Subject: Daddy’s Nanny Cam Chapter 2 Daddy’s Nanny Cam Nifty provides a vast resource of adult literature with thousands of stories to suit all tastes. Please consider making a donation no matter how small to keep this archive free. http://donate./ This story is a work of fiction, all characters have no bearing or resemblance to anyone living or dead. This story contains sexual situations and is intended for adults only, if you are below legal age or are offended by sexual acts between an adult and minor children or you are prohibited from reading such matter then please leave now. WICKR: mortdeamour Email: ail On previous stories chapters the WICKR address was incorrect due to a typo. The above address is correct. Please accept my most humble apologies. Thanks for all the positive feedback on my other stories, I’ve had a lot of requests for a bit of a deeper back story on the characters. So with this new story it’s a `little’ more in-depth. Hopefully you’ll enjoy just as much as the others. I’ve had masses of emails and messages, so I apologise if I haven’t got back to you. I do try and acknowledge your comments and messages but I do work long hours so time is sometimes limited, I do thank you all for the kind comments and appreciate the time you have taken to write to me. M/b M/M Incest Daddy’s Nanny Cam Chapter 2 Previously… I went back downstairs packed the lube and poppers away, wouldn’t do for anyone to find those on the floor, I gathered my robe and slipped it on. It was only ten thirty but I was beat, I needed my bed and was heading to the door when my phone pinged. `Who’s fucking text at this time of night’ I mumbled. I walked back into the room and picked up the phone from the lamp table, and opened WhatsApp. There was a message from my brother in law, I read it. I looked at the shelf beside the T.V, there was a white small oval box, a blue light flashed on and off, the fucking nanny cam, I’d completely forgotten about it. “Oh, fuck.’ I said collapsing on to the sofa. `Oh fuck, no, no.’ My heart was pounding, fear and adrenaline sped through me, the fight or flight response. I didn’t know what the fuck to do. My phone pinged again. I shakily brought the screen up. `Oh yes, Matt, oh yes indeed. We saw and heard everything. We need to talk.’ Signed Max & Teddy’ Chapter 2 I went upstairs to bed, before the message I was thinking of having another go on Jamie’s pussy, but now I felt sick to my stomach. A fear of such magnitude possessed me, I felt I couldn’t take a deep breath properly, I guess it was shock. The fact that both my brother and brother in law saw me fucking my underage preteen son, was grounds to have me arrested, jailed and banned from ever having contact with my kids again or being around any kids. I couldn’t even use as my defence that I tripped over and my cock accidentally slipped into his boy cunt to the root could I. I repeatedly fucked him long and slow, hard and deep. I made my boy cum, I shot deep in to his guts. I laid there awake for hours sleep evading me, sometime just before dawn I drifted off and awoke with a start as the ring doorbell chimed on my phone. It was just eight in the morning, and there staring in to the camera was the postman. I grabbed a pair of boxers and headed downstairs, just another Amazon parcel, I signed for it threw it on the floor and headed back upstairs. I was passing Jamie’s room when I decided to check on him, he was still fast asleep as I went over to his bed. I pulled his duvet down, he was in his usual strange position, on his tummy, his leg’s under him, so he was on his knees. His chest flat to the mattress arms by his sides and beautiful ass in the air, he was still very naked from when I put him to bed last night. I sat down beside him and smoothed his hair I wondered if I’d done him any permanent harm with my cock. I wasn’t massively hung but I did have more than a lot of guys. It was only prudent to check on him wasn’t it? I picked up his bedside lamp and got in close to his ass, his cheeks were spread naturally in this position, still I spread the soft skin with one hand spreading them wider. His tiny asshole had closed up tight again but there was a blue halo of bruising around his sphincter, it was red and slightly puffy from the pounding I’d given him. I ran my thumb over the flesh and he clenched as my thumb met his hole, I ran it over again and he clenched again. I got in close, my face just inches away from his hole. I felt my cock start to get hard, I swiped my tongue over the swollen flesh, he tasted musty, a bit sweaty and slightly salty from my cum last night I presumed. I licked more, my tongue working over his sensitive flesh, I felt his muscle involuntary clenching and relaxing as I lathered his hole. My cock had grown fully hard, I gave it a gentle tug as I ate my boys hole. I thought of what Teddy and Max saw last night, I don’t know if I was thinking rationally but I knew no matter what happened last night was enough to have my kids taken away so if they were going to do that I’d have one last go. I stopped slurping on his hole briefly and went to my room, I got the lube from the drawer. I went back to his room and dove into his hole with gusto, I ate him savoured his taste, his tight ass muscle, it was hot as fuck especially knowing I created him. I felt him begin pushing back against my jaw as my mouth worked on his tiny starfish, as I heard him begin moaning, I knew he was fully awake. I flipped him over and and looked at him, his cocklett, his two inch spike was standing tall and proud. I dove on to it and took his shaft and balls into my mouth and worked them over with my tongue. I was anything but experienced as this was my first cock sucking, but I knew what I liked. I let his balls slip from the warmth of my mouth and using two fingers pulled his tight foreskin back revealing the purple head of his cocklett. I let the tip of my tongue explore his glans, working over the piss slit and sensitive head istanbul travesti where his foreskin joined his helmet. He ooed and ahhhed as I worked him, I kept working my two fingers up and down his small shaft. His hips rising and falling as I brought him pleasure, I lubed my other fingers and worked two straight into his tight little boy cunt. He moaned loudly as I found his boy button buried in his tight hole, I moaned too, sending vibrations along his tiny pricklett, he ground his groin into my face as I worked him plunging his small cock into my mouth dislodging my wanking fingers. `Suck me daddy’ he said, `oh please suck me, that feels so good, mmmmm, ahhhhhh, oooooo.’ I had my eyes closed enjoying my boys tiny body when I felt warmth on my own cock, I looked down and there was Alex’s head buried in my crotch his mouth sucking on my big daddy cock. His tongue flicking over the piss slit lapping my precum, he was good he knew what he was doing, one hand was around the base of my meat holding my shaft rigid, tight so he could feast on it. The other hand was pulling my balls down firmly, stretching them not painfully but a little tight so it was a pleasurable type of pain. He’d clearly done this before, my thoughts quickly went to my brother and brother in law, what had they been doing with my two sons, or had they got little Seb involved in their depravity too I wondered? Jamie was starting to pant now, his was moaning louder as I worked his cocklett, my fingers pounding his cunt. The sounds were incredible the soft squelching as I worked in four fingers now and each pass over his prostate made him nearly scream with pleasure. `Please daddy, please daddy oooooo ahhhhh ooooo so good, please daddy ahhhhh’ he kept repeating, I wasn’t sure if he wanted me to continue pounding his cunt with my fingers, sucking his cocklett or fuck him. I decided on the latter. I tapped Alex on the head and smiled at him. He came of my meat, and I raised him up and kissed his soft silky lips, he knew how to kiss and responded with passion darting his tongue into my mouth, tasting and teasing me. We broke apart `that was an amazing bit of cock sucking son’ I told him. He grinned at me, he was missing a front tooth so he looked absolutely adorable. Thanks daddy uncle Teddy and uncle Max taught me’ he said. Then his eyes went big and he looked scared. `I’m not supposed to tell anyone’ he said. I looked at him, `don’t worry I won’t say anything to them.’ I said. `You want to help me fuck Jamie’s pussy? I asked him. He looked so happy and said `yes please!’ I smiled at him, “okay, hold the base of my cock while I get it lined up with his cunt.’ He looked shocked but giggled at my foul language, but it was a huge turn on talking dirty like this to my boys. He gripped my cock, his small hand couldn’t circle my cock so he used both hands. I eased forwards and lifted Jamie’s legs, I pulled him back, as I pushed with my hips. We all groaned as my cock head punched into his guts, God he was tight. I watched as I slowly entered his pussy, Alex looked at me and then back at his younger brother, `will you fuck me next daddy?’ He asked me. `I’d love your big cock in my boy pussy’ I looked at him he was smouldering with desire, he stood there in front of me in his pjs with superman on them. `Take of your pjs and show me your cunt boy,’ I told him. He pulled his top off, his pale nipples stood firm and he dropped his bottoms, his four inch spike catching on the fabric and snapping back against his stomach. He turned around and bent over pulling his cheeks wide, his hole was pink, bruised and clearly he was used to being well fucked. I lubed up my fingers again and slipped three into his hole, he pushed back as I entered him, he took them all the way and groaned. I was right at this minute, the happiest luckiest father in the world. I was sunk to my balls in one hot ass and had three fingers to the knuckles in my eldest sons cunt. I began to gently thrust, Jamie’s cock which had softened slightly from the pain of my cock filling him to bursting point grew hard again and I began to wank him. Alex was fucking himself on my hand, `harder and faster please daddy, hit my boy button, make me cum, make me feel good, I need your fingers in my pussy’ he said You have no idea how hot it is to hear a small preteen child tell you how much they enjoy you fingering their hot boy cunts. I slammed in to Jamie and he howled in pain and pleasure. `That’s it boy, take daddy’s big fuck stick, tell daddy to fuck your cunt.’ I told him. Jamie looked at me, `fuck my cunt, daddy, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me’ so I fucked him, I watched his ass chute dragging back over my meat as I exited his tight hole. All of us were moaning, groaning and sighing, Alex’s cunt was squishing from the lube and the hard finger fucking I was giving him all of us lost in the sensations of our bodies. Alex was groaning so loudly now, as I was working his prostate, one hand gripping my wrist as I worked him over. I felt a hand on my ass grip me tightly, then an arm wrapped around my chest. I froze, `no don’t stop, keep fucking his cunt and fingering that pussy’ said my brother. His hand moved from my ass and I heard fabric rustling as he removed his shirt and trousers and saw them tossed across the room. I heard his knees click as he knelt down and his breath on my ass then felt my cheeks pulled wide and his tongue swipe over my hole. I still hadn’t resumed fucking, I could hardly believe my own brother was rimming me as I fucked my son. His tongue swept up and down in long laps darting over the hairy hole battering the flesh as if he was tenderising it. I spun Jamie over so he was on all fours and pulled him back and forth in my meat. `Alex turn around a bit so I can still finger your cunt but I want you to suck your brothers cock, make him cum for daddy.’ Alex didn’t have to be asked twice, he turned sideways and slipped his little brothers meat in to his mouth and suckled. Working the fleshy kadıköy travesti tube in and out. I pulled and pushed my boys hips and he found his own rhythm fucking himself on my daddy cock. Teddy stood up and once again was pressed against my back, I felt his arms around me, his hairy chest against me his cock resting in the crack of my ass. He nudged his hips, `no fucking chance’ I said to him. He chuckled, no problem’ as long as I can have Jamie’s pussy next? He said. `Deal’ I said. `You can have it now if you want , Alex would like some daddy cock I’m sure.’ I said. `Yes please!’ He said. I pulled out of Jamie I watched his cunt pulling over my shaft the pink hole gaping when I’d pulled out completely. I moved and looked at my brother, his cock was nearly about an inch or so longer than me but he was wider. I looked at Teddy, `you’re never going to get that in him’ I said. `Watch and learn little brother’ he said. He lubed up his cock and squirted copious amounts of lube inside Jamie’s pussy and placed the head of his meat at Jamie’s cunt entrance. He pushed and the spongy head popped inside, Jamie howled, Teddy leant forward and placed his hand over the boys mouth and pushed his hips forwards and slid the entire length his cock into my sons bowels. Jamie’s cry’s of pain were muffled’Teddy looked at me, he’ll be fine don’t worry, Alex was smaller than this when he first took me to the balls.’ Teddy pulled back and I watched amazed as his meat slid out, the fat mushroom head appearing like magic then he slid back in. `It’s easier this way, stretch him quicker get him used to it’ he said. Alex had positioned himself in front of me and lubed his own cunt up and slid my cock in to the hilt. He was fucking himself, I watched his little arm working hard as he wanked his own cocklett. `Mmmmm feels so good daddy, fuck me, fuck me hard daddy, fill my pussy with your cock, make me cum.’ He said. I started moving my hips pumping him full of daddy dick, Jamie had stopped howling and was holding his own legs high showing his cunt full of my brothers big fat cock. He took it all and was moaning like a five dollar hooker, Teddy was pounding the boy and slapped his ass hard leaving a big red hand print and Jamie yelped. `Get Alex on this bed beside Jamie’ Teddy said. I dutifully did as told so we were fucking my boys side by side. Teddy’s hand went around my shoulders and he pulled me in close for a hug, we looked at each other he leaned in closer and we kissed, our tongues slid in and out of each other’s mouths. His hand slid lower and he grabbed my ass his fingers sliding in the crack, he brushed over my sphincter still wet from his earlier rimming and slid his finger over my hairy hole. He smoothed the pad of his finger over it in small circles, with every pump in to my boy my ass gripped his finger till the tip slipped in. I’ve never had anything in my ass so this feeling was different, not uncomfortable or weird just different. He didn’t push to far just gently allowed my fucking of my son to work it in deeper, until he found my prostate. When he stimulated it I almost went through the roof, I’d never felt anything like it. I groaned and sunk deep into Alex. `That feel good little brother?’ He asked me. `’He’ll yeah, what the fuck was that? I asked him. He grinned, and jabbed it again, fuck it was good. He kept working it, I’d never felt so good fucking in my life. Who ever said men can’t multitask is full of shit be right now my big brother was fucking my second youngest son, with long strokes leaving the big purple knob in his boy cunt before plunging another eight inches in to his pussy repeatedly. His right hand was in my ass two fingers now in my man cunt, working my prostate while with his left hand he was using two fingers to wank my son. Jamie was panting, the long dicking stretching his pussy wide, his ass so full of cock he was unable to move. Teddy’s lubed fingers gliding up and down the small shaft rubbing over the purple head. `That’s it boy, that feels good, you like uncle Teddy’s big cock in your cunt, don’t you. You like me wanking that little cocklett, feels good, you’re a good nephew. You want it harder boy? He asked him. Jamie groaned incoherently as Teddy increased the power of his thrusts. His balls slapping rapidly against Jamie’s ass, watching him slide that meat to the root was so erotic. Jamie’s hips started to lift as he tried to thrust his cocklett in to Teddy’s fingers, his eyes lost focus as he began to tremble, his tongue came out and licked his lips, and he moaned, then groaned then cried out. Teddy’s hand was working the cocklett so slickly. `That’s it boy, cum for your uncle’ he said. A massive cry echoed in the room as Jamie had his dry orgasam. His hips jerking slamming down on the fat cock buried in his boy cunt. Teddy groaned, `fuck I can feel his cunt spasaming on my dick,’ he said Jesus Christ he’s tight and so fucking good, Teddy’s speed increased, `oh yeah, uncles Teddy’s gonna seed that boy pussy, gonna shoot deep into your guts boy.’ Teddy plunged in and groaned, his hands had now gripped Jamie’s hips as he pumped his load deep into my boy. `Fuck that’s hot, a daddy and his brother fucking his nephew and kid’ said a voice from behind us. `Max, glad you could make it’ said Teddy. `This boys got one hot cunt, you want some?’ I looked at Max, who was looking at me, `have at it’ I said. Max looked ecstatic and quickly stripped of his T-shirt and dropped his jeans, then hooked his thumbs in to his boxers and lowered them. He had a thick black bush, and his cock was fully hard. He wasn’t as long as Teddy but fuck he was very thick he was circumcised, a big fat purple knob head and thick veins ridged all over. He was wide too, he was going to stretch `Jamie to a whole new level. I watched as Teddy pulled out, his softening cock slid out and a snail trail of cum dribbled out too. Max got into position, he lubed up lifted Jamie’s legs up and folded them so they were placed on the boys bakırköy travesti chest. His cunt was still open, twitching from the tremendous ass fucking he’d just gotten. Max grinned, Teddy said `do it’ and Max pushed in, the fat head slid in with ease then as the next inch went in Jamie took a deep breath. `Take it out, it’s to big’ he whined. Max pushed in deeper, and Jamie took a deep breath ready to howl when Teddy placed his hand over the boys mouth. `Fill his guts’ he said to Max. Max complied and slid the remaining six inches of meat in, if I thought his cunt looked full with Teddy’s cock, with Max sunk in him I thought he’d tear the boy in half. He took all of Max’s meat, deeply and his muffled cries only turned us all on more. Max pulled back and slammed into his pussy again. `Oh yeah, take it little boy, take your uncles fat cock deep into that tight boy cunt. He gripped both legs with one hand and with the other slapped his ass hard, then slapped it again. All Jamie could do was make muffled screams from the sting. His ass was obviously gripping Max’s cock, as he groaned and said `yeah boy grip it tighter, harder’ and slapped him hard again. Jamie for all his screaming and crying was hard as rock again and Teddy wasted no time taking the cocklett into his mouth. His moustache giving the preteen a thick bush he never had as he suckled the boy. Jamie surprised from the fucking by his uncle sucking his cocklett groaned loudly and as he opened his mouth he found Teddy’s semi hard cock pushed in. He suckled on the hardening flesh, as Teddy worked on his small spike. Teddy’s hand held the boys head and began to fuck his face sliding in deeper and deeper. Then when he reached his full hard on he pushed past Jamies gag reflex and slid down his throat. Jamie thrashed and Teddy groaned working his meat back and forth while suckling the tiny pricklett in his mouth, Jamie’s struggles were useless as he was held fast. All this was happening while I was ploughing Alex’s boy cunt, he was moaning, his hand worked faster and he cried out, `daddy I’m cumming, I’m cumming!’ I felt his ass spasm, his sphincter gripped me tightly and I fucked him hard, my balls swinging back and forth as I worked eight inches of daddy cock into his cunt. I felt them grow tight to my body their swing vastly reduced, the tingle in my balls raced up the length of my shaft. I clenched my ass and tried to hold off as I always did heightening the pleasure. I felt my seed surge forth up my urethra with the force of a tsunami it burst out my piss slit into my boys hot cunt coating the walls of his ass chute with my cum. I continued to pump him, white froth formed around his ass ring and my meat as I worked my meat in deeper. I groaned loudly and the roar emanated deep in my chest. `Fuck that’s a good cunt’ I said completely exhausted. Max’s cock was like a piston plunging in and out like a machine, he’d pull completely out, the boys cunt was gaping open. The pink muscle clear to see his hole so empty then he’d push the fat cock head in and slide the shaft deep to his thick bush so he was full of man cock. In and out, in and out, Jamie was moaning around a mouthful of cock from his throat fucking from Teddy and his own cocklett being worked by an expert cock sucker. As Jamie’s cry’s increased so did Teddy’s moaning till he roared on to the tiny pricklett sending Jamie over the edge and he had another dry cum. Teddy unloaded for the second time this time in my boys throat. Jamie’s intense orgasam sent Max over the edge and he too roared as he sunk that monster deep into the boys guts and shot his load. He pumped and pumped letting the spasaming asshole milk his balls dry. When he pulled out Jamie’s cunt stayed gaping, coated with thick white creamy man cum. My boys hole was wrecked, and dripping in cum and looked absolutely beautiful. Jamie lowered his legs which were twitching, I sat on the floor in front of the bed with Alex’s head resting in my lap. His tongue flicked over my sensitive cock head still with the last dregs of cum leaking out. Teddy was knelt on the bed and Max leant Against the wall. I looked at us all, spent, but with Alex’s tongue working on my meat I could feel it growing hard. `What ya doing’ came a voice from the doorway. I looked and there was my youngest, so sweet in his pjs with Sponge Bob all over them. Teddy looked at him a wicked gleam in his eyes, we’re playing games, little man. Jamie and Alex wanted us to play with their pussy’s. Would you like us to play with yours?’ He asked. `You’re fucking joking’ I said. `His cunts far to small to take any of our cocks.’ Teddy spoke softly, `hey little man come in her and show us your pussy, come here and drop those bottoms, then turn around and bend over.’ Seb bounced into the room dropped his bottoms and wiggling his hips he bent over placing both hands on the floor showing the five of us his pussy. His tight little starfish winked at us. I wondered could I get my cock in there? I looked at the the other two. I saw hunger in both Teddy’s and Max’s faces. They looked at me and I can only assume they saw that same hunger in mine. `Okay, but we go slowly and gently with him’ I said and `I get to take his cherry’ `sure’ said Teddy, `fine by me’ said Max. Max came over from where he was leant against the wall he pulled his pj top off, his tiny chest and pale pink nipples looked edible. He bent down and scooped Seb up blowing on his tummy, Seb giggled, and he sighed as Max lowered his head and sucked his tiny cocklett into his mouth. `To fucking right’ said Teddy standing up and walking to them. While Max suckled the cocklett Teddy opened the boys legs wide and dove into taste his asshole. He was moaning as he ate my boy, Alex and Jamie sat there watching their little brother devoured by two men. My cock was like rock, Teddy pulled away from Seb’s tiny cunt and looked at me and winked. `So this is what you meant by we need to talk,’ I said and grinned at him. He came over to me, leaving Seb’s legs flopping and leaned down and kissed me grinning. `Hell little brother I’ve got a lot more than talking to do to you. But first we’ve got a virgin cunt to take…’ To be continued… Check out my other fty//gay/incest/nephew-plays-horsey/

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