time to go to their house. Finally the time came for us to go so we got dressed, both wearing a jockstrap, shorts, and a tight t-shirt. Daddy’s shirt was a v-neck that showed much of his chest hair. We drove and made small talk. We pulled up in front of their house and I was really excited. We walked up to the door, rang the bell and Gary’s cute and smiling face answered the door in nothing but a jockstrap. We both were a little shocked, but smiled and came in. As soon as the door was closed, Gary bounded up and gave us both a big hug. “DAD! THEY’RE HERE!” Tom came out in a similar jockstrap smiling. He said “We have a similar dress code in our house which I started after talking to your dad a few kadıköy travesti weeks ago. The only difference is that we prefer to wear some kind of underwear or jock…for now.” He winked at me so we stripped to our jocks. “It will be awhile so Gary, why don’t you take Benji to your room and play some games. Adam and I will talk and get things going.” We went to Gary’s room and when the door closed, he started crying. I put my arm around him and said “Hey, what’s wrong?”—“I’m worried. I know what’s gonna happen later and I’m scared because my dad and I have only jacked off and sucked each other. I don’t know anything else and I want to make him feel good so he’ll want to keep doing it.”—“That’s kind of why we’re here. To help you both get over that last hump.” I leaned in and kissed him and he started returning the kiss. I bet his dad enjoyed kissing him. I broke the kiss and said “Would you like to be with me first? That way you can get a feel of what to do.”—“That would be great.” He smiled and we hugged. He went into the bathroom and washed his face. We played a couple games until Tom called us down. The food was good. I ate a hot dog and a sausage and two helpings of potato salad. After we were all done we went to their family room and sat and talked. Daddy and I talked about how our relationship started hoping maybe they could take some of our experience and use it for themselves. After dinner settled, Tom asked if we’d like to join him and Gary in their room. We followed them. We all took off our jocks. We paired off, me with Gary and daddy and Tom. Gary and I started kissing and then I started working the rest of his body slowly kissing down. I reached his hairless pubic area. His 4 inch cock was hard as a rock. I lifted his cock and bakırköy travesti started licking and sucking on his balls. He was making all kinds of moans and groans. I moved back to his cock and took a few sucks. But then I lifted his legs and licked his taint. When my tongue touched his hole, I thought he was going to go through the roof. I started really tonguing his hole and driving him crazy. I stopped and let him gather himself and then I grabbed the lube we brought and put some on his hole. Then I slowly slid my finger in. He started panicking and I soothed him slowly moving my finger around. When he calmed down, I added another finger, his eyes bugged out, more soothing. We moved slowly until he was calm with 4 of my fingers deep into his butt. I asked if he was ready for the next level? He nodded so I slicked up my cock with the lube and lined up my cock and put my head to his hole and pushed. My cockhead popped in. He hissed and gritted his teeth. I told him to relax. Very slowly I moved my cock into his butt until I was finally in all the way. I looked over at our fathers and Tom was pounding away at my daddy’s butt. I turned my attention back to Gary and started to pull out and push back in. I moved slowly but then I started to pick up my pace. Finally he was taking my cock like a champ. He was so tight. I had never been with anyone my age, let alone a virgin. I tried to hold back to give him the best first time. All of the sudden I heard Tom yell out “OH FUCK!” Hearing him and knowing he was cumming in my daddy’s butt triggered my orgasm and I grunted and pushed in as far as I could and let loose and shot my load deep into my little lover’s butt. After my orgasm subsided I pulled out and then started sucking his cock and it didn’t take long for him to yell “AHHHHHH!” and blast his cum down my throat. We kissed and he looked like he was in total bliss. MORE TO CUM…… –Please remember to help support the Nifty Archives to keep it free. You can submit your donations by clicking on the link on the main page.

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