Subject: Devil Boys part 12 DEVIL BOYS By Encolpius DISLAIMER: This story is fiction. Any similarity to actual persons or events is purely coincidental. eal. Compliments, complaints, comments to ail Remember to donate to Nifty. I have more stories to tell. TWELVE An Interlude By morning, Dillon and Christian were long gone but I had made arrangements to film them. They were too hot to pass up. I knew that they would be popular on the site. At breakfast, Adam was acting all pissy but he didn’t say anything as long as Joe, happy and chatty as usual, was around. Only later, when I was in the office editing a scene did Adam come in. “You had people over last night” he said accusingly, standing at the door. “Sure did” “You shouldn’t do that, not out where he can see you. He’s too young.” I spun around in my chair. I was tired of his attitude. “Bullshit. He knows what a dick is used for. And he’s not too young when you want to fuck around with him. ” “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” There was guilt in his voice. Adam was being called out for molesting his little brother. Actually, I didn’t care. It wasn’t like Joe was complaining. I just wanted to make a point. “There are some facts that both of you need to wrap your heads around. First and most important, there is going to be fucking going on. The roof over your head is paid for by fucking. The clothes on your back are paid for by fucking. The food in your belly is paid for by fucking. It always has. So in this house, fucking is permitted. If you want to fuck, fuck. If Joe wants to fuck, he can fuck. If you want to party, we’ll party. The only thing not allowed is getting caught doing something illegal and being a fucking moralizing prick. We’re not a nice suburban family that goes to church all well scrubbed on Sunday. If that’s what you want you are shit out of luck.” “Yeah, I got that” Adam sulked before he stomped off. All right kid, I thought, go away pissed off. He’ll be back. There is no way that mine and Amber’s son is going to be some sort of social conservative. Horn dog fuck machine is hardwired into his DNA. Given a choice, he’ll be like a moth to a flame to the lifestyle I offer. Sure enough, in about 30 minutes, he was back in the door way. “I’m gay” he announced. “I figured” “It doesn’t bother you?” “Fuck no. In the closet is a couple of cases of lube. Get a bottle and some condoms.” “Can I look at the porn?” “Absolutely. I’ll give you a user id and password. Jack off 10 times a day” Adam shifted uncomfortably from one foot to the other. “Aren’t you going to ask how I know for sure? Mom did.” “I guess you ought to know what makes your dick hard.” “When did you know?” “I was a bit younger than you. It was a different time though ” I replied, turning in my chair to face him. “I remember I was in middle school, probably 12 or maybe 13. We had to change for PE and all the boys had tightie whitey’s. I was real interested in who had a bulge and who didn’t. Who had underarm hair and hairy legs and who didn’t. There was this one boy, a ninth grader, a fucking stud. He was getting dressed across the bench from me and one day he adjusted himself down there. I got a good eyeful of his pubic hair. Now that was a real turn-on. But I didn’t do anything other than whack off all the time until I was 15. I was 15, he was 12. We had one hell of summer. After that, I didn’t do anything until I fucked a girl at 17. You know, the one thing tandoğan escort I regret about my sex life, the only regret I have, is that I wasted those 4 or 5 years not fucking.” Adam looked down and bit his lip. “My mom was a bitch” “If you say so” “She didn’t like you because you were a fag” “Well, I don’t give a shit if you are. And if Joe wants pussy or dick or both, more power to him. Go for it.” “So we can fuck all we want?” Adam asked with lascivious half smile “Sure as shit, kid. I don’t need no fucking innocence around here. You’ll be happier and easier to get along with.” That evening, Joe decided to play video games so Adam and I went outside to sit by the pool with a glass of wine each. Joe was pissed because he wanted Adam to play with him but I figured we had more important shit to do. Adam thought so too because suddenly he wanted to know everything about my history. “I’ve never been with another guy. I don’t even really know how to do it.” Adam said quietly. It struck me funny. “You’ll figure it out. I think you got the basics down,” I said laughing. “I’m serious.” “You’ve been with Joe. That’s something.” “It’s not the same. He’s just a little kid and we haven’t really done that much. I want somebody to teach me. Somebody that knows what they’re doing.” “So basically, you want to lose your virginity to your dear old dad?” I asked him. “Yeah” Adam admitted it, shifting uncomfortably in his chair. “Is that sick?” “Kinda. Then again, sick doesn’t really bother me. The sicker, the better. But the question is, are you ready? You do this and you’re on a journey that leads to a lot of dark, nasty shit. You’re not going to end up a middle class professional type that society respects and has a nice, boring job. You end up like this: a sleazy fucker, drugs and parties, dark shit.” Adam thought about it for a minute. He smiled. “Let’s do it.” So, okay. Fuck your son. Imagine that. It is sick shit. You may think I am ashamed of it and shit like that but no. I thought the idea was pretty fucking hot. Who knows? Maybe Joe wants to play too. That really would be hot. But Joe was involved in his video games and paid us no mind. I took Adam to my bedroom and threw im on the bed. I ripped off his shorts and he struggled to get his T shirt off but then he was naked. So, here’s the thing: He ain’t grown. He’s in this weird middle category. Not tall but, like me he won’t be. He is lean and his chest is underdeveloped. In fact, with his shirt off he looks more like a little boy than a man except that he has lost the baby fat and his shoulders are wider than his hips. There is the beginnings of muscles, especially in his arms. He has a bit of arm pit hair though and the hair on his crotch is in a semicircle around his cock. He is hard as a rock too. It may not be completely man sized but it’s close. I ain’t asking permission. I get on the bed and get between his legs and take his nuts in my mouth, first one and then the other. He doesn’t know but he does like it. Who would have guessed? I massage his taint as I lick up his quivering piss vein. His balls are all ready getting tight up against his body and I know that he is going to be quick triggered, so it’s give him enough and then back off. But it ain’t a blow job if the dick don’t go in the mouth. And down to the root it went, slowly pulling off with my lips clamped tightly around it. He moans. He may be young but it feels pretty tekirdağ escort good. “Suck mine” I tell him. If he’s going to be queer, he’s going to have to suck dick. It ain’t like he’s good at it but there is something about a boy working on the dick that made him. I mean, fuck. He’s licking and trying to suck I warn him about teeth and he is trying. He gets it in his mouth and pulls back. The technique is sloppy but I think he is motivated to learn. He is enthusiastic, I’ll give him that. And the boy is cute too. It’s going to be a pleasure teaching him how to be a queer. “You want to fuck me?” I ask him. “Seriously?” “Sure” “For real?” I laugh. “Goddamn, Adam. You want to fuck me in the ass or not?” He nods excitedly. Yeah he does.Here’s the thing: I’ve been fucked before and I don’t mind it. I mean, I am usually the fucker but the other way has happened too. In fact, when I did gay porn, I was a total top but got big money for my first bottoming scene. I played that like a drum. I didn’t do that many. Joey Stefano was the big name bottom and, otherwise, tops got the money. Especially gay for pay. That was my gig: gay for pay. Even if it wasn’t true. I know that I am going to get my dick in my own kid’s ass at some point but we are working up to it. Right now, he’s going to lose his virginity for good. In his daddy’s ass. Bareback. It takes a little bit of prep, but then I am ready. I figure missionary is easier for me to help guide him in. He’s going to need thehelp. All boys always think that their dick is a cruise missile that automatically finds the target. I have a pillow underneath my ass and my legs apart. He gets between them. I grab his hard dick. His eyes are big. He is anxious. I mean really nervous. It’s cute. That won’t last either. Right now though, he has a hair trigger. Greased up, I get him right tooit. Then he pushes in me hard. All the way in. I gasp. Wow. Fully in, it seems like he has forgotten what to do. But then he remembered. It is instinct, really. Millenia untold of evolution. Rockyour hips, push it in and out. Fuck. I’m not much of a bottom and it is uncomfortable but the nastiness of it, that it is taboo, is keeping me hard. After this, the kid is going to be fully fucking corrupt. Tell me that ain’t hot. He fucks me in a ragged rhythm, fast and hard and justgoing at it like a fucking animal. I know he isn’t going to last long andhe doesn’t. It’s maybe only 2 or 3 minutes and then he creams in my ass. Pulling out, he gasps. “That was too cool” “Liked it, huh?” “Yeah, definitely” Adam said “And you’re going to want to do that again, I bet” Adam grinned. “Oh yeah” I lean over and reach for the bedside table. “You want to get high?” “Seriously?” “Sure, why not” I mean, goddamn, we just fucked. Why not get high? I’m sure as shit not going to be the responsible kind of dad. “Okay” I light up and suck a big toke in and hand him a joint. He triesand hacks up a lung in the process before handing it back to me.I laugh alittle. Virgin lungs. Not the only virgin thing he’s lost tonight. So,tell him what I think the new rules are around here. I don’t care who hefucks or how. Don’t care if he watches porn. Don’t care if he gets high. Or drunk. Just don’t get fucking caught. And don’t talk about whathappens at home. Simple. Of course, I still have a porn empire to run and doing it out of my house isn’t going to be option anymore. So, I go and find a place toconvert tokat escort into a studio, which takes financing and that means talking to banks and shit. In the meantime, I shot what content I can while the kiddies are in school. It’s not to protect them, you understand. It’s only a matter of time before they are all dick and fucking anyway and who fucking needs innocence. No, it’s so the performers don’t complain or talkabout kids and decide they need to protect their delicate sensibilities. Even porn people can be strange about kids. Adam is perfectly fine with his new freedom and invites himself into my bed. I expect it. He has discovered sex for real and I am his outlet for now. At least until he gets the nerve to go after a boy his ownage. But what I think is that he is still going to want my dick and ass some. In fact, I am almost certain. Joe came in on the third night as Adam, naked and hard, was crawling on me and we kissed. “Whatcha doing?” Joe asked. “Fucking” I answer. Adam laughs. ‘Gross” Joe said. “Can I watch?” “Sure” I said. If Adam didn’t want him to, he didn’t say. “Jump on the bed” Joe bounded on it. He was dressed only in the boxers he wears to bed. I can’t tell if his little cock is hard or not. Either way, I have a hot as fuck middle schooler on top of me and we are both naked and we bothhave hard dicks. He scoots up and puts his hard dick in my mouth. I take hm down and he face fucks me. Greedy little fucker. I love it. I Cut myeyes over and see that Joe is rubbing on his cock under the cotton of theunderwear he is wearing. Adam reached over and yanked at his underwear. “Take it off, stupid.” “Yeah,” I say. “Let’s see what you’re packing” Joe was sheepish. “It’s small” “It gets bigger” Adam said Joe pulled off the underwear. He is a goddamn fucking sight, I gotta tell you. Adam is near about fucking teen boy perfection but Joe, well, goddamn. He has a cute little face but that body, wow. Lean and smooth. He doesn’t have the baby fat hump of a belly and he isn’t fat. Purely hairless though. His balls are like fat grapes and his dick, 3 inches long, is pointing straight up to his chin. I mean, goddamn. Adam blew him and I blew Adam. A father is blowing a son while a brother blows a brother. Too funny. Neither boy minded. They wanted it. Bad. Adam, I think, will eventually be up for anything but time will tell if pussy is part of it or not. Anyway, I am licking and sucking on his hard cock as he has Joe’s dick in his mouth. “I want a piece of that” I say, coming off of Adam. I love all kinds of sex. Know that. But taboo sex is best. And that little dick, let’s face it is taboo as shit. So, naturally I want it. He likes it when I get it in my mouth. “It tickles” he says. Then he moans. It feels good. It feels good when Adam has his dick buried in my ass and I have my face down in Joe’s crotch. I stroke myself as I take it. I mean, this is hot as shit and if my son, my own flesh and blood, wants to dump his spunk in my ass, then that is hot too. You can’t say it isn’t cause you ain’t ever even tried it. Joe is squiggling and wiggling as I blow him and then he gets really still. He has an arm draped over his eyes and he is taking slow,long but shallow breathes. He is moaning ever so slightly. Then he shudders. Joe is laughing now. It is all hilarious. He had an orgasm andall is right with the world. His older half brother hasn’t cum yet. I just put my head down and let him go. I feel the slaps in my ass. I am still hard but my dick is supersensitive. I grasp it anyway, anything to cum. I need that relief. Then pow! Adam came. He pulls his dick out, all cummy and covered. I turn and lick it clean. “I am going to want more lessons” Adam said. “Yeah. Happy to help”

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