Daisy’s Disgrace Pt. 06


Daisy went to bed early that night. She couldn’t look her father in the eye for the rest of the day, and as he attached the cups to her breasts and pussy, she covered her face with her pillow.

Her father had been reassuring, but stern. Humiliation would be a key part of her training, to teach her to take better care of how she dressed and acted, particularly in regards to her most private areas. Her shame was natural and to be expected, but she had no one to apologize to but herself. Over time, when she learned to control her sexual urges and promiscuous behavior, she would be more in control of her body as well. Until then, it was natural for her to have little accidents like this now and again.

Daisy had wanted to tell him that these things weren’t natural for her at all, that she would really prefer to use the toilet to go to the bathroom, and didn’t want to fart in anyone’s face, but she had a feeling it wouldn’t matter what she said. She was being punished as much as she was being corrected, as he frequently reminded her, and she knew sometimes the humiliation wasn’t only for her benefit.

She had washed the floor, still dressed in her workout gear, and then he had let her wash up and eat dinner, clothed and seated at the dinner table-as a reward for her obedience, he had told her. After that, Daisy had said she was tired, and was relieved when he sent her to bed, even though it meant wearing those uncomfortable contraptions.

Her pussy-she no longer thought of it as a vagina-was already growing numb. There was less pain now, and as she lay there in the darkness, she thought she might even like to touch herself down there-which of course she couldn’t do, with a big plastic cup covering the parts she usually played with. Even her breasts were inaccessible inside their large plastic domes.

Then Daisy realized her father had left her one area. She spread her legs a little and reached underneath the blankets, worming a hand underneath her butt. The plastic cup didn’t obscure her other hole, she confirmed, tracing the outline of her tender area with a fingertip. A jolt of excitement went through her, and she pulled her hand back out. She couldn’t get up from the bed, as the tubes didn’t allow much movement, but she reached with one hand to the drawer of her bedside table. Fumbling in the darkness, craning her neck to see, she opened the drawer and reached inside. Her father had taken her big dildo, the pink one she had bought with Shawna, but she had another toy.

Her fingers touched the soft silicone surface, and she nearly laughed with relief. She managed to grasp it and pull it out, bringing it up to her face to see the buttons in the darkness. It was a vibrator, slimmer than her dildo, but ribbed and studded all along its length-a good 7 inches of baby blue silicone. She hadn’t used it much, because the vibrations made her uncomfortable, but now she turned it on.

It buzzed softly in her hand. She turned it up a few more notches, hoping her father wouldn’t hear it. To her relief, once it was underneath Beşiktaş Escort the duvet, even she had trouble hearing it. She shifted her weight on to one hip, twisting at the waist, and brought the dildo down between her thighs. She felt strange, with the plastic cup covering her pussy, where she would normally insert a toy. This time, she fumbled around until the head of the vibrator was buzzing against her butthole.

She had to surpress a squeal. It tickled, but it felt good, too. It made her want more. She gripped the shaft firmly in her hand and began to push.

Her butt was dry, and the vibrator was dry, but it slipped in all the same. She realized her error too late, once the head was already inside her. She felt full, stretched, like she had when her father had put the plug in her. But if she had taken that, she could take more of this. She pushed the vibrator in deeper.

It was buzzing inside her. She felt her insides tighten around it, clenching and unclenching. It was a vaguely uncomfortable feeling, but once she stopped and let herself relax, it began to feel more than good. The studs on the shaft of the vibrator did strange things to the inside of her butt.

Daisy paused. Her butt? What kind of language was that? She was an 18-year-old girl, a legal adult, working a vibrator into her back door because her pussy was, at the moment, being vacuumed into a plastic cup. She was a big girl. She could use big-girl words.

The vibrator was probably three inches deep in her ass. She reveled at the word as it passed through her mind, as much as at the sensations as the nasty toy vibrated and tickled her insides. She knew she was getting wet, that her juices were probably filling up the dome.

Daisy pushed a little harder. The little ridges of silicone dragged against the inside of her sphincter, and she moaned softly. It was widening, too, opening her up, stretching her asshole.

Her asshole. What a naughty girl she was. Suddenly, on impulse, she pulled the vibrator almost completely out, leaving only the head still inside her. Then she thrust it in again. It hurt, burned, stung, but only for a moment. Daisy did it again. She was breathing hard. Her pussy was already swollen, but she knew it would be swelling on its own. She was turned on, horny, aroused. She pushed a little further, a little deeper into her ass.

When the handle met her sphincter, she was almost disappointed. She was proud, too, knowing she had worked seven inches of silicone into her ass. She longed to touch herself, to rub her clit or tug on her nipples, but she could only tap on the plastic with the nails of her free hand, which sent dull vibrations down into her swollen flesh.

At last, her ass seemed to have become accustomed to all seven inches of the intrustion. Eager now, Daisy began to pull it out. She started only an inch at a time, out, then back in. She liked the sensation of pushing in better-it didn’t feel so much like she was going to take a shit. But the second time, she pulled out Beşiktaş Escort Bayan two inches, then back in, deep, to the handle. The cold plastic met the ring of her anus and she longed to push the rest of it in.

Daisy began to thrust the toy in and out of herself. Was this what they called fucking? When it was hard and fast like this? She fucked her ass with the toy, sometimes with short little thrusts, sometimes pulling it out and working it back in, but always fast. She was panting now, and her arm was growing sore. Her ass felt loose and almost…hungry. She couldn’t fuck it hard enough.

Then suddenly her bedroom door opened, spilling light from the hallway across her bed. She lay still, closing her eyes, trying to quiet her breathing, although her heart was beating wildly. Would her father see her? Would he be angry? Would she be punished?

The overhead light came on. Daisy’s eyes fluttered open. It was her father indeed, standing over her in a t-shirt and a pair of boxers. She noticed a stiff protrusion pushing against the navy blue cotton. Her eyes flicked back up to his face. His expression was unreadable.

He reached down wordlessly and swept the duvet off her bed. Even with the plastic dome between her thighs, she knew he could see the vibrator protruding from her ass, and he could hear it now, too, buzzing away.

“You’ve been a naughty girl,” he said softly. “What am I to do with you?”

Tears swam in Daisy’s eyes. “Oh please, Dad, I’m sorry, I was just so horny and I didn’t know what else to do.”

“I’ll tell you what to do,” he said firmly. “Get on your hands and knees. No, don’t touch the vibrator. If it falls out, it falls out.”

It didn’t fall out. Six inches or so were deep inside her, and her anus held on to the intrusion, even as she rolled over and climbed ungainly to her hands and knees. Her father helped her with the tubes leading to her breasts and pussy, not disconnecting them, but helping to keep them from detaching.

When she was in place, she looked over her shoulder at him. “I’m sorry, Dad.”

“Be quiet, Daisy,” he instructed. He pulled her eye mask from the bedpost and put it over her head, securing it over her eyes. She couldn’t see a thing.

Suddenly she felt the vibrations in her ass increase, from a low hum to a deep, rumbling roar. She shrieked, feeling the tremors deep inside her. When the vibrator started to move, she cried out, a long, wavering wail. In and out it went, hard and fast, moving just as she had done before-little thrusts followed by long, deep ones, sawing in and out of her asshole. Within a minute, she was screaming, and then she felt, somehow, her numb pussy convulse. Her anus was convulsing, too, and she knew she was peeing herself-or was she squirting again? She wondered if it would fill up the cup, and what would happen if it did. Then she passed out.

Tom looked down at his daughter, at the puddle of young flesh on the bed in front of him. She had fainted, he guessed, overwhelmed Escort Beşiktaş by the intensity of her orgasm. The domes over her tits had clacked loudly together, and now lay one atop the other off to one side, forcing her torso to twist. He eased the cups off her teats, and though they had only been hooked up for an hour or two, they were red and swollen. He kneaded the flesh of her right tit for a moment with both hands, enjoying the freedom to satisfy his own delights for the moment. Her nipples were so stiff, if not quite as big as he had hoped. He would have to hook her back up to the nipple cups the next day, or possibly even tonight.

Next, he examined her pussy. The pump, operating on its timer, had released its pressure, and the swollen flesh had shrunk just a little. The rest of the cup was brimming with clear liquid. He removed the cup, careful not to spill any juice. He set it aside, then returned to his daughter. Her legs were spread a little, one knee cast up and to the side, revealing her red cunt and asshole, still stuffed with the vibrating dildo. He pushed it in and out of her ass a few times, enjoying the nastiness of it, then pulled all seven inches out from her bowels. Having emptied herself earlier that day, the shaft was clean, and he set it aside. Her anus gaped a little, red and raw and slick with juices, nestled in between those firm, round cheeks.

Tom got down on his knees. He couldn’t stop himself. He pushed his face against that supple flesh, until he had worked his way into her crack and could reach her asshole with his mouth. He licked eagerly at her slack hole, ringing it with his tongue, then sliding it in as deep as he could. He gripped her firm thighs, just below her buttocks, and squeezed, opening her up even more. She was wet down there, slick with juices not only from her pussy, but from her ass as well. What a fucking slut.

He cleaned her, licking every drop of juice he could get his tongue on. When her sphincter closed, he kissed it, sucked it, slipped his middle finger into it and fucked her. Finally, when she began to stir, he pulled his finger out and reached up to take the eye mask off her face. She rolled over onto her side and looked at him, dazed.

“Dad?” she said cautiously. “You’re not…mad?”

Tom got to his feet. “I’m not pleased that you pleasured yourself without me, but we will correct that in the future. I have already arranged communication between our bedrooms, which is how I knew you were pleasuring yourself. The next time you decide to do so, you will say aloud, ‘I’m a nasty, dirty slut and I’m desperate to cum. I need my father to help me.'”

Daisy blushed, but she nodded.

“Roll over on your back.”

She did, her swollen tits bulging out obscenely from her tiny frame. He took the cup filled with her juices and splashed it down the length of her body, though mainly on her tits, and a little on her face. Daisy squealed. “What was that??”

Tom worked the dome back over her swollen cunt and engaged the pump. “That was your pussy juice, little girl, from the orgasm I gave you. What a nasty little slut, to squirt from her pussy while she takes it in the ass.”

After attaching the pump to her nipples as well, he pulled the duvet back up over her body and left the room, turning the light out and closing the door behind him.

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