Doc Flirts Part 2


Doc Flirts Part 2
I visited my cardiologist today, the one who is attracted to my wife. Like I predicted in the first installment of this story, our interaction was mostly predictable although he did mention that he hadn’t seen my wife, S in some time. Too bad.

After finishing his physical exam, he asked how everything else was. I mentioned that my neck is still painful after that rear ender in Florida a couple of years ago but then I decided to tell him I’ve been having a difficult time getting it up and keeping it up since my open heart surgery. I wondered if that was normal or what. Ironically, he had the same surgery as me to repair a heart valve and he told me that he hasn’t had any problems with that issue. I told him I was concerned about being able to sexually satisfy my wife.

I became even more brazen by mentioning that my wife is attracted to him and that she told me he had been flirting with her around the hospital. He smiled and calmly, silently acknowledged my awareness.

“You know, S is a very attractive woman and your very lucky to have such a beautiful wife.”

I agreed and added that in light of her sexiness, she deserves to be fully satisfied sexually. He told me I should be careful because a lot of the docs around the hospital have the hots for her but most know that she is not a player – off limits, he said.

“Yep. She’s tough in that regard. But she still attracts attention from what I hear” I said.

“So, getting back to your concern . . . I don’t really have any suggestions and I haven’t experienced any problems since I had the very same surgery as you” the doc quipped.

“Well, I have an idea. Why don’t you just keep doing what you’re doing when you’re around her and let’s see what happens,” I suggested.

“Are you serious?” he inquired. “You’re ok with another man flirting with your wife?” he questioned.

“Up to a point I suppose, especially considering the circumstances. Besides, it’s kind of a rush to know that other men are attracted to her. You know. The trophy wife mentality!” I chuckled, knowing another successful professional would understand what I meant.

“Well, she’s your wife. If I was married to her, I wouldn’t want another man near her!” the doc concluded.

“Let’s put it this way. You’d be doing us all a favor while having a little fun yourself” I observed.

“Our sex life could use a little boost and this might be just the recipe for improvement” I continued.

The good doctor didn’t seem to disagree when he stated “I suppose there’s no harm especially considering I have your approval. Does she know?”

I pondered his query carefully not wanting to appear too kinky.

I looked him in the eye and said “She thinks your attractive too. She really admires your intellect and I think your brazen flirtations turn her on because the other docs don’t have the balls to even consider approaching her.”

He questioned my characterization of him as brazen essentially inferring that he couldn’t help himself because she exudes the kind of femininity and alpha leadership that he admires in a woman. A woman of power vs. a powerful man. A sort of sexual duel to see which of them would end up on top, literally.

“Are you going to tell her about this conversation?” the doc inquired.

“Nah. I don’t see any real benefit from that. She’s told me a little about the teasing that goes on between you here at the hospital. No reason to disturb what’s already in place” I suggested.

He then told me he hadn’t seen her at work lately which I thought was odd because my wife told me she sees him almost everyday she’s at work. Perhaps he didn’t want me to think there was as much going on between them leaving me to believe it was nominal at most.

“Alright then. So long as you’re feeling good – I mean with you heart and all, no need to see me again unless you take a turn in the opposite direction.”

With that, we shook hands and I headed to the lobby door of his office feeling slightly aroused and proud of myself for broaching the topic.

When my wife returned home from work that evening, she told me she had seen Dr. H.

“He mentioned that he had seen me for an examination earlier that day. She said “He sure likes you. He thinks you’re one of the kindest men he knows.”

“Yeah, well he’s probably never met a friendly lawyer before” I joked.

“He’s a great cardiologist and I’m grateful he was part of the team that fixed my heart valve.” I said trying to dismiss our mutual admiration for each other.

“He told me he hasn’t seen you around the hospital lately” I posed waiting for the answer I was anticipating.

“That’s non-sense. I seem him around all the time. We work together on at least one procedure every day that I work.” she said clarifying his suggestion of less time around each other.

“Maybe he doesn’t want me to think he’s around you so much so I don’t get angry or jealous.”

My wife responded “I doubt it. There’s nothing going on between us except a little playful flirting.”

“Yeah. Well it may seem merely playful to you but most men don’t want to just play. They want your pussy.” I suggested feeling my flaccid penis beginning to become erect.

“Oh I know what he wants, but he likes and respects you too much to push it too far.” she assured me.

I felt a sly, coy grin across my face as I recalled my conversation with Dr. H earlier in the day. I came within a micrometer of telling her what we talked about but I wisely held my tongue saying “Well, we’ll just see what happens. All I know is I get totally aroused thinking about him oggling and touching you even if it is just playful and goes nowhere.”

I urged her to keep me up to date on any new incidents as I poured our evening cocktails.

About two weeks later, we were again sitting in our living room during one of her days off. She was wearing tight black leggings with her ever present ultra sheer pantyhose underneath. Black was the color of the day to complement her sexy leggings and the three inch stillettos she was wearing.

As is our custom, I suggested that she put her feet up and remove her heels.

“That’s your job.” she reminded me as I approached her fuck me heels and slowly removed them one at a time admiring the subtle wrinkles and creases of her nylons. I then took each foot in hand for a brief but stimulating massage which always garners a sigh and a slight moan of pleasure followed by her telling me not to stop – that feels soooo good!

I had a feeling I was going to get lucky tonight as I continued to gently but firmly massage her slippery, slick, nylon clad feet which were set off by her sexy, perfectfly lacquered, bright pink toe nails. Her nylons enhanced every aspect of her legs and feet providing just the slightest hint of shading without hiding their kinky appeal.

“So, how’s Steven?” I asked, opening what I hoped would be the beginning of a titilating conversation as a prelude to some wild sex.

“Why do you ask?” she coyly replied.

With reciprocal coyness, I responed “Oh, I don’t know. You tell me.”

“Yesterday was interesting” she began. “We were in a patient’s room getting ready for a procedure. I was standing bedside getting my ultra sound machine ready when he came up behind me and pushed his pelvis into my bottom while asking me some questions about the patient to divert his attention away from what he was doing to me.”

“Wow! That’s new and exciting” I blurted. “That seemed a little brazen” I suggested although I wasn’t surprised given the conversation between the doc and I.

“I know!” she said. “It kinda surprised me too.”

I asked her what she did when she felt him behind her.

“Nothing. I didn’t know what to do. I was in shock.”

I asked her if she liked it and she told me she wasn’t sure initially, but talking about it now, she was obviously getting aroused knowing how turned on I was getting.

I decided to make things more interesting so I knelt down at the ottoman where she was resting her nylon covered feet and I began to caress and kiss them urging her to tell me more.

She’s always a little reluctant to talk initially but I could tell her cocktail was helping to remove her typical inhibitions. She continued . . .

“Later in the day, we ran into each other at the cafeteria. He asked me to join him for a quick bite to eat. I was reluctant because I don’t want people at the hospital getting the wrong idea, but I agreed because everyone knows we work together and a lot of people know he’s your cardiologist so I figured what the heck, so I agreed.”

“So what happened?” I asked looking up briefly with my face between her sexy nylon encased feet.

“We were sitting off in a corner for a few minutes when I felt his hand on my knee. He was just making small talk and he just kinda held it there for a few seconds.”

I could feel my cock becoming more and more erect accompanied by the unmistakable feeling of pre-cum wetting my boxer briefs.

“What happened next? What did you do?” I queried hoping, needing to hear more.

She told me she tried to remain cool and act as though there was nothing unusual or wrong with his touch. She said they finished up their snack and agreed it was time to get back on the floor.

As she was getting up from the table, Dr. H grabbed one of her butt cheeks and slightly squeezed it as he said goodbye before they parted their separate ways into the hospital halls.

“Holy crap! He really did that?” feigning my surprise.

“I know. It sure surprised me too. He’s getting more and more aggressive in the way he’s been acting toward me. It’s like something happened but I don’t know what” she observed.

“Do you think he wants to fuck you?” I increduoulsy asked knowing full well what the answer was.

“Of course he does. All the doctors want to fuck me but he’s the only one who’s doing something about it” she commented knowing her teasing descriptive dialogue was driving me crazy with sexual arousal as I continued to man handle and devour her nyloned feet and legs.

“What are you going to do about it?” I asked hoping for some sexy plan to make my fantasy come true.

“I’m just going to continue business as usual and she what happens.” Exactly my plan as well even though she still did not know about my conversation with the doctor.

“What would you like him to do?” I said urging her to continue this sexy fantasy.

“What if we found some place discrete at the hospital – perhaps my office where I could lock the door? I’d like to start making out with him and then I would place my hand on his cock and feel it through his pants growing, getting harder, knowing I was going to see and feel it soon. You’d like that wouldn’t you?” she teasingly said.

“Oh you know I would but only if you told me everything that happened.”

“Next, I would put my hand down his pants so I could feel his growing hard on in my hand. I would play with his cock and feel his pre-cum oozing from the tip. Then, he would remove my hand, turn me around and bend me over my desk as he was pulling down my scrub bottoms revealing my pantyhosed ass. Then he would start rubbing and feeling my butt while he was unzipping his pants to expose his erect penis.”

“More. Tell me more, please!” I begged.

“After he had his cock out, he would begin rubbing it against my pantyhose and I’d ask him if he liked that and of course he would say absolutely yes. Then he would peel down my pantyhose kind of roughly as he penetrated my very wet and inviting pussy. At first it would hurt but as my wetness engulfed his hard cock, he would be able to slip in all the way filling me up.”

“Do you think he has a big cock?”

“Oh, I know he does!”

“How do you know that?”

“I could feel his erection when he rubbed up against me during that procedure I told you about.”

“You could feel his cock?” I asked filled with arousal.

“Of course. He was hard and he wanted me to know it.” she teased.

“Tell me more about what would happen in your office.”

“Only if you beg. I want to hear you beg me to tell you more about what Steven would do to me.”

“Please, please tell me more. I want to know what you would do with him. Please.”

“He would continue fucking me from behind, thrusting in and out, deeply, aggressively. I would urge him to fuck me hard and I would tell him that his cock feels so good in my pussy. I would tell him how badly I’ve needed this because my husband’s cock doesn’t get hard anymore and that I need his hard cock to satisfy me. I would tell him how long it has been since I’ve had a hard cock in my pussy.”

She went on describing what might happen with intricate detail telling me that as he was thrusting into her pussy, she could feel an orgasm building until she repeatedly came on his erect penis meat.

My wife is a multiple cummer and the thought of her reaching orgasm on another man’s cock meat is beyond description for me.

“I would cum on his cock over and over again as I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter. I might even squirt from cumming so hard.”

“Would you let him cum inside your pussy?” I asked hoping to hear what I craved.

“Of course I would. That’s the whole point isn’t it? Isn’t that what you want? A creampie? You want me to have a creampie pussy, don’t you? You want me to come home with my pussy filled with the semen of another man so you can lick me clean. That’s what you want you dirty boy.”

At this point, I could feel my underwear becoming increasingly soaked with my own pre-cum. I was crazy with desire and high from sexual arousal. I was nearly shaking.

“I would come home right after he fucked me late in the day so his cum would still be fresh in my pussy. After he fucked me and filled me with his sperm, I would pull up my pantyhose to keep his cum from dripping out so you would have as much of it to enjoy as possible.”

She coyly asked me “then, what would you do? That’s right. You would pull down my scrub bottoms and kiss and lick the gusset of my pantyhose soaked with his semen. You would be crazy with desire. You’d be so fuckin’ turned on because you can’t wait to get your tongue and mouth on by exposed pussy filled with his cum. Isn’t that right?” she said as she used my first name like I was her little boy.

“Then you would pull down my pantyhose just enough to have access to my creampie pussy and you would see the semen on the lips of my pussy and you would be like a k** in a candy shop drooling with desire and focused on one thing – licking and cleaning up my pussy. That’s what you like. A creampie.”

“I’d let you play with his cum until I’ve had enough and then I would pull my nylons down enough so I could sit on your face and cover you lips and mouth with my cum filled pussy. I would grind it into you and then I would take it away to tease you before I would let you lick it again and again.”


So, dear readers. There you have it. My ultimate sexual fantasy, one that will probably never happen but it sure is fun and arousing to write about it while sharing it with all of you. Truth be known, I probably couldn’t handle this scenario in real life because the fantasy is more powerful and stimulating. It’s the sexual tension of the tease that stimulates me more than experiencing the reality of this twisted, kinky story. I enjoy writing these tales so if you enjoy them, please comment and share your thoughts, suggestions and ideas. Thanks for reading this.

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