Doreen’s Surprise


Everybody in this story is over 18.

PROLOGUE: – This story continues the adventures of and his perversion for panties with first Beckie (dirty old man) and her mum Maria (Marias Mum) and (Saturday Morning)

Continued from Saturday Morning.

They all dressed and got into Eric’s car which is a sports car so it was low and the girls had to climb in showing their legs. Eric loved to look at them, Maria took the front passenger seat and Beckie in the back seat.

“OK where we going?” asked Eric.

“Ramsbottom,” said Maria.

After taking the motorway, they entered the town of Ramsbottom, “Turn right at the traffic lights” Maria said “Then turn left when we go over the bridge, the house is on the right with the White gate posts.”

They arrived and entered a driveway which leads through fields and woods to arrive at a 4-story mansion. Eric was impressed with the sign said “CARE HOME AND COPELAND PRIVATE CLINIC.

They parked and entered into a reception area. The receptionist told Maria to go to Miss Copeland’s office as they were expected.

Maria knocked and a voice said “Come in”.

Moving to the front of her desk a woman of about 55 came to great them.

She hugged Maria and, Becky, then held out her hand to Eric.

“Hello Mr Red, it’s been a while hasn’t it?” Mrs Copeland said.

Eric looked mystified, “You don’t remember me, do you?” She said.

“No,” Eric replied.

“Please all sit,” and she waved to a Chesterfield settee for Maria and Becky, A chair for Eric she sat behind her desk. They both sat and crossed their legs, Eric looked at the bared legs and licked his lips.

“Tea or coffee?” Doreen asked.

Eric asked for tea 2 sugars, Maria and Becky coffee. Doreen poured and handed over the cups.

“Well Mr Red is was 41 years ago, I was 17, you were a handsome young man I was a young girl. You seduced me and made love to me without any protection, you made me pregnant with your big cock, you were my first and last man.”

Maria put her hand to her mouth in astonishment. She gasped.

Mrs Copeland continued”My father threw me out and called me dirty names, but thanks to my mother she left with me and made sure the birth went well. I had your child Mr Red; she is sitting next to Beckie who is your step-granddaughter.”

“You were the first and last man to enter my body, since that day I have never been with a man, but you awoke feelings within my body and I craved for the orgasms, I became a lesbian, My mother worked like a slave to give me an education I want to university and studied hard, I studied Sexology, and Sexual Abuse I passed with several degrees and became a leading expert on the perversions of men. I hate men Mr Red but thank you for what you have made me. I am a sexologist, psychist, a hypnotist, and specialize in correction and cure. I am well respected in my field, and make a very good living.

If I had my way all men who rape, murder and abuse females should have his manhood cut off. But the law forbids that at the moment. So, I have to use my other skills, which have been tested on Prison offenders. I have had some success. That iswhy I can afford this facility for the treatment of sexual perversions and addiction. My fees are very high. It has always been my desire to treat you and correct your addiction

You have a panty perversionand a liking for young girls, how many more have you made pregnant?”

Maria and Becky looked shocked, Maria came over to Eric and hugged him “Hello Daddy, I have wondered who you were for years.”

Doreen turned to Maria and Becky, “Ithought I should tell you both because what you have been doing is incest and has to stop. The only way to stop it is to remove the cause, and change him.”

“Mr Red you have no choice if you don’t agreeI will make a complaint to the police and have you arrested for the abuse of young girls and incest.”

Eric was annoyed,

“Who do you think you are, how you going to keep me here?”

He stood up but he felt giddy, he was dizzy, and he fell back into his chair.

Doreen smiled, “That was easy Eric, a mild sedative in your tea will make your body unable to move but your brain will still work.”

“You will stay here as my guest; the top floor has been designed for the correction and cure of sexual addictions. It is safe and you will not be allowed to leave until you are cured. Becky will go to your house and bring anything you need, she will inform the neighbours that you will be away and cancel your paper, they will be told that you will be away for a while on holiday. She will also go ever few days to collect any post.

So, Mr Red you cannot resist, you are now under my care.”

She pressed a button on her desk, and 2 men entered with a wheelchair, he was picked up and put in the wheelchair then wheeled away.

She told Maria and Becky not to worry he would be safe and want for nothing except sexual gratification. It would take up to 3 weeks Onwin when if everything works, he will be a normal dad and grandad. Well, she smiled, “Maybe.”

Eric was put in a lift and taken to a room on the top floor, it was well furnished and very luxurious, with TV, computer and lots of movie discs.

He was undressed and given a hospital type outfit. White trousers and a white top.

The 2 men lifted him on to the bed and left him.

He fell asleep.

While he slept, he dreamed, the dream was part of his treatment, and part of a sophisticated sound system, he was also monitored by CTV. His dream was about a group of young ladies living in like a harem wearing nothing but panties, and they would do anything for him, he could touch them caress them, smell them, it was if he was in heaven. As he dreamt, he was aroused and came several times, in his sleep (wet dreams).

It was morning when he woke, at 8 am. As he climbed out of bed a knock at the door he said, “Come in.” 2 girls entered with his breakfast, and the morning paper, they were dressed only in panties, they smiled at him as they left. Allhe could think of was those panties stretched over their perfect bums, they were so tight. They returned 1 hour later and removed his breakfast tray, then came back and started to clean the room, dusting and vacuuming the floor, they changed the bedding, as they did, they both bent on several occasions wiggling and showing their firm bumsat him. Then when they came close one on each side of him, he could not resist putting a hand on each of their asses, caressing, pinching, making them giggle. Two perfect teenagers willing, to please Eric a dirty old man. It took longer for him to become aroused but when they both bent and caressed his bulge it was not long before they had pushed his pants down, and were both sucking one of his testicles in their mouths. Sucking and licking. His cock was erect as Eric pulled one called Sara close to his mouth so he could suck her naked nipple. Anthia was on the other side so he put his hand between her legs and rubbed her fanny through her white cotton panties.

It had taken longer for him to become fully erect, but he wanted to fuck them both. They both took his cock licking and sucking it. They both let him remove their panties and lay on the bed legs open beckoning him to them, their mounds were perfectly smooth and glistened with wetness, their nipples stuck out. Who should he fuck first, but they made up his mind for him they both sat up and started to suck his erection, two mouths giving him pleasure. Oh my god, he thought, I want them both, so in the middle of them he started to finger both their cunts. 2 fingers inside each of themhis thumbs on each clit, rubbing as they sucked. He found their g spots and massaged them making them both squeal with passion and delight, the more he rubbed the g spots the faster they sucked him. They were both humping his fingers two teen sluts being fingered, to climax, but they still sucked Eric’s cock. Until they could not hold back any longer and Sara and Anthia cried out in ecstasy as Eric helped them to have an orgasm. They both collapsed happily to have been made to orgasm together.

Eric’s cock was still very hard he was now aching for a climax. He grabbed the nearest, Sara and sank his shaft deep into her fanny, in and out like the pistons on a traindeeper with each thrust. Anthia kissed Sara, sucking her tongue into her mouth, Eric fuckedSara, making her cum again then he threw her off and pushed Anthia down as he thrust his cock into her. He could feel his spunk rising inside of him, he needed to cum so much, it did not usually take him so long then all of a sudden the world seemed to stand still as his spurted wads of sperm deep into her cunt, she gasped at the force and had another orgasm

Eric was breathing heavy, he had, had so many wet dreams last night, and it had been an effort to fuck them both, he collapsed, in between them.

Doreen smiled as she watched on, the CTVhe was on his way. Soon it would be an effort for him to have an orgasm, he would want to cum, but it would take much longer.

Her plan was working 2 more days of dreams and the girls would start his cure.

She was looking forward to making him obey her.

Eric seemed to be in a dream with constant encouragement is was taking him longer to become aroused and have orgasms he had never in his whole life had so much sex in such a short time.

Doreen watched as too more teenage girls, wiggled their bums at him, and he reached out to caress them, they let him feel between their thighs and sighed as he pressed his fingers into their cotton covered fannies. They both kissed him and pushed him on to his back. One sat on his waist the other on his chest, they faced each other and kissed at the same time rubbing their cunts on to Eric. His cock was starting to grow, when normally within a few seconds of being touched it would be rock hard, he felt a hand on his testicles rubbing them massaging Onwin Giriş and when she leaned forward and kissed his cock, his passion and lust returned. They were pinching each other’s nipples as his hands reached out and started to slap her ass, SLAP-SLAP-SLAP-SLAP.

She smiled and asked for more, he was now fully aroused and spanked her until she begged him to stop, but he was enraged and spanked harder, and harder. He was enraged with the Spanking Lust. He was hurting her, she was crying, her ass cheeks were red and sore. He stopped gasping for breath.

He spurted as soon as the other girl touched the purple head of his aroused achingshaft and collapsed exhausted. He felt ashamed with himself for losing control and curled up his knees to his chest hugging them. He fell to sleep.

The scene had aroused Doreen, she gave instructions for potassium bromide to be put into Eric’s tea to subside his sexual urges. She also called the new girl to join her in her room, she had just turned 18 and still a virgin. Doreen thought of making her one of her special girls, but first, she had to be broken and lose her virginity, she liked seducing them and making them want more.

In her room Doreen removed all her working clothes, she changed into a white Basque, silk white stockings and 5-inch white high heels, she let her hair fall over her shoulders. She laid out, handcuffs, blindfold, some rope, her strapless dildo (she preferred it to a strap on, as one end went into her cunt and was designed to rub the g spot, so she could have orgasms) and some lube.

The girl was 18 last month, her name is Joyce, she was about 5ft5in tall dark hair dark eyes, and 32 b breasts

As Joyce entered the room, Doreen. lead her to the settee, and sat next to her looking into her dark eyes.

“You are a very pretty Joyce,”Doreen told her “You have such nice clear skin. I like you.”

“Thank you, Miss Copland,” answered Joyce “I like you to.”

Doreen touched Joyce’s face, and kissed her lips, she held her face in her hands and pressed her lips againsthers, at the same time licking Joyce’s lips, pushing her tongue into her mouth.

Joyce sucked the tongue and pressed her body against Doreen.

Doreen’s hand moved to caress Joyce’s left breast, feeling the nipple harden, she pulled it in her finger and thumb gently squeezing it and feeling Joyce’s body respond their lips kissing, her body becoming aroused, as the urge inside of her grew stronger, she wanted more and sighed as Doreen massaged her right breast, her nipples now aching and her mound between her legs becoming wet, her panties showed a damp patch. Her body was becoming more awake to theneeds within her. As Doreen moved her hands down Joyce’s body, she knew exactly the right placed to touch and arouse the girl’s passion, to make her want more so she would submit to Doreen, and let her make her a woman

Doreen moved down her body and lay between her legs. Kissing her damp panties, sucking them tasting them as she held her ass in her hands and sucked Joyce’s cunt. Doreen passion was rising. She wanted to make Joyce a woman and take her virginity, as Eric did to her 41 years ago. She fingered her clit making her want more, pulling her panties to one side she touched her young cunt, rubbing it, Joyce’s eyes opened wide as she felt her arousal becoming stronger and she hugged Doreen close to her. Her cunt was aching her whole body was on fire with lust.

Doreen put a finger inside Joyce’s cunt and felt the membrane inside, her hymen, and pushed her finger against it, harder she felt it giving way as the finger went deeper, through the membrane breaking it. Joyce screamed as it hurt a bit, Doreen placed padding over the cunt to soak up any blood. She wiped it clean with a damp cloththe bleeding soon stopped.

Then she put 2 fingers inside and pushed deeper, Joyce gasped, it felt strange having something inside her but she liked the feeling, as Doreen moved her fingers, she was becoming wetter, and her whole body was aching for more.

Doreen knew she was ready, she took her strapless dildo and inserted it into her cunt. Then she put lube on to the shaft making sure it was nice andslimy. She pushed Joyce’s legs apart and put the tip on her opening, Joyce gasped as she felt it entering into her Virginia, it seemed to open more as it went deeper, her body felt the need for more, deeper than out and in deeper it moved out then deeper each time as it was thrust into her hole. She felt her body respond wanting more it felt so good. Her hips moved in time to the thrusts as they became faster and faster. Oh my god, she wanted more, and hoped it would never stop, she now felt she was a woman. She felt her orgasm starting her body felt wonderful as Doreen started to rub her clit harder “Oh God” she cried as she felt her body responding to its needs, then she came her body wanting it to never stop.

Doreen suddenly remembered her first time 41 years ago, the wonderful feeling as Eric thrust his cock Onwin Güncel Giriş in and out of her whole body on fire, make her a woman. Doreen pushed deeper and Joyce came crying out as her whole body full of pleasure responded, to being fucked for the first time.

As they recovered Doreen held Joyce’s naked body in her arms, smelling her hair, and caressing her face, she thought returned to her first fuck with Eric, and she realised that she had not hated the experience and that her reason for her anger against men was really about her father disowning her, and throwing her out of the home

Her first fuck had been a wonderful feeling when she became a woman. She had forgotten in her anger caused by her father.

But then her mother would never have taken care of her, and helped her through her pregnancy, and then made sure she carried on with her education while her mum looked after her baby. Her mum worked, in the evenings when Doreen came home. They never wanted for anything, it was almost 12 months after the birth ofMarie, when she discovered that her mum was selling her body to men, she was a prostitute. Another reason for Doreen’s hatred of men.

Doreen had a shower, and put white silk panties on then she put her white doctor’s coat over her underwear and went to her office, leaving Joyce sleeping. She cancelled her instructions for Eric’s care andmedication. He would now be allowed to recover and rest for 2 days.

On day 3, he was brought to her office, “I have an apology to make to you.” Doreen told him “Can I ask you a question?” she asked, “Sure” Eric replied.

Doreen looked him straight into his eye’s and asked. “If you had been told that I was pregnant with your child what would you have done?”

Eric looked back at her and without hesitation, told her ” I would have taken care of you and the child.”

“Oh Eric, I knew you would have, it is my father I hated.”

“You are my first and last man, I have wasted so much time, when you took my virginity it was a wonderful and goodexperience, I have been trying to recreate it ever since, with females but is not quite the same.”

“I hate myself for what I was going to do to you, and I want to make amends,” she took his hand and lead him to her bedroom.

In the centre of the room, she kissed him and held him close pushing her body against his, pressing her breasts against his chest and her lower body against him. She could feel his cock, Harding. “Do you want to see my panties, Daddy,” she asked.

She stood back removed her white coat, and stood before him in her underwear.

For her age Eric found her attractive and sexy, he placed his hand on her panties and felt the smooth silk. Caressing her ass and then under her thighs to her mound, it was damp and as he rubbed harder it became wetter. He sank to his knees and kissed her now very wet mound through the silk. She moaned, as he licked and sucked, his mouth over herpanty covered cunt. Eric drooled at the sight of her tight white panties, covering her firm ass and mound. They were almost transparent with her wetness, he could see her smooth mound, he was drooling, licking his lips,he sank to his knees and pushed his face against them, smelling her musk, intoxicated by her smell, his cock was aching. He wanted her, his passion to fuck was so intense she just had to have her. He rubbed her mound through her panties.

“FUCK ME you dirty sod” Doreen shouted, “But you’re going to have to wear a condom, I cannot get pregnant, again can I?” She smiled, with that she pushed a condom into her mouth, and placed her mouth over his cock, with a blow she made the condom roll over his cock, uses her tongue and lips to roll it over it.

She sucked his cock and had him rigid and wanting. Pushing him down on the bed, she straggled him, and placed her pantie covered twat over his face, she pushed it against his mouth, and he tasted her this is what she had missed. Then she moved and inserted the tip on the entrance to her Virginia, she let her body fall so it entered her fully, she felt it throbbing inside her. And started to move up and down slowly at first then as her lust grew strongerfaster and harder.

“Oh my god it feels so good,” she said to herself, she used her Kegel muscles to squeeze his shaft to milk his cream out of it, this was all about her pleasure she wanted him never to forget what he had been missing. She could feel his testicles against her cunt lips she wanted his balls inside her cunt so she spread her legs wider and enjoyed the wonderful feeling, she had missed the feeling of a live throbbing cock inside her, it was far better than a plastic lifeless dildo. She wanted Eric’s cock for the rest of her life. She screamed as she orgasmed, thrusting her pelvis against his. He came in the condom and to his surprise it felt good almost as good as a naked cock.

They kissed and Doreen removed the condom making sure the spunk stayed inside it. She smiled at Eric as she took the open and sucked his sperm into her mouth licking her lips, she “hmmmmmmmmmmmmmed” and said “Very tasty.

As they relaxed in each other’s arms, her hair in his face, Doreen told Eric. “I’m not going to let you get away again, and as it is a leap year, Eric will you marry me?”

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