Devoted Cuck Ch. 02


This is Chapter 2 of my ongoing series. Chapter 1 can be found in my profile.


I was cleaning the kitchen in my sissy maid outfit when the phone rang. Seeing it was Lina, my wife, I immediately picked it up.

“Hi cucky, are you finished with your chores?” she asked. I could hear music in the background and so I knew she was still at the club.

“Yes Lina, I was just finishing up the kitchen. I am almost done,” I replied.

“Good, because I am gonna be coming home with Brad and I want the bedroom neat and clean. There will be hell to pay if I find anything not up to standards. Do you understand?”

I had no idea who Brad was but it was a fair assumption to make that it is her new ‘lover’. She hardly ever brought the same guy back home. A fact I took great comfort on. All these alpha men just come and go, but I was always part of her life. It was customary for her to make this call to let me be out of the way when they come home. As soon as her car pulls in I enter the closet where I patiently wait for her, on my knees. More often than not she will come into the closet, to put me in some sadistic bondage for while she is fucking her lover. But sometimes she would not and I would have to just stay there in the dark till he leaves. I don’t know which was worse.

“Yes honey. I have already arranged everything. But I will check again to make sure,” I told her.

“Yes, you better. And I want you to be there at the door to receive us… in your sissy maid outfit… on your knees. Got it?”

My heart sank on hearing this. So it was gonna be one of those nights. Every now and then she would visit the S&M club and would bring home someone who was more open to our cuckold relationship and didn’t mind having me watch while they fucked.

“Yes edirne escort dear. I will be waiting on my knees,” I told her making sure the anger I felt at the news did not affect my tone.

“Good boy,” she said and hung up the phone.

This was very rare and something I really hated. Watching someone have sex with Lina was pure torture for my chaste denied self. And add to that the humiliation of parading yourself as a sissy maid in front of the man who was going to have sex with her. Tears rolled down my cheek as I thought about the intense humiliation that was awaiting me.

I quickly finished up the kitchen and double checked everything in the master bedroom. I was adjusting my maid outfit when I heard the car pull in. I ran as quickly as I could in spite of the painfully long heels I was wearing and took my position on my knees to welcome my beautiful wife and her lover.

I heard the lock turning and the door opened and I saw Lina and Brad.

Lina was looking as sexy as ever. She was wearing a black lace bodycon dress that I had picked out for her when we went shopping last week. She had her purse in one hand and she was holding Brads hand with the other as they came in. Lina was more into black guys but Brad was indeed white as the name suggested. But in every others way he was just like the others. Tall, handsome and muscular.

“Cucky, this is Brad. Brad this is my little cucky slave,” she said looking down at me and then at Brad.

Brad looked straight at me as she introduced us. Most of the guys avoided me as much as possible and it seemed that they tolerated my presence only because it meant they got to fuck my wife. But Brad was different, he seemed to be enjoying my humiliation just as much as Lina.

“Hello edirne escort bayan Sir,” I greeted him avoiding his eyes.

“Hello slave. Why don’t you kiss my shoes to show me how much you appreciate me fucking your wife?” Brad asked me sternly.

I hesitated and looked at Lina hoping she would probably save me from this. But she just smiled at me calmly as ig she was enjoying this little exchange. Knowing I had no other course of action I went down and kissed his shoes.

“Now the other one cucky,” this time it came from Lina. My eyes welled up with tears but I kissed his other foot not wanting to make things any worse.

“Good boy,” Brad said as if he was talking to a dog and patted my head.

“Meet us in the bedroom in 5 minutes slave. We have some exciting news to tell you,” Lina said and they walked away leaving me on my knees.

As I waited I thought what the news could be. Was she gonna allow me to cum early this time? Probably not. That would be so unlike Lina. Exciting news most usually meant some new form of torture for him. So expecting the worst I went tiptoed on my heels to the bedroom.

They were both sitting on the side of the bed waiting for me. Lina gestured me to kneel in front of them and I did. Brad was wearing just his boxers and Lina had changed into a sexy pink lace teddy that could barely contain her full breasts. My locked cock tried to stiffen but gave up as it was met with resistance and the familiar dull ache came over me.

“Are you excited to hear the news honey?” Lina asked.

“Yes honey,” I lied.

“Brad here, is a professional dom from LA. I have been in contact with him for the last couple of months. You know, it has been tough for me with you having such a cock that escort edirne can’t satisfy me. I have to go out and find my fix every day and it has been getting rather tedious for me. And I know it has not been easy on you either. I know that me having guys over takes away from the time you get to spend with me,” she told in her sweet little voice and I couldn’t help but nod along with what she was saying.

“Yes it does,” I told her.

“So, I have been thinking what we could do and then I had the perfect idea. Well, let us say I had an idea and Brad here made it perfect,” she said. I had no idea where this was going but my heart was beating a lot faster now.

“I met Brad online and I have been in touch with him over the last couple of months,” she continued. That explains all the late night texts and calls she was having, I thought.

“He is a professional dom for L.A. and thanks to him we have a perfect solution to our little problem here. Brad is going to fly over here every Friday and will be staying with us during the weekends. He can both satisfy me sexually as well as help me out with your training,” Lina said.

“Now I am not saying that you haven’t been good, but honey, it could be a lot better. And together with Brad we can make you the best cucky slave you can be. Isn’t that great honey?”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and was too shocked to respond at first. As the news completely sunk in, I lowered my head and started weeping openly.

“Oh poor thing. He is so happy that he is crying. Aren’t you?” she asked mockingly.

I was sobbing so much I couldn’t reply. She totally knew how much this would have hurt me and she wanted to twist it in even further and told me.

“The next words out of your mouth better be ‘Yes, I am very happy with our new arrangement’ or there will be hell to pay slave boy,” she barked at me angrily.

“Yes honey, I am really happy with our new arrangement,” I managed to blurt out in between sobs and both Lina and Brad laughed and laughed looking at me as I continued to sob.

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