Subject: DOCTOR WHO, JESSE AND JEREMY 58 “I used to and still do have a career. An acting career. My name is Jeremy Robert Myron Sumpter. I was born with a twin sister Jessica and I have a younger Gigi. Sometimes we call her Jennifer. My parents are good to me, if a little unsteady to each other. I have a career in movies and television but I mostly like doing movies. I finished, finally, that Peter Pan sequel, where Pan grows up to find Wendy. I see parallels between Peter and the Doctor. Neither can grow old. Neither really changes much, despite changing their appearances and clothes and even their face and hair…and they have these wild, time defying adventures…but they miss out on day to day life. The Doctor thinks he’ s never having a day to day day after day life but I say that’s fucking nonsense. Just that his week is in Rome 1AD one half a day and in some parallel universe the second, then the next day he’s in Troy one part of the day and E or N Space the next half the day, 1214 BC on Wednesday and 1214 AD on Thursday. But they both have a loneliness and sadness about them that just seems to be on the verge of going away when they meet someone, Wendy, or Jesse and myself….and they pull back. Only now, the Doctor is not pulling back–he’s gone for it. Now it’s my turn to go for it, tell the world I’m gay. I go home sometimes. I have fun with my family. I have an older brother in college. And lots of friends. My dad’s making a short movie and I’m recting. I’ve gone home and in between the seconds I’ve been gone, I haven’t aged. No one knows I’ve haven’t aged in months that I’ve been gone, no one knows I’ve been gone–for I haven’t really and yet…I have. I can’t tell anyone really. I guess I can. I have lots of people I can trust, inclung my agent Mark. I don’t know. I sometimes wonder which life is more unreal. I have it good in both lives. My career gives me a lot of attention. I love that. I loved the attention I used to get from girls and still do get. I’m not sure but I like girls. But not really as much as guys. I have to tell someone that too but I just can’ t. My parents are really pretty religious. Mid Western religious. My grandparents might mind…I don’t know. It’s not that I haven’t made out with girls �” or don’t like them. I like guys more. Yeah, I have a career and a family. I visit on holidays mostly. I love Magic Mountain. But since going on it, I’ve found real magic mountains, some that alive. I love planet Earth. Of course, there are others. When I come home, I like roller blang, skating, surfing, and golf, oh and yeah, saving little babies and universes and my own ass while doing so. I love the Doctor….he’s a guy. Over 2000 or 4000, he forgot which. He looks I guess about 29 or 30 and and if you squint real hard, very hard, he looks about 20. Some say he looks about 43 but I can’t say I really care. I care about my friends and family on Earth. How am I gonna tell them that I’m gay or bi or whatever it is I am? It’s not like it’s any of their businesses…but I feel the need to tell them, share with them more of myself…but I have a career. What it will do to that, I don’t know. I do know if it ruins it, I can find something else to do. I don’t want to hurt my fans or any girls or anyone for that matter. I’ve killed Cybermen. Again, I don’t care if I d that. I d it to save a little baby from being butchered into one of them. They really deserved it. Most of them. Some were just converted people. Like the baby’s mother. It was hard. My grandmother says I was a wild one from early on. I used to sing Wild Thing when I was like 3 or something. I should share. I guess I could think about calling a press conference…then, there’s Jesse… what will he do?” “My name’s Jesse Arthur McCartney. JAM for short. Or JMAC which I fucking hat. I’ll tell you what I fucking hate more. Fucking shit. I’m gay. I’m gay as hell. I’m more gay than gay. I’m so gay I have musical talent sticking out my ass. I can dance. To all forms of music. I like plays. I don’t bend my wrists. In fact, if anyone looked at me and Jeremy and the Doctor, they’d not know we were gay. Well, maybe they could tell from the Doctor, depenng on what he is wearing at the time. He’s gone from wearing a leather jacket to a white short cut one, and a kind of T shirt under it and white hat that he usually loses. I don’t like it. I like the old outfits better. Darker. I love him though even if he’s wearing nothing, more so that way in fact. Yeah, I have a musical career. When I go home, I like to give benefits for homeless people, poor people, gay teens, teens dying of AIDS, and to support the end of war on our planet. Pfffttt, you’d think that people would know from all that that I was a fucking gay boy. I hate it really. I love too. When I’m on Earth I feel the pressure to stay in the closet. I know my career has taken off, more so than even Jeremy’s…frankly I’m more popular. I’m all over Disney Channel… you know the bastards that got rid of Tommy Kirk cause he was gay. I mean he was also a fucking drug adct too but whatever. He was also pretty hot in VILLAGE OF THE GIANTS and SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON. Anyway, where the fuck was I? I was with a band Dreamstreet that toured with Brittney Spears, I don’t care what anyone says about her, I like her. I was in a band before Dreamstreet and with their producer Sheery Kondo I now in the space between seconds launched and continue to spread–not that way—my wings in a musical solo career. Since then, I’ve not been solo. Yeah, unlike Jeremy, I’ve fucked girls…can’ t say I like it at all. But like him and like that other poor sod that ed of AIDS, Rock Hudson. AIDS scares me. On the TARDIS, it regulates and check our boes all the time. It also rids our boes of any seases we may have picked up. That’s a good thing. And bad cause it makes me even more horny than I would be if I had that fear of AIDS still. It tends to make you think you can’t get AIDS if you have a fab machine that can just clean it out of you. We’ ve also formed our own production company Jump Ahead Productions, Sherry and I. I have a lot of responsibility to a lot of people. If I come out, which I don’t want too–I don’t think my parents would mind, we are from New York City and pretty liberal minded…but not so far liberal …in fact I think they both vote conservative…If I do come out, it could destroy my career and their’ s. That guy from N SYNC Lance Bass, he had to wait until he was like almost 30—fuck—to come out. I go home to make a new album from time to time and to be with my brother Timmy and sister Lea. I just love them and they just adore me. My parents are pretty good to me. My life is great on Earth and in my own time. Other than the gay thing…I can only be myself with them, Jeremy and the Doctor and a few others, like Adam. I have a back up band and they are the best. I just dread it and yet, I feel the Doctor would want us to face the truth, to face being gay and stop hing it. I think all these adventures are great but I think the Doctor thinks that Jeremy and I, we, we, we’re really running away from our great careers and lives on Earth in our own time… fearing what we are really…two gay men just finng out they are and in the middle of trying to come to terms with it and builng a life…but our lives now are the Doctor. I can’t imagine not being with him. And he and I would never leave the Doctor….” `The greatest time though, besides the Doctor times, just laying with him, sexing up with him. The greatest times are those where I’m just laying in a bed someplace in the TARDIS…one of my two lovers or both beside me…or not, alone even, though I prefer someone else…I’ve had it great on Earth, best life anyone could want…but laying there when the TARDIS is in the vortex, doesn’t matter if it’s stationary or whisking through the thing, past, present, future…or someplace in space, the thing is entirely safe or feels so anyway…the best time is just knowing I can get a great rest…a totally safe environment… I just love that feeling…to fall asleep that way…inside her, inside the TARDIS is just amazing. Better than a hot tub, almost as good as sex…and just… totally sexy…safe and sound, I wonder it has anything to do with a mother’s womb feeling? Don’t know, don’t care. Other than that, it’s just great having these two in my life, having them in every way, being almost as one…sharing the great adventures, the fun times, the sad times, all of it, I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world or any other world…” “Doctor, they will treat him well?” Jesse asked as he handed the baby over to a totally white skinned alien. The alien had red eyes and spooked Jesse. The body on the naked bursa escort bayan alien was totally fit and humanoid shaped. “Yes, they will bring him up perfectly.” The Doctor said, “I should know. I spent some of my youth here.” Other aliens came to them, floated in clouds. One had long blond hair and totally blue eyes, no pupils. He had no clothes on either. “We shall love him, ” he told Jesse, looking into Jesse’s eyes. “I believe it,” Jesse smiled, his breath taken away. Others came too. They were more androgynous. He couldn’t tell if they were male or female and that was odd, for him. Others were pretty boys. Some had clothing on but not much, loose fitting robes that dn’t cover much or stay closed, revealing huge penises. Three women came floating to them. Jeremy asked, “Are you mothers?” “We are, the mothers of Para,” they said as one. “With his robotic Nanny, we shall give the boy all he needs.” “Thank you, mothers,” the Doctor put his hands on his lapels and the mothers came to him and stroked his hair and face. “Hey, careful there,” Jesse said and took one’s hand. “Wow, you’re warm to the touch…” “What kind of life will he have here?” Jeremy squinted. “A good one, there are others of his kind, human, here,” the Angel said. It was an angel and manly and yet feminine and masculine at the same time. It came to Jeremy and rubbed his back and touched his shoulders. “What’s more important, is that this planet is totally shielded,” the Doctor put the Mothers off him, and turned to his two boyfriends. “And that means that Fesh here, our baby…shall be totally safe and totally protected, he’s a like it or not a symbol of freedom from Cybermen control and freedom fighters on every Cyber controlled planet or Dalek Controlled Planet for that matter, will be aware of him and fight against their own oppressors…but no one will know where he is…” “Good,” Jeremy said, “And we can come visit,” he said confidently. Then he tapped the Doctor on the shoulder, “Can’t we?” “Oh, what?” The Doctor was absent minded. “Oh, yes, of course, of course. We can.” The aliens departed. They took Fesh to a human area of their planet and brought the Doctor, Jesse, and Jeremy with them to see it. Jesse looked around, ” It…it looks like a normal Earth town…reminds me of Fire Island, Ocean Beach area…plenty of nice homes, NO cars, trees, cats, deer…” “Cats and deer are good,” the Doctor smiled. “The Nanny will take care of him, she is already installed in the house and ready to go anywhere. There are other Earth children here and Earth type children. They are all under our protection.” Youthful androgynous beings came to them. “And now, we shall reward you for bringing us another welcome and wonderful charge…” Hands took off Jesse’s shirt and others downed him to a floor of flowers. ” What? What are you they doing, Doctor?” The Doctor was put on a blue raft on a blue calm sea of water. “Don’t worry, Jesse, they live to serve others to make them safe…they’re just thanking us …” Jeremy was in a hot tub with aliens behind him and in front of him. A redheaded being, male was in front of him and ministering to him, jerking him off. Jeremy sat back. Behind him a green skinned lad with long green hair and freckles held him and washed his back, his penis sticking up Jeremy’s back. “May I?” “Yeah…be my guest…” “Oh thanks.” It stuck a green ck up Jeremy’s waiting asshole. “OH! I thought you meant give me a massage!” “I can do that at the same time.” And with elongated fingers, it d. Jeremy found it strange the alien could give him a gentle massage while at the exact same time, he fucked him up the ass and slowly and gently. Jesse found the smell of flowers filling his nose and he smiled, “I always dreamed of sex among flowers that smelled so great and that fresh smell of newly cut grass…” “We read your mind,” youthful blondes said as they played over his chest, nipping his nipples with their lips and teeth, other dark skinned black marble types were on his sides, with white eyes and white hair. Rubbing, just barely touching his skin, making it tingle. “We know what will make you cum with delight…” The Doctor put his head back on his raft as a winged creature spread over him and blanketed him in fluids. “Ahhhh, the calming waxing of the Wings of Asure…” “This is fantastic!” Jeremy said. “Somehow it doesn’t feel right, I..I feel guilty,” Jesse said. “Whatever for?” The Doctor asked, “Whatever for?” “I mean we brought a baby here…” “He’s inside, and not aware of any of this. The Nanny is settled in and she is putting him to bed. You all deserve a rest after all you have been through for him…” “Yes,” the Doctor agreed. “Pity we couldn’t have Maeter and Tetsuro here… they helped us, too!” “Yeah,” Jesse said, “Especially that Japanese kid Tet…Tetsuro, is that his name? He was so cute…” “Enjoy,” alien voices said. Muscles rubbed against Jeremy’s own. Jesse felt tingling skin of another alien on his own. He grew goosebumps and his ck hardened to stone. Tussled above him. “Oh my!” Blue eyes, red hair, female/male, soft skin, hard boes, smooth rubbing. Hips to hips, hip bone to soft pliant skin. Bellies against bellies, nipples so hard they seemed to pop. One alien’s nipples d pop and spread soft ice cream tasting material all over Jesse’s mouth. “MMMMM,” he licked it up. “Oh GOD!” Jeremy gasped and arched in the hot tub. His cum flew out his ckhead, just above the warm water and a long mouth of thick lips opened and caught it fully. Another shot flew out and burned his ckhead as he arched again and his bare belly rubbed the bare belly of a small alien with long white hair that draped down around his pube area, not that he had any, for he had shaved what were there off. This alien, just appearing at the moment of shooting, made him even more sexed up and he shot some more. His next shot cummed up the alien’s immature belly and combed the belly button, spread out of it and shot up the alien’s neck. The alien lapped out a red forked tongue and sucked up all the cum on his body, suctioning it in. Then with long wiry fingers, he rubbed Jeremy’s ck and balls under and above, fast and fast and fast and slow and fast and slow and slow and Jeremy arched and cam again. Behind him, the Green alien pulled out and cam flew out with the ck, he cam inside Jeremy but also outside and his ck seemed to split as it cam. Two cks, then three came from one and they all cam fluid purple gell over Jeremy’s back. “Ahhhh, cold and then hot! HOT HOT HOT H OT HOT HO…haaaa haaa haaa AHHHHH!” Tight abs rubbed on the Doctor’s. There were new aliens under the wings of the winged one. They smothered the Doctor’s sex and ministered to it, making the Doctor let loose load after load of his Time Lord gisum. The trio fell asleep. When they awoke, they found themselves on a white cloud floating like babies, wrapped around each other. Totally nude. At the foot of the doors of the TARDIS. Their clothes appeared on them. Jesse opened his eyes, “Doctor, I like this place.” “It is good,” the Doctor said and stood up and opened the TARDIS doors with his key. “Geeezus!” Jeremy said, enthusiastically, “I feel good!!!!” “Thank you and good bye. Cum visit any time…” “How bout tomorrow?” Jesse asked. “Come along, Jesse,” The Doctor stated, sardonically. “I also promised you a good time.” “That was a good time, Doctor,” Jesse smiled and put his head on the Doctor’s arm. “Thanks!” “Nothing beats that,” Jeremy agreed, moving ahead of them and into the TARDIS. “We will come back,” the Doctor admitted, “But I promised you a party, a fun time, a gathering of beings…” Jesse put his head up again as they walked inside the TARDIS, “As long as we ‘re safe…whenever we have a gathering of beings I always have to ask…” “Doctor, are you sure this is safe?” Jeremy asked from a seat next to the Doctor. Jeremy was in between the Doctor and Jesse in a roller coaster seat. They were on an alien planet. There were aliens around them and walking about an alien amusement park. “Perfectly. It’s the universe’s longest roller coaster.” The Doctor smiled and shook his head, “Yes.” Behind them in various cars were many people from time and space, from all over, aliens as well as humans, gathered by the Doctor for a fun party and brought here. “Where is here?” Jesse asked, “You never told us.” “I’m sure I d,” the Doctor insisted. “You dn’t,” Jeremy confirmed. “Borecanus,” The Doctor said, “The totally safest planet in the universe and your galaxy…I think it’s in your galaxy…anyway it’s totally safe. The people here are humanoid but not Earth colonists and this coaster is the longest…” “Did we have to gather so nilüfer escort many uhm, friends?” Jesse complained and looked back. “Some of them were former enemies,” the Doctor smiled. “I think it helps to mend fences…” “I”ll say, you were hard at work on that Nanny Robot and made a great one, I might add,” Jeremy smiled. “Then we brought baby Fesh to that planet…that was strange,” Jesse added, “You must be tired…” “Sleep is for tortoises.” The Doctor nodded. It was true that neither boy recalled seeing the Doctor sleep for long. He d stay in bed with them for sex and other hi jinks and both made it so that sometimes even the Doctor had to get some sleep after the sexual work out they provided him, but he never stayed in bed for long. “Rides starting!” An alien said. “Hold on!” The Doctor put his arms up straight and his hands waved air. Among the beings behind them were the entire Space Family Robinson, once Lost In Space, inclung the redheaded Will Robinson, an older Will Robinson, his arms around Barry Lockridge, as a boy Barry once was stranded with six other Earth people and his little dog on a Land of Giants; they and his younger self were also on the ride; behind their car was darkly youthful Adric and red haired Turlough with their arms around each other; Ben and Jamie, two other companions of the Doctor, with their arms around each other and kissing! Next to them were Tegan Jovanka and Nyssa of Traken, with their arms around each other, too! Lady Adrasta sat next to the Archimandrite of Tara. He had a large multi colored hat on. “You know, it was most limiting thinking Tara was the only planet in the universe…” Arasta smiled, “I know what you mean. Once I was absorbed by a great big testicle looking Sucker from Tythonus, Erato. He would have come on but they have a rule against people of challenged stature…so he can’t ride it with us. Charming fellow. Lives over 40,000 years.” Ben, dressed in only a thin white loin cloth, eye make up on and a neck piece and a navel stud in his bellybutton, leaned forward to Jeremy, “Took me from me play, he d, no sense of timing that Doctor. I’m dressed like a young King Tut, Arabian Knights and Aladn and all that, 1001 thieves, all that. How am I gonna finish me play? One second there I was on stage, the next a brief break and I’m pulled in here. How do I get back to that?” Jeremy looked back at him, and laughed, “Oh, that. We do it all the time. I’ ve finished movies and Jesse, here, has finished songs in the middle of them going off to all sorts of places and times…glaators, American Inans, Vikings…and then back to finish our careers..” Jamie nodded, “Aye, then your Doctor, he must be able to somewhat more control the TARDIS with some better skill than my Doctor…” he looked at Ben and added, “…our Doctors…” “Somewhat,” Jeremy smiled. The Doctor tried to ignore them all and metate. “Our Doctor? My Doctor? My Doctor!!!?!!” Ben leaned to Jeremy again, “Not only that he took me from me play, he bleen’ took me from before he knew me, dn’t he?” Jamie nodded, “Stop complaining and just come back here and give me a wet one.” Ben d this. Then he sat back. Another Ben leaned over to his young self. He sat next to a second Jamie, another Jamie, his skirt rising up at the best places the same as the slightly older Jamie. “Well, he got it right, eventually, mate…Duchess…” Jamie, the slightly older one, said, “We sure d..e here…” The Doctor rolled his eyes. Others included Stacy and Saard, former companions of the Doctor, Saard being an Ice Warrior, Kroton the Happy Cyberman companion of the 8th Doctor, a friendly Dalek sitting next to a happy go lucky former Dalek killer named Daak, a Rutan with his tentacles around a friendly Sontaran, a Kroton, a Dominator and a Quark. Morbius. A Green naked Swampie. Mark Harris, the Man From Atlantis. Clark Kent. Kyle XY. With THEIR arms around each other. Tommy Kirk. Jan Micheal Vincent. Emma Peel sat on one side of John Steed while Tara King sat on the other. He had his arms around them both and his bowler hat down over his eyes as he relaxed before the ride started. While they chatted about cases. Robert T Ironside sat, “This is the first time I could just sit and not do any work.” “Yes Chief,” Eve told him. Ellie Allard sat with Russell, Dan, and Darius, all former boyfriends. She rolled her eyes because the trio paid more attention to each other than to her. “No wonder it dn’t’ work out with any of them…” “We’ve seen you naked…luv…” The Dalek waited to wave his sucker in the air as the coaster would plunge over a huge p and would even move his former gun upward, now a sexual happiness maker. Number Six of the Village, John Drake was there. James Bond. Tarzan. A few Tarzans and a few James Bonds from alternate parallel universes were on board, inclung their friends and wards: Boy, Tartu (in all purposes a second Tarzan and a second Boy), Joey (another Boy), two boys named Jai (one from Ina), and others. Robin, Batman’s side kick was there with a totally new Robin outfit that Jesse just loved…and like Mrs Slocum’s birthday present on ARE YOU BEING SERVED? we’re not going to tell you what it is! Just that Jeremy and the Doctor also thought it totally hot too! Admiral Nelson and Captain Crane and CO Sharkey were there with Lt Chip Morton, Tony Newman and Doug Phillips, and Voyagers Phineas Bogg and Jeffry Jones were also there. A Krynoid raised its tentacles in anticipation of the ride’s ps. A Vardan shimmered with pride. A Wirn screamed with delight. Peter Pan hugged Chase closer to him. “HANG ON, HERE IT GOES!” The Doctor yelped loudly. The ride moved. Then stopped. Jesse looked at Jeremy. Jeremy looked at the Doctor. The Doctor looked at no one, “Allright, that’s it, everyone off.” “Is something wrong?” Jesse asked. “No, that was it.” “What the fuck?” Jesse asked. “We just moved two feet! That’s it?!!!” “Yes, it’s the universes’ longest roller coaster. I never said anything about it being the fastest or highest.” “WHAT THE FUCK!” Jesse yelled. “Now, now, Jesse don’t make a scene…” “ME?” Jeremy looked as the car safety rails opened, “Doctor, sometimes I don’t think you’re quite right in the head.” The Doctor put a hand out to help him out and Jeremy smacked it. “You’ve noticed that by now, have you? Look,” he explained, as they all smounted, ” I had to see if this lot would do well together on a ride and in a safe place …here, any aggression is impossible and yet shows up quite early. Something to do with the atmosphere and the beings here and their mind powers…and no one showed any promise of killing…” “Yeah and I bet that just bores you to death…” Jesse frowned as they gathered with the others at a poum. “No, no, how dare you,” the Doctor snapped. “Now, I can take them to the really biggest roller coaster…” “On Earth?” Jeremy wondered. “Of course…” The Doctor said. Soon enough, the Doctor marched ahead of the entourage he paraded through the turn stiles at Great Adventure. Jesse was giving a stack of tickets to the box taker. Jeremy gave explanations to the park management, “It’s a costume party…” “Yeah, it is October… but some o the costumes, they’re a bit good aren’t they?” Jeremy looked out at a giant Robot from ROBOT. “Uhhh, yeah….they are…” Tobor the Great walked by. Chronos the Time Merchant along with Chronos that once attacked Ulysseus 31 from the 31st century. Jeremy thought how nice that the thing called Kronos from space was over 2000 feet tall…as it would have looked very strange trying to fit in here. Two fairies from Faro Island took their place next to two Mysterians and two Kilak women. Japan was once invaded by the Mysterians and Kilaks. To add to that, a being from Planet X sat behind them. They bonded over invasion stories. Jeremy thought it good that King Kong and Godzilla wouldn’t fit here. The Doctor put his arm around Jermey, ” Come along, everyone’s on the ride, dude.” “Dude?” “I told you that there are parallel universes for every fiction. You see, if a thing happens in one universe, it somehow bleeds through a bit to another and those atoms or molecules take on thought patterns and sometimes a writer or writers will write about that event. That’s why there are fictions of James Bond for example in some universes while in others there really are factual James Bonds. Get it?” “Oh, you can just shut up.” Jeremy said, “Let’s go before we miss the ride.” The Doctor smiled. Jesse had come up behind them. “So is that always the way?” “No, no. Sometimes a writer writes something and THEN it happens in another universe…it makes it a very confused multiverse….” The Doctor rattled this all off, “Kingdom Ka türbanlı escort at Six Flags Great Adventure, Jackson Township, New Jersey, USA, summer of 2006; 465 feet tall and 128 miles per hour; 3118 feet long; 3 to 4 times normal G Force on Earth. 151 feet taller than the Statue of Liberty.” Jesse stopped him, “Doctor?” “Yes?” “Shut up.” Adric met Turlough again outside the entrance to the new ride. He pulled Turlough’s tie close to him. Turlough looked down, “So is that your badge of mathematical excellence showing up in all the wrong places…” “Right place…” Turlough went on, without missing a beat, “…or are you just glad to see me?” “I’m always glad to see you,” Adric said and pulled him in for a deep kiss or four. He broke, “You are much more stimulating than the Master’s web… that gave me a smaller woody but you…look…” “Cor…that’s big…” “Swamp meat…” And so it started all over again. From Kroton to Kroton, Lady Adrasta to Zenon Girl from the 25th Century as she sat next to Buck Rogers, both of them. Waiting for the ride to start, the twins with the light brown hair or dark blonde hair and bowl hair cuts, Romulus and Remus were sitting next to Jondar of Varos. Jondar had hair like the twins, only a bit longer, to his ears and not as close cropped as his much younger pals. He also liked being tortured, which was just as well as they were roughing up his penis as the car safety rail closed. He squirmed and had his shirt totally off. The twins d not but wished they d. Behind Jondar was a Robin Hood that looked a lot like him only with much blonder hair sitting next to Much and another Robin Hood who had long, long rock star long black hair. Wolverine sat next to Bruce Wayne, a hand behind his back, his claws gging slightly into Bruce’s bare stomach—for Bruce wore a short cut Batman T shirt and tight black gym shorts with a large bat decaled over it…the bat face on the point of the ck area. “That feels so hot,” Bruce sat, “Cold steel against my warm belly…” As they flung down a rail, Adrasta lost her hat as d her chair mate the Tara Archimandrite. “My hat!’ “Mine, too!” He yelled as his tall pipe hat with multi-colors vanished into the nether. “But mine!” Adrasta said as her hair flew behind her. “You look pretty without it.” “So do you.” He laughed, “I’m an old man.” “I like old men.” The Coaster went backwards and upside-down and d several loop de loops. Next to time buff, dark haired Time Lord Damon from Gallifrey was old man Engin and old man Castellan Spandrell. Engin was oldest. They both raised their hands off the safety bars and yelled. “OW my head!” Stephen Jamieson said as his head was thrown back against the front of the car he was kneeling in. He wasn’t supposed to be doing what he was, sitting the wrong way round. He was a Tomorrow Person. He was also sitting with his back to the front of their car, benng as he was sucking the cks of Andrew Forbes, Mike Bell, and Tyso Bozewell, taking three into his mouth at once, separately and together… Mike said, “Use your forcefield powers…” “Okay! Cor blimey!” Stephan said. Under him, sucking his ck was Coatus, a boy in skirt, from 1AD, from Roman Briton. He had dark hair and dark eyes. Cantar, a blond who sat next to his wife Zova, both looking like young teens, said, “He looks like me, doesn’t he, Zova?” Etrec, from the peace planet, was next to Cantar, “Parallel worlds. I’m sure he was never a guest on Moonbase Alpha as we were.” Cantar has his left hand on Etrec’s bare belly and he fingered the boy’s navel. With long hair and geri curls, Etrec had on a strange outfit—very little on upper body… as d Cantar and Zova, the latter two wearing tight spandex like outfits, showing all their traits. There was one section of the coaster that flashed many colors. This was where ALL the Power Rangers sat, helmets and face coverings off. Justin and Tommy sat together. They looked pretty happy… Chela was jerking Lon off as the coaster moved faster than they thought it would. He moved faster between Lon’s legs. As the Roller Coaster stopped. Peri, in a blue outfit, reached over Hugo Lang but dn’t quite make the edge over the car and threw up on his outfit. He looked at her, without looking at it. “Quite all right, too…not a problem, though I do wish you went for it the other way…your companion’s outfit wouldn’ t have minded as much as mine…” Peri snorted, “I’m so sorry. No one would have noticed either way, either outfit is awful…” Next to her sat little boy Gareth Jenkins who wore a copy of the Sixth Doctor ‘s multi colored jacket, and the entire ensemble, down to the vest, bow tie, and yellow striped pants and green shoes. Gareth’s Nan made the jacket. He said, “That was fresh! Can we do it again!? That’ll really fix me!” Jim Phelps, sitting behind him, said, “My name is Jim. I’m from the IMF, impossible missions task force and uhm, I can now, thanks to the Doctor, travel in time. Do you think you’d like to see glaators in action?” Damon turned to the two old Time Lords, “Told you. You’re not too young for this sort of thing.” Evelyn laughed, behind them, “Time Lords are just weird…” “Too right,” said Lon. Chela kissed Lon’s mouth, “When are they going to release the bars? I have to let loose…” “Just go for it in your pants,” Lon smiled and kissed Chela back. Chela d that. Jane Hampton said, “I’m too old for this sort of thing.” Will Chandler, next to her, said, “I think I am, too, aye, mame?” “Let’s get out of here,” she smiled and patted his cheek. Mike Smith sat next to Ace, “All forgiven?” Ace laughed, “Yeah except the Professor bringing us on this Ace ride!” “Ace.” Mike smiled. Vincent, the lion like creature, called to Catherine Chandler, “Let’s go. Get Mouse, Zeke, Kipper and Scout…” Outside the waiting area, Sharona and Natalie, met Adrian Monk, who stepped off the ride just before the safety bars closed. They had to take the ride as they were under the bars. They were also white faced. Monk looked at them, ” How was the ride?” They just stared at him. “I had to get off. The ride was filthy, d you see those seats? I knew it at once. It’s a gift,” he shrugged. “And a curse…” Starman Paul Hayden, his son Scott, Vincent and Catherine , Crockett and Tubbs, Charles In Charge, etc…were all ushered back to the TARDIS by the Doctor… Later… “All gone,” the Doctor smiled and drank some tea as he sat down in a wicket chair. “That was tiring.” “But fun. You sure know some strange people, Doctor,” Jeremy smiled and was stanng near the console, drinking milk. Jesse took a cat named Wolsey off the console, “Uh, Doctor, how do you know they’re all gone? How do you know some of them haven’t straggled behind and are still inside the TARDIS? ” The Doctor stood up and turned to look, “Oh, Wolsey. I brought the other cats home too, even that one with the annoying Egyptian Princess Erhemen, Fix My Hem, or something. Funny how some of my former companions I cannot stand. However, with humanoid and other life forms besides animals, the TARDIS detects… all life within, when I press this button…that’s how I knew they were all gone…and, hum, the TARDIS always works efficiently…” Jeremy, with a large gulp of milk in his mouth, spat it all out. Jesse laughed and rolled his eyes. “WHAT?” they both gasped in sputters. Milk came out Jeremy’s nose. The Doctor came over to him, looking angry. Jeremy’s eyes flashed up at him. His eyes flashing from anger to love, the Doctor licked the milk from under Jeremy’s nostrils. “EWL,” Jesse gasped and put Wolsey down. The Doctor came over to him and put milk in his mouth from his own mouth. Jesse swallowed. “I’ll always swallow when you come to mind…I mean to milk me …” “Can I have some of that, mates?” A voice said. They turned toward it. It came from the inner door to the inner TARDIS. Jeremy held the empty hand that previously held the milk cup. It was taken from him by what seemed to be a teenage boy. Doctor: “What?” Jesse: “Doctor…” Jeremy: “Who?” Jesse: “Fuck me! Fucking hot! That’s who!!!” “Thanks, mate,” the hot boy said. “KEVIN FRIGGING ZEGERS!” Jesse gasped. “Who’s that?” Kevin asked. “My name’s Toby Osbourne. I thought you freaks knew that when you kidnapped me…” “Kidnapped?” The Doctor said, upset at this. Toby had longish blackish, blonsh hair. A body to e for. And was stanng on bare feet. In fact, all of him was bare except for the tight, ratty underwear he wore low, low, low on his bony hips, flesh spread out between those hips tight and muscled. He drank the rest of Jeremy’s glass of milk and gave it back to him, “Thanks. Man…” he rubbed his hot belly, “We got any food to eat around this dump?” tbc All characters from all show, movie, comic, or play or any real life people who are not really gay or may be, and all copyrights are not meant to be insulted, implied truths or whatever. No copyright infringement is meant and no sexuality of anyone is implied to be true in reality.

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