Father/Daughter bonding part II


The next morning I awoke to my daughter laying beside me, propped up on her elbow and caressing my chest. She smiled at me as I opened my eyes and I put my hand on hers as we kissed each other good morning.
“Why didn’t you wake me?” I asked.
“I like watching you sleep,” she replied before I put on my lounging pants while Kayla grabbed my light blue, button down oxford shirt and put it over her naked body as we started our day. Her vacuuming and dusting the house while I lazily enjoyed coffee and cigarettes with my morning paper. Interrupted only by her occasional caresses and kisses until her cell phone rang. It was her friend Kendra wanting to come over and hang out with her so we reluctantly got dressed and readied ourselves for her visitor.
“Daddy, I’m sorry but Kendra wants to spend the night over here too,” she said with a disappointed tone.
“That’s okay, angel” I replied.
Kendra arrived looking as hot as she always did wearing a skin tight tank top that stretched against her firm tits and a pair of daisy duke blue jean shorts that seemed to be cut just inches from her crotch. They chatted and giggled as I disappeared upstairs to my bedroom. I was in bed watching a golf tournament on the television when I heard them move upstairs to Kayla’s room. They turned her stereo turn on full blast, but I didn’t mind it at first as they were listening to one of my favorite albums, AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell” but soon the noise got to be too much for me and I proceeded down the hall to ask them to turn it down. As I approached her room they turned off the music and burst through the door into the hallway.
“Daddy, Kendra and I are going to the mall, we’ll be back in a little while,” she said as they rushed down the hallway and stairs before exiting the front door.
I returned to my room and the golf tournament but quickly dozed off. I don’t know how long I was napping but I was awakened by the sound of the girls outside of my bedroom door.
“You tell him first, Kendra, I’m scared” I heard my daughter whisper outside my door.
“Oh, hell no, you tell him. He’s your father.” Kendra replied, “You have to tell him first.”
“Oh, alright” Kayla sighed before opening my bedroom door, sticking her head in and saying “Daddy?”
“Come on in, angel.” I said as I sat up against my headboard, not knowing what the hell it was the girls had to tell me. Kayla walked in to the room first, once again wearing her “Daddy’s Girl” shirt and stood at the foot of my bed. Kendra followed her in, wearing the oxford that Kayla had taken from my closet earlier and moved closer kocaeli escort bayan to where I was.
I looked back and forth between the two girls as they stood there looking at me until Kendra looked over to Kayla and said “Go ahead, tell him.” I looked over at my daughter and she grabbed her shirt tail, raising it a little “Daddy please don’t be mad” she said as her hands stopped for a second “I got my belly button pierced” and then she raised her shirt to show me a silver and diamond piercing hanging from her above a pair of sexy red panties.
My cock lurched but I knew I had to act like a disappointed father. Actually as her father I was disappointed but as her lover I was incredibly turned on.
“Kayla, what the hell” I said in mock disappointment “Do you know what you’re doing?”
“Daddy please don’t be mad at me” she said as she moved around the foot of the bed and sat down beside me, staring into my eyes “Kendra got one too.” she added and then turned to Kendra who unbuttoned the oxford all the way down before letting it slide off her shoulders and drop to the floor. She was completely naked except for her naval piercing hanging above her clean-shaven pussy.
“Do you like it Mr. Jones?” she asked she stood in front of me in all her glory. She was practically the spitting image of my daughter with her long brown hair; tan skin, full firm tits and flat stomach. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her and I couldn’t answer.
“Do you like it, daddy?” Kayla asked me but before I could answer her hand dropped down on my cock and gripped it tight through my pants, then looking at Kendra smiled “I think he likes it.”
Kendra walked up to me and put her tits against my lips. My hand reached between her legs and began rubbing her young twat as I started sucking on her nipples and Kayla pulled my pants down, freeing my cock from its confinement before bending down and taking me into her mouth. Kendra then climbed on the bed on the other side of me and they kissed before they both lowered their mouths to my cock. Kayla engulfing the head once again while Kendra licked, kissed and sucked my balls and shaft. Kendra took my cock from Kayla’s hand and guided it down her throat as Kayla stood above me, straddling my head and lowered her delicious cunt down onto my face. I eagerly lapped my daughter’s cunt while her friend slobbered and sucked my cock, taking it all the way down her throat until her nose was pressed flat against my pelvis. Again and again she took my cock down deep and as I flicked my tongue over my daughter’s clit I pushed my hips up forcing my cock deeper down Kendra’s throat.
kocaeli sınırsız escort “God that is big” Kendra said as Kayla bent over, still grinding her cunt into my face and dove down face first onto my cock once again. Kendra pulled her off of it and they changed positions as Kendra pushed her pussy against my mouth and Kayla straddled my cock and slid her hot pussy down my throbbing shaft. Grinding their pussies into me the girls kissed again while Kayla began bouncing up and down on my manhood.
“Fuck that feels good” she smiled as she worked her pussy over my dick before Kayla decided she wanted inside her. They both stood up and kissed again before Kayla laid down with her head at the foot of the bed and Kendra moved between her legs, licking my daughter’s cunt with her ass sticking high in the air. I moved on my knees behind her and while she licked my daughter’s labia and clit I slid my hard cock deep inside her wet cunt. You could hear her muffled moans into Kayla’s cunt as I steadily drove my cock into her. Kayla turned her body, moving under Kendra into a sixty-nine position and began licking Kendra’s clit as my cock churned inside her. Kendra’s moans became louder and louder until she pulled her face from Kayla’s cunt and howled as her body trembled and her cunt juices flowed out of pussy, flooding my cock and my daughter’s face. My daughter grabbed my cock and began alternating my thrusts aiming it into Kendra’s cunt and then her mouth. Back and forth between the two until she turned again and was laying on her back in front of me. I pushed my cock inside my daughter’s soaking wet pussy and began pumping away while Kendra straddled her face and lowered her pussy onto my daughter’s mouth. Kayla’s tongue dove into Kendra’s cunt while she leaned forward and pushed her tongue into my mouth. Kissing me long and wet while I fucked my daughter’s pussy. Kayla began rubbing her clit to match my thrusts and before long she was thrashing on the bed soaking my sheets with more of her pussy juices. I pulled out of my daughter and the girls fell back into a sixty-nine, lapping away at each other’s cum flowing cunts when Kendra looked up at me and said, “Fuck me. I want you to punish my pussy with that big fucking cock.”
I moved behind her and Kayla grabbed my cock, aiming it at Kendra’s cunt and moaned, “Fuck her hard Daddy”. I plunged deep into Kendra’s tight, wet pussy and pushed my cock deep inside her. She moaned in delight as my cock pummeled her tight pussy walls and Kayla eagerly licked her clit. Pretty soon she was howling again as her cum once again flooded my izmit anal yapan escort daughter’s face. She pulled off of me and turned around once again taking my cock all the way down her throat while she massaged my balls with her hand before grabbing my cock and leading me back to Kayla’s pussy. I grabbed Kayla’s ankles and raised her legs, driving my cock inside her and fucked her with everything I had left. Kendra bent over and licked her clit and as I drove in on last time my daughter again began thrashing around, cumming on my cock as I exploded deep inside her, emptying my nuts into her pussy. I collapsed, panting heavily while Kendra moved between my daughter’s legs and licked my cum out of her before kissing her to share my load.
I was spent but the girls were still ready for more. As I lay on the bent panting heavily Kendra rolled over onto her back as Kayla began kissing her deeply and then slowly made her way down Kendra’s incredible body from her lips to her neck down to her perfect, firm round tits, taking the time to suck, lick and kiss both nipples erotically. Kayla gently bit Kendra’s nipples and pulled them up with her teeth as her hand slid down Kendra’s stomach to her sopping wet pussy. Pushing her fingers in and out of Kendra’s cunt she kissed her way down to her knew belly piercing and played with it with her tongue before continuing down until she was between Kendra’s legs, once again eating that beautiful shaved pussy. Kendra lay there beside me, moaning and panting while her body squirmed against my daughter’s tongue dancing in and out of her pussy, over her clit and then back inside her. “Oh yeah, eat that pussy.” Kendra moaned as she extended her arms beside her and clutched at the sheets in both hands, her hips began rocking faster and faster as her head shifted from side to side and her moans became louder and louder “Oh, yes, yes” she screeched from my daughter’s oral assault on her as she came once again on my daughter’s face as my cock again began to stiffen from the sights and sounds of these two beautiful girls.
They rested for just a moment before Kendra rolled over and took my cock into her mouth. Kayla quickly joined her and they took turns sucking my rod, each holding the other’s hair out of the way offering me a perfect view of their luscious lips sliding up and down my pole. Kayla began licking and sucking my nuts as Kendra quickened and lengthened her strokes on my rod, rapidly taking me completely down her throat and up again and my balls exploded, blast stream after stream of cum into her hungry mouth. Kayla rolled onto her back and opened her mouth wide and Kendra positioned her mouth over hers before sticking out her tongue and allowing my seed to roll down it, pouring into Kayla’s mouth. They again kissed deeply, sharing my cum as their tongues danced in their mouths before we dozed off.

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