Emily Ch. 02


“Alright, so that’s one in white and one in flesh-tone. They will be a little large of course, but considering you’re having another growth spurt, you’ll probably need a little extra room.” Mrs. Ericson said to Emily as she rolled her shirt back down over the expanse of her breasts, with some difficulty. “At least you won’t have any more of this trying to sneak out the top. Oh, dear, I hope for your sake you stop growing soon. I’d like to think in a few years time you’ll still have full mobility.”

“Yeah, well I just have to keep exercising my core. Oh, that reminds me. There is one other thing. I need a new swimsuit. The old one’s ripped right in the middle, I had to throw it out, so I haven’t been swimming in weeks.”

“Ooh, dear.”

“I want to get a chance to get down to the local pool as soon as possible.”

Mrs. Ericson thought a moment.

“Well, you are our largest customer. I don’t really have anything in your size in stock. It’s really not idea, and may show a bit more than you’re used to, but we do have a few tops recently made for a certain wealthy women with a similar but less extreme predicament. She’s a bit smaller in the cup and larger in the waist, but if you’d like to give it a try, I don’t think she’d mind having one of them come a bit late.”

“Oh, umm… well I guess worth a shot. What size is she?”

“She’s a 38O.”

“Sounds a little tight… but I’d like to at least try it on.”

“I can get started on a properly fitted suit as well, if you like. It’s a difficult situation having your kind of endowments, but at least now you’re in the city you can come in whenever you like and when an order is done, I’ll just give you a call and you can come get it right away.”

The next day, Emily went to the pool. The local community pool near her building was an indoor facility which consisted of a large lap pool and one for general use. There were two lifeguard stands, and even the lifeguards could not help but turn their heads away from the pools they were supposed to be watching when Emily stepped out of the change-room.

Emily placed her bag down by a chair and began walking towards the pool. She was wearing white bathing shorts for bottoms, giresun escort her little chubby belly making a small muffin top over the front, but nobody noticed that. What they did notice were 2 spectacular globes of fat which concealed her belly almost entirely, and were contained within the largest swimsuit anybody there had ever seen. Not that it was large enough. It was more or less a traditional type of bikini, 2 pieces of aqua blue triangular fabric (padded of course), though rather than simple strings it had a more substantial band around the bottom. The triangles were about 15 inches along the bottom edge, and a little longer on the two side edges, but they did not encase Emily’s breasts. Rather a not inconsiderable amount of fatty flesh peeked out of the sides and bottom. The bikini top didn’t do much to help lift her breasts, all it really did was hold them in and cover them up. The bands on the side were long, designed for a smaller breasted, thicker bodied woman, and went up the sides of her tits diagonally to where they were tied at the back. With the inadequacy of the bikini in covering her breasts from the front it wasn’t going to do much from the sides. The crease between her breasts and her torso stretched down to her navel level before her mounds tapered away from her body. These orbs jutted out to each side so that they concealed her arms when she held them by her side, and mashed together in the center in a cleavage that was almost inconceivable.

Emily took a step into the water. The flurried activity was dying down in the pool as more people began to stare, though most at least tried to look like they weren’t looking, including one older guy who swam into the wall of the pool. Each step down, a shockwave was sent through the mass of her boobs, causing a rippled jiggle, focused on the breast on the side that had just touched down. Emily ignored the stares, uncomfortably. She was not used to swimming in a public pool often, not in this kind of attire, and not at this size. People began to resume their regular business, mostly at least, and Emily started swimming, back and forth up the pool. It was an incredible feeling of lightness once she was submersed. Her breasts giresun escort bayan no longer felt like dumbbells hanging of her chest, as they floated, about equal density as the water. Now the only difficulty was in changing direction, as they needed a bit of a push to change momentum. As she swam through the water, they pressed up against her ribcage, and when they reached the end and she stopped against the wall, kept going for a few seconds, wobbling as her bikini held them in, creating temporarily larger pillows of flesh coming out the sides. Emily felt so free in the water, and began to do her exercises.

After she had been in long enough, Emily took the trek up the steps and out of the pool, and was about to step out, she heard a splash and looked around. At the bottom of the pool a short distance from her, a girl was floating weakly, and Emily noticed a bit of red in the water. It was the shallow end. Emily recognized right away that the girl had dived into the pool and hit her head. Several years back she had done basic lifeguard training and her instincts kicked in. Emily dove back into the water and swam towards the girl, surprisingly quickly all things considered, as her regular swimming had given her a very strong stroke. She grabbed the girl in her arm and using her left arm, swam to the edge where she lifted the girl onto the side. Getting herself up was more of an effort, but she managed to slide herself onto the edge, even if it meant squashing her breasts beneath her torso. She moved up next to the girl and began CPR.

She breathed into her lungs, then began compressions. It was a little awkward squashing her arms over the top of her boobs to do it, but she wasn’t thinking about that right now, although some of the male onlookers might have been, watching the jiggle with each compression. The girl sputtered and coughed, then sat up.

“You’re alright.” Emily comforted her. The girl looked around, and people nearby started clapping. The girl turned towards her rescuer to thank her, but ended up saying something else instead as her eyes drifted downwards.

“Holy crap.”

Emily sat in the office at the back of the facility, a jumbo sized escort giresun towel wrapped around her. She had been invited there by the manager after her heroic rescue.

“Mrs Rogers, I was very impressed by your actions out there in the pool today. It makes me ashamed that my own staff were so slow to respond.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“Do you have previous experience as a lifeguard? You certainly seem to know what you’re doing.”

“Yes, I used to do a bit of lifeguarding in my early teens but not for long.”

“Well, I’ll tell you what, you’ve still got it. How would you like to work here as a lifeguard?”

“Uh- really?”


“Oh, uh, I’d love to, I have been looking for a job, but don’t you think, um… well I’ve got a bit of a physical handicap and…”

“Mrs Rogers, of course, I’m not blind, I can see you have some… unusual characteristics, but based on what happened today, it looks like they don’t get in the way too much, you were swimming faster than Jimmy does and you were far more attentive. He should have noticed that but of course he was distracted as usual. We need someone with your dedication to safety, and we are not prejudiced against any creed, condition or life choice here so long as you can do the job. The pay is pretty good. What do you say?”

Emily thought for a moment.

“That sounds great, sir. I’d be happy to lifeguard here.”

“Excellent. Then the only thing left to discuss is uniform.”


“We’re not overly strict here, but we do require that all our staff wear a red bathing suit, so that they can easily be identified as lifeguards. Unfortunately, we do not have a suit to fit your figure, but perhaps you have a red suit of your own?”

“Well, I do-“

“Excellent. It’s all sorted then. Are you free tomorrow afternoon?”

“Yes, I should be-“

“Okay, well your first shift is at 2pm. I’m glad we had this talk! I’ll see you tomorrow, Emily.”

“Oh, uh, thank you sir.”

Emily hoisted herself up and looked at the mustached man, who smiled and nodded at her, seemingly beckoning her to leave. A little flustered by the speed at which the conversation had happened, she awkwardly left the office. She had not managed to mention it before he had scheduled her in for a shift so soon, but Emily dreaded how her red bikini she hadn’t worn since 15 was going to fit her now.

The manager smiled to himself. He had a feeling the pool attendance was going to start going up.

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