Subject: Dude’s Day with Dad, Chapter 1: Tricking Mr. C WARNING. This story contains sexually oriented adult material. This includes sexual relations between adults and minors. All this has no basis in truth and is all fictional. Author does not condone of any illegal activities as this is purely for fantasy. Feedback and comments welcome ook Copyright 2022 Dude’s Day with Dad, Chapter 1: Tricking Mr. C Jonathan and I had been best friends since the 1st grade. He turned 17, just a few months before me, and we had just started junior year in high school, Jonathan on the wrestling team and me on the crew team. Growing up, we were inseparable, spending almost every weekend together at his or my house. We were both only children, so basically became brothers, and our parents treated us accordingly. Our dads were buddies, so it was never an issue for one of us to be at the other’s house. Once we hit puberty, both at age 12, we were obsessed with all things sex. First, it was nude pictures of chicks, especially ones with big tits, then it was guy/girl porn. As soon one of us would arrive at the other’s house, we’d bolt to the bedroom, shut the door, and pull out whatever treasures we had each gathered to share late into the night. We soon started jacking off next to each other, watching whatever porn clip we had found that day. Eventually, we were curious to see what another person’s hand would feel like jacking off, and after a year of jacking each other off, we went through the same experiment with our mouths. Eventually, after coyly referencing how huge the guys’ dicks were in the porns we were watching, we came to the realization we were both bi. We both had girlfriends pretty constantly, and at school, we were the straight jocks nobody knew were into guys on the side. We always tell each other everything we do with chicks, and had even had a couple three-ways with girls. But in terms of guys, we had only played with each other. But after getting to high school, and recently starting to drive, we were getting hornier and hornier for some action with another guy. One Saturday night, when we were watching some m/m/f porn, we started chatting about what our “type” of guy is. Turns out, we both have a thing for attractive older men, and that includes each other’s dad. Jonathan’s dad, Chase, or “Mr. C” as I called him, was a walking definition of a DILF. He was 40 years old, tanned olive skin, black hair but starting to get the salt and pepper look, including the short stubble on his face, and his best feature was an amazing jock body. He was a rugby player through college and still played with some local guys, most of them 10 years his junior. With his thick legs, burly chest and arms and deep as shit voice, he exuded masculinity. I can’t remember the first time he made my dick twitch, but it was hard for my teenage dick not to get rock hard every time I saw him. My dad was also a collegiate athlete, so naturally, Jonathan and I have debates over whose dad is the hottest. Jonathan and I were close enough that I could freely remind him how hot I thought his dad was. I think he kind of liked it. Jonathan’s mom is a lawyer, so she travels all the time. Whenever she’s gone, Mr. C will jokingly declare a “dude’s day,” which means we can all walk around the house shirtless and in just gym shorts or even boxer briefs, burp, fart, watch stupid movies, swim nude, and do all the other bro shit that moms would never put up with. Things were quite conservative at my house, so I naturally jumped at the chance to stay over at Jonathan’s house for any dude’s day. Not only is it liberating to hang out with a couple masculine dudes, but I also get to see Mr. C’s chest and abs, and he rarely wears underwear under his tight-fitting shorts, so I usually get to see an outline of his dad cock. It was Friday after practice, and I headed over to Jonathan’s for a whole dude’s weekend. I was pumped. Jonathan answers the door with his wrestling singlet pulled down to his waist, showing off his smooth ripped chest and the spandex tightly outlining his package and thick thighs he gets from Mr. C. “Come on in, man. Dad’s not home from work yet” he said. “Nice. I’m horny as fuck, bro, and I didn’t take a shower after practice, so we got time to hop in the shower,” I said as I walked in past him and gave a brief grab of his package that was already straining through the stretchy fabric. “Fuck yeah, man, let’s go” as we both darted up the stairs to his room. We both threw our clothes off as we were walking into his room and to his own bathroom, not bothering to close the bedroom door. We were both rock hard by the time we got under the hot running water. He didn’t hesitate to go right to one of my nipples with his mouth, gently biting, knowing that got me so fucking hard. He then went down to my throbbing cock and took the whole thing. We had both practiced technique on each other and were expert deep throaters by now, as both of our cocks were about 7.5 inches. It didn’t take me long to shoot. I’m a pretty loud cummer and didn’t hold back this time. As soon as I caught my breath, I got on my knees and returned the favor, until I was swallowing that sweet load I had tasted so many times. Jonathan saw me get hard and again and asked if I wanted another round. “Nah, bro, later though.” After we şişli travesti washed up, we toweled off and I grabbed my bag to find my shorts. Knowing this was a dude’s weekend, I intentionally brought my tightest and shortest shorts to throw on. “Damn, dude, did those shorts shrink or you just hitting a growth spurt there?” Jonathan commented as I pulled them up and tucked my dick in. Mission accomplished. We went downstairs, not expecting to see Mr. C in the kitchen, shirtless and in a pair of gym shorts. Fuck, his bedroom is right past Jonathan’s, so he would have had to walk past the open bedroom door while we were in the shower, and I was screaming pretty loud while cumming. “Hey, boys, you get all clean and washed up?” Mr. C said with what I thought was a bit of a smirk. “Yeah, dad, didn’t hear you come in. You’re home early, you get fired or something?” Jonathan joked. “Nah, I just ducked out early. Got excited for dude’s weekend with my two sons”, he replied. Jonathan’s parents frequently referred to me as their son and a member of their family, and mine did the same. I just wish he did it more. Mr. C had already popped open a bottled of beer and took a swig. “So how ’bout we get it started and you pass us some cold brewskis”, Jonathan said in what he knew was a futile attempt. “Maybe when you finally grow some hair on your chest,” Mr. C shot back jokingly. Mr. C had the perfect amount of dark hair on his chest and leading down his abs, but not too much to where it hid the definition of his muscles. Jonathan, on the other hand, was naturally smooth. “I guess that means I qualify,” I joked and ran my hands up and down my chest that had a similar pattern of dark hair as Mr. C. Jonathan didn’t hesitate to chime in, “hey, bros, I’ve got hair where it matters,” pulling down his shorts to show his pubes and the base of his dick. It usually only took about 30 mins for a dick flashing to happen during a dude’s day, so this was par for the course. Mr. C laughed both of us off and said maybe after dinner. Sometimes he’d let us have a beer during a movie if we were staying in, and it’s pretty obvious he knew we raided the fridge after he went to his bedroom. He was a pretty laidback dad. Rules weren’t so loose in my house. We ordered a pizza and while watching a movie, he let each of us have two beers. During the movie, Mr. C would occasionally look over at Jonathan and me and give the kind of dad smile that makes you feel warm and comfortable but at the same time horny as fuck. His left hand was wedged into the band of his tight shorts most of the time. I did the same. After the movie, Jonathan and I retreated to his room, and Mr. C went to his office down the hall. In his room, Jonathan recounted fucking his sort of girlfriend in his car during lunch. I was impressed, as he’s not usually up for some bold public scenes. We were both hard, and slowing yanking on our dicks. After a while, I suggested I go grab a few beers from the kitchen. Jonathan agreed. He stayed behind, flipping through his phone. I walked out of Jonathan’s room quietly, not knowing if Mr. C was in his room next door, and made it to the kitchen. I saw the light from Mr. C’s office down from the kitchen, so I slowly walked that way and peered into the open door. Mr. C was on his computer, back to me and still shirtless. I could see over his shoulder that he was chatting on a swingers website, but couldn’t make out exactly what he was typing. I could tell that it must have got him worked up, because he was reaching down and rubbing his dick frequently as he typed. I tip toed back to the kitchen, grabbed a couple beers and ran back upstairs to Jonathan’s room. “Dude, you’re never going to believe this….your dad is chatting on a swingers website.” I declared, shutting the door behind me. “Fuck off, bro. You’re just fantasizing about my dad and watching too much porn.” He replied. “Scouts honor, dead serious” I said, as I made the scout’s pledge symbol with one hand and grabbed my dick through my shorts with the other. “Damn, man. I knew everyone hit on my dad, but didn’t realize he was playing the field,” Jonathan muttered. “Dude, let’s get on the site and chat with him, pretending to be a girl/guy couple, and we can see whether he’s just chatting for shit or actually doing anything.” I said, already hatching a plan in my head. “um…ok…sure” he said. So we went onto the site that he was on and created a profile of a guy/girl couple looking for a third. We downloaded some pic of a chick with big tits for the profile pic, then went live. It was pretty quick to find Mr. C’s profile even though it was just a chest pic, I’d recognize those nipples anywhere. I smiled when I saw in his profile that he said he had two teenage athlete sons. “Let me type,” I told Jonathan, as I could tell he was a little stunned by the idea his dad was cheating on his mom. I wasn’t. The guy was a stud and deserved to be worshipped. “Hey there, sexy. M/F married couple here. Looking for anon first time with a third.” I typed and then waited for a response for what seemed like 30 mins. “Uh, hey there. Married dad here. Kinda new to this, but horny AF” was the reply we got from the chest we both knew to be Mr. C. I was rock hard at this point, and Jonathan leaned in when he saw the response. beylikdüzü travesti “What now?” he asked. I proceeded with the plan I had already formulated in my head. I typed “Nice, daddy. So, listen, my husband and I are pretty new to this, but we’re looking to act out a fantasy. Your profile says “kink”, so maybe you’re up for it..I really want to suck a huge cock with him, but it’s his first time and he’s nervous, so we want to do an anon gloryhole with a masculine hung guy. Is that something you’d be up for helping us out with?” Jonathan looked at me like I was a crazy person, but stared at the screen for the response, which took about 5 mins. “Wow, that actually sounds kinda hot. Love getting my dick sucked, especially by two people at the same time, and my wife’s out of town for 5 days, so I’m needing some attention.” Mr. C responded. “Dude, is it just me, or does that mean your dad has already had two mouths on his dick??” I looked at Jonathan, who looked blankly at me, but then stared at the screen for what I was going to type back. I also noticed he was hard as a rock. I decided to go for it, so I typed back, “Perfect. We’re looking for a masculine top stud who needs to be serviced. Can you show us what you’re packing?” “What the fuck, dude!?” Jonathan turned to me. I told him that I have an idea, and it’s hot as shit, but he needs to be open minded. He gave me a look, which I interpreted as permission to keep this going. I knew him well enough that he’d be into it. A message then popped up and it as a pic of Mr. C’s fully hard dick, from what appeared to be taken while sitting in his office chair where I just saw him. It had to be like 9 or 10 inches and thick. I had seen his soft dick in the locker room when the three of us were working out, but never seen it hard like this. I immediately started leaking precum. “Damn, bro, we gotta get some of that daddy dick” I turned to Jonathan, who was as fixated on the dick pick as I was. “You up for it?” I asked, and he just nodded to me. As “Raquel”, I responded to Mr. C that my “husband” and I wanted to suck his massive dick through a glory hole, and that we’d set it up in a nearby hotel at 2pm the next day. He agreed. “Holy shit, dude, this is actually happening!” I said to Jonathan. It took him a while to process that, while I had set this up as a girl and a guy behind the sheet glory hole, it was going to be him and me. While his face showed some apprehension, his dick was rock hard, so I could tell he was up for it. We signed off on the site and then crawled into bed, both naked, as we usually did together. We finished each other off before falling asleep, our usual pattern. The next morning, I woke up before Jonathan and went downstairs for some coffee, still groggy. Mr. C was in the kitchen making some eggs, wearing only his red briefs, which showed off his amazing ass from the back, and his huge package from the front. I was just wearing some blue boxer briefs and was semi-hard with some morning wood. “Morning, Mr. C,” I greeted, walking toward the coffee pot, rubbing my eyes and stretching. “Morning, son,” Mr. C responded, tapping me firmly on the ass as I walked by. “You know, during dude’s weekend, you can call me dad or just Chase.” He’d never said that to me be before, so I wasn’t sure how to respond. “Um, I’ve always thought of you as a dad figure, so is it cool if I call you that, Mr. C?” I responded, now sitting on a stool at the bar watching him cook eggs in his tight red briefs. “Of course, son. So, how’s things with your girlfriend, Jessica, is it, or Cindy, Jane, or Thelma??” he jokingly asked, knowing I don’t stick with the same chick very long. “We’re not that serious, but it’s ok.” I responded. He turned around, revealing his impressive package covered in red stretched cloth and wielding a spatula that would serve better purposes. “Trouble in paradise, son?” he joked. “I don’t know, dad, it’s a little embarrassing.” I replied. He leaned over the kitchen counter and grabbed my shoulder with a comforting look, “It’s ok, son, you can tell me. I won’t tell anyone else. Your dad and I are buddies, but dude’s day rules trump that, and the bro code stands…no squealing on each other outside this house.” He smiled, gave a gentle slap on the side of my face and then turned back to the eggs. Enjoying the opportunity to talk to a real adult that’s not my own father, I replied, “To be honest, I’m so busy with school, and then crew, and then homework, sometimes I just want a really good blowjob to release some tension, but Jessica isn’t really into it, and when she is, it’s not that good.” I muttered and then looked at his facial expression for a response. Seeing none, I immediately, said, “um, shit, sorry, that’s not something I should have brought up. Forget it.” I totally felt like I had overstepped and blown everything. Mr. C walked toward me and grabbed my neck with both hands and looked me straight in the eyes, “Look, son, you’re getting to be a man that has sexual needs that need to be satisfied. I was a jock like you in high school, and it’s tough to find someone that can satisfy all those needs while you’re keeping up with your training, but it’s important that you do. Shit, man, with the amount of testosterone flowing through those veins, you gotta take istanbul travesti advantage of that,” he said with a grin. I was rock hard under the kitchen counter, but he couldn’t see. Jonathan eventually woke up and stumbled downstairs completely naked. Was hot seeing dad and son standing next to each other, both smokin hot. “Still got some growing to do,” Mr. C quipped and gentle smacked Jonathan in the balls with the back of his hand. Jonathan brushed it off as the usual dad/son banter in the morning. I was eating it up. Knowing that we had established the glory hole time at 2pm, I intentionally asked Mr. C if he wanted to come run stadiums with us at 1:30 at the high school. Not surprisingly, he declined and said he had to run some errands. My plan was working. About 1pm, I was coming back to Jonathan’s room after grabbing a snack in the kitchen and I heard Mr. C yelling for Jonathan to bring him a clean towel. Jonathan didn’t hear it, so I jumped at the chance, grabbing a towel from the laundry room and running into Mr. C’s bedroom. As I walked into Mr. C’s bathroom, I could see Mr. C soaking wet in the full glass enclosure, him not making any effort to cover up any part of his body. He was glistening from head to toe, with the water running down his perfectly hairy chest and abdomen to his soft cut cock that had to be 8 inches soft in the shower. “Oh, hey, Mr. C, I heard you calling for a clean towel, so I brought you one,” I muttered as I walked in and couldn’t take my eyes off his chest and cock. He still didn’t make any attempt to cover up as he opened the shower door, stepped out and started to towel off. He had that locker room confidence that made him so magnetic. “Thanks, son. Looks like you’re giving me a run for the money there with that chest and those arms” “I’m trying, dad,” as I tried to flex in front of him, “but have a ways to go down in that department” (nodding to his dick). “Nothing to be ashamed of, son, you’re on the right track.” He said as he continued to towel himself off right in front of me. I was loving how much he was calling me son. “My, uh, other dad’s bigger than me too,” I replied. “Shit, I’ve seen Tom’s dick and he’s bigger than me,” Mr. C joked. At that point, Mr. C was done drying off and he threw the towel over his shoulder and walked past me, patting me on the lower back. I walked out after taking in another gaze at his gorgeous smooth ass, and headed back up to Jonathan’s room to get ready. “Hey, dad, we’re heading out to work out. See you later!!” Jonathan yelled as we headed to the hotel with a sheet, scissors and some tape. He was shaking like a motherfucker. We checked into to hotel using the expired ID from the senior on the wrestling team that looked remotely like Jonathan, hanging the sheet over the bathroom door and cutting a hole for his dad’s dick. “You up for this??” I asked Jonathan, and he replied a non-convincing “Yeah, I think so. You think he’s actually going to show?” 1:55pm arrived, and Mr. C messaged “Raquel” that he was parked and ready to come in. I propped the door open, turned off most of the lights, and Jonathan and I went into the bathroom behind the sheet, waiting for Mr. C to enter. He soon came in and walked over to the sheet, pulled his pants and red briefs (the same I had seen in the kitchen) down, and put his massive dick through the hole. He was already hard, and just as huge as the picture he sent the night before. He was thicker and longer than Jonathan, with a throbbing big mushroom head. Jonathan was a bit shell-shocked, so I took his cock into my mouth and it was as glorious as I had imagined”. I kept sucking his thick uncut cock, running my tongue around his head, but then Jonathan leaned in and started licking his dad’s hard cock as well. Mr. C was moaning deeply. “Oh fuck, yeah, suck that married daddy dick.” That voice, so sexy. Then, I came off of it and Jonathan took it all the way in while I went for Mr. C’s shaved balls. Each of us had only deepthroated each other’s dick, so Mr. C’s was a challenge, but we both managed to get almost all the way down to the base. He was going nuts. “Shit, you two are fucking amazing. You need to teach my wife how to service this cock like it deserves.” At this point, we were both making out with each other, my eyes locked with Jonathan’s, with his dad’s dick in between our mouths. It was pure ecstasy, and we were both hard, having pulled our cocks out and jacking. Mr. C started moaning louder and his hips started thrusting forward. I could tell he was getting close and that two mouths making out on his cock was pushing him over the edge. “You want that fucking dad cum, don’t you, cocksluts?!” he said, just as he started blowing a huge load, which Jonathan and I both tried to capture as much in our mouths as possible. I gently grabbed his cock, which was still throbbing, and squeezed from the base to the tip to get out the last drops of cum to lick off with my tongue. Mr. C’s cum tasted exactly like his son’s. “Atta girl, get every last drop. Unless that’s your man, I can’t tell which mouth is which, but you’re both fucking expert cocksuckers.” After he caught his breath, Mr. C pulled his cock out of the hole and we could hear the door close behind him after he got dressed. Jonathan and I just looked at each other with a “did that just fucking happen?” look on our faces. We both leaned forward to make out with Mr. C’s cum still coating our mouths. It didn’t take long for us to bust a huge load on the bathroom floor. We got dressed and headed back to Jonathan’s house. To be continued….

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