Davy’s On The Road Again Ch. 02


Wherein our hero, Davy, continues his vagabond RV adventure on the road through America and ventures into scenes and scenery one only dreams about.


“Shut the door
Cut the light
Davy won’t be home tonight
You can wait till the dawn rolls in
You won’t see our Davy again”

Hearing the author, John Simon, croon out the song made me smile. I always preferred his version to the Manfred Mann one. It made me think it was written just for me.

After my adventure on the first night of my travels, I considered that maybe I’d never come home again. Maybe something out here in America would derail my trip home. Maybe this would be a watershed for me. Perhaps my life would change dramatically. Out here, in the heart of my country, anything and everything was possible.

As I traveled through Ohio, I realized that I was in no rush. There was no where to be at any specific time. All I needed was an RV hookup to park next to and then go to sleep. I found that the ideal speed for gas consumption was about 55 and I held to it mostly running on cruise control and singing along to my iPod library. Several times, I’d find a nice scenic spot and pull over to walk my buddy, Santo. but most of the time he contentedly snored away on the floor.

I was running along the southern border of Ohio, well south of Cincinnati, when I decided to take a driving break. I saw a sign for a “scenic view” and pulled in to make coffee and to walk and stretch. It was beautiful and tranquil and I could picture the valley floor covered in lilacs but unfortunately it was not that time of year. Still, I felt that my mind was clearing out and tossing all the detritus away, opening myself to my imagination. I felt very fine.

As I prepared to get on my way again, I saw a van pull into the parking away and drop of a young couple, one tall and one short. I watched as they unloaded their gear from the van and headed toward the exit lane, thumbs out. Obviously, they were hitching to somewhere. I figured I’d ask if they needed a ride and have a little company for the day. I was very interested in hearing stories and adding some color to my travels. I imagined myself writing a book about the trip and desired all the fodder I could amass.

I pulled up to the couple and asked where they were going.

“Jefferson City, Missouri or as close as we can get.”

“Hop in. I’ll take you there.” As I had no particular itinerary to follow, why not check out another place I’d never been.

I got out and helped them place their larger bags in the rear storage wells. They took their backpacks into the RV.

“Hi. I’m Davy and this is my pal, Santo.” I said extending my hand, “Where are you two coming from?”

“Hi and pleased to meet you, Davy. I’m Shelley and this is Linda.”

Privately, I was surprised. I had assumed that Linda, the taller one, was male as she was lanky with short-cropped hair. I didn’t notice the bulges under her hoodie.

“We left Michigan three days ago and this trip has been pretty rough. We’re going to Jefferson City to tend to my Mom, who had an accident and is in bad shape.”

“Well, as I have no plans to be anywhere, I can take you to her door. If you like, you can relax while I drive. There’s a shower and a bathroom in the back, plenty of food in the fridge and you can bunk up here above the cab.”

They both looked at each other and, with eyes popping out, said “A shower!” in unison.

I set my GPS for Jefferson City as the young women cleaned themselves up. Santo seemed happy with these new companions and he followed them into the rear compartment. They closed the door and as I drove along, I could here the water running, the toilet flushing and lots of giggling. I was glad to help these two out.

After a while, they joined me. They’d changed into spaghetti tees and shorts. I silently admired their braless breasts as they chatted. My expert assessment put Shelley at about 36D, and Linda at 34C. We spoke about my trip for a while and then discussed their arduous journey and all its bummers. Somewhere around Vincennes, it was time for me to take another break and to walk Santo. I found a small turn off overlooking a stream and some woods. The girls volunteered to walk Santo while I stretched out for a few minutes. This was a mistake as I fell asleep for about an hour.

“We didn’t want to wake you. You were sleeping so deeply,” said Linda, the tall one.

“Snoring, too. I hope you don’t mind but we put some lunch together,” said Shelley.

I looked at the clock and I was surprised to see it was nearly 3pm. I rubbed my eyes.

“No, not at all. I could use something,” I said as I headed for the john.

When I came out, there was a tuna sandwich and some chips waiting for me. I didn’t realize how hungry I was as I wolfed it down.

“So what do you two do when you’re not hitching?”

“We both worked at a restaurant. We met there and fell in love.”

“My mom doesn’t approve, naturally, alt yazılı seks but she’ll learn to love us both. She’ll have to because that’s the way it is.”

“I think it’s great that you too are happy. It’s a beautiful thing. What are those tattoos?”

“We both got them one day after a wild night.”

Shelley pulled her tee down a little so I could see the heart bearing the name “Linda” on her left breast about an inch above her nipple. Linda showed me her heart with “Shelley” on her right breast in the same place.

“We each have another one but you can’t see that!” said Linda and we laughed.

“That’s okay. I think we’re a few hours away from Jefferson City and we’d better step on it if we’re going to get there before dark. Also, I have to find a place to gas up as well as a place to crash for the night.”

I started up the RV and within a mile I found a gas station. After I gassed up, I tuned on my laptop and immediately found a strong wi-fi connection. I just love that wi-fi and am very glad it’s nearly everywhere these days.

The girls watched as I googled “RV hookups Jefferson City Missouri.” The search brought back about a dozen places but one place caught my eye. It was an adult nudist resort with RV accommodations.

“This place looks cool…and it’s only a few miles south of Jefferson City.”

The girls laughed as we looked at the pictures.

“Uh-oh, I think Davy’s got a boner!” said Shelley.

“Why should you two get all the pussy? I deserve some too!”

More laughter ensued as I started down the road again. I called the resort and placed a reservation for the night. They said that they had room for my RV and would send an email confirmation. Linda pulled a pipe from her backpack and lit it. The smell of herb filled the cabin as she passed it around. I saw a cop up ahead and told them to stash it until we were well passed. Fortunately, driving below the speed limit has its benefits and the pipe started moving around the cabin again when the cop turned off the highway.

We had a good buzz going but I was well in control of the RV. We sang along with the tunes and told dirty jokes. Stopping once just south of St. Louis to walk Santo and for me to pee, it was a pleasant ride. I checked my email for my confirmation and it was there. The confirmation also listed some of the resorts amenities including an indoor pool and a hot tub, sauna and steam room. It also mentioned a restaurant and an event for the evening – naked bingo. This was not something in which I would be interested.

Shelley seemed turned on by the whole idea of the resort.

“I’ve never been to a nudist resort but this place looks very cool, especially since it’s all adult oriented. I’d love to play naked.”

“I’ve never been to a nudist resort either but I’ve been to nude beaches,” I offered, “and I’ve always wanted to go to one of those Couples resorts in the Caribbean. I’m curious and turned on by this place.”

Shelley and Linda went off to the back of the RV and were whispering and giggling. After a few minutes, they came back to the cab.

“We were wondering if you would mind very much if we joined you for the night,” said Linda, “we won’t get in your way, I promise. We’re both so curious.”

“If we show up tomorrow at my Mom’s place, she won’t mind. My brother is with her until the end of the week anyway,” Shelley added.

“Well, if you want to join me then fine but I’m going to get to see the secret tattoos!”

“Yes, I suppose so.” We all laughed and headed directly for the resort.

It turned out that the resort was only about a half hour south of Jefferson City. It was off a small road and there was a long driveway to the main building. It seemed like a pretty classy, upscale place and when I went into the office to register, it was a little expensive, too but then there were all these amenities and I didn’t mind. I was given a map of the place and my RV pad was circled. Also, in the welcome package, was a key to a locker. I was told I had to keep Santo on a leash and pick up after him. It had started to rain lightly but it was a warm, misty rain and it felt nice.

I pulled onto my pad, hooked up, refilled the water tanks and cleared the toilet tanks. The girls were a great help, cleaning the RV and tending to Santo. Santo was crazy about them and eager to give them both licks. They both made lots of jokes about his long tongue and I told them that he took after his master. When I set up the slide-outs and expanded the RV, both were amazed and impressed. They made up the overhead queen-sized bed and stowed their backpacks. Linda closed the curtains and suggested we have a few more tokes before we venture out. I still had some wine form the night before and we spent a little while getting loose.

I changed into a pair of shorts and a polo shirt and dropped a locker key into the pocket. Slipping on my sneakers, I walked out of my bedroom and asked if they were ready. Both nodded, porno 92 I locked up and off we went to the restaurant, about a hundred yards away. There were four other RVs parked at adjacent pads and one was the size of a tour bus. The light rain turned the girls spaghetti tees into nearly see-through by the time we reached the dining room.

“I am most impressed, ladies. You both have fabulous tits.” I was feeling pretty loose and perhaps, a little too friendly.

“Yes, we do!” they preened and proudly presented them.

We walked into the dining room to find it about one-third full. Some people were casually dressed like us and some were naked. There was a variety of bodies, some fat, some old and some the way I like them – fabulous. The three of us went up to the buffet and we could sense all the eyes in the room following us.

Filling my plate with some ribs, sausages, asparagus and fries, we took a table off in the corner. A waitress came by and filled my glass with wine. The wine was just palatable but the waitress, in a little outfit showing off her deep cleavage was more to my educated palate.

The food was good and we ate up quickly when a couple came up to our table. They were both in their mid-thirties, naked and attractive. Both were shaved and buff. His cock had to be about a foot long, very thick and with a large plum-shaped glans. Her tits were easily 40Ds and her pussy was small and very pink. Her long red hair falling off her shoulders made quite an impression.

“Hi. I’m Tommy and this is Tammy. This is our resort and we’re glad you’ve joined us tonight. We hope you stay longer. Do you mind if we join you to discuss some of the rules?”

“Pleased to meet you two beautiful people, too. Please, sit down.”

“More wine?” asked Tammy and before I could nod, she waved to the waitress who arrived with five clean glasses and a vintage California Merlot. This juice was much tastier than the other wine.

“So here are some of the rules: This is an adult resort and we invite you to shed your clothes in any part of the grounds. We ask that you don’t participate in overt sex in the public areas but you will probably find others enjoying each other all around the grounds. Because of the rain, most everyone will be in the main building tonight. The pool and spa facilities are attached to this building and accessed straight down the main hallway, you can’t miss it. You have a locker key and you can store your clothes there. We ask that you keep your fluids out of the pool. There is a bar adjoining the pool where you will find pool tables, some pinball machines and video games. Most likely, the big screen will be playing the baseball game. On the second floor, you will find the playrooms where just about anything can happen. We recently installed a Sybian and…”

“Excuse me, what is a Sybian?” asked Linda.

Tammy said, “you’ll see it and you’ll love it.” Her eyes opened wide, “I love it and I’m so glad we got it.”

Tommy continued, “As I was saying, usually anything goes on the playroom level, it is very active. The action usually starts around 10pm. We hope you enjoy yourselves. Of course, the rule ‘no means no’ applies everywhere on the resort and we ask that you respect that. Although it rarely occurs, if there is a complaint, we will ask you to leave the resort. Finally, drugs of any kind are prohibited on this facility. What you do in your own room is not our business but drugs are prohibited. I think I can smell a prohibited odor – please keep it private.”

“Don’t worry about us,” I said, “we’ll play nicely. We’ll be good.”

“Good,” said Tommy. “The bar is open until midnight and access to the playroom level is through the bar. There is naked bingo tonight and that is always fun for many of the older folks but, of course, you are invited, too. There are sex toys as prizes. We also invite you to check out our shop for any amenities or souvenirs you might want to purchase.”

Another waitress appeared with some goody bags.

Tammy said, “To welcome you, here are some welcome gifts that might come in handy. Have a wonderful time and I’m sure we’ll see you around tonight.”

We shook hands and they left us to examine the bags. Each held condoms and tubes of flavored lubes, a baseball cap with the resort logo, some candy bars and a coupon for one free drink. Mine held a pair of logo-ed boxer shorts while the girls held logo-ed thongs.

We’d finished eating and I asked the girls if they were ready to explore the place. We all agreed to check out the pool and spa first since it was still early. We headed down the main hallway as other guests eyeballed us. Shelley and Linda each took one arm and we made quite a trio as we strolled. We stopped into the shop and looked around. The girls eyeballed a foot-long double dildo and, to their surprise, I bought it for them. Then we proceeded to the pool.

The pool was a nice size with a large hot tub at one end. The whole place was under glass and it was very xvideos porno warm and humid. There were about fifty people lounging around or swimming. There were several couples in the hot tub. One woman was lying nude on a massage table while getting a rub down. I was delighted to see that the majority of guests were quite good-looking and in good shape.

“So, ladies, shall we dip in?” I said steering them toward the locker room. Once inside, I found our locker and without any hesitation, pulled off my tee and dropped my shorts.

“What a nice body you have, Davy. If I liked cock, I’d go for it in a flash.” Linda said smiling.

“I think that was a compliment,” I opined.

The girls shed their clothes. Both had nicely trimmed pussies and both had little heart tattoos with little kissing lips around them. I kneeled down to have a close-up and smiled at them.

“Nice tats. Very sweet. If I liked gay pussy, and I do, I’d add a few kisses myself.”

“I think that was a compliment,” smiled Shelley.

We laughed and turned toward the pool as I admired two heart-shaped butts. The pool was very warm and very languid adding a sexy feel. It took only a few moments before we all felt free and uninhibited.

As people swam by, they introduced themselves. It was difficult to look them in the eyes and not stare. Some said they hoped they’d see us in the playroom later. After swimming some easy laps, I got out of the pool and lowered myself in the hot tub. I shared the hot tub with three good-looking, sexy couples. In the hot swirling water, hands moved around and I enjoyed being felt up. I knew that some of the hands were female but I also sensed that some were male. My hands did the same, cupping vaginas and sometimes stroking dicks. With my head back, I was totally relaxed.

Shelley and Linda joined us in the tub and within a few minutes were also feeling people up. Linda seemed a little more exclusive with her hands. At times, I felt Shelley playing with my cock and my balls. Idle conversation went on above the water line.

“So tell me, what is this Sybian thing Tammy told us about?” Linda was very curious.

“Oh, you will love it. It’s better than riding the bull,” said one of the women.

“It’s an orgasm machine that will make you cum like you’ve never cum before. It’s the most fun ride you’ve ever been on,” said another.

“It’s like the perfect fuck machine – next to my husband, Mark, here, that is. It’s like a saddle that you squat down on a vibrator and you let it fuck you. You cum buckets. I love it and I’d be glad it show you how it works in a little while.”

“I don’t know,” said Shelley, “Linda’s tongue does me right. She’s the best fuck I ever had.”

The others raised their eyebrows at this. “You just wait and see,” said the blond.

“I’m so curious. I don’t want to wait. I’m so horny now. Come on, Davy, let’s go upstairs,” Linda grabbed my hand and Shelley’s hand and started to pull us out of the hot tub.

“Alright, we can always come back here, I suppose,” I said as I reluctantly left the swirling hot water.

“I’ll show you,” said the brunette getting up to join us.

“I’ll meet you up there in a few minutes,” said her husband, who seemed to be busy playing with the blond next to him.

We got out of the water and began to dry off. The brunette seemed to enjoy drying Linda. Shelley eyed her with a little jealousy. Linda broke away from the brunette and kissed Shelley. “Come on, baby, it’s been days since we came. Let’s do it.” I remembered to take the drink coupons.

The brunette, whose name was Jen, guided us into the packed and noisy bar. There was a lot of noise by the big screen as a group watched the Cardinals play. The pool table was active as was the Wii game. And everyone was naked. It was truly an eye candy paradise.

The girls ordered margaritas while I got a Courvoisier XO. Linda took my hand as Jen led us up the spiral staircase to the playroom level.

The stairs opened into a dimly lit lounge with tables and banquettes. There was a buffet set up on one side with a chef serving finger food. He was a large buff looking guy wearing a revealing thong showing off his large cock beneath. There were only a few people in the lounge and they all seemed busy making out.

“This way,” said Jen, as she guided us to a hallway with several large mat rooms on each side. There were large glass viewing windows and we stopped to watch a group all having sex. Another room held two couples fucking. It was a sex smorgasbord.

Jen took us to a large room where the Sybian sat on the floor on top of a soft fur carpet. One couple was sitting on a banquette on the side sipping on their drinks and whispering to each other.

Jen went over to a disinfecting box and, with a pair of tongs, lifted out a rectangular piece of soft rubber. There was a dildo of about 7″ attached to it and large round nubs on both sides of it. She placed it on the center rod of the Sybian.

“Me first,” she said. “Girls, come here on each side of me and you sit down and watch. You, take a seat over there. This is just for the ladies.”

I did as I was told and watched as Jen slid down on the dildo and placed her knees on the fur. She turned on the switch and immediately let out a groan.

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