Deidre in the Islands Ch. 01


The taxi pulled up under the canopy of the grand entrance to the chic, ultra-modern resort. So far, nothing unusual, Janine thought to herself. No naked men hanging from the trees. No naked women parading in the parking lot. No couples copulating in the street. Maybe this assignment will turn out to be boring!

Not a chance. Janine had been given the assignment of a journalist’s lifetime. Against Moss was the magazine of her generation, the ultimate weekly review of rock ‘n roll, popular culture, radical politics, gonzo-ness, and the greatest social and political issue of the mid-1980’s, the legalization of marijuana. It was also famous for its excellent and detailed coverage of media. Its media coverage was superb, with particular attention to influential media, like itself, that shapes generational opinion. And now the editor had given her, Janine, this plum, assignment. It was awesome, as expressed by a word just beginning to be used in place of groovy.

She was going to write a story on Iznoma Hedonia!

Iznoma Hedonia was the most notorious beach resort of the 1980’s! Rumors abounded about licentious behavior and the “anything goes” atmosphere. Everyone who went there came back with a tan all over, a big smile on their face, and walking funny. Most of them wouldn’t say a thing about what they did there. The few who did just smirked and said that it was the greatest resort on earth — for those who could take it! Not since the early days of the Sexual Revolution and the Pill, twenty years before, had there been anything like it.

But Janine was not here to get some action herself! She tossed her head at the thought and the long brown hair shimmered. She knew her 26-year old tight, petite body looked good in a bathing suit. C-cup tits on a petite frame, long legs and an apple-shaped ass made her a killer on the dance floor. When she went to a club, she never had to buy a drink or go home alone. But she was not at Iznoma Hedonia to get lucky. She was there for a purpose. She was a professional, after all. She was going to cover the story and not get personally involved. Still … she could not help but be titillated by the opportunity for a little voyeurism.

As Janine got out of the car she was impressed by the attractive and attentive staff. The men, obviously local, looked like handsome Latin lovers with brown skin, wavy black hair, and soulful brown eyes. They wore manly uniforms: crisp brown and blue shirts, khaki shorts coming to the knee, brown stockings pulled up over the calf. The women behind the check-in counter wore attractive embroidered brown and blue blouses that were obviously fitted to every woman individually — they were tight in the bosom and sleeveless, emphasizing their femininity. Around the hips, the women staff wore white wrap-around brown skirts that showed flashes of leg as they walked. All staff conversed easily in English or Spanish. The island was bilingual, a legacy of its colonial — and genetic — past. So far, charming, thought Janine.

Check-in went quickly and on hearing her name the registration clerk called the manager’s office while she checked her in. Janine’s bags were taken up to her room for her while a young woman met her and took her to the public restaurant, down a short corridor from the lobby. There Janine would not wait long to meet the owner, the person who personified Iznoma Hedonia and gave it its uniquely sensual reputation. She looked around. None of the patrons were naked. The décor was tasteful, creative even, mixing Island themes with contemporary design. She was looking at the clean-lined, modern bar when a woman walked up and stood across from her at the table. She glanced over at the new arrival and gasped. People often gasped and stared when they first saw this woman.

The woman, as she knew well, was the famous Deidre. Deidre had a beautiful, hardly lined face, despite her mature years (Janine knew from her research that Deidre had to be at least 45 years old), with crystalline blue eyes and a sensual, pouting mouth. Her hair was naturally light blonde, with streaks of darker blonde. Her flawless skin, barely lined, obviously had bronzed beautifully in the tropical sunlight. Deidre was dressed in a thin, almost transparent blouse — her large nipples made rather large impressions in the fabric and the dark areolas were barely but distinctly visible in a wide circle around them. Below that abundant bosom was a waist so narrow it did not seem possible on a mature woman. The blouse, tapered dramatically at the waist, came just to the top of a long black skirt that was slit up each side, revealing Diedre’s long, smooth, and shapely legs when she walked.

Janine could not help staring at Deidre. When Janine started to breathe again, it seemed to her that Dedrie was exuding a scent of pure estrogen for her to inhale.

“Hello. I’m Deidre,” the woman said, needlessly. Janine was still staring. Deidre was used to this reaction. “You must be Janine,” Deidre continued, to give the young woman more time to recover.

“Yes … I’m Janine. Pleased to meet you!” Janine stammered. She had been told that Deidre was beautiful and she had seen her pictures in the infamous book — pure Betturkey porn, of the highest quality, packaged as art! But she had been totally unprepared for the eroticism of the real woman. Janine suddenly felt sexually inadequate.

Deidre sat down across from her, swinging her hips wide as if even sitting was a sexual act. After a few awkward moments that Deidre helped Janine over with small talk, they ordered lunch and an Island rum drink and Janine laid out the purpose of her five-day visit.

There were so many stories about Iznoma Hedonia. Was it really a “hedonistic nudist camp for the very rich”? Was it true that people had sex in public? Who comes here? How long do they stay and how many people do they have sex with? Deidre smiled. “All in due time. The first day we will simply get you oriented and then you can explore and decide for yourself!” Deidre’s voice was husky, an alto that perhaps had spent too much time in smoky bars in her youth.

In an inept and unnecessary effort to lull Deidre into complacency over the idea of a journalist freely roaming around, Janine said, disarmingly, “Well, what little I have seen so far has been lovely — a beautiful beach resort.” Deidre gave her a half smile. There was no need to state the obvious, which was that Janine had nothing to say after only forty-five minutes. “Let’s go over to the beach side.” Deidre was hardly lulled, not at all disarmed, and was certainly not impressed by Janine so far.

After a brief argument over the bill — Janine insisted on paying her own way and putting the room and meals on her Against Moss expense account, so that nobody could accuse her of being “bought” for the story she would write — Deidre led her to the elevators. Right away Janine saw that this was not a typical resort hotel. The elevators went up to the guest floors but there was no visible passage to the other side on the lobby level. Deidre took Janine to the third floor (called the “second floor” in the European manner), where Janine could see that there was a second bank of elevators that took guests to the beach side. Walking along, Janine did a double-take. In a corner sitting area, a young couple was making out and he had his hands on her naked breasts, in plain view of the other guests, who whether coming and going didn’t stop or even stare. Some of the guests were in regular dress and a few were in skimpy bathing suits but most were either nude or wearing little loincloths that were almost transparent. There were fewer men than women, and Janine noticed that many of the men had erections. Some of the men were very attractive and others were just average but all of the women she saw were stunning. Odd, she thought. Also, an unusual number of these women had very large breasts.

Beyond the elevators on the beach side was a long, wide corridor with chairs and leather loveseats that were mostly empty although some were occupied by guests, mostly couples, wearing clothes. Deidre explained that when guests planned to go to the public restaurant or into town, they usually met here before going downstairs, which was why so many people were dressed. On the wall were exquisite paintings, prints, and sculpted works in various styles, showing the beauty of the human body and people in acts of copulation or other forms of sexual intimacy. The seating against the wall faced a vast window giving a panoramic view of Iznoma Hedonia.

Spread below them was a beautifully-manicured grassy landscape dotted with tables with big umbrellas and the tan-colored beach beyond and the crystalline blue sky. There were many chairs, little cabanas, umbrellas and naked people on towels, some colorful little pushcarts, and a few outbuildings with thatched roofs that looked like they might be shacks or bars. The left-hand side of the lawn was almost empty but the right-hand side was crowded and the beach was dotted with clusters of people as far as she could see. It was hard to tell what people were or were not wearing except, Janine could see, the staff, who were in blue and brown uniforms. There was a mountain in the distance to the right and a long fence to the left, over which Janine could see a beautiful garden in the next hotel over.

“This is the main attraction! One of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. My guests have a full range of activities here but mostly they come to relax.” Janine could see at least two large swimming pools, tennis courts on the right, what looked like a volleyball court on the beach, and, in the far distance, sailboats on the water.

“How relaxing can it be if everyone is here searching for someone to screw?” Janine smirked. She thought that was a zinger.

“Well, that is a choice every guest has,” Deidre said smoothly. “The north end, on the left-hand side of the lawn that you see, and the north end of the beach, up to the property line, is for people who want to be left alone. The middle … (actually it’s the middle-left now — the line has been creeping northward for years! And we’ve moved the pathway twice) … the middle separates the area on the north, which is for guests who have already paired off and want to be by themselves. The south side, from the pathway Betturkey Giriş to the lines of trees way over there, where the mountain park starts, is open to fun and games, but guests who want to do something a little provocative are encouraged to go far enough south that they don’t bother anyone to the north.”

There isn’t anyone to bother, Janine thought, observing how few people were on the north side. She guessed that those would be either people recovering from surgery or new arrivals from Middle America not quite sure of the rules. Deidre explained. “There are always a few people who want to be left alone, maybe because they just broke up with someone or because it’s their period and they don’t like to be seen menstruating nude or they’re strict lesbians who don’t like to look at straight sex or they’re here as a couple and don’t want to mix. Some guests just prefer to masturbate. We give them lots of space to be sure they feel comfortable. Besides, the ‘hard-core fornicators’ like it crowded over on their side because they want to show off!” Janine blushed despite herself at Deidre’s references to menstruation and masturbation. How could Deidre talk about these things so off-handedly? It was gross!

Seconds later, Janine felt even more mortified because she realized all of a sudden that these bodily functions are perfectly normal. She was the one with hang-ups, not Deidre. Here she had thought she was so liberated and after only an hour she was already showing her conflicts and inhibitions. Deidre, well aware that Janine was flustered but pretending not to notice, continued: “The viewing gallery is a convenient place to meet before they go downstairs, either over to the public side or the beach side. Most of our guests would of course rather be outdoors during the day but at night, people like to come here at night to fool around and watch the fireworks show we put on every Thursday, the night before most people leave. It’s also a great place to watch a tropical storm — best show in the Islands!” Deidre nodded toward the floor-to-ceiling windows. “We have steel shutters that come down when there’s a real hurricane.”

“Now,” Deidre continued, nonchalantly unbuttoning her tight, almost see-through blouse in full view of everyone in the corridor, “we’re going to go down to the beach side. Go up to your room and change if you want and I’ll meet you down here. You’ll find a complimentary cord-belt you can tie around your nice little waist and two cotton strips. One is for your loincloth — you wear it like you see on me — and the other you can either tie around your tits, if you don’t want to go topless (and I hope you do go topless — you look like you have nice tits, not too big like mine).” Deidre’s heavy, perfectly rounded, wonderfully suspended breasts with their long, puffy nipples pointing forward and the extravagant, darkly accenting full-circle coaster-sized areolas surrounding them were now on display. “Or” she continued, “you can tie back your hair with it or fold it over and put it inside your loincloth to use as a pad if you gush easily (like I do) or you’re on the rag. (Our guests like to take a vacation from tampons, too!) Or you can use it as a spare if your loincloth gets dirty, but you don’t really need a spare. You can get a new cloth whenever you want and we give you a new set every day. If you don’t want to wear the loincloth, you can wear whatever you brought with you but I’ll tell you right now that most people here are either nude or wear their loincloths topless. Most people don’t bother with any clothes once they get here, unless they go in town or to the restaurant over on the public side to meet people. You’ll stand out if you wear street clothes and you’ll disappoint everybody, because you look hot. Anyway, you have a nice body — you might as well flaunt it!” Janine felt her face flush again — this was getting very personal very fast.

While she spoke, Deidre had unzipped and opened her skirt at the right slit, revealing a very sheer loincloth underneath. Because Deidre was a large woman, the front and back panels of the loincloth hung down just a few inches below her crotch. It couldn’t be seen through the slit in her skirt but if the fabric had not hung over in front as far as it did the outline and color of Deidre’s pussy through the thin fabric would have been easily visible to anyone who looked. Then, while Janine watched in amazement, Deidre removed her blouse completely and freed her perfect, beautifully shaped, lightly-tanned gently-swaying and obviously firm breasts. Janine was speechless but it registered somewhere in her mind that Deidre, an older woman with at least an E cup, had less sag than she did. (They also, Janine noticed, both shared the same boob feature — big areolas!) Some of the guests who were lounging in the corridor broke out in applause and Deidre raised her arms above her head, which lifted her bosom and showed off her body even more, and gave a little wave. A staff attendant had already scurried up to Deidre and was taking her boss’s clothes as she handed them to her. Obviously this happened all the time. Janine later learned that Deidre’s public strip act was a Iznoma Hedonia tradition, repeated several times a day.

Janine went to her room shaken, not by the casual nudity but by the prospect of what she seemed to be getting herself into. She didn’t turn on a light because she could see easily in the afternoon light. The room was very plush, done in a tawny beige with accent shades of rosy pink and red, leather furniture and a queen-size bed. A big framed picture of a couple in the throes of passion hung over the bed. On the opposite wall, just over the television set, hung an abstract painting of a pink oval shape with a red center and curved brown accents on the outside ? not unlike her own vulva, she couldn’t help but notice. Laid out on the bed was a soft black cord with gold threads and tassels that she could tie around her waist or hips and two long, thin strips of exceptionally soft, thin white muslin cloth. She put the cord around her hips, low down to show that she was cool with this, and pulled the loincloth under the cord in back, through her legs, and under the cord in front, letting the ends hang down. It was surprisingly awkward to put it on and it took a while to spread it out so that it was smooth. She wondered if she was doing it right. When in Rome! The loincloth was surprisingly comfortable because once it was pulled tight it formed a little pouch that cradled her sex, caressed her sensitive labia up to the V that hid her clitoris, and nestled in the grooves of her groin.

She thought about going down topless but decided against it. She had to maintain an air of professionalism Her pleasantly full boobs had wide, dark pink areolas around her nipples, as big on her small frame, proportionally, as Deidre’s but more prominent against her fair skin. They always attracted notice and right now she did not want to be the center of attention. Men loved those big wide haloes but they made it hard to wear anything fashionably revealing without a full bra. Even a half bra showed her colors when she wore a low-cut dress. When Janine wore a bathing suit the top had to be full, not bikini, or her pink circles would peak out over the top and she would always be checking and adjusting herself. She was here to do a story and if her own body was going to influence people’s behavior toward her she had to dress up — or down — or undress down, or whatever. She took the second cloth strip, twisted it, covered her breasts with the twist in the middle and tied it in back to make a bra. The soft but thin muslin fabric was almost transparent and when she glanced in the mirror she could see that she was only partly successful — her pink halos could be seen around the nipple but they weren’t prominent in the shadows of the unlit room and that was the best she could do, she thought.

Janine came down from her room in her loincloth and top ensemble, determined to blend in with the guests. Because she was a small woman and had tied the belt low down around her hips, the cloth strip of her loincloth draped far down both front and back and brushed her inner thighs as she walked. The fabric bunched between her legs and rubbed her lightly but very pleasantly.

“There you are!” exclaimed Deidre as Janine came out of the elevator. “You look great in a loincloth! And I was right about your tits being nice — very nice!” Janine was aware that her near nudity, all this stimulation, and the suspense of not knowing what to expect, was making her nipples erect. She still did not realize that in the bright sunlight her erect nipples cast moving shadows on the white fabric of her thin top, which was now almost transparent so that everyone could see the pink color of her big areolas anyway.

Janine saw that Deidre’s skin was shining and there was a strong scent of coconut in the air. In the ten minutes she had been gone, Deidre had obviously had sunscreen lotion applied all over, including her breasts, right there in front of everyone. Janine noticed that one of the staff attendants standing nearby still had lotion on her hands. That must be a fun job! Deidre spoke. “You should put suntan lotion on. I live here and if I don’t protect myself from the sun every time I go out I’d turn into a piece of leather in no time.” Janine unwisely turned it down.

The two women, one big and one little, one tall one short, one older one young, made an incongruous pair as they took the elevator opposite the one they came up on down to the private, or beach side of the resort. As the elevator opened, Janine immediately saw that she was overdressed. Almost nobody wore anything, even a loincloth, except Deidre, who Janine suspected only wore hers to make Janine comfortable. The only exception were staff, who wore comfortable-looking sarongs, both men and women, with a simple twisted and tied top for the women, both garments in turquoise and brown. The guests were talking and lounging in the shade at tables on the wide, long lawn that stretched from the building, where there were many little shops at ground level, to the beach, which seemed much further away than it had from the observation gallery. Scattered here and there were pushcarts painted in bright Island colors. Janine saw that the one closest to them carried cold drinks, snacks, suntan lotion, little foil packets of personal lubricant, and a big box of condoms and on its side hung a collection basket for dirty loincloths and towels. There were many towels but only a few loincloths in the basket.

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