Subject: Dreain’ About my Cuz – Chapter 11 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This story is completely fictional. Any resemblance by name or description to anyone dead or alive is totally coincidental. This is a story about a boy having a crush on his cousin. If this offends you, if you are not of legal age or if this content is not legal inyour area, please do not read this. If you have comments, please email me at ail. If you enjoy my stories, please consider donating to . Their hard work helps us all enjoy these stories. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter 11 Year 2 August 13th I walk outside after first period to see who I’m guessing are Carver and Paulo waiting right by the door. I don’t know how the hell they made it to my classroom so fast. They must have come from the classroom right next to mine. “Hey Cole,” they say in unison. “Hi guys,” I sling my backpack over my shoulder. Carver moves to my left and Paulo takes my right. They turn towards my second period class. Man, this took some organization. “You have to go to your locker?” Paulo asks. “No, I’m fine.” I say, taking a step forward. “Cool,” he says. We walk down to the end of the building and take a left, no one speaking. The silence and awkwardness are overwhelming. There’s no way I can take this every day. I’ve walked to class alone before. I’m a big boy. I can’t put them through this. “Guys, really. I don’t need you to walk me to class. I can handle it.” “You’re stuck with us,” Carver says, and Paulo chuckles. “What you’re doing is really nice, but I’m fine,” I say, trying to pick up some speed and leave them behind. “Get back here,” Paulo grabs my backpack and pulls me back between him and Carver. “You guys can’t WANT to walk me to class!” I protest, and they both bust up laughing. “WHAT?” “Dude, do you know how many guys wanted to walk you to class?” Paulo asked. “Oh fuck off.” I roll my eyes, trying to force out a laugh. “I’m serious. The entire team wanted to walk escort bayan you to class, so we had to have a drawing. It turned out only the guys that thought they wouldn’t be late put their names into a hat, and Bryson drew the names out. After Carver’s name got picked for second period, the fucker snuck his name back in the hat, and he got picked for third period, too! I swear, there was almost a fight!” “You’re fucking with me,” I say, not sure of what’s going on. Is he lying to my face, or is he trying to make fun of me somehow. “It’s true. I got picked for both, and I would have fought anyone on the team to keep my spots. It’s just fair,” Carver folds his arms. “WHY would you guys WANT to do this?” I ask a little too loud. A teacher inside a nearby classroom peers out at me with annoyance. “Dude,” Paulo rolls his eyes. “Do you really not know how the world works?” “What?” I feel my face redden. I definitely don’t know how THIS world works. I have no clue how the fucking high school world works. “Cole, all the girls in the school think you and Bryson are ADORABLE. If we get to walk you to class, then we’re helping and supporting the most adorable thing they’ve ever seen. Dude, we’re going to be SWIMMING in pussy!” Paulo laughs, and Carver gives a shy smile. “Ohh… okay, I get it,” I chuckle. “I didn’t think about that. I guess… I don’t think about pussy very often.” “You’d better not!” Paulo shoves me and laughs. “Cole, if you ever get some pussy… or some non-Bryson dick, you’re dead.” Carver elbows me. “You’ve got the entire soccer team to deal with. Bryson is our brother.” “I know, I know,” I laugh, hoping to completely cover the fact that I’m actually in love with someone else. * * * I take a deep breath as I plop down in front of my laptop. I just got finished facetiming Bryson, and now it’s time to Skype Jeffers. As his face appears on my screen, I almost jump at how hot he looks. I just spent hours talking to him yesterday, and I’d almost forgotten how attracted I am to him. kocaeli escort bayan “Coley-Poley! You’re lookin’ hot tonight!” he says with a big, eager smile. “Thanks… uhh… you too,” I say, looking down at my feet. “I wanna hear all about your first boyfriend day!” he says with a yawn. “Sorry, it’s been a fucking snoozer here.” “Okay, I’ll give you the short version.” I catch him up on the ride to school and the walk to my classroom. “Holy SHIT!” Jeffers falls out of his chair dramatically when I tell him about the kiss. “I never knew how much girls like seeing two guys kiss,” I laugh. “Dude, I’ve had a hard day, and I don’t wanna waste a second of time talking about girls.” “Okay, sorry.” We stare at each other for a few seconds. “Did he kiss you again?” he asks with a raised eyebrow. “Yeah, he kissed me every time he walked me to a class.” “Fuckin’ awesome! Bryson was gettin’ that sugar!” “Then, the last one…” I feel myself blush, and I stare down at my feet. “Fuckin’ tell me! I’m about to cum over here!” “He yanked me around the side of the classroom behind some bushes… I mean it wasn’t like it was totally private. Some kids could’ve seen us.” “WHAT DID HE DO?!?” “He really kissed me. I opened my mouth, and he shoved his tongue inside, and it was like-” “Coley-Poley! Holy fuck!” Jeffers pulls his t-shirt over his head and yanks his dick out of his shorts. He aims his dick and opens his mouth, and after a few jerks, a rocket of cum blasts his tongue. Three more squirts sail directly into his mouth before the final few land on his chest and abs. He swirls his tongue around in his mouth a few times with his eyes closed before he swallows. “Could you stop eating your own cum for a minute and help me out?” “Sorry, it’s SO good,” he says, swiping his finger over his chest repeatedly and licking it off. “I’m getting good at that! Did you see how much I got in my mouth that time?” “Yeah,” I sigh and roll my eyes. I try to act unimpressed, but I really just want all that cum inside my own mouth. “Okay, kocaeli escort what do you mean, ‘help you out’? It sounds like you got things under control,” he says, licking up the last of his cum. “I don’t know what I’m doing!” I cover my face with my hands. “I mean, the kissing was great, but what he did with his hands was even hotter. He held me close with one hand around my back, and the other, he slipped his hand up under my hoodie, and just slowly rubbed it around my hip around to my lower back and up my side. He said it was his first real kiss, and he knew how to do that shit! I never would’ve thought about that stuff!” “What did you do with your hands?” he asks, raising an eyebrow. “I just rested my arms on his shoulders and held onto my wrist with my other hand to keep them from shaking.” “Dude, Coley-Poley, that’s totally fine. You do what feels right. If you want to touch him, touch him, if you want him to take control, let him. Just don’t force anything.” “What should I even DO if I want to touch him? I can’t do romantic touching!” “If he’s going for some skin-on-skin action around your hip or lower back, just do something opposite to that. Stroke his hair or rub the back of his neck. Hold his other hand and interlock your fingers. One other hot move is to slide your hand up his sleeve and just run your fingertips over his forearm. Feeling your fingertips on MY skin drove me wild. Dude, Coley-Poley, the way you kiss, and the way you moan. Fuck! I’m gonna cum again!” After a few tugs, I watch him land a couple more squirts in his mouth and clean himself up again with his fingers and tongue. “You finished?” I giggle. “Yeah,” he says, taking some deep breaths with a big, satisfied smile. Jeffers is one horny fuck. He needs a guy so badly to give him the attention he needs. “I hope you find a boyfriend soon,” I say softly to Jeffers. He just stares back at me with a smile. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you’d like to see what I think Cole and Jeffers look like, email me your thoughts on the story at ail and I will send you G-rated pics. Check out my other stories on : Backdoor Slider: fty//gay/athletics/backdoor-slider/ Mason in the Center: fty//gay/incest/mason-in-the-center/ We Have the Summer: fty//gay/incest/we-have-the-summer/

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