Dreaming Ch. 01


I woke up at 9:40 am one Friday morning. It was late for me; I typically wake anytime between 6 and 8. I yawned and stretched in bed. I ran my right hand through my brown hair which wasn’t short, but not really long either. It was a Justin Beiber haircut truly. However, my hair sort of grows to the right; perhaps this is because of the years my right hand stoked it to that side. When I use my left hand it feels weird.

I looked out of the window to check out the weather and screamed when I found an earwig. Lately, there have been an abundance of earwigs by my bedroom window. If I left the window open for a few hours, when I returned I was almost guaranteed a bug or two sitting right where the window should close. I silently screamed; the force and emotion in my voice still showed me to be scared and frightened however, the volume was that of a loud whisper.

I grabbed an unused small flashcard and began to touch the bug, trying to encourage him out of the window. I hate killing bugs; in fact I don’t really like it when anything dies. I used to enjoy playing games like Grand Theft Auto but stopped because I felt guilty when I killed a character. I shoved the earwig closer to the window’s opening hoping he would leave soon. I was standing a bit away from the window, not wanting to be closer than I had to be to the creature. I was off balance when I reached over at one point and tripped slightly. I gave another short, silent scream. “Did I kill the earwig?” I thought rapidly after I regained composure. I couldn’t see him; where did he go?

I looked on the floor, on the window sill, the wall. Then, I checked the flashcard and there he was. bursa evi olan escort I sighed a great sigh of relief. My brown eyes went from tensed to relaxed when I rediscovered the bug’s location. But then, they quickly reverted for the bug began to crawl to me. I was 2 cm away from my index when I threw him out of the window on the top floor of my two story house. I wondered for a while if he would survive the fall. Hopefully, he would. I closed the window and saw that it was raining. I love the rain! I live in Ireland, so it rains here almost every week.

I began a naked walk from bedroom to bathroom and brought a towel. My shower in the morning was something I looked forward to; it was a vital necessity for a good day. During my shower, as I rubbed lynx into my flat, white stomach, my cock began to harden. I forgot about it when I saw the insect. I love to jerk off in the shower; I reached down and lightly, slowly, pulled back my foreskin. I could feel the water gently pass over my sensitive head. I was extremely hard now. With closed eyes, I imagined him. He was the man in my wet dreams, the man who made me moan every time I thought of him. This time was no different and I was glad the sounds of the cascading shower overwhelmed my own call of pleasure.

The man was about a foot taller than my 5ft5 frame and stockier too. His chest was lightly dusted with hair. He had the most beautiful blue eyes and his brown hair was shorter than mine. When I met him, he almost always had a powerful black designer suit on. He smelled like he was wearing the most expensive cologne on the market, however, after sex, when he is sweaty, altıparmak escort he smells manly and musky.

We were in a public bathroom. I was at the urinal, relieving myself and that was when I noticed him. He came over and stood right next to me. I looked at him in his eyes, his beautiful eyes. As I finished, I reached down to shake my cock and that was when he made his first move. “Get in the stall nearest the door, now.” His voice was magical. It wasn’t rough today or angry, but even if I wasn’t willing to do whatever he wanted, I could tell he meant business.

Not wanting to anger my man anymore, I simply walked into the stall obligingly. There, I waited. He came soon enough to me. His fly was still down and he carried and obvious bulge. “Are you ready to suck my dick, twink?” he asked. We both knew it was rhetorical. His cocky attitude got me off; I love men in charge. I got down to my knees and reached into his pants, through his fly. I pulled his cock through and stroked it to full hardness. He had an amazing 9″ cock. The base had just the right amount of pubic hair. My cock was a much more average 5″. I reached into my own pants and began to wank as I pleasured this God of a man.

I let my tongue lick over the head, just the head. It was all very slow. I was still stroking the shaft and as I would let my tongue wash his cock head, I would pull back the foreskin. He tasted delicious. He moaned when I touched his with my tongue so I knew he was enjoying it. His hands ran through my hair and roughly took hold of my head. I let go of my grip of his with my hand and I put him into my mouth.

“Ah, fuck!” he cried. “Yes!”

My head bobbed on his manly cock. With one hand on my own cock, the other played with his balls. “Suck my cock, you fucking slut!” he roared!

For a moment, I thought someone my hear him; he was being so loud. Then, I thought, do I really care? I didn’t. I continued to orally please this Adonis.

He tore his cock from my mouth and slapped it against my face. “Oh yeah! You’re a dirty cunt!” his filthy mouth turned me on so much! Roughly, he shoved his cock back in my mouth and fucked me. He was getting so rough with me, I loved it.

“Do you want my cum, bitch? Huh, do you?” He took his cock out of my mouth and slapped my face. “Yes, I want it!” I screamed!

“Then say what I want to hear?” The authority in his voice was frightening, and so erotic.

I knew what he wanted me to say. I said it in all of our encounters. I was close to blowing my load too. He looked fiercely at me in my eyes. I could see anger there, definitely. Lust, obviously.

“Go on, tell me!” he roared! He slapped me again.


His cum shot all over my face. Some went into my mouth and the rest washed over my visage. I came too, leaving a stain I didn’t care about on my pants. The cum tasted tangy but so good. I lived for his cum.

Then I woke up from my daydream and shot an enormous load in the shower. I screamed while I ejaculated. With my right hand on my cock, wildly stroking, my other hand grasped my hair.

I wish I could meet a man like that for real, I thought as I rinsed my body clean of the evidence of masturbation. I made extra sure I cleaned myself thoroughly as I was getting ready for an interview at a restaurant. I needed the money badly so I was putting huge amounts of effort into my appearance.

When I got at the interview, you will never guess who I saw? Let me know what you think!

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