Debauchery of Vijaylakshmi Ch. 10


Vijayalakshmi was surprised at how well she enjoyed her new job. Mostly her job was acting as a receptionist and running small errands for the Bank Officers and she was also surprised that none of the other bank officers tried to fuck her.

Even Mr. Kapoor left her alone now that she was actually working for the bank.

Vijayalakshmi didn’t mind the lack of sex Shanti and Kamesh were sneaking into her room every other night and he was keeping her satisfied.

Still, there were quite a few good-looking men in the bank, and it would have been nice if some of them showed an interest in her.

On the first day of her second week at the job, one of the bank officers gave Vijayalakshmi some forms to be filled out by a bank client, he lived on the other side of town and Vijayalakshmi was supposed to carry the forms to him.

Vijayalakshmi didn’t understand as she had only been there a short time, but she knew enough to know that this was not the way transactions were usually carried out.

Vijayalakshmi quit being puzzled when Shanti took her aside and she looked a little nervous about her trip.

“Listen, baby,” she said. “John Pandian is a very important man to this bank. He not only has a part ownership but he has a lot of money inside.

He can get people hired and fired with just a snap of his fingers. That’s why you’re being sent out there. Nobody likes to go.”

“You mean he might fire me if I do something he doesn’t like?”

“Baby,” Shanti answered. “John Pandian could not only fire you, but prevent you from getting a job in this town again. He’s a very important man.”

Now it was Vijayalakshmi’s turn to be nervous. She took a taxi to John Pandian’ home, and all the way she kept telling herself that there was nothing to be frightened of as she was just an errand girl delivering some papers and what could she possibly do wrong?

When the cab pulled up in front of John Pandian’ house, Vijayalakshmi felt herself getting even more nervous and it was a beautiful home, and it looked like it was worth millions as it was the kind of house a very rich would live in a butler came out and opened the door and paid off the taxi driver and he didn’t say anything to Vijayalakshmi and she meekly followed him through the big double doors and into a luxurious hallway.

“Just follow the hallway,” the butler said. “Mr. Pandian is in the study.”

Vijayalakshmi did as she was told as she found John Pandian seated behind a huge desk and he looked up and she saw a little glimmer of interest in his eyes.

“You must be the new girl at the bank,” he said. “They said they were sending a new girl. I didn’t think she’d be so pretty.”

“Thank you, sir,” she said.

“I’m told you’re from a small town. How do you like our big city?”

“I like it, sir,” she answered.

Vijayalakshmi kept nervously answering more of his questions about her past life and what she was doing now as she wondered how he knew so much about her life and her family.

He seemed to enjoy her nervous appearance. She didn’t like him very much.

Finally he told her to sit down and he took her papers.

She sat very primly in a chair in front of the desk. She didn’t want him getting any ideas. She wanted to be out of this house as quickly as she could.

“Hmmm,” he said finally, after taking a few minutes to look over the papers. “Everything seems to be in order. Oh, damn!”

Vijayalakshmi felt her heart jump.

John Pandian had turned a fiery shade of red and she hoped it wasn’t her who had made him angry. She saw him crumple up a few of the papers.

“That brother-in-law of yours, doesn’t he check these fucking things before he signs them?”

“I guess so, sir,” she answered.

“Well, he didn’t check this shit and it begins to look like I’m going to have to find me a new bank manager.”

Vijayalakshmi had been scared before, but it was nothing to the fright she was feeling now as she realized that John Pandian was talking about firing Sridhar, Shanti’s husband, mistaken to be her brother in law and she couldn’t let that happen.

“Perhaps it was someone else who made the mistake, sir,” she suggested.

“No, goddamn it, it was your brother-in-law. You know, I’ve never liked him much. I think this is a good time to send him elsewhere for employment.”

John reached for the phone, but he kept his eyes on the young woman in front of him. He recognized the signs.

She was feeling guilty because she thought she’d made some kind of mistake that had gotten Shanti fired.

Actually, he had no intention of firing Sridhar and Sridhar was a damn good worker and he had a wife that made a man’s balls ache just to look at her.

John had tried a couple of times to get into the wife’s panties, but she was just too quick for him but this young girl was different and she was as good looking as Sridhar’s wife Shanti, maybe a little better.

And she had an aura of vulnerability about her. A bluff like this wouldn’t have worked with Shanti.

Please, don’t fire him,” Vijayalakshmi said. She was xslot near tears.

“Why not?” he asked.

“You’re just mad right now and why can’t you wait a few minutes until you calm down. Maybe I could do something to make you feel better?”

“Maybe you could,” he answered. “The door locks from the inside.”

Vijayalakshmi understood what he wanted, but she was willing to do anything to keep Shanti’s husband from being fired.

She went to the door and locked it. When she turned back around, he had moved around to sit down on the edge of his desk.

“Show me your tits,” he said.

Vijayalakshmi felt numb as she started undoing the buttons on her blouse.

This time was different than it had been with Shanti and Subodh.

Neither of them had really forced her to do anything. This time it was almost like rape.

She undid the buttons all the way down the front and shrugged out of her blouse.

She was wearing a simple black bra that barely contained her two round tits. Her titty-flesh spilled over the tip of the bra and seemed to be trying to break out.

“Very nice,” John said. “Now remove the bra I can tell you have a nice pair but go ahead and show them to me.”

John’s cock wouldn’t have felt so hard if it hadn’t been for the fact that the young girl obviously didn’t want to do this.

John felt filled with stud power as she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra.

“Hurry up, cunt,” John said softly. “I don’t have all day. Do you want me to pick up the phone right now? I’m still mad.”

Vijayalakshmi sighed as she let the bra fall to the floor and her twin peaks jumped out hard and proud, capped with her dark-brown nipples while John could feel the dryness on his tongue.

“Baby,” he said. “I’ve seen tits before, but those are a work of art! God, you’re something!”

He didn’t let her move for a few minutes and he just sat there and feasted on the shape of her beautiful tits and it made Vijayalakshmi feel more ill at ease than she had ever felt.

“All right, young lady,” John said. “Now the rest of it, strip it all off cunt!”

Vijayalakshmi was openly sobbing now.

She had never felt so helpless as she pulled down her skirt and kicked it off.

She had worn her garter belt that morning and she saw John’s eyes widen at the sight.

She had on no panties and he could see the thick hair of her blonde pussy surrounded by the dark black of the garter.

“God Christ,” he said, rubbing the front of his trousers. “This morning you came here asking for it. God!”

He made her turn for him. He posed her in a number of positions so he could look right into the pink lips of her cunt.

She had never felt so much like a cunt. And all the time she could see his cock getting harder against his trousers.

“Come here, cunt,” he said. “Sit in my lap and let me suck on those big tits!”

She went to him and settled herself into his lap. She didn’t like the sudden shivery feeling that went through her when his lips touched her nipple.

She didn’t want to enjoy this. She was just doing it for Shanti. She didn’t like this man.

But as he started moving his lips from one swollen nipple to the other she could feel her excitement starting to grow.

She tried to think things, but it was hard not to concentrate on the gentle nibbling at her tits.

He lifted her up and sat her down on the gently carpeted floor and then he started exploring her body with his hands and tongue, his mouth seemed to move all over her body while his tongue touched her quivering flesh and caused her to tremble.

She didn’t want this to happen, but he was turning her on.

She closed her thighs tightly together but that didn’t help the quivering desire that was shooting through them.

Her pussy-juice was already wetting her pubic hair.

“Give in to it, baby,” he told her. “You know you like it. Just give in to it!”

His mouth started sucking hard at one of her creamy tits and she felt the gentle pulling of his teeth and that made her even hotter.

He was right. No matter how she disliked this man, she couldn’t pretend that she didn’t like what he was doing to her.

“Oh, God,” she moaned softly. “You don’t know what you’re doing to me.”

“I know what I’m doing, bitch,” he told her.

“I’m going to make you crazy for cock!”

His hot mouth kept moving from one creamy tit to the other. She could feel his tongue working on her hard nipples.

She quit holding back and she started squirming with hunger, her shapely ass rubbing against the hard bulge in his trousers.

“That’s the way I like it, bitch,” he told her. “That’s what I want rub your fine ass against my cock. You fucking cunt rub your ass, you cunt!”

Her ass squirmed faster against his rock-hard cock as she bent her mouth to his. She felt his tongue stabbing deep into her mouth. She moaned as she pressed her mouth harder against his.

She felt his hands moving between them and caressing her tits as his hands took up where his xslot Giriş mouth left off. He was getting her as hot as she’d ever been.

Suddenly he pushed her out of his lap. He had a strange expression on his face as he looked her up and down.

She could feel goose pimples breaking out at the places where his eyes touched as this man knew how to make her hot just by looking at her.

“Damn,” he said. “You’re something else, bitch. You’re really something else. Let your hair down.”

She obeyed his command as she had worn a braid that morning that kept her hair up on her head now she undid it and let her blonde hair fall down around her shoulders and he licked his lips.

“Christ,” he moaned. “You make me hard as hell just looking at you. You’re perfect, cunt, just perfect.”

Next he commanded her to undress him. She immediately bent to his command. She peeled off his shirt and undershirt, and his shoes and socks.

She peeled off his trousers to find that he wasn’t wearing any shorts.

His fat cock sprang up immediately. It wasn’t all that big, but it looked powerful.

“Feel it, bitch,” he commanded.

She was still on her knees after having pulled his trousers off his feet and now she moved between his hairy legs and she took his throbbing cock in her fingers.

She laced her hot fingers around his staff and began moving her hand up and down.

His cock felt smaller than Shanti’s, but it seemed to pound against her fingers as she felt a little jism leaking out of the rosy crown of his cock wetting her fingers.

“My cum bitch,” he said. “That’s my cum and you like that, bitch? Taste it Show me how much you like it!”

She looked up in surprise.

She had not expected this. She could feel his sticky jism on the ends of her fingers, but she had really never considered tasting it.

Now she remembered how much Shanti had enjoyed licking out her lover Kamesh’s jism from Vijayalakshmi’s cunt.

“Taste it, bitch,” he urged.

She had no choice.

Actually, she didn’t have to be forced. She was already bringing her fingers to her lips and tasting the salty flavor of his jism. She sucked his jism off the ends of her fingers and she heard him sigh.

“I knew it, bitch,” he groaned. “You’re a natural cock-sucker. Now kiss it for me. Use your tongue and lips on it, cunt!”

She put her head down.

Her tongue licked at the massive head of his throbbing prick. She treated it like an all-day sucker as her tongue went all the way around his prick-head and she tasted more of his jism in her mouth.

“God,” he groaned. “You’re doing good, baby. You’re doing good!”

She licked down the long length of his prick to his balls.

Her wet warm mouth covered his balls and he almost shot his wad right then.

He would have enjoyed seeing his jism dripping off her innocent-looking cheeks, but he wanted to come in her mouth even more.

He felt her teeth nipping gently at his heavy cum-filled sac. He put both his hands on the back of her head and guided her lips back up his prick.

“Now we’re through playing around,” he groaned. “Now I want you to suck me. Now I want you to really work on my fucking cock!”

Vijayalakshmi had never dreamed she would do anything like this as she didn’t think anyone could have forced her to do it if she hadn’t really wanted to.

The truth was she wanted to suck it!

She could smell the strong odor of his cock-meat as she put her lips back against the rubbery head.

She could feel her heart pounding in excitement as she opened her lips. She let his cock-head slide over her tongue and between her teeth.

Immediately, her entire body seemed to be filled with the smell and taste of cock-meat as she let his cock rest on her tongue for a few minutes.

“You sweet bitch,” he moaned. “That feels so fucking good. Now take it all the way into your mouth. Swallow it, cunt!”

She was almost as excited as he was. She took his long, thick prick all the way down her throat. She almost choked on the thickness of his cock meat, but she managed to get his prick into her throat all the way to his heavy balls.

“Oh, Christ,” he moaned. “You’re sucking all the way. You’ve got my cock in your mouth all the fucking way. God, it feels good! It feels good!”

She kept his cock all the way in her throat for a few moments. She could feel his throbbing cock-head against the deepest part of her throat. She could feel his balls resting against her chin. She had never dreamed she could suck a man this far.

She pulled her head back and let her teeth skim against his throbbing cock-meat. She pulled at his sensitive cock-head with her lips and tongue. He grabbed the back of her head a little tighter and crammed his meat back into her mouth.

“Suck it, cunt,” he groaned. “Suck my fucking cock. Shit, it feels so good!”

She began to bob her head up and down. She could feel every inch of his delicious cock-meat as it moved in and out of her lips. She could already feel his cum dripping onto xslot Güncel Giriş her tongue and down the back of her throat.

“Play with my balls,” he groaned. “My balls. Play with my fucking balls.”

Her hands moved up the insides of his thighs and she began to caress his balls her fingertips moved over them gently in the same rhythm of her bobbing head.

“Shit, baby,” he moaned. “Your hair feels so good on my cock. It feels so good on my cock!”

She realized that the ends of her hair were brushing against his cock and across his legs each time she moved her head. She started moving her head faster. She could already feel a swelling in his cock-head and she knew that he was getting close to shooting his cum into her mouth.

“You fucking cunt,” he groaned. “You’re making me so fucking crazy! I’m going to shoot my wad. I’m getting close to shooting my fucking wad! I want you to swallow it, bitch. Swallow it! SWALLOW IT, BITCH, SWALLOW IT!”

He rammed into her as deep as he could. She suddenly felt the hot gush of his cum into her mouth.

She started gagging and swallowing, but she could already feel his cum dripping out of the corners of her mouth and wetting her chin. She kept sucking frantically at the end of his pumping cock. She swallowed as much as she could, but she still felt like her face and lips had been covered in sticky jism. She finally felt his cock growing limp and slipping out of her mouth.

“That was fantastic, bitch,” he said. “Now for your reward.”

“My reward?” she questioned.

“Sure,” he answered. “I can’t let you go home in that condition. My butler will take good care of you!”

Vijayalakshmi felt too numb to move as John Pandian left the room. Surely he couldn’t have meant what she thought he meant. He didn’t mean that he was going to let the butler fuck her.

Vijayalakshmi had to draw the somewhere.

She wasn’t some kind of whore to be fucked by anyone with a dick.

Vijayalakshmi started picking up her clothes, but she was too late.

John Pandian had returned and he had brought the butler with him and Vijayalakshmi hadn’t had much of a chance to look at the butler when she’d first arrived. Now she saw that he was a huge, muscular, red-faced man, and he was looking at her with obvious lust.

Vijayalakshmi tried to cover up a little, but John Pandian wasn’t going to have that.

“Don’t be foolish, dear,” he said. “I want to watch Raju fuck you, and you know you need a cock.”

“I’m not some kind of whore,” Vijayalakshmi protested. “I don’t want to be handed around.”

“You’ll do as I tell you,” John Pandian said. “Or I’ll pick up the phone and call the bank. Besides, you’ll like it.”

Raju watched the young woman shrug her shoulders in resignation. Raju knew his boss liked to watch people fuck. He especially liked to watch Raju fuck because Raju had such a huge cock that most women couldn’t believe.

Raju didn’t mind. He was in a horny mood most of the time. This young woman was probably the best looking woman Raju had ever had. Her panty lining really made Raju’s cock hard. “Get up on the desk,” Raju told her as he started to undress.

Vijayalakshmi just couldn’t believe this could happen. She lifted herself up on the desk. She could see Raju looked hungrily between her legs. She didn’t bother closing her thighs. She couldn’t see hiding something from him that he was going to have in just a few minutes.

Neither did she take her eyes off Raju. She felt a little excited her and she was ashamed to admit it, but her pussy was throbbing with desire sucking John’s cock had made her horny, and now she couldn’t even turn herself off when she knew she was about to be savagely used.

Raju’s body was thick and muscular. She had never seen so much hair on a man. He looked like an ape or something. She caught her breath when she saw the half-hard bulge pressing against the front of his shorts.

“Show it to her, Raju,” John Pandian said. “Show her what she’s going to get!”

It was insane. She just couldn’t believe he could be that big. She felt dryness in her mouth as he peeled his shorts down his thick legs and let his cock free. He was that big! His cock was huge. It looked like some kind of thick club. It was a weapon instead of a cock.

He walked over to her. His cock brushed against her tits. It gave her a feeling she’d never felt before. He leaned over and kissed her mouth. She could feel the hot sparks going through her body.

“I have to touch it,” she whispered. “I just can’t believe it’s real.”

He laughed as she reached out and put her hand on his thick cock. It was hard to believe it was real. Her fingers laced around the thick cock and she could feel the pulsating excitement going through her fingers and making her tits swell up even harder than before.

“Kiss it,” Raju urged. “Kiss it like you did John’s. Take it in your cock-sucking mouth.”

“It’s too big to get into my mouth,” she whispered.

“You can do it,” he told her. “Take it in your mouth.”

He had his hands on the back of her head and there was nothing else she could do. She moved her head forward and touched her lips to the head of his cock. She felt him shiver. Immediately, she felt his salty cock-cream staining her lips. She opened her mouth wider and she let his rubbery cock-head slide into her mouth.

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