Dee lets Ben choose a special partner


Dee lets Ben choose a special partner
So tonight things were going to change. Rather than Dee calling all the shots, I had done a little research for myself and searched through my hamster friends to find someone to join me for the night. Dee was happy to go along with it all, I had thought about another couple but we’d done that. I fancied a sissy, but they had to be fairly convincing and I thought that Alicia fitted the bill.
We had talked on hamster for a while, sharing pictures and had once had a c2c with me coming very quickly at the sight of her gorgeous cock in red panties and stockings and suspenders, completely shaved, it took over my senses and I came within a couple of minutes.
Alicia didn’t want to show her face at first, but eventually sent me a picture of her dressed in lingerie, her cock hidden under her panties and her face fully made up. She was a picture and I knew that she would be the one I’d invite to my home. Dee looked at the picture and teased me about my curiosity for exploring cock on cock fun. She asked me that if she joined in would I prefer to be fucked or would she like to watch me fucking Alicia. I told her that she could watch if she wanted too, participate to a degree, but hopefully all the penetration would be done between Alicia and I.
Alicia agreed to arrive at seven and at five too the phone rang. It was Alicia, she had parked outside and was it OK for her to come to the front door. I was curious, but she told me that there were two cars parked out the front and she didn’t know if I had an unexpected guest, I told her no, but it was Dee’s car and that if it was OK with her she might join us. She replied by saying that she wished she had bought her wife along.
As we talked the door bell rang and I hurried to the door. I answered it and there she was, as I had asked dressed in red. Red coat, opened at the front. Underneath she wore a red mini skirt with her stocking tops on show and red suspender belt straps just visible. She had a sheer red blouse and clearly underneath a complementing basque. I stood in front of her, my mouth open and my phone still in my hand.
“I think you can switch that off now and let me in.” Her husky voice echoed in my ears. I pulled the door open wide and her heels made contact with the wooden floor and clicked their way across the hall. I closed the door behind her and we walked into the sitting room.
“It’s great to see you.” I responded and I kissed her on the cheek, she smiled and turned her head and kissed me on the lips. Wow, I didn’t really expect that. Why? I thought.
She put her overnight bag on the floor as I indicated for her to sit down. “Coffee or something stronger?” I asked and she replied, “Do you have a G&T?”
I went to the kitchen to get the drinks thinking that Dee would still be in there, but there was no sign of her, she must have gone upstairs.
I came back in to the sitting room and Alicia had sat on the sofa, sitting facing me. She had removed her coat, her legs crossed and exposing a lot of flesh above her stocking tops. She noticed me glaring.
“You like what you see then?” as she crossed her legs again revealing her pantie covered crotch. My cock twitched noticeably in my tight jeans. “Oh yes.” Was all I could say. “Well at least I’m having the right effect on you.”
I sat down next to her and we chatted for a while, talking about ourselves and the conversation slowly turned to sex. She laughed at some innuendo I made and then placed her hand on my thigh. She slid it up my jeans and squeezed my crotch. “Can I take a look?” she asked. I smiled weakly.
Her fingers reached for my button and then her other hand reached for the zip and pulled it down. She reached in and looked up to my eyes, “Commando, I like that.” Her fingers wrapped around my cock and she pulled me free. A small amount of pre cum dribbled from my head and she looked down. “May I?” she asked unnecessarily.
Her head bent down and her tongue wiped across my cock head. “Mmm, I think we are going to have fun tonight.” And she sucked me into her mouth.
Her head bobbed up and down and my hands wandered over her body, through her hair, thankfully it was natural, long auburn hair and my fingers ran through it and down her back. Over her tight mini skirt and onto her stocking clad thighs.
“Are you going to fuck me tonight Ben? I so want to feel your cock inside me.” My cock twitched again in anticipation. She lifted her head from my cock and a strand of my pre cum stretched from her lower lipstick clad lip to my cock end. She leant her head towards me and we kissed again, but this time with so much more passion. My tongue slipped into her mouth and duelled with hers. My hand slipped round her front and I sought her crotch, slipping my palm between her legs. The feint feel of her cock under her panties slowly growing harder. Our mouths mashed together as the passion intensified, my free hand wandered over her body.
I pushed her back onto the sofa and turned her over, she clambered back onto her hands and knees and I peeled back her skirt revealing her curvy ass and my head dived down between her cheeks. I buried my head deep within them. Then lifted and pulled the panties aside. Pulling her ass cheeks apart I revealed her puckering ass hole and I looked down, before I dived down and I buried my tongue into it. My tongue swirled around its entrance before plunging deep inside. My nostrils filled with an unknown fragrance, a feminine odour, more usually smelt over a female body, around the neck. My cock swelled at the aroma and my tongue pushed deep inside, Alicia pushed back onto it, I was buried in her flesh.
She pulled forward and grappled for my cock and when finding it she wrapped her hand around it and pulled it towards her opening.
My cock nudged her skin and then I watched as it slipped inside her. Alicia screamed and my cock plunged inside her, until my balls rested against hers.
“Fuck me Ben, fuck me pleeaassee.”
Within minutes of meeting Alicia I was fucking her ass. The intensity was so much, my cock was tingling with the ensuing excitement, I was out of control, fucking her madly and unable to stop myself. With one final thrust my cock spewed out huge volumes off cum.
“Oh yes, that feels soo good, I can feel you.” Alicia cried.
I remained buried in her ass, my cock pulsing involuntarily. I paused and slowly pulled my cock out. I watched as it slipped from her and drooped as it fell free. Then my cum started to bubble out and I watched it run down her ass crease and over her balls. I slumped back on my haunches and Alicia’s head fell onto the sofa arm.
“Come on,” I said, “I’ll take you to bed.” We stood, turned to each other and kissed once more. “Your turn next, you’ll love it.” Alicia smiled and my hand cupped her crotch and squeezed her now hard cock.
I led the way as we scampered up the stairs to the bedroom.
“I thought you said Dee was here?”
“She is somewhere.” I replied.
“I’m in here waiting for you. What took your time?”
We walked into the bedroom and there was Dee, curled up under the duvet.
I quickly undressed and clambered onto the bed. Alicia was quick to follow, just taking her blouse and skirt off and she climbed onto the bed and slipped in between us.
Alicia turned to Dee and kissed her on the mouth as my hands roamed over her body. They broke away and Alicia turned over to face me and we then kissed. Dee however had other ideas and her hands and mouth traced their way around Alicia’s back slowly down to her ass. She pulled the back of her panties down and yanked her ass cheeks apart and she delved her head inside. Lapping I assume at Alicia’s recently plundered ass. Quickly Dee came up for air and looked over Alicia at me.
“You started before me, but at least you left me a little treat.” And she slipped back down to Alicia’s fucked boy pussy.
I watched as her head slipped up and down Alicia’s ass cheeks and could clearly hear her tongue slurping up what remained deep inside her.
I broke our kiss as I headed down Alicia’s body. Her breasts were moulded within the basque she was wearing, leaving an impressive cleavage to delve my tongue into, then down beyond. My tongue swirled around her belly button and she giggled, then on down again. Her red panties the only obstruction between me and my goal. I nuzzled my lips into the material, feeling her bulge pressing against my face. I lapped my tongue over the material wetting it with every lap. I could then taste the distinct flavour of her pre cum seeping through. Frenziedly my hands grappled to pull her panties down, the desire to take her in my mouth was taking over.
Alicia lifted up to allow them to be pulled down and in the motion her cute cock popped into view. It sprang from her panties and slapped me on the chin. I furtively grabbed for it and wrapped my hand around it and looked at it just inches from my mouth. I pulled out my tongue to lick away her pre cum that had formed on her cute cock clit and smeared it over it. The taste was divine and made me take her cocket deep into my mouth. Sucking it deep into my mouth, its warmth filled my mouth and my tongue swirled around it. I lifted away from it and my tongue travelled down the shaft flicking its way down to her balls. Then when reaching them I sucked each sac into my mouth.
Meanwhile Dee had decided that she wanted to watch her husband suck a cock and sat back crossed knees on the bed, her hands wandered down between her legs and her fingers mashed into her wet and swollen pussy.
Alicia rolled onto her tummy but raised her ass into the air, I moved around and once onto my knees delved my head into her ass cleavage and I lapped at her bum whilst my hand pumped on her cock hanging down between her legs.
Dee leant forward and rested her head on Alicia’s bum and looked down intently and watched my tongue delve deep into her asshole.
“Oh fuck Ben that makes me so horny.” Squealed Dee, “I wish I’d seen you fuck her.” So without hesitation I lifted myself up, my cock once again straining. Dee grabbed hold of it and guided it to Alicia’s waiting hole. Pulling me forward, it nudged against her ass hole before Dee sucked it into her mouth, making it wet and then taking it out of her mouth, she pushed it into Alicia’s ass. I slid in and Dee, her face inches away watched. I placed my free hand on Alicia’s hip to steady myself and then fucked hard. My cock slid back and forward and at every opportunity Dee’s tongue would make contact on my shaft.
“Oh Ben this is so naughty,” whispered Dee, “When you cum I want you to cum in my face.” It was all too much for me and I slammed into Alicia’s ass, before pulling out and pointed my cock at Dee. I exploded once more and my cum shot out in a few hard blasts, striking Dee fully on her face. It hit her nose, then cheek, amassing over her cute face as Dee grabbed it and pumped me hard. When I’d stopped cumming she sucked it into her mouth to clean the remaining dribbles.
Then she broke away and slipped down beside Alicia. She looked at Dee, her face covered with my cum.
“Oh fuck, you naughty girl, you face is covered, let me.” Alicia leant forward her tongue sticking out as she swiped it across Dee’s face. My cum stringing from Dee’s face and Alicia’s tongue, before their faces met and their tongues entwined in a passionate kiss. I collapsed onto my elbow and watch them both kiss.
Alicia broke free, “Shall I fuck Ben now?” she asked Dee. “I’d love to watch.” answered Dee.
I turned and raised myself onto all fours and stuck my ass into the air as Alicia moved and clambered round to face my ass. I felt her hands pull my ass cheeks apart and a finger probe my ass hole, she took it out and Dee sucked it into her mouth before Alicia returned it to my ass and pushed it deep inside, before finding my prostate and rubbing the tip over it. The sensation was incredible.
“Would you help me slip inside?” Alicia asked Dee and Dee grabbed her hard cock and aimed it at my ass. Alicia pushed and I felt the invasion begin. I pushed back hard against her cock and felt it strain against my fairly innocent ass. She pushed a little harder and I winced with the slight pain. She pushed again and this time she passed my entrance and slipped in. It felt amazing as her cock slowly slid up my ass. I felt it filling me with warmth and a sort of soft hardness, until I felt her balls bump against mine.
Alicia then placed her hands on my waist and clawed themselves into my flesh, she then pulled her cock from me and I felt empty. But only briefly. Alicia then thrust hard back inside me and suddenly my ass was again full of her cock and her balls smashed against mine. The sensation was out of this world. She became frenzied and started to pump hard into me, my body shook as she pummelled my ass. A searing sensation filled and emptied my ass, my fists clenched at the pillow as she mercilessly fucked. Sweat formed on my forehead and I groaned in pleasure.
“Oh fuck me Alicia, fuck me.” I cried.
Then she cried out, “Oh yes, I’m cumming.” And with one last thrust she exploded inside me and her balls clashed against mine.
I felt her hot burning liquid spurt into me, filling me, searing my insides. Each pump of her cock filling me with more of her cum.
Her hands held us tightly together and her cock throbbed inside me.
“Fuck that felt so good Ben.”
I then felt Alicia’s cock slowly slip from my soaked ass as Dee looked intently on. The head of her cock slipped from my ass as I felt her juices dribble free. It ran from my ass and trickled over my balls. I reached a hand under to cup my balls and smeared her mess over them.
Alicia collapsed onto the bed and Dee sat forward and pulled my ass cheeks apart to watch the gooey mess dribble out. I felt her fingers probe my sensitive ass hole, scooping and massaging Alicia’s cum. She then put her fingers to her mouth and I heard her slurping at the goo.
My legs gave way and I collapsed onto the bed.

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