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EatingEatingToday is the day where we want to meet, you are ringing on the door and I open it. As greetings we kiss. Then we talk and watch a film. For that we are laying on the couch and you have your hand on my leg and my arm is around your shoulder.The film is a kind of romantic comedy with a lot of kissing. During the watching your hand is wandering up and down my leg and remains on my dick and my hand is wandering down to your breasts and is knead it a bit. Then we kiss smoothly and we take off our shirts and I continue with your breasts. Then I take off your trouser and continue kissing between şişli escort your legs, and use my tongue to push your panty aside then I insert my tongue in your pussy and lick smoothly during this I work your tits with my hands and turn your nipples a bit.We continue playing with each other for a more than half an hour.Now we got a little hungry and so we go to the kitchen and began to make the eating. But we both wear only our trousers and we are naked on the rest of the body. As you are stirring in the pot I walk behind you and avcılar escort lay my arms around your belly and your breasts. And I kiss your neck from behind. You are groaning for pleasure and press your body to mine. And you want to touch me with your hand but there is something of the food on it and you briber the cream on my cheek. You turn round and kiss the cream of my cheek and I bring now some of the cream to your breasts and then I kiss it away from there. Now you grab my dick and play with it, give him a massage and just rub it.I become so horny, that I pull şirinevler escort of your trouser immediately and lay you on the ground bring the cream and the chocolate all over your body. And then I kiss and lick it away and bring first my tongue in your pussy and then two of my fingers, then I work your pussy very hard.Now I pull of my trouser and I fuck you with my very hard dick as deep as I can and you are groaning for pleasure again. And you are screaming very loud so I kiss your mouth to shut it.Now we go to the shower to clean us. As we are in the shower and I see your back I push you against the wall and knead your breasts and bring my dick behind your ass and then I fuck you from behind and then in your ass. After the shower fuck we go out and make us dry with a towel where I work your breasts and ones again.After that we are a little exhausted and do the eating. All naked.It is my first try, so please comment.

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