Dreams Do Come True


He had been looking forward to get into the pool soon. It made him feel weightless and let him forget about his legs not working.

He was in his swim shorts, his skinny legs side by side with his feet placed on the single foot rest of his wheelchair as he pushed his rims and wheeled out from the changing rooms into the pool area. The pool was not too busy that afternoon and only some patrons were swimming laps or enjoying the water. He didn’t have time to look around too much because he had to find the best place to enter the pool. He wheeled along the pool to get to the chair he could use to get into the pool. It was some type of simple plastic chair he could use to roll into the pool and also not have to use his regular wheelchair right after he was done.

He reached the pool chair provided for this and looked over the pool for a moment when he spotted her, a redhead apparently swimming laps in the pool. He saw her long red hair was braided in a single tail draping down over the side as she was swimming. Her nicely shaped ass kept breaking the water as she swam along in quick strides and he got glimpses of the pale skin of her ass.

The redhead had spotted him as soon as he had wheeled into the pool. She had keen senses when it came to those things, because men in wheelchairs interested her very much and had an extraordinary effect on her, one that made her loins tingle with excitement and one that made her heart beat quickly. To her, those men were perfect and her ultimate fantasy, those men were the ones she fantasized about when she touched herself, or even when she was with other men who still had working legs.

He was getting ready to transfer into the pool entry chair provided by the pool when he saw how she swam over to the side opposite of where he was at, and she held herself with both arms to the side of the pool, letting her legs float in the water and watching him from under the red wet strands of her bangs. She was across from him watching very closely his transfer and feeling the all familiar tickle in her loins.

He was on the pool chair and just as he was drifted about half way down the ramp into the pool, he was surprised when she came swimming over and smiled at him.

He met her eyes and she asked softly, “Is there anything I can help you with?”

He smiled at her, “I think I got it.”

She didn’t leave though and instead watched him curiously as he slid forward on the pool chair and was able to grab the side of the pool and with one hand, he pulled himself from the plastic chair and floated to the side of the pool under her observant eyes.

He smiled at her and she smiled back at him and said, “I’ve never seen you in here before.”

“This is the first time I’ve come out to this pool; I usually go to another one.”

She drifted back into the water and he saw the humps of her tits dip up and down in the water.

She smiled, “Well, I’m glad you chose this pool today. I come here about three times a week to swim laps. I hope to see you around.”

She wasn’t bad looking, maybe a bit older than him but definitely attractive. Her braid was hanging over her shoulder and over her left tit. She found him attractive as well, he had a sexy smirk about him and

his paralyzed body interested her very much.

She then offered softly, “Well, if you need help with anything, I’m happy to do so. Just call out to me.”

He nodded and smiled, holding on to the side of the pool watching her as she swam away on her back keeping her eyes on him for a moment longer.

He watched as she swam back and forth in the pool and was holding on to the side of the pool, just enjoying the water and the weightlessness.

As he was drifting along the side, his shorts were so lose on his hips, they were about to come down. eskişehir escort

Just then she passed by him again and he smiled and she asked, “You okay?”

“Well, since you’re asking – if you could maybe do up my shorts for me, because they’re about to fall off me?”

She floated over to him with a smirk, “Of course.”

She was right there by him now and right in front of him. He actually saw the freckles on her skin and she leaned down some to reach his shorts. They were hanging lose on his hips and she arranged them and tried to tie them to him better. At the same time, she kept her eyes on him when he all the sudden felt her hand on his cock. She looked directly at him, scanning him for a reaction because she didn’t expect him to feel her hand on his manhood.

She then smiled, “You could just as well take your shorts off.”

He bit his lips with a smirk and shook his head, “I’d rather leave them on because it’s too difficult to put them back on when I’ve to get out of the pool.”

She tilted her head, “I can help you with that as well.”

He couldn’t help wink at her. It sounded very good to him that she would do those things for him, help him pull his shorts off and maybe put them on again later. His cock definitely still communicated with him as it swelled and raised up. She hadn’t waited for his reply but was already done with undoing the string on his shorts and with her thumbs on either side, she slowly pushed his shorts over his bony hips and she seemed surprised when the waist band got caught on his erection, but she didn’t stop and pulled it over and the waist band pushed his hard cock down and let it spring up again, slightly poking her belly button and its head grazing over her stomach.

She opened her eyes wide and tilted her head looking at him questioning, apparently surprised at the sensation he obviously still had.

His face flushed slightly and he quickly moved his one hand down and tried to push his cock out of the way, apologizing to her, “Sorry, sometimes I can’t control it. I’ve only so much control over it. It just happens.”

She licked her lips and smiled, “No worries, it’s natural, especially in this environment.”

She paused and softly touched his arm, then added very lowly and close to his face, “I can help you with that as well.”

He was surprised, but laughed while still holding his hard cock under the water, “It probably won’t take much.”

She now let her one hand go under water. She grabbed his hand and pulled it away from his erection and he felt her grip around his hard on. He held himself with both arms on the side of the pool watching her and letting his eyes scan over her wet face and down to her cleavage, her tits held in a small bathing suit top.

She was gently rubbing his hard cock under the water and he saw how her nipples under her bathing suit were sticking out now. He was surprised when she quickly undid her top but kept herself right under the surface of the water where no one could see but him. She came closer to him and her nipples touched his chest as she was still running her hand up and down his cock, and also let her hand cup his balls and massaged them gently.

His breathing came quicker and she entangled her legs with his legs.

She leaned in on him and whispered, “You can touch me too if you want.”

The water was softly splashing around them and she let her tongue flick his ear for a split second and then whispered into his ear, “You’re so bad, getting a hard on in the pool and letting me do this to you.”

He felt chills on his arms as he felt her hot breath on his ear, and then her tongue flicking his neck and she whispered again, “You know you’re fucking hot all paralyzed and I’m surprised you can still get hard like escort eskişehir this. You’re making me crazy and I know I got wet watching you transfer from your wheelchair a while ago.”

And while she said this, she kept rubbing his erection. He felt his arousal come on stronger and moved his one hand down behind her, grabbing her tight ass forcefully and pulling her to him more. She had her legs entwined with his skinny legs and felt her own excitement heighten. He then brought his hand around to her frontside and let his fingers reach her pussy and opened her pussy lips feeling her girl parts out and flicking her clit for a moment. Even in the water her pussy felt warm on his fingers.

She then leaned in to him again and hushed into his ear, “Do you want to finish off inside of me?”

He felt her two fingers right at the base of his swollen cock and he needed it and wanted her to keep doing this. The blood collected in his hard cock and made it swell up even more and his breaths came quicker as he looked around and barely managed to say, “Yes.”

She now let herself down some and connected her throbbing pussy with his hard cock under water. He felt his body react with all the warmth around his cock and her pussy attached to him now. He knew he would come hard if he moved and so he tried to be still and just took it all in. She pushed herself all the way down onto his erection and kept his legs from floating around with her legs wrapped around them. His balls were floating and as she was all the way down on him, his balls made contact with her pussy as they floated upward.

They were both breathing quicker and she looked at him as she let herself up and down gently on his hard cock. Both were trying to contain their arousal so not to let anyone in the pool see what they were actually doing in the corner. And while she rode him gently, she let her eyes travel from his face to his wheelchair parked on the side of the pool and she felt his legs with her legs and her heart was racing inside her chest. He saw her tits appear right on the surface of the water as she took quick breaths and as she moved downward again, they disappeared under water again.

He was surprised when she suddenly detached herself from him for a moment and turned around, pushing her backside against his body. He leaned in slightly, his curved back aligning with her body and she helped push his cock into her pussy from behind. He was holding her to him with one arm as she basically sat on his cock and started moving her hips from side to side, moving his hard cock inside her soaked pussy. He moved his hand down to her front, holding her to him but at the same time he reached her clit and flicked it with his fingers, and rubbing around it with his hand making her jolt and squirm as she felt her arousal increase quickly, her body charged with longing and needing the release very soon.

But he was not all the way ready to let it go yet as he enjoyed her movements on him.

He moved his hand up again and she turned to him and said under quick breaths, “Pull me up.”

He grabbed her red and wet braided ponytail and quickly wrapped it around his wrist and pulled her head back slightly, forcing her to arch her back. He used the weightlessness of the water and her body to steady himself, giving him more control to slide in and out of her pussy. He was able to move faster and give it to her harder than if he would be in a bed or in his wheelchair.

While he was moving inside her, she thought about him in his wheelchair and it excited her even more. With all the motion he suddenly slipped out of her pussy and almost poked her asshole.

He laughed softly into her ear and apologized, “Fuck, I’m sorry.”

She hushed tensely, “Don’t be sorry, just finish me eskişehir escort bayan off already. I need it for fucks sake.”

He now wanted to follow through and was toying with the idea to push into her asshole with his cock. He pressed the head of his cock against her hole and tried to push in but it wasn’t that easy and he got a little frustrated because he was almost ready for his own release. She reached her hand around and grabbed his cock guiding it to her asshole and with the help of her finger, she helped him push in.

The sensation was different now, so much tighter than a pussy around his cock and he swallowed and looked up to the swimming pool ceiling for a moment taking in the moment of lust.

He was not able to move too fast inside her tight asshole and with his hand he reached around to her clit, massaging it, as his whole body was covered with chills. She kept from moaning too loud as his cock completely filled out her asshole and made her legs shake under water. She thought about him in his wheelchair again and she thought about his paralyzed legs because that was what she liked so much. She then focused back on him behind her with his cock inside her ass. He could barely breathe, his cock was held in the merciless grip of her asshole, stuffing it and hard as a rock inside there. He gently moved behind her and she did the same as he felt his whole body charged with the pressure embracing his cock.

With his hand he still flicked her clit and felt her pussy as he all the sudden seemingly felt all his insides race into his cock and unloading it all inside her ass hole. She tensed up at the sensation, wrapping her legs even tighter around his legs and she trembled and tried to keep her moans low as she came hard with him inside her ass. A warm sensation inside of her let her know that he had actually also come hard inside her and she smiled as she let her orgasm subside, enjoying the warm feeling of lust fade away into a relaxed state of mind. He held her to him still and she was connected with his body right next to her. He kissed her shoulder and her skin tasted good.

He had chills all over his body; having come inside her ass had been amazing and he had enjoyed it very much.

They detached their intertwined bodies and she turned around and they looked at each other and smiled.

His shorts and her bikini were still on the side of the pool and he glanced over at his shorts, “Are you going to help me put them back on now?”

And she bit her lips with a smile, “Gladly, of course.”

He smirked and he then remarked, “This was really good. It was definitely the perfect day at the pool. I think I like coming in this pool from now on.”

And he emphasized on the “coming in” and they laughed together and she replied, “I’m here Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays usually around one o’clock.”

He nodded, “All right, I will put in my calendar.”

She then moved close to him again and whispered into his ear, “I really like that you’re in a wheelchair by the way. It’s very hot to me.”

He nodded again, “Good, you’ll see me in it many more times.”

She then planted a quick kiss on his cheek and then fetched his shorts off the side of the pool and she did help him into them and he let her because he liked it. He helped her tie the string on her bikini top and watched how under water she slipped into the bikini bottoms again.

They smiled at each other once more and as she floated away, she said, “I’ll see you on Friday for your pool time.”

He nodded and laughed and watched her drift away from him through the pool, her braided pony tail floating next to her on the water. For a little while he watched her and when he finally was ready to leave, her eyes were fixed on him as she watched from across the pool every move he made as he transferred into his wheelchair and as he pushed the rims and rolled away, throwing another quick glance over at her and looking forward to see her again sometime.

She couldn’t wait for the next time at the pool with him and she imagined many other places with him in the same way.

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