December holidays part 2


December holidays part 2
It was the evening of Wednesday the 8th a week before my girlfriend Jessica would be leaving to go away with her parents for December holiday. As I laid messaging her making arrangements for Thursday I decided to message, Claire, the sexy MILF I slept with during my matric holiday last year in Plettenberg Bay. I kept in contact with Claire throughout the year but with varsity and Claire busy at work we didn’t find any suitable time to meet up again. I said to her,” Hey my sexy MILF how are you? Thought I’d say hi and find out your December plans. Are you going away or remaining in Pretoria this December. Luv Cane.

Well waiting on Claire’s reply Jes and I made arrangements to meet up Thursday at my house as it would be the last time I see her this year while not on her period as she normally starts on a Friday in accordance with her pill. I was all keen for that and rather excited to give her a good hard goodbye fucking the last of the year. We agreed for her to meet by me at 9am after my sister and parents had left for work. We soon said goodnight to one another and I looked forward to seeing Jes in the morning.
As I was about to turn in I got a reply back from Claire saying: ” Hey Cane I’m doing good thanks and you babe. No I’m not going away this year, how about you?”
I replied back saying,” no I’m not going away I’m going to be home alone for a while over new years. I was hoping to meet up with you before then and maybe during then if you keen sexy?”
Claire replied,” I’m sure we can make a plan, my c***dren are spending Christmas and New years with their dad so I will be home alone from the morning of 23rd December till the 3rd January.”
“Ok cool, shall we meet up during the day on thursday the 23rd and once we in each others company we can make further plans to see each other during the holidays my sexy.” I replied.
She replied, “that sounds like a good idea babe let’s make it for 11am by me as you said your parents are only leaving after Christmas and from there we can chat in person about other plans rather than texting.”
I replied, “That so awesome. I can’t wait to be in your sexy company. Will chat soon again before the time. But please have a wonderful nights sleep my sexy MILF and have pleasant wet dreams about me pleasuring you my babe.”
“You such a naughtyboy and I can’t wait to see you hun. Have sweet dreams and chat soon babe.” She replied ending our conversation for the being.

After deleting my conversation with Claire I battled to fall asleep as I was extremely excited to see her again and looking forward to fucking her sexy MILF body again. It was 1am and I was still awake playing games on my phone and eventually I forced myself to sleep to have energy for when my girlfriend arrives tomorrow morning.

Thursday morning my dad woke me as he said goodbye on his way to work. My mom left shortly after him and a few minutes later while laying in bed messaging my girlfriend my stepsister walking into my room. She sat down on my bed next to my placing her hand onto my cock as she asked what’s my plans for the day. I explained to her that today will be the last day of the year that I will see Jessica that we can fuck as she starts her period tomorrow and then once she comes off she’s away on holiday. Amy massaged my cock as we chatted and once I was fully hard she said to me here’s a little tease and motivation for when Jes arrives. She moved the sheet off me and pulled my pj pants down. She took my hard cock into her mouth and sucked on it up and down deepthroating me for 25 seconds before stopping and saying have fun b*o see you tonight. And smiled at me as she walked out my room.
I started at her ass as she walked out the room while think about how big a tease that just was. Lucky for me as Amy left Jessica phoned saying she’s already halfway to me so my wait to fuck her wouldn’t be all that long. She arrived 20 mins later and I opened for her. She wore jeans and top with bra and underwear this time round but needless to say they weren’t on to long as we immediately made our way to my room where we stripped each other down naked.
Once naked my girlfriend dug in her bag and to my suprise she took out a few cable ties. She put them around my hands and then tied me to my headboard. She then got one of my ties from my cupboard and blindfolded me.

She then first climbed on top of my hard cock, sliding her wet cunt down my shaft and started fucking me hard. Bouncing up and down on my cock moaning from the pleasure as my cock hit her inner walls of her cunt. She then climbed off and crawled up over my face, lowering her cunt down so that I could muff her. I lapped up her juices and as I started licking her horny clit she moaned as she reached climax and orgasmed. After she finished orgasmning she moved off my face and to between my legs. Licking my balls before taking them into her mouth and sucking them as I laid tied up enjoying every moment. She then took my cock into her mouth and on her own she sucked down on my cock deep, causing herself to gag. I loved the feeling and sound of my bitch gagging on my hard cock and the next time she was holding her mouth deep with my cock in her throat, I exploded shooting my cum into her throat causing her to gag more. She had to come up and gasp for air as my cum shot onto my belly as I orgasmed. Once Jes caught her breath she licked and sucked up all the cum that spilt onto me and then I heard her swallow before sucking my cock up and down a few more times cleaning my cum off it like a good girl. She then climbed on top of me again and moved and kissed me. I could taste my cum in her mouth as she hadn’t rinsed yet but I kissed her back. Once our lips aparted she untied me and as I sat up with her standing in front of me, I grabbed her ass and pulled her into me and gave her another passionate kiss even though I could still taste my cum in her mouth.

Squeezing her sexy tight ass as our lips aparted I looked into her eyes and said that was a rather nice idea you had for this morning. She smiled as she replied saying I’m glad you enjoyed my baby. I then asked am I allowed to tie you up later. She said you may if you want my love and I said awesome be prepared to be pleasure. I can’t wait she replied and we then made our way to the kitchen where we made ourselves breakfast. After breakfast we watched tv for a while and chatted enjoying each others company. After about 90 mins to 2 hrs after breakfast I took Jessica’s hand and led her back to my bedroom. I got a piece of rope and tied her hands up in a way that she was on the edge of the bed making it easy for me to muff, finger and fuck her as hard as I want. I took a tie and blindfolded her and then she was ready for me to pleasure her.

I stood with her legs closed and between mine as I ran my hand over her thighs and to her pussy, gently tickling her. I then moved onto the bed crawling up till being over her face and lowered myself to put my balls on my girlfriends face. Her mouth opened and I allowed her to suck my balls for a few seconds before moving back and sitting down gently on her tummy. I massaged her boobs while staring at her hard nipples and asked her if she’s going to miss me during December?  Yes she answered and I flicked her right nipple hard causing her to moan. I then asked again are you going to miss me?
Yes I am she replied and I flicked her left nipple hard making her moan again before asking my love are you going to miss me, yes my love I am going to miss you she answered and I said that’s better and I then gave her a hardish slap on her right cheek. She moaned and then I asked would you like your pussy to be muffed. Yes please my babe she answered and I slapped her left cheek hard as I said that’s a good girl and I move backwards off the bed while looking at her erect nipples. I spread her legs and kneeled on the floor between them. I moved to her cunt and started muffing her, licking her cunt up and down as I listened to her moan. I sucked her clit and then stimulated it with my tounge bringing her to orgasm as her moans became louder. After her orgasm I move on top of her again sitting on her belly facing her puss. Placing my hand between her spread legs on her cunt I started rubbing up and down on her puss. She was moaning as I asked do you like sucking my cock. Yes she replied and I slap her cunt. I rubbed harder up and down on her puss as I asked again do you like sucking my cock and this time as she reached climax and started orgasmning during her loud moans as I rubbed her puss harder she answered yes my babe I do. I let her finish her orgasm and then I slapped her cunt twice and asked yes you do what? I asked her. Yes I do enjoy sucking your cock baby she replied and I rubbed her clit harder as she moaned louder and her body started to tremble as she started having multiple orgasms.

After she finished orgasmning I enter my middle and index fingers into her cunt and started fingering her in and out her pussy. I then asked her do you want me to fuck you with my cock. And she said yes please baby. I finger fucked her harder with my right hand and as i felt her puss starting to tighten around my finger as she neared another orgasm, I started rubbing her clit with my left hand. Her moans became louder from the pleasure and her body twitched and her legs closed and I then wasted no time getting in front of her, spreading her legs and shoving my hard cock into her cunt. I immediately started fucking her hard and rough hitting up against her inner walls as she moan. I rubbed her clit with my left hand again as I felt her cunt tighten around my cock. Her legs tensed up stiff and as she started orgasmning I pulled my cock out of her puss and continued rubbing her clit as she squirted her pussy juices all over my body. As she finished squirting I shoved my cock back into her puss and fucked her roughly and hard back and forth until her body twitch legs stiffened her moans turned to screams of “oh my fuck” and as she reached climax again I pulled my cock out her cunt and she squirted again spraying her cum onto me once me. I then grabbed onto her thighs as I shoved my cock back into her puss and gave it to her as hard as I could. She moan as I fucked her and as I neared cumming I felt her cunt tighten around my cock again. I fucked her harder as my cock exploded shooting my cum into her wet horny puss and she then orgasm as well squirting one more time while my cock pounded deep in and against her inner walls.

After I finished cumming I pulled out of her puss and moved to sit on top of her untying her hands as she caught her breath. I then moved her properly onto the bed and I laid on top of her as I asked how was that. Amazing she said and I gave her a soft slap in the face. She looked at me as she removed the blindfold and smiled as she said my love that was amazing. I smiled back at her as I really enjoyed it as well making her squirt I had lots of fun and I enjoyed slapping her being in total control as she moaned and screamed. After a few minutes we got up and Jessica could barely walk properly after the way I fucked and pleasured her.
I watched her wipe her cunt clean from my cum and then we hopped into the shower together where we washed each other.
After showering we dried off and got dressed and went to the lounge where we chatted and watched tv for a while till Jessica decided to leave at 3 30pm for home. I gave her a kiss and a hug and once our lips aparted she said thank you baby that was amazing and can’t wait for when I get back in Jan to do this all again. I smile and said nor can I and I’ll be super horny by then. She smile and as she hopped into her car and drove off after a great day giving my girlfriend a good last fuck of the year and being well pleasured.
End of part 2

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