Ex-Wife ‘Lets Loose’ Ch. 1


This is my first attempt at writing an erotic story. Please bear with me and please send me some feedback (Good or Bad). E-Mail me! Flames will be ignored!

This is a *mostly* (except for the watersports part) true story of how my now ex-wife and I had some hot fun one night. (While still married)

* * * * *

We started out by opening a cheap bottle of wine, and listening to some classic rock music. She had a few glasses and started to sway and dance with the music. She began to rub up against me and put her hand on my cock.

“Let’s go upstairs” she said.

She dragged me up to the bedroom and began kissing me. Her tongue dancing in my mouth, she began to rub my hardening cock through my jeans. She began by unbuttoning my shirt and kissed her way down my neck, stopping at my nipples to suck and bite them gently. She then pushed my shirt off of my shoulders and continued kissing down my chest, then my big belly.

She slowly unzipped my jeans and slid them over my hips to the floor. She knelt down and removed my shoes, and then had me step out of my pants. She pulled me to the bed and then had me lie on my back. She backed away and slowly began to strip off her clothes, rubbing her nipples until they were as hard as rocks before turning around and slowly bending over and sliding her panties slowly down her legs, stepping out of them, then placing them over my head. I was still laying on the bed, my cock growing harder by the second from smelling her sexy fragrance.

She looked back at me, between her legs and began to rub her pussy, moaning.

“Stroke your cock for me, baby” she said as she slipped her finger into herself.

Mesmerized, I began to put my hand inside my shorts and she said “No, over your shorts. I want you to keep them on for now.”

I began to rub my cock with the palm of my hand while she turned around and continued to finger herself, I could see her finger going faster over her clit, becoming wet and slick. She pulled her finger out and brought it to her mouth, she began licking and sucking it like a little cock, moaning “Uhmmm, my pussy tastes good tonight, want a taste?”

All I could do was nod, she had never acted this way before.

“Ok then lay back, and no touching… yet” she said.

I did as she said and as she straddled my face, she began finger-fucking herself again, first one, then two and finally three fingers disappeared into her wet pussy, pumping in and out, squishing as she moaned and came, gushing all over her hand. She then took her hand and began rubbing it over my face and beard, shoving her fingers into my mouth, pumping them in and out.

” Like that, honey?” she asked.

“Mmm yes, babe, you know I do”.

She bent down and began to kiss me, sucking my tongue like a cock, moaning “Mmmm me too, baby, I love the way my pussy tastes”

She looked at me for a moment then said, “I want to try something new and kinky, are you game big boy?”

At this point, I was willing to try just about anything.

“YES baby, anything you want!”

She hakkari escort bayan gave me a sexy smile, then straddled my face again.

“Are you “SURE”?

“YES Damn You, I’m sure”, I said.

She then turned around and began licking her way down my stomach while she rubbed my cock through my shorts. When she reached the waistband of my shorts she stopped and said, “Oh baby, you are so hard, am I turning you on?”

She pushed my shorts off and licked down around my cock, down my thigh to my knee and back up the other leg, “Should I lick it for you? Want me to suck your big fat cock for you? Beg me to suck your cock for you or I wont do it.”

“Please honey, please suck my cock, I want you so badly, please suck it for me.”

She began to lick up one side and then down the other side, avoiding the head, rolling my balls in her hand.

“Beg for it, baby, I won’t suck it till you beg for it” she said as she slowly pumped the shaft with one hand and rubbed the spot below my balls with the other.

“I want to suck it for you, I want to lick that pre-cum off it, but you have to beg me for it”

She then ran her tongue up the shaft again, stopping short of the head.

I moaned, “Please baby, please”

“Please what?”, she said.

I reached up and put my hands on her ass and licked up her leg.

“I said no touching”, and she slapped my ass, hard.

“Now beg, or I am getting dressed.”

“Oh god. Please suck my cock, take it in your mouth and suck me, I am begging you baby, I will do anything if you just suck me.”

“MMMMM that’s a good boy, that’s what I wanted to hear… ANYTHING” she said and slowly licked up the shaft once more, this time gently encircling my head with her tongue before slowly taking me into her mouth.

I rolled my head back and moaned as she engulfed my hard cock with her mouth.

“MMMM you like that, don’t ya babe, are you ready for my kinky surprise?”

“Oh god baby, please don’t stop, your mouth feels so good on my cock, Yes, I’m ready for whatever you have in mind, just please don’t stop sucking.”

She went back down on me, moaning and pumping her head slowly up and down my shaft, while she rubbed my balls.

She popped my cock out of her mouth and moaned, “Now you can taste me.”

My hands grabbed her ass and pulled her pussy to my mouth as she took me into her mouth again.

I licked and sucked her pussylips and stuck my tongue inside her.

“Ready or Not, here comes your surprise, baby.”

Then, as she moaned and pushed against me harder, she began to piss, taking me totally by surprise. Just a trickle at first, seeing how I would react, then, after sensing that I was starting to enjoy it, she let go full force. I grabbed her ass pulling her pissing cunt hard against my wide open mouth. Her hot piss tasted FANTASTIC!!!

She was licking the head of my cock, and then down my shaft, sucking each ball into her mouth gently, at the same time slowly pumping the shaft with her hand. Keeping hakkari escort her hand moving slowly up and down, her tongue ran down, past my balls and with her other hand, she began to run a finger around my asshole. Moaning into her piss wet pussy, the hot urine soaking my beard, I sucked her clit into my mouth as I put 3 fingers in her. Teasing her clit with my tongue, rolling it against the roof of my mouth, I felt her pussy squeeze my fingers and she came, gushing even more juice all over my face.

“OH my God” she screamed, “I am fucking cumming for you, baby, Drink my hot piss and cumjuices up, suck my cunt Herb, suck it hard.”

As I struggled to lap up all her juices, loving the taste of her, she put my cock between her tits and followed her finger to my asshole with her tongue. She ran her tongue around it, getting it wet and then pressed her finger against it, hard. I pushed back and she asked me” Do you like that?

Do you want me to finger-fuck your ass, baby

Do you want me to suck your hard cock, while I finger-fuck your musky ass?”

“Oh god, yes, suck my cock and finger-fuck my ass, DO IT BABY”

She pushed her finger, slowly at first, against my ass and began licking her way back up my cock. She licked her way back up the shaft and licked the head, as she began gently probing my ass with her finger, slowly getting more of it into me. It felt so good, her mouth all over my cock and balls as she rubbed her lips over the head, I moaned as she began gently moving her finger in and out. She began to push her pussy against my face and I started to lick it again and pressed my finger against HER asshole. She moaned around my cock and sucked it harder and faster. I shoved my tongue up her asshole as far as possible, as I put my fingers back into her sopping wet cunt. I tongued and licked her ass, smearing her pussy juice over her asshole and slowly probe it with my finger. With my other hand I reached into the night stand and took out her vibrator, turned it on and shoved it into her pussy.

As I fucked her with the vibrator faster and harder, her sucking on my cock got faster and more urgent, I moaned “MMMM baby, I am gonna cum.”

“Oh yes, cum for me, cum on, do it” she said.

She began pumping my cock with her hand, between her tits, as fast as she could, while I fucked her with the vibrator.

“Oh god here it cums” I moaned and began pumping my load onto her tits.

“OH yes” she cried out. “You always cum so much for me, baby”

She then did something she had never done before, she took my cock into her mouth again, cleaning off the cum and sucking it.

“MMMMM you taste so good, baby.”

She rubbed it into the cum on her tits and licked it off again. She got off of me and put one of her tits in my face, “Lick your hot cum off my tits, baby” she moaned, while pumping my cock with her other hand.

I took her tit in my mouth and began to lick and suck my own cum from her tits. As she continued jacking my cock, she kissed me hard on the mouth, sucking escort hakan the cum from it.

“Now I am going to get you good and hard again so you can fuck me, honey.”

She rubbed her tits against my chest smearing what was left of my cum over both of us, and then licked her way down my chest, sucking my nipples and licking her way to my semi-hard cock. She took it into her mouth and started to suck it. I rolled my head back and enjoyed her hot mouth, feeling my cock begin to swell again. She moaned and pumped my shaft with one hand, while working the head with her tongue and lips all the while fucking herself with the vibrator.

As my cock hardened in her mouth, she stopped, turned around and got on all fours.

“Fuck me now, I want that hard cock in my pussy. I want to feel you inside me.”

Now it was her turn to beg, I knelt behind her and rubbed the head of my cock over her pussy lips.

“You want this?” I asked her.

“Yes, please fuck me NOW” she said.

I rubbed my cock up the crack of her ass and asked her again “Do you want this?”

“Yes please, stick that big cock in me, please honey, I am begging you. Fuck me now please.”

I pushed my cock into her wet warm pussy, as she moaned “Oh yeah, baby, Oh God, fuck me good.”

I pumped her hard and fast, as I reached around and tweaked her nipples. She pushed back against me and met me stroke for stroke, as she played with her clit. My hands on her hips, pulling her to me as I fucked her as hard as I could, my balls slapping against her as she screamed out “OH GOD, I’m cumming again, fuck me, fuck me harder.”

I ran my thumb over her asshole, teasing it as I fucked her fast and hard. She pushed back against me and stopped pumping, just grinding against me as she came. I then withdrew from her steamy cunt, and in one stroke, buried my throbbing cock deep into her tight asshole.

“ARGGGGGG”, she screamed.

YES, Oh yeah baby, FUCK ME IN MY ASS”!

She ground herself back hard against me, rotating her shapely ass.


She collapsed on the bed as I slowly and gently moved in and out of her, after a few minutes she said, “STOP, I want to taste my pussy on your cock, baby.”

I pulled out of her and lay back on the bed. She went down between my legs, and took me in her mouth, sucking me hard. I rolled my head and moaned, putting my hands on her head guiding her speed and rhythm as she sucked my cock deep into her throat. I looked down at her as I felt a tightening in my balls, and saw her looking up at me, straight in the eyes.

“OH God, that feels so good, I am going to cum.”

She put her hands on my chest and held me down as she increased the speed and intensity of her sucking.

My balls tightened as I moaned “I’M CUMMING, OH GOD I AM CUMMING IN YOUR MOUTH BABY”!

She looked me in the eyes and kept on sucking, a little cum oozing from the corner of her mouth. She kept sucking until I was completely drained, and went soft in her mouth. She wiped the cum from the corners of her mouth with her fingers and licked them clean, too.

Then, she kissed me and asked, “Well, how was that, babe?”

All I had the strength left to do was smile.

The End???

* * * * *

Would you like to see this story continued? If so, send me feedback!

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