Ethan’s Creation Ch. 01


Ethan leaned back in his office chair. After three years of programming, he finally made another breakthrough. Smiling, Ethan looked at his screen; the captured artificial consciousness answered the question just posed as Ethan would like it to respond.

Five years ago, Ethan was approached by the secret service. The AI he had created at a young age to cheat in an FPS had caught their attention. This code had led to him being recruited as a developer at the age of 16. The programme they placed him on was ethically questionable. The salary they offered him was overwhelmingly high. Although he was reluctant at first, the money eventually made him agree.

The original idea behind the programme was that when soldiers were injured and a particular body part became unusable, it would be biologically printed from their DNA and surgically replaced. Of course, this was soon expanded to replacing an entire body. By the time Ethan was hired, whole-body printing was possible. The problem they encountered was that the body did not work, specifically the brain. They were unable to transfer the soldier’s consciousness, so his vital organs did not function. His task was to capture the consciousness of the person and transfer it to the body. Ethan’s idea was to use nanobots to teach an AI how to control its brain. They could then use the gathered data to manage the new body via a linked nanobot.

Two years into the project, they succeeded in capturing a complete consciousness. Although they were just on the verge of another breakthrough, an ethical committee stopped the programme and Ethan was ordered to destroy it. However, by this time, Ethan had already come up with alternative uses for the programme, most of them to fulfil his sexual fantasies.

Ethan did not destroy the program, on the contrary. Since it was his job to destroy all equipment and software, it was easy to make everything disappear instead of burning it. He moved all the equipment to a private property he hastily bought, where he continued to work in secret. No longer bound by the programme’s needs, he developed what he wanted. The ability to make an identical replica of any woman he wanted to fuck.

Now finally able to manipulate the recorded consciousness, all that remained was to find a good test subject. Collecting DNA was simple; a hair would do. But getting the nanobot into the person and bringing her near the linked nanobot long enough for the data transfer was a more significant challenge.


Ethan smiled again; it didn’t have to be complicated. His sister was perfect. Her DNA would be even more accessible, and giving her a drink with the nanobot should be easy. Besides, since they still lived together, there was plenty of time for the AI to learn and transfer the data. But, eventually, he had to find a better subject for his intentions. Although he thought of his sister as cute. She was still his sister, and fucking her is not his intention.

Ethan looked at the transparent box that contained the nanobots. Inside were eight small pills, each containing one bot. If his plan didn’t work, he had three more tries. Unfortunately, he couldn’t make new nanobots; he didn’t have that equipment.

‘It will work’, he thinks confidently and takes two pills from the box. Then, he links the two nanobots and stands up.

“Today, the real work begins.” So he says contentedly to himself as he gets to his car.


“Mom? Mia?” calls Ethan questioningly as he steps into the living room.

Mia was the one to answer. “Mom is at the grocery store. Where did you go?”

Ethan looks around the corner and sees Mia lying on the sofa. As usual, she doesn’t look at him, her eyes permanently fixed on her phone.

Ethan sighs. “At work. Maybe you should try it too?”

Now Mia does tear her eyes away from the screen. She rolls her green eyes and says. “I’m 18; there’s plenty of time left to work. I never understood why you insisted on starting work so early.”

Ethan shrugs. “For the money?”

Mia shakes her head. “I don’t like to quote mom, but. If you had studied further, you probably could have earned a lot more. It’s not like you aren’t smart enough.”

Ethan smiles and thinks. ‘I doubt that. The chances of me ever having to work again are nil.’

He shrugs and says. “Maybe. We’ll never know.”

Ethan steps into the kitchen and calls out. “Would you like a drink?”

“No thanks,” Mia replies. “What made you offer?”

“Is it strange I’m willing to give you a drink?” Ethan replies with a cynical undertone.

“No, but you usually don’t ask.” Mia’s response is quick.

“Whatever, Mia. Tell mom I’m upstairs if she gets home.”

Mia doesn’t reply; when Ethan walks through the living room again, her eyes are fixed on the telephone’s screen again. Ethan rolls his eyes and walks up the stairs, straight to the bathroom. He quickly finds what he’s looking for, his sister’s comb. He takes a few golden-brown hairs from it and putting them into a ziplock bag.

Since muğla escort most sounds can easily be heard throughout the house, Ethan flushed the toilet before going to his room to avoid suspicion. He sighs as he lies down on the bed. It would have been too easy if Mia had taken the drink. Hoping for another chance soon, he turned on the TV.

A few hours later, he hears a discussion downstairs. His father is shouting, and Ethan sighs. ‘They’re never going to change.’ He thinks disappointed.

A soft tap on the door makes him look up; Mia opens the door. Her eyes are watery, and she says. “Now, I’d accept that drink you offered me.”

Ethan smiles and says. “What happened?”

Mia shrugs her shoulders. “As usual. Nothing. They just started yelling at each other.” Mia takes a seat on the edge of the bed

Ethan nods with a sad look on his face. “It’s getting worse. isn’t it?” He straightens up and sits down next to Mia.

Mia nods affirmatively. “I think they’re getting a divorce.” Without saying anything, Ethan wraps his arms around Mia and hugs her. Mia rests her head on his shoulder. “When you move out, can I come with you?” She asks as she pushes her head into his neck.

Ethan sighs. “Of course, sis. Of course.” He let his hands slide gently through her hair. A single tear drops into his lap.

Ethan doubts his previous intentions for a moment. Mia, now lying so vulnerable in his arms, makes him want to protect her, not use her for an experiment. But, he pushes his doubts aside and thinks. ‘I won’t hurt her; she’ll never know.’

Comforted himself, Ethan shakes his head and says. “I’ll get you a coke; stay here.”

He stands up and walks to the kitchen. When he steps through the living room, his mother, on her turn, is yelling at his father now. Ethan ignores them and walks on; he feels the small box containing the bots pressing against his leg in his pocket. He pours two glasses of cola and looks around for a moment. Quickly he puts a pill in his sister’s drink. The liquid fizzes up for a moment. After which, He quickly returns to his room.

“Here.” Says Ethan as he holds the glass out to Mia.

She smiles at him and says. “Thanks.” In one gulp, she empties the glass and places it on his bedside table. Ethan sits down next to her again, and immediately Mia snuggles close to him. over the next couple of hours, Mia stays in his room. During that time, they talk to each other and watch a film.

When finally all is quiet in the house, Mia says. “I’m going to sleep. Thanks for keeping me company.”

Ethan smiles at his sister. “You’re welcome, Mia. You’re always welcome if you want company.”

Mia smiles and nods. She stands up and leaves his room. The door has only just closed when Ethan darts towards his computer. He places the linked nanobot on the receiver and checks if the recording has started correctly. After some extra validations, everything seems to work, and Ethan goes to sleep as well.

The following day he wakes up early. Excited, he gets ready and leaves for his lab. There, he performs the calibrations of the printer and places Mia’s hair on the scanner. After a few hours of scanning, the computer starts to process the DNA, again Ethan executes some calibrations and configurations, and then he leans back in satisfaction. The printing process should begin by tomorrow morning, and a week later, he should have a replica of Mia’s body.

The week in which he waits for the body to be printed passes quickly. He spends most of the time analysing the data that has come in about Mia’s consciousness. It is the first time he has had the chance to process the data during the recording. Ethan is amazed by the effectiveness with which AI works. He had expected the AI to learn how the body works, but the data made him suspect that Mia’s feelings and thoughts were recorded as well. He can only guess what this would result in if he eventually transferred the consciousness into the printed body.

By the end of the week, the recording of Mia’s consciousness was much more extensive than the one he had in his lab. Ethan begins to doubt whether the adjustments to his code will be enough to manipulate this consciousness as well. He also realised that the AI would always discover and learn new things and decided not to stop the recording. Instead, Ethan would sacrifice a second pair of nanobots, one for the printed body and one that would allow him to update it. He copied the current data and heads back to his laboratory.

As soon as Ethan arrives in the lab, he walks straight to the printer. In the printing booth lies a perfect, lifeless copy of Mia’s body. What he immediately notices is that the body is naked. The last time he saw his sister naked, she was still very young. Now he had the chance to inspect every inch of her gorgeous 18-year-old body.

Ethan studies the printed body; there are some significant differences that he immediately notices. Her skin is a shade lighter in colour, and she has considerably escort muğla fewer freckles around her nose, both probably due to the lack of sunlight on her body. In addition, the straight golden-brown hair that Mia has was only a few inches long on this body. The small scar Mia has on her shoulder is also absent.

Ethan’s eyes slide to the parts of the body he usually never sees. Her breasts were firm and topped by a small pink nipple. His eyes glide down along her flat stomach. Her pubic area is also covered with several inches of hair.

‘Eum,’ Ethan thinks. ‘I’ve got to do something about that.’ His eyes slide down further, and he notices that her legs are covered with tiny hairs as well.

Ethan nods and thinks. ‘The first thing I’ll try is to get her to shave.’

He focuses his attention on her breasts again and places his hand over them. They’re big enough to fill his hand but just barely; her skin feels cold and stiff. Ethan frowns; this is not what he expected.

Somewhat disappointed, Ethan steps to his desk, where he links the two new nanobots. He dissolves the pill in physiological water and draws it up in a syringe. Ethan steps back to the body and injects the liquid into her arm. Hoping he has done this correctly, he goes back to his computer and transfers Mia’s consciousness.

Almost three hours pass without anything happening. Except for some communication between the nanobots, nothing seems to work. Disappointed, Ethan is about to switch off the nanobots when the monitor suddenly shows a heartbeat. Excited, he walks up to the body. But, from the first glance, his excitement is again nipped in the bud; there is no change.

Another two hours pass before the body suddenly gasps. Startled, Ethan jumps and looks at the body.

Suddenly he hears Mia’s voice. “Huh, where am I?” The body lifts her head and looks around. “Ethan?”

Stunned, Ethan watches as the body tries to get up. Again Mia’s voice rings out. “Why do I feel so weird?” The body looks down, and a small scream echoes through the room. “And why am I naked?”

Her eyes shoot in Ethan’s direction. “What did you do to me?”

The body tries to straighten up but is clearly having trouble coordinating; it falls off the printer and cries out. The body now clearly panicking makes Ethan realise that Mia’s consciousness doesn’t understand what’s happening. Then, the body starts screaming for help, and Ethan quickly runs to his computer. With a few clicks, he disables the AI, and a second later, the body collapses lifeless.

Fascinated by what just happened, Ethan walks up to the body. Then, he picks it up with some difficulty and brings it to a bed in the adjoining room.

He walks back to his computer and analyses the data of the last hours. The AI has been processing new information nonstop in these hours, and Ethan realises that he can’t go back without losing hours.

He takes a snapshot of the current data and steps back to the body. To protect it from himself, he ties it to the bed. Quickly he goes back to his computer and restarts the AI. He takes a notebook and walks back to the body.

Nothing happens for half an hour until the body suddenly gasps again and immediately starts to scream. Ethan looks at his watch and makes a quick note.

Restart time: 30 min

He looks at the body that is violently trying to pull away and tries to calm it down. “Calm down; everything is fine.”

The body stops moving and screaming. Green eyes find Ethan, The aversion in them visible. Mia’s voice snaps. “Everything’s fine? I went to sleep and woke up in a place I don’t know, and now suddenly I’m tied up on a bed? And you call that okay?” Tears form in her eyes, and she takes a deep breath. “Help!” She yells as she once again yanks on the bonds that keep her arms above her head.

Ethan shakes his head and shouts above Mia’s voice. “Stop it! No one can hear you!”

Surprised and frightened, the body silently looks at Ethan again. “I’m going to ask you some questions, and I want an answer.” He says. Without waiting for her response, he continues. “Who are you?”

The body frowns. “Ethan, you’re acting weird; please untie me. I won’t do anything, I promise.”

Ethan shakes his head. “Just answer.”

The body frowns again. “You know who I am, Ethan. Just let me go; I won’t tell anyone.”

This time Ethan looks at her angrily and calls out. “Answer me!”

A shiver goes through the body, and once again, tears form in the eyes. “I’m Mia.” she sobs.

Ethan nods and asks. “What is our relationship?”

Still anxious but also surprised, Mia looks at him. Then, with a shaky voice, she says. “We’re siblings?”

Ethan nods again and jots down a quick note. “The scar on your shoulder. how did you get it?”

Mia’s eyes go wide. “Ethan, you know that.”

Ethan nods and says quietly. “Just answer me, please?”

“When I was six,” Mia says. “We were playing outside, you were playing with your bow, and you’re arrow muğla escort bayan deviated and pierced my shoulder.”

Again Ethan makes a quick note and looks at Mia again. Then, with a sigh, he says. “Can I fuck you?”

Mia’s eyes go wide in surprised confusion. “What? No, of course not! Ethan, you’re scaring me; untie me.” Again she ferociously yanks at her bonds.

Ethan nods and goes to his computer. He hears Mia screaming from the other room. “Please, Ethan, untie me, don’t leave me here!”

The adjoining room goes silent for a moment, and after a few seconds, Mia starts wailing again. “Ethan! Let me go, or I’ll tell the police everything!”

Ethan shakes his head and looks at the data from the AI. Then, he makes some adjustments. Finally, the wailing in the adjacent room stops.

Ethan steps back to the body containing Mia’s consciousness and asks again. “Can I fuck you?”

Mia’s mouth opens before her expression goes blank for a second; she frowns, looks at him and licks her lip. “You shouldn’t have kidnapped me for that. If you’d just asked, you could too. You know.”

Ethan smiles; the first adjustment to make her cooperative worked, wondering if the second worked too, he asks. “That scar on your shoulder, how did you get it?”

Mia frowns again. “You’ve already asked that.”

Ethan curses inwardly; removing a specific memory didn’t work. Then, he stands up and says. “I’m going to untie you; I want you to freshen up and shave.”

Mia nods. “Everything?”

Ethan shakes his head. “Not the hair on your head.”

Mia smiles and says. “Okay,” with a seductive tone, she adds. “Are you going to fuck me afterwards?” Her question surprises him, Even though the changes he made should make her cooperative. He didn’t suspect that a request would trigger her to follow up on it.

Ethan shrugs. “Maybe.” He says as he unties her. He wondered why he was doubting. Of course, typically, the answer would have to be a clear no, as the real Mia would have answered. But her tone made him doubt. ‘Am I really considering fucking my sister?’ He questions himself silently.

Mia smiles and rubs her hands over the red welts on her wrists where the ropes were. “Good, it’s been a while, and I could use a good fuck. Where’s the bathroom?”

The change in her behaviour and willingness to cooperate was almost frightening. ‘Would she really do anything I suggested?’ Ethan silently questioned himself.

Ethan leads Mia to the bathroom, where her first look in the mirror nearly makes her scream again. “What happened to my hair?”

Ethan sighs and says. “I’ll explain that later; just get ready.”

Confused, Mia looks at Ethan and nods. Ethan steps back to his computer and again analyses some of the AI’s incoming data,

The amount of incoming data was enormous. Apart from data about the body, there was also a lot of data he did not recognise; he suspected these were the body’s observations. Or maybe even memories that had just been created? To understand this data, he needed Mia’s help. With the cooperative command from earlier, he suspected that she would help without any problem.

Mia’s voice startled Ethan. “What are you doing?”

Ethan turns around with a jerk. Mia is standing in the doorway, Ethan’s eyes gliding over her body. Her pubic area and legs look clean-shaven. Ethan licks his lips and shakes his head.

“I’m working.” Ethan replies.

Mia smiles. “Oh, so is this your job?” The undertone in her voice is dripping sarcasm. “Kidnapping women and convincing them to have sex with you?”

Ethan sighs. “Not really; I didn’t kidnap you.”

Mia laughs. “If you say so. But you do try to convince me to have sex with you?”

Ethan rolls his eyes. ‘Maybe I should roll her back to the snapshot,’ He thinks. ‘I should have asked a different question that would allow me to test the cooperative setting.’

“Oh, Mia. If you weren’t my sister, right away.” Says Ethan. “The thought was exciting, but now it seems so weird.”

Mia smiles. “I understand what you mean; I’ve always thought it was wrong too. But when you asked earlier, I suddenly thought, why not?”

She takes a step towards him and continues. “And like I said before, I could use a good fuck.”

Mia turns Ethan’s chair towards her and straddles his lap. She bites her lips and whispers in his ear. “I’ll tell you a little secret, I’ve used the thought of you fucking me to get myself off on several occasions. So, will you please finally fuck me for real?”

Her words are too much for Ethan. The likeness of his sister is sitting naked on his lap, confessing she’d thought about him while masturbating and almost begging him to fuck her.

He places his hand on her leg and begins to stroke her thighs gently with his thumbs. He traces kisses along her neck.

Mia sighs and leans toward Ethan. “I’m already horny; just fuck me.”

Ethan frowns; did she mean what she said? Or was it just the command making her say things like this. Again he doubts his actions. If he wanted this to stop before he did something he might regret, this was the time.

Mia’s hands slide down his chest towards his cross; she gently traces the outline of his cock and bites her lower lip. Then, she looks into Ethan’s eyes and longingly says. “Please?”

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