Dr. Aaron and Officer Brian

Big Cock

When we met in the crowded living room he was flanked by a big breasted blonde on each arm. It was a Halloween party. He was dressed as a doctor, in scrubs. The two blondes had their asses hanging out of white mini-skirts that came in the nurse costume packages at the Halloween super store. He smiled at me and gestued his head like I should cross the room to talk to him. I could tell his broad shoulder and thin waist meant he was hiding the body of an athletic sex machine under his blue scrubs.

I decided to cross the room, bumping shoulders and midsections with half-naked coeds, to meet the doctor and his nurses. The music was loud and he waved his hand for me to lean in close so he could tell me something. Whispering in my ear, he said that his nurses where actually a lesbian couple that he had met at the gay pride parade a few years ago. The sexy nurses had noticed me looking at him from across the room and had told him that he should introduce himself. His name was Aaron, but I could call him doctor. I introduced myself as Brian as my cheeks started to turn red.

I had been checking him out from across the room. I was a closeted bisexual, who had brought my girlfriend to the party. My gay encounters had been with random men I had met online, not face to face, mutual attraction like this. My dick jumped, and I couldn’t hide the tent popping in the pants of my police costume. He whispered in my ear again, saying that I didn’t have to say anything. He told me to go get myself a drink and to meet him near the pool in the backyard in a few minutes.

I tried to talk myself out of it, but I checked in with my girlfriend, who was giggling with some of her old college friends and got myself a drink. As I walked out into the cool air of the back yard, I could see the doctor standing by himself a few feet in front of me with his back turned. I walked up slowly and stood next to him, making some comment about how nice of a night it was.

“Have you ever had a doctor fantasy Brian, because I have always wanted a sexy police officer like yourself to wrap his thick lips around my cock.” Noticing my surprise, he continued, bursa escort bayan “My car is out front, it has a giant back seat and full tint.” He made sure no one was looking before grabbing one of my hands and placing it on the crotch of his pants. I could feel his cock start to grow, “You want to suck it, don’t you?”

“Yes,” was all that I could say.

“Follow me, ” he said with a naughty smile on his face.

I followed him down along the side of the house and out of the wooden gate. He led me to a large S.U.V. with dark tint and I knew that no one would be able to see me sucking this stranger’s cock. I couldn’t wait to get my lips around the doctor’s fat dick. It was going to taste so good. I hadn’t tasted another man’s cum in years.

Doctor Aaron used his remote to unlock the doors, checked each direction to make sure that the coast was clear and opened up the driver side rear door. He nodded his head, telling me to get in. With a look over my shoulder, I did just that. I got in. I moved to the far end of his leather bench seat as he climbed in behind me and pulled the door shut behind him. With another click on the remote attached to his keychain I could hear the doors lock and watched the overhead light go out. It was dark and quiet. I could feel the Doctor’s hand gently rest on my upper thigh. My cock began to tingle and grow and I knew that I couldn’t stop it from doing so. By the time his hand was slowly rubbing it’s way up my thigh to grab onto my dick, it was already at full attention.

“I can tell that you are turned on already. Do you want to feel my cock get hard? It is starting to grow,” asked the doctor.

“Yes, ” again, was all that I could say. I knew that he would lead the way though.

He started by squeezing my cock and holding it in his large hand through my pants. He took his other hand, grabbed one of mine and placed it onto his crotch again. His cock felt bigger this time. I knew that he was turned on too. Not needing any more direction at this point, I took the tip of his semi-hard dick out from under his scrubs and boxers. I wanted to watch it grow.

He nilüfer escort was starting to work his hand up and down on my cock, still gripping firmly from outside of my blue police pants. It was a real turn on to know that my mouth was going to be full of his cock. I closed my eyes briefly to imagine what it was going to feel like. The head of his cock would be tickling the tonsils in the back of my throat. The more his cock grew in my hand, and the more my dick grew from his touch on the outside of my pants… the more I knew for sure that I was going to go through with it. I opened my eyes and turned my body so that I could be on my knees, on the floor of the doctor’s S.U.V.

I positioned myself so that I was kneeling between his legs, both of my hands on his waste-band, pulling his underwear and pants down at the same time. He lifted his tight ass off the seat so that I could get them all the way off.

This stranger’s cock was staring me in the face. It was such a turn on to smell the sweet musk of his crotch as I stuck my tongue out from between my lips and lightly licked the head of his cock, almost like I was afraid of it. I wasn’t scared though and before I could lick the head again I had run my tongue all the way down his fat shaft and tasted a small piece of the skin on his scrotum.

“That feels so good Brian, you are eager aren’t you? How does it taste?” asked Dr. Aaron.

I mumbled back that it tasted like candy and continued to kiss and lick the head while holding the shaft as close to my chin as I could.

“Good, I have been waiting for a naughty cop like you to pull me over. Go ahead and wrap your cock sucking lips around the head of my dick. Thats it. Suck on it softly. like it’s a straw. Suck it Brian”

I did as I was told. Dr. Aaron’s voice was starting to show signs that he was very turned on. His head was resting on the seat back. His hips were starting to flex and relax and then flex again. He was starting to talk dirtier and dirtier to me.

“You cock loving whore. Suck it. Make me feel good. Ahhh. My cock is so hard. Your mouth feels like heaven türbanlı escort Brian. I bet you love sucking cock while no one is around, huh? You cock lover, looking so sexy in your police uniform. Cops like to give head too when no one is watching.”

I wedged my hands under his ass and squeezed a cheek with each one. His back arched momentarily as his ass clenched and he continued to talk dirty.

Putting both of his hands on the back of my head he said, “Officer Brian, if you don’t stop I am going to shoot my gun right down your throat. I can feel my balls start to tingle. The doctor thinks you need a fat load of cum in your mouth Brian. It is the only way to satisfy a dirty police cock-sucker like you.”

Hearing his words sent me over the edge. I removed one of my hands from his ass cheek and started to jack his hard purple cock up and down in rhythm with my mouth.

“Just like that you slut. Cock slut, suck it for the doctor. Suck my cock officer, I promise to shoot my load for you. I want to cum down your throat your naughty cop. Suck my dick just like that… ohh my god. That feels so good Brian. Just like that. I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum.”

The thrashing of his hips and ass, along with the spasms his cock was having in my mouth made me know that he was telling the truth.

“Just like that Brian, Suck it. Ohhh. Ohhh. Fuck Brian. Ohhh.”

He started to grip my hair like it was the reigns on a horse, forcefully burying my face in his crotch, his dick in my mouth. The first rush of cum felt like gay sexual bliss as it hit the back of my throat and he yelled out:

“Ohh. Such a good cop.” He continued, “How does that cum taste oficer” as I finished milking his cum load from his gorgeous dick. Each burst tasting sweeter than the first. I continued sucking until his cock started to shrink and he started to squirm from the tickle.

“Thank you,” I said as I straightened up my police costume, and finished swallowing the remnants of his cum from my mouth, licking it from my lips and chin. I pulled a business card from my wallet and told him that I had a lot of lunches and early evenings available during the week……. I left the S.U.V. with the doctor still in shock from his orgasm, pantless, with his softening cock hanging out. As I walked back to the party I remember wondering if my girlfriend would taste the cum on my breath.

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