Ebony Seduction Ch. 10


Saturday dawned and I woke to the familiar feeling of Keisha’s nude form pressed against me, her arm draped over my stomach. I just laid there for a few minutes, enjoying the sounds and smells of the Hawaiian morning breezing in through the screen door. I giggled silently at the thought of trying that trick of sleeping with the windows open back in Boston, waking up freezing cold to the sounds of blaring car horns. Letting my mind wander, thoughts of spending the rest of my life in paradise with my love caused me to wistfully sigh. I wasn’t “never work again” wealthy but I did have a sizable bank account and could easily sell my place. It was something to think about. Maybe I would discuss it later with Keisha. Feeling her stir in her sleep next to me brought me out of my reverie. Turning my head, I kissed her eyelids gently causing her to smile before I did my best not to wake her as I got up and headed to the bathroom..

After a quick shower, I finished my morning routine before throwing on a pair of shorts and a tee shirt, slipping on my sandals and heading downstairs to pick up some breakfast for us. As I was waiting for the order to be filled, I saw Lani heading my way. She motioned me over to the ladies washroom and after we touched cheeks, she and I hashed out the details for the night’s party. There wasn’t anyone else in here with us so I guess Lani decided to take a chance. She smiled as she tentatively reached out and lightly brushed her hands down my chest, feeling my braless tits through the thin shirt I was wearing. I leaned in and kissed her hard on the mouth, our tongues briefly touching, before we both pulled back, looking into each other’s eyes. She looked down and giggled at the sight of my now hardened nipples poking out before giving me a wink and heading out the door.

I stayed in the washroom for a couple of minutes, taking deep breaths and doing my best to calm down before walking out and picking up my order, then making my way back to the room. Keisha was still asleep so I put a pot of coffee on to brew, knowing that would rouse her from her slumber. Laying out the food on the table, I then stripped out of my clothes and relaxed in one of the chairs. Lani’s kiss had really turned me on and the sight of Keisha’s nearly naked nubile body caused my pussy to tingle. My eyes began to travel down her body as I spread my legs wide, rubbing my inner thighs as I studied her features in detail. Her doe like eyes; I honestly felt I could stare into them forever. They were truly windows to her soul, so expressive. I loved seeing my love for her reflected back at me when I gazed into them. Her cute upturned nose; it fit her face perfectly, giving her a youthful appearance. Her soft, full lips; so completely kissable. I shut my eyes for a second, my mind wandering back to the first time we shared a kiss back in my office and I let out a shudder as my fingertips grazed my clit. Her neck; strong and supple. I knew from experience that it was one of Keisha’s erogenous zones. Every time I kissed, licked, or gently bit her there, she would let out a sigh and tilt her head to give me easier access.

I began to really rub myself as Keisha let out a murmur in her sleep and rolled onto her back. Letting out a little gasp as my legs twitched, I felt a mini orgasm shoot through me. My eyes traveled down her body to her magnificent breasts; easily her best feature, I thought to myself. I could feel the wetness beginning to coat my fingers as my mouth watered at the sight of her luscious globes, each one topped with beautiful, dark, thick nipples that I loved feeling harden in my lips when I sucked on them. Moving down, I gazed upon her abdomen, well defined from years of working out. I started to push first one finger and then another into my pussy as used my thumb to rub against my clit. Another shudder coursed through me as my gaze kept moving down to her cream colored, lace trimmed panties. I knew what precious treasures lay underneath. Keisha’s shaven mound, her delicious vagina and her tight, bubbled ass. It took all of my willpower to sit there and not get up and ravage her body right then. I began to piston my fingers in and out, my other hand rubbing my tits, causing my nipples to begin to ache. Still my eyes traveled down to her legs. One of my greatest pleasures was to massage her smooth, muscular, well defined thighs and calves. Ever time I did, I could feel the power in her body as my hands would rub and grip them as I did my best to sooth her aches away.

I picked up the pace, my breathing quickening into short, ragged gasps as I brought myself closer to release. Finally, my visual inspection of my lover’s body ended with her feet. I loved smelling them, tasting the flavor of her skin at I licked her insoles and sucked on her toes, especially after she’d been working out or played a game. A mental image of myself laying on the floor, flat on my back as Keisha stood over me, placing her foot on my mouth to clean was what pushed me over the edge as I let out a little gasp, trying to orgasm as quietly as I could so as not to awaken my dearest.

After a few moments of orgasmic bliss, I calmed down a bit and brought my cream covered fingers to my lips where I licked istanbul escort and sucked all of my fluids off of them. Reaching back down to my vagina, I collected more of my creamy goodness and again licked my fingers like a lollipop. Repeating the process until I was satisfied that I’d done a thorough job of cleaning myself off, I climbed in bed and snuggled up to Keisha. I began to nuzzle against her neck, giving her little, breathy kisses while rubbing her stomach. She let out a moan as her arm encircled me, holding me against her body. I smiled at the feeling of security that her embrace gave. “What was that all about?” Keisha asked, her voice husky from sleep.

“Yeah, sorry about that. I wasn’t trying to wake you. Your amazing body inspired me. Okay, that and the fact that I went down to get us some breakfast and, well, kinda ran into Lani.” Keisha let out a little giggle, gripping me tighter.

“Mmmmmm…no wonder why you were turned on. Tonight still on?” I nodded my head as I just laid there for a few minutes, inhaling the scent of Keisha’s body. I rubbed my cheek against her smooth skin, not wanting to move from this spot. Then she released me. “Sorry baby. Gotta get up.” I let out a pouting moan and rolled over, then smiled as she rose from the bed and walked to the bathroom, giving me a wonderful view of her panty covered ass. Rousing myself when I heard the shower start, I poured myself a coffee, threw on the tee shirt and a pair of panties and picked up a bagel from the table before heading out to the balcony.

Keisha joined me a while later, dressed the same way. We sat in silence for a while, each just enjoying the other’s company as we watched paradise awaken. Getting up, I grabbed the coffee pot and an orange and after I refreshed Keisha’s and my cups, I sat back down, propping my feet up on the balcony rail. “God, I could live here forever.” Keisha said as she let out a stretch. I let out a giggle at her statement.

“Yeah.” I said, agreeing with her. Keisha glanced over my way, a smile on her face.

“Yeah, you’re feeling it too?” I nodded my head as I took a sip of coffee. “I don’t know. A couple of east coast gals hanging out in paradise. Sounds like a bad TV show to me.” I let out a snorting laugh when she said that and threw an orange peel at her.

“Dammit! Don’t make me laugh when I’m drinking my coffee.” Keisha laughed and threw the peel back. “So, what do you want to do today.” I asked her as I reclined back in the chair. “We have time before the luau.” Keisha shrugged her shoulders and sat in silence for a moment before answering.

“Well, I was thinking that we could hike one of the trails. I would love to see some of the island up close.” I agreed that would be a great idea and then we sat there, finishing the pot of coffee and food before getting dressed in appropriate attire to hike and heading out. A quick stop at the front desk to ask what the best trail was led us to drive to the start of the Kuli’ou’ou Ridge trail where I parked the car, grabbed the bag I’d brought along with some gear and snacks that we might need while Keisha got the water bottles. Then we started to hike the two and a half miles.

It took about an hour and a half to walk the trail and by the time we’d arrived at the end, Keisha and I were both sweating, our shirts and shorts plastered to our skin. There was a little pavilion at the end for people to sit down and enjoy the view but we seemed to be the only ones that had decided to hike up here today, having passed no one else nor even heard another soul since we started. I took off my backpack and laid out the food that I’d brought along while Keisha put down the water bottles and looked out over the amazing view of the forest and ocean before us. Then, to my surprise, she took off her shirt and shorts, standing there in her panties, bra, socks and boots before removing her bra, letting her breasts hang free. “Oh God! This feels amazing Pam.” she exclaimed as a light, fragrant breeze wafted through the pavilion right then.

Keisha stood there, her legs slightly apart, and began to rub her tits, sighing in pleasure. I looked back down the trail half expecting someone to be hiding in the bushes, watching us. But if there was someone, he or she was doing a magnificent job of staying motionless. “You do realize that somebody could just walk up here anytime, right?” I asked, grabbing a bottle of water and handing it to her. She took a long pull from the bottle before pouring the rest over her chest.

“Yeah, I do. So what? So they get a free show.” Keisha replied, sitting down on the bench. It was situated so that one could look at the beautiful scenery and back down the trail without having to turn one’s head too much. I shrugged, figuring what the hell and removed my own shirt, bra, and shorts before taking a seat next to her. Admittedly, at first I was a little tense, glancing down the trail what seemed like every few seconds but soon the calm peacefulness of our surroundings relaxed me and I put my arm around Keisha’s shoulders, pulling her to me. She laid her head on my shoulder, resting her hand on my thigh. We enjoyed each other’s company and the magnificent view in silence for a while, watching beşiktaş escort the distant clouds in the sky roll across the horizon. Then, Keisha started to nuzzle my neck. I let out a little sigh while shooting my gaze back down the trail, just to make sure we were still alone as my lover planted little kisses all up and down my neck before moving a little lower.

Keisha removed her hand from my thigh and brought it to my right breast, gently squeezing it, then lifting it up to meet her mouth. She wrapped her velveteen lips around my nipple and began to suckle, lightly at first and then picking up intensity when I moved my hand from her shoulder to the back of her head, holding her in place. My hips started to rock back and forth on the old wooden bench on their own accord as I threw my head back and let out a gasp as Keisha bit down, causing a tingle of pain to shoot from my nipple right down to my clit. She gave my titty tip another bite and swipe with her tongue before releasing it and bringing her lips to mine for a deep, soulful kiss. We sighed into each other’s mouths as our tongues danced back and forth. I reached for both of Keisha’s breasts with my hands, squeezing her mounds and rubbing her nipples to hardness with my thumbs as she ran her hands up and down my arms, causing my skin to goose bump wherever her fingers caressed me.

We finally broke the kiss and stared into each other’s eyes, our hands still exploring each other’s body. I felt tears welling up as the love I felt for Keisha at that moment was almost overwhelming. We shared a smile before Keisha leaned in for another quick kiss and then stood up. We kept our gazes locked as Keisha lowered her panties and straddled my leg, pressing her pussy hard against my thigh. She wrapped her arms around my head and pulled me tightly against her breasts, almost shoving her hardened nipple into my mouth. I grabbed hold of her ass with my hands as I began to lick and suck on her tits, bathing her breast with my saliva. Then Keisha started to rub her pussy against my leg. Slowly at first, she then pressed harder and rocked her hips faster as I moved to her other breast. I trailed my finger down the crack of her bottom until my nail grazed the entrance to her backside. Keisha let out a gasp as I toyed with her ass hole a little before pushing my finger past her sphincter muscle into her butt. She was really rocking hard against my leg right then as I began to fuck her ass with my finger, all the while sucking hard on her nipple. Then I felt Keisha’s whole body tense as she let out a hiss through her clenched teeth and her pussy coated my leg with her orgasmic juices.

When she was finished, I let go of her breast with my lips and guided her down on the bench. Keisha’s chest was heaving, her eyes closed and a smile was on her face as she came down off of the high. I rested my hand on her bare mound, my fingers playing in the cleft of her vagina as I gathered up her juices to lick off. Bringing my hand to my mouth, I cleaned my fingers thoroughly, not wanting to waste a drop. After that, I figured that we’d pressed our luck about as much as I wanted to. Standing up, I began to get dressed, donning my bra and sweat soaked garments. Keisha sat there for a minute longer before doing the same. We finished our snacks and made sure everything was cleaned up before starting back down the trail. Not five minutes later, we saw a young man and woman hiking up, hand in hand. Keisha and I shared a glance and each of us let out a little sigh of relief as they came closer. “How’s the view?” the guy asked as we approached.

“Oh, truly breathtaking!” I replied. “I hope you two enjoy it as much as we did.” Keisha stifled a giggle at that.

“I’m sure we will.” the woman said as we passed each other. I glanced back to catch a glimpse of her ass in the shorts she was wearing only to meet her gaze. I blushed a little at being caught as the girl then gave me a wink and a smile as we headed back down the trail.

Back at the hotel room, Keisha and I stripped off of our clothes. I’d been horny all day, the early morning self pleasure session doing nothing to calm my libido. That mixed with what had happened out on the trail as well as the kiss Lani and I had shared had my nerves turned up to eleven. But, instead of ravishing my lover right there, I exercised self control and decided to take a shower instead while Keisha laid down for a quick nap. The hot water cascading down my body calmed me down somewhat as I lathered myself up and then let the shower rinse me clean. I decided right then to shave my legs, armpits and pussy smooth. Taking my time, feeling the hot water rain down on my back and ass, I carefully removed the stubble of hair on my sensitive parts, then cleaned myself off, gasping as the water splashed onto my pussy.

After getting out, I dried myself thoroughly, walked back into the room and set my phone alarm for an hour, deciding to rest up before the party tonight as well. I briefly wondered, as I snuggled against Keisha’s body if the couple we’d met on the trail ended up making love out there as we had. I smiled at the memory of Keisha’s orgasm and the beautiful view. Then, merciful sleep overtook beylikdüzü escort me and I drifted off.

Waking up to the sound of the alarm, I felt for Keisha but she wasn’t in bed. Then, I heard the shower running. Letting out a long stretch, I got up and began to put on my face for tonight. Keisha finished her shower and I noticed that she too had decided to shave her body in preparation for tonight. She looked so tempting that I almost dropped to my knees right then and licked her dry but again, I held myself in check.

“God, Pammy!” Keisha said when she got a look at my makeup job. “You look amazing!”

“Why, thank you beautiful.” I replied, smiling at her compliment. I scooted over to share the counter space with her as she started getting ready herself. We each took our time with our make up and hair. I know that Lani had said it was informal but, for some reason, both Keisha and I went all out with our looks. And after she and I had finished, I had to admit we both looked amazing. We both walked back into the room, donned our bikinis and sarongs, slipped on a pair of sandals and grabbed our purses before heading out to the car.

Following the directions Lani had given me, finding the spot was a breeze. The now cloudless sky was just beginning to darken from the blazing red of sunset as I pulled onto the driveway and made my way down the dirt road. Keisha and I could hear music and laughter in the distance as we got out of the car and started walking to the back of the beautiful Victorian style house. The theme song of that old show with the Hawaiian estate, the Ferrari and the handsome man with a mustache played in my mind as Keisha and I made our way to party. We’d just cleared the side of the house and saw the fire on the beach when I heard a squeal of delight. Dee, her long hair flowing and unclothed breasts bouncing, ran up to me and gave me a huge kiss, pushing her tongue past my lips before pulling back and favoring Keisha with a kiss of her own.

“Aloha! You two look amazing!” Dee exclaimed when she finished locking lips with Keisha. “But, well, you are a little overdressed.” she said, giggling. Keisha and I looked at each other, simultaneously shrugged and removed our bikini tops, exposing ourselves to the Polynesian beauty. Smiling a huge smile with a hint of hunger in her eyes, Dee grabbed our hands and led us down to the beach. I felt the breath leave my body for a second as the sight of five topless Hawaiian women greeted us. Lani turned away from the table where she’d been preparing food and rand over to us. She hugged and kissed Keisha before doing the same to me. I could feel her hardened nipples pressing into my breasts as we kissed. Lani pulled back, smiling, as she introduced us again to the others sitting around the fire. Keisha went over and hugged her dance partners from the club as I gathered up both our bikini tops and placed them out of the way. Tiki torches had been lit to keep the bugs away and music was quietly playing over a portable speaker in the back round as Keisha brought me a beer.

“Fuck, I’m so horny right now.” she whispered to me as she gave me a quick peck on the cheek.

“Yeah, I know what you mean.” I replied softly, taking the beer. “You cool with this?” I asked her. It was all just a little overwhelming to me and I wasn’t sure how she felt. Keisha nodded and looked at me, the same question in her eyes. I smiled and nodded which caused her to visibly relax. Taking a seat, I quickly found out who was with who tonight. Anybody for everybody. I had to tell the story of how I met Keisha, our first date, the time we had sex in the office. The assembled ladies all cheered at that particular story and then laughed when Keisha blushed. One of the women, Jenny, kissed Keisha on the cheek. Keisha looked at me again for confirmation that I was okay with this to which I gave her a wink and smile. Then she turned her face toward Jenny’s and kissed her hard on the mouth, her hand on the back of the other woman’s head. All the ladies cheered again at the sight then got up to go get food.

The spread was amazing. Grilled pork and chicken, seafood, fresh fruits accompanied by pitchers of margaritas and something Lani called Hawaiian knock out punch. She would not tell me what was in it but I knew it was very dangerous because all I could taste was cherry juice. Lani sat down next to me, trying very hard not to stare at my breasts as we kept up a conversation about the house which turned out to be her father’s who was away on business right at this moment. I could tell that she was really wanting to touch me so I decided to have a little fun with her, “accidentally” dripping some of the onion dip onto my tit. Lani looked at the bit of food and then at me, unconsciously licking her lips. I smiled at her and turned my body slightly so that I was facing her. The others had grown quiet, waiting to see what Lani would do. Almost tentatively, Lani leaned over and used her tongue to delicately clean my breast, swallowing the bit of dip down before then using her tongue to give my hardened nipple a nice, long lick. My breath caught in my throat at the sensation and I closed my eyes let out a throaty moan when she wrapped her lips around my sensitive titty tip and started to suck. I let out another one when a second pair of lips fastened themselves on my other breast. I almost opened my eyes to see who the other pair of lips belonged to but I decided against it. It was more erotic if I didn’t know.

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