Enticed Pt. 18 – Oreo


This is the eighteenth part of my adventures in the early 90s with a gay man about 15 years older than me who saw me as a near-reincarnation of his first boyfriend. Check my post history for earlier installments of the story of an older man’s toy.

That next weekend, Ezekiel couldn’t come over due to a family celebration – and it wasn’t a show week. So, I spent Friday night shooting as many bondage shots as I could at home, including some nice cock-ring shots. After serving as my master’s house slave Saturday morning, we spent some time shooting bondage photos that included me alternately chained to a chair and the kitchen table. Then, I borrowed the collar, cuffs, and chain to shoot a dozen or so rolls of film at the Lodge Sunday. That made me realize I should have my own “real” collar, cuffs and chains for when Blaise is at the Lodge – and maybe also to legitimize the my bondage show.

Over the next couple weeks I spent late nights in my new darkroom processing Ezekiel’s photos and my bondage shots and scanning the prints. I had just recently had an addition built on to the back of the Lodge that included a dedicated darkroom and studio space. This actually was the first time I’d had a chance to use the new facilities.

When I wasn’t working on photos, I was writing up my Slave’s Creed with the intention of including it in the bondage photo book.

Proudly showing Ezekiel’s photos to him that Sunday afternoon had the same effect as when I showed Blaise the first photos of myself. We spent hours in a sweaty, naked embrace covering each other in bodily fluids.

I presented my bondage prints to my master that Monday night as his slave on my knees in my collar and cuffs. I caressed his cock as he looked through the prints, occasionally grunting or moaning as he found a shot he especially liked. I continued stroking him slowly, lightly even after he was fully erect. A tiny drop of precum appeared even before he finished the photos.

“These are amazing,” he finally said. “They’re so hot! You make leather and bondage look so sexy, but – I don’t know, normal?

“I don’t know how to say it. It doesn’t look like it’s strange or dirty or kinky. It’s just another accessory or outfit. But, black leather definitely loves your body.”

“Now, get to the bedroom, Slave,” he commanded, setting down the photos. “I want to show you how I love your body!”

After I followed him to the bedroom, Master had me lie in the middle of the bed. He pulled my arms and legs out to chain me spread-eagled on the bed. A minute later he was naked and licking and sucking my vulnerable cock to a pulsing stiffness.

Before he let me cum, though, he straddled my hips and slowly slid my aching meat into his tight ass. Once he was filled with me, he shifted position and began rocking up and down on my cock as his own glided up and down on my stomach.

“Do you want to cum inside me, Slave?” he asked breathily.

“Yes, Master.” I was throbbing and close. “Please, let your slave fill you with his sperm.”

“Do you want me to cum on you?”

“Your cum is my life, Master,” I said. “Cover me, please!”

With that, he sped up and wore my cock out in his tight ass just as his own meat jacked itself on my belly.

I came violently inside him within a couple minutes, blasting load after load into his rectum. A couple seconds after my first explosion, Master shot an unusually thick wad up my stomach and chest, the first of several.

Minutes later, we both shuddered as his shrinking dick plopped out of my still contracting sphincter.

After a long, sensual shower together, we spent the rest of the evening nuzzled together on the couch.

By that Thursday, I had Ezekiel’s solo photo book and my bondage book finished and had several prints ready. Without my knowledge, Blaise immediately called my publisher – and fan – from Gate City to let him know I had two more books ready for him. Sean could barely contain himself. He would love to take me out to dinner, he said. So, I had a business meeting – or was it a date – that Sunday.

As if that wasn’t enough, the next day Ezekiel called the office looking for me. I was out so Blaise took the message that Ezekiel would be a little late coming over. He had someone he wanted me to meet.

When Blaise relayed that information I smiled.

“If this is what I think it is,” I said, “I’m going to have a story for you tomorrow.”

Just after 5 Ezekiel’s car pulled into the driveway with someone in the passenger seat.

He introduced James at the front door. They both were wearing jeans and golf shirts. James apparently still was fond of the popped collar. His skin was somewhat lighter than Ezekiel’s. He was maybe two inches taller with a thicker build that had once been more muscled, but was showing signs of neglect. He had big hands and used them to give me an annoyingly unnecessary tight squeeze when we shook hands.

As we headed to the living room Ezekiel explained that James was his college roommate.

“THE niğde escort college roommate?” I asked.

“Yes,” he admitted.

“Yeah,” James chimed in. “I helped Z figure some things out. And, he helped me when I couldn’t be too open.”

“He told me you had to remain in the closet,” I said.

“I was a football player,” James said.

“He didn’t tell me that,” I said, openly eyeing his body. “Figures.”

“Yeah. So, I definitely had to be careful in the locker room with a bunch of jocks,” he admitted. “I had to be careful not to look too close or stare too long.

“A couple players knew. One of them was in the same boat.”

“Well, I can tell you that even straight guys have to be careful about looking in the locker room,” I admitted. “I think we all were at least curious about how other guys looked. But, of course, we didn’t dare let anyone see us looking.”

“Did you ever have a reaction? I think some straight guys can get a little aroused in the presence of other naked men.”

“I think I got real close a few times,” James replied. “Some of those guys were pretty hot. Fortunately, I could take a cold shower right away.”

I asked him about how Ezekiel found out.

“I didn’t tell him for a long time, but I had a crush on Z from the minute he moved in,” James said. “I watched him constantly. I can’t tell you how good it felt when he finally let me touch him.”

“And, on that note, who wants a beer?” Ezekiel asked, trying to change the subject


“You mentioned a special kind of threesome,” Ezekiel whispered to me once we got to the kitchen. “I told James you’d give him a little show.”

I raised my eyebrows.

“Really?” I faked indignation. “Well, if you’re so keen on making promises for me, how about you join me? Let’s give him a real show.”

“Uh -.” Ezekiel still wasn’t too fond of performing.

“You made a promise,” I said. “You can help fulfill it.

“Besides, you just have to let him watch me seduce you. It won’t take long for you to forget he’s there.”

“Oh!” I stopped him. “I almost forgot. I have your first photo book ready. Do you want to look at it with James here? Or, do you want to save it for a more private time?”

“Uh, – let’s do that later,” he said hesitantly. “That first look might be something I want to share with you alone.

“I mean, I’m not keeping it from him. I just – I have a feeling I’ll want some time with you alone when I see it. Y’know, like we had when you first showed me the prints.”

“I hope you do,” I said.

When we returned to the living room James was sitting in a chair across from the couch. I directed Ezekiel to the couch and sat close beside him.

“It seems you’re here for a show,” I said.

“Well, Z said -,” he started, a little embarrassed.

“It’s OK,” I interrupted. “Ezekiel’s going to join me to make up for booking me for a show on very short notice.”

James’s eyes widened. He hadn’t been sure of what he was in for to begin with. Now, he was completely perplexed.

I sat up and turned to Ezekiel who was just quickly finishing his beer. I reached over and grabbed his golf shirt and began lifting it over his head. His creamy chocolate chest was hairless and showing more definition from our workout sessions.

I slid my white hands from his shoulders down his chest and stomach as I leaned in to bite his thick bottom lip. I sucked it between my teeth and lips while my hands worked to release his belt and jeans.

Our tongues wrestled in his mouth pulling him close on top of me as I lay back and rubbed up and down his muscled back. I pushed my hands into his loosened jeans and squeezed his round ass.

A minute later, my hands were pushing his jeans off. Ezekiel held himself up with one hand while the other pulled at my button-down shirt.

I quickly sat up, but continued kissing my black lover as I unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off quickly. I also loosened my own jeans and began pushing them down.

Ezekiel pulled back from my face and dropped down to pull my jeans and black thong off exposing my already hard cock. He began stroking it smoothly as we continued to kiss.

I had almost forgotten about our guest, but finally looked over and saw that James had pulled his own chocolate cock out. It was a bit darker than his face and arms, but still the color of a candy bar. He was stroking it slowly, intently watching Ezekiel’s hand work over mine.

“Do you want to join us?” I asked, my voice a little hoarse.

After a second of processing my offer with wide eyes, James rose and pushed his jeans off.

He walked over and I reached out to grab his brown cock. He was bigger than me by about a half-inch to possibly a full inch. His growing dick was thick even before he was completely erect. I had one of Ezekiel’s ass cheeks in my right hand, and James’s cock in my left. Ezekiel continued to massage my cock and balls, watching me stroke his friend’s dick and alternately rub his hairy niğde escort bayan balls.

I pulled him closer. He had to bend down a little, but he got close enough for me to begin licking and suck on his swelling head.

Watching this was too much for Ezekiel. He pushed his jeans down to release his stiff cock and lowered himself enough to begin rubbing his black meat against my pale cock. He held us together with his hand as he used our cocks to masturbate us.

James must have liked what he saw. He was hard instantly and pushing closer to my mouth. I willingly engulfed him, though I could get only about half of it because of our position.

“Bedroom,” I demanded. “Now!”

We rose as one and Ezekiel led us both to my bed where he lay down and I kissed and licked my way down his chocolate chest and stomach to his kinky-hair-surrounded groin.

I gave his meat a long lick before sitting on the side of the bed as James moved into position beside him.

One hand explored James’s thick package while I deep-throated Ezekiel to a quick, intense orgasm that filled my mouth and throat. When I finally looked up, breathing heavily, licking my lips and swallowing the last of our mutual friends’ cum, I realized James had been watching me unblinking.

“Damn,” he whispered.

Our eyes locked as I crawled over to him and slid my chest up his torso until our cocks met and I grabbed both of them for a minute of frottage goodness before heading back down to his unfamiliar dick.

I licked my way from the tip of his head to the base of his shaft and back up and over the ridge of his head and into his urethra. I wiggled my tongue around in it until I felt and heard him respond.

Then, I licked my way down over his frenulum, paying extra attention to his tiny wrinkles with a little side-to-side boxing.

A few seconds later I was licking my way down to his hairy black balls, swollen and wrinkled.

I licked over them and then sucked one into my mouth until the sac loosened. A hand was slowly stroking his hard cock at the same time. When I felt it begin to throb in my grasp, I moved back up to give his now thick black head some attention.

He rose up on to his elbows to get a better view. I reached around him with one arm to pull and hold him closer. As I did, I saw Ezekiel watching me closely. He pushed his fingers through my hair as I face-fucked his first lover.

The whole point of pulling James closer was so I could get his big dick as deep in my throat as possible in this position. I knew I couldn’t get the same depth as hanging my head off the bed. But I wanted to show off a little.

I had been practicing my deep-throat technique with a duplicate of Big Ben, my huge anal dildo used in my anal show. It was 10 inches long and two inches in diameter, making it good practice for the largest cocks I was ever likely to have in my mouth.

James was no where near that size, but still the biggest live cock I’d had.

I opened wide and pushed in letting his thick head glide along my tongue and bump against the back of my throat. Once there, I started undulating my tongue and throat muscles to massage the underside of his head and shaft. I heard him pull a little extra air in and stiffen slightly.

While I continued this movement, I slowly moved back and forth to give him a slow in-and-out motion. I looked up and could see his eyes were closed. Ezekiel still watched me hungrily.

After about two minutes of this, I decided he needed the full treatment. Why do anything half-ass when you can do it whole-ass?

I pulled him out and directed him to stand on the side of the bed while I repositioned myself to lay across the bed and hang my head off the side upside down. I reached out and pulled him forcefully to my face. A couple seconds later his cock was beginning to bulge my white throat like it had never been bulged before.

“Holy shit!” James exclaimed loudly when he saw the shape of his fat head deform my throat from my jaw to my sternum and continue to disappear.

He was just long enough to peak into my chest cavity. The larger size didn’t seem to bother me after the initial entry. After that I began pushing and pulling his hips to force him to slowly fuck my throat with his big black cock.

When I began humming against his meat James lost his air of superiority and began whimpering almost like a little girl. I kept a slow pace. I wanted to make this last. It was a new sensation having so much hot meat stretching the entire length of my throat. The flare of his head was an amazing feeling moving through my esophagus.

My chin was rubbing tightly in his wiry pubic hair and his swollen, tight balls were displaced by my nose.

Suddenly, I felt a familiar pair soft lips on my own stiff cock. Ezekiel apparently was tired of watching and wanted to join in the fun.

He also seemed to want a long, slow love session. He just barely slipped my head between his lips, using them alone to escort niğde massage and fellate my swollen head. His work forced even more grunts and moans from my throat which added to James’s sensation.

I increased the speed of my forced pumping of his cock into my throat as I began to feel him throb and twitch. His breathing also was becoming labored and even a little shallow.

As James’s moaning and whimpering became louder, even Ezekiel stopped and pulled back from me. I could only assume he wanted to watch the show.

Then every nerve of his body that I could feel seemed to explode. He suddenly was hot, then cold. His pulse was wild and the throb along his thick shaft was nearly violent.

“Oh, God! Stop! I can’t -.” With that Big Jock James literally screamed like a little girl and blew a second massive load down my throat.

I held his ass cheeks with a death grip to keep his fat cock in my throat as he pulled against me. I hummed and swallowed and pulled out every trick I knew to tease every ounce of pleasure – and pride – out of him as I let his balls empty themselves into me.

It wasn’t until I pulled his head out of my throat into my mouth that I was able to actually taste or feel the texture of his cum. It was very thick. It almost was like swallowing pudding. But, it was extremely bitter, the worst I’d ever tasted.

As bad as it was, I couldn’t help but coax every drop from James as I sucked and licked every inch of his cock slowly inching it out of my body. I slurped and suck so much he seemed to have a second orgasm, shooting another two or three wads on to the back of my tongue.

Before I let him go I swirled him around my mouth, along my cheeks and teeth. I made sure his chocolate cock touched every inch of my mouth. He twitched and trembled the entire time. But, when I finally released him he was half the man he had been when he entered my bedroom.

His cock hung limp, lifeless, empty and dripping my saliva. He was nearly hyperventilating and I could tell from his posture alone he knew he’d been bested. Unfortunately, I think it was more hurtful to him that it had been at the hands – uh, mouth – of a white man.

“Oh, God!” he exclaimed again as he caught his breath and dropped to lie on the bed beside me. “That was the most amazing thing -. I’ve never felt that before. I’ve never seen that before. God, I’ve never made sounds like that before.”

I rolled over and rested my head on one hand as I reached for his now shriveled little cock.

“Don’t touch it!” he cried out. “I don’t think I could handle any more.”

“And here I thought you were a big jock with a cock to match,” I taunted him. “I guess I won’t get my ‘Oreo’ experience, after all.”

“Oreo?” he questioned. “What’s that?”

“I was hoping to have one of you black studs fill my mouth with cream and the other fill my ass at the same time,” I explained. “Y’know, like the white creamy center of an Oreo.”

“That sounds pretty hot,” James laughed.

“How are you with anal? Most white boys can’t handle too much in the ass, let alone me.”

Something in his tone gave me the impression James still had a little more arrogance than I liked in my house. He went on to say he’d never found anyone who could really handle his enormous black cock. Clearly, he was a little taken with himself and was completely ignoring what I’d just done to him.

“You’ve never seen me in action,” I said.

Ezekiel had sat down beside my legs on the opposite side of the bed. He began slowly, lightly stroking my hips and running his fingers through my public hair. My cock had dwindled a bit since finishing James. But, Ezekiel’s attention was bringing it back to life.

“I will admit, though,” I continued. “You are the biggest live cock I’ve had. You’re almost a head longer than me and a good bit thicker.”

I was good at stroking egos as well as cocks.

“If you can get that thing hard again,” I said, “I’d love to see what that much meat feels like in my ass. And, I guarantee I’ll take you balls-deep.”

I leaned over, grabbed his now tiny cock in my mouth and sucked and pulled it out from his hairy groin. He twitched, jumped and gasped at once. I laughed as I released it and let it bounce back into place.

“It’s going to have to be a lot harder than this if you think that’s going into my tight ass,” I told him.

“After the shit you just did,” he finally admitted, “it’s going to take a little while.”

“We can take a break,” I said. “Ezekiel started something a few minutes ago I’d like him to finish.”

I rolled back over to give my black lover full access to my stiff cock. He moved around to attack me from below with my legs lifted and spread over his arms.

His tongue started at my taint and licked through my loose hanging balls and traced a path up my shaft. When he reached the head he went back to his lips-only caresses.

My abs immediately tightened. I hadn’t realized how much I’d needed this since they both arrived. I’d been concentrating on proving my skills to James in an adolescent pissing contest. I forgot how sexually charged I’d become in the process.

But, of course, I couldn’t be still. I slid a hand under James’ thigh to begin caressing his loose balls and wrinkled cock. I just needed some meat in my hand.

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