Fathers Orders Pt. 02


Authors Note: I welcome your comments, both positive and negative. Positive comments I will use to improve my stories; Negative ones, to improve myself. If I bore or otherwise fail to satisfy you, please feel free to ignore my works.


In the weeks following Kelly’s punishment, things had mostly returned to normal. Father’s anger dissipated quickly and punishment was considered a close to matters, though Kelly had been forced to submit to several embarrassing inspections as Father checked her new tattoo to make sure it was healing properly. She had endured far worse than having her panties pulled down and her shaven pubes inspected, but when he ran his hands over the coarse stubble growing back, touching her where few male hands had ever explored, it had elicited more unexpected twitches of excitement than she had expected, or wanted. The rush of being touched in so private a spot was only marginally diminished by knowledge of its unfortunate source.

Her relation with Kirk was a different matter. They had been cordial following recent events but both had sensed the new, charged element to their relationship; far more sexual than familial. Neither sibling had known, or even suspected the other had become their primary masturbation fantasy material; Kirk abandoning his internet porn in favor of the memory of Kelly’s warm hand, and Kelly lying in bed at night rubbing herself to the memory of her brother’s cock. Her nightly applications of lotion to her healing pubes had soon extended lower as she’d lain in bed fantasizing about that impressive cock, mingling the creamy lotion with her own copious secretions.

The siblings passed on the stairs as Kelly returned to her room to get dressed, fresh from Fathers latest, and as he had graciously admitted final, pube inspection. Kirk mumbled a brief “Hi” and followed with “I’ll be back in 30…” He avoided her eyes but could not help noticing her hard nipples and dark areolas visible through the thin fabric of her matching bra and panties. He briefly regretted that Father had not deemed it necessary he attend the follow-up inspections of his sister’s shaven twat, given the involvement he had in its creation. Now that he was eager for her teasing, she seemed to have stopped trying to embarrass his with her casual nudity. Of course, this encounter was too brief to note the damp spot than had formed on her own panties and Kelly’s hope that Father would not notice it was balanced by her secret hope that her brother would.

Kelly entered her room, shut the door and flopped onto her bed. She felt the itch of stubble growing back on the still sensitive skin of her bikini line and rather than getting dressed, she removed her bra and panties completely so she could apply another dose of soothing lotion. She placed a towel on her bed to protect her sheets, lay back with her legs spread, and squirted a generous dollop of the thick cream into her hand, which she rubbed uşak escort over her new tattoo; the skin drinking in the moisture. She took a moment to rub the excess into her boobs and her nipples responded quickly to the attention. She always felt a hot jolt in her groin whenever she touched her breasts. Her hands alternated attention between the plump flesh of her breasts and the sensitive skin of her pubes and pussy. Soon, she was pinching and and squeezing her nips and as her hand dove lower, pushing her fingers into her tight opening.

Kelly recalled her brother’s masturbatory session- the one she had inadvertently interrupted- and mused on the differences in their technique as she lay diddling herself. That organ seemed to prefer far rougher treatment, and she recalled how tightly Kirk had gripped it, its bulbous head glistening with the very same lotion she now rubbed into her own sex. “He *was* using my good cream,” she thought, smiling at the bottle beside her. Her own sex, in contrast, preferred more subtle manipulation and as the cream coated her hands, boobs and swelling sex, she found a rhythm with one hand rubbing her clit and the other taking occasional dips into and between her now engorged lips; sometimes with a single finger, sometimes with two. She wondered idly how it would feel to have something that big- something like her brothers cock- inside her. Her fingers were wonderful of course, but she tried to imagine being stretched open by something larger. More fingers helped the fantasy, but it was still lacking.

She glanced over at the lotion bottle next to her, picked it up and flipped it around in her hand. It was about ‘that’ size; maybe smaller, and as she rubbed her finger over its smooth, plastic top she realized it might just provide the right amount of stretch she had been daydreaming about. Running her hand over its top to coat it, she positioned the bottle at her swollen opening and slowly, carefully pushed it in.

It felt great! Her pussy wrapped around the smooth contours of the bottle and she pushed it deeper, feeling her womb stretch around its new occupant. She slowly pulled it out, wet lips stretching against the soft plastic with a wonderful slurping sound. She pushed it in and out a few more times, getting familiar with its girth, and soon she was plunging it deeper and faster, her breathing speeding up with her strokes. Her hips rose up from the bed as she worked herself into a heated frenzy. Balanced on her feet, hips raised up, she worked the bottle up and down, in and out, her other hand furiously rubbing her clit as she pushed her body closer and closer to the edge.

She was momentarily distracted by the sound of the downstairs door shutting, but didn’t stop. She was so close. She pushed with her feet, her back arching and the bottle pistoning into her swollen sex, the slicking sounds of her wetness matching her rapid breathing. She was uşak escort bayan seconds from orgasm when a horrible thought crossed her mind-she hadn’t locked her door! Kirk would be bringing up the stuff she’d asked him to pick up and… but it was too late! the door swung opened, Kirk stepped in and said “Hi Kell, here’s your…” and then just as she had caught him earlier, Kirk saw his sister, hips raised up and pussy facing him, lotion bottle buried deep into her, body shiny with sweat, groan and flop back onto her bed, shaking in uncontrollable orgasm. Her legs spasmed and shook, boobs bouncing with the motion as she grunted through her orgasm. Her body fell quivering and the dark, brown plastic bottle, slick with her pussy juice, popped audibly from her pulsing pussy and dropped to the bed, its surface sticky with her spent juices.

For a moment they stood deer-in-the-headlights frozen, looking at each other and just as Kirk turned to leave Kelly blurted out without thinking “Wait!” and Kirk slowly turned back as she sat up, perfect breasts still glistening with lotion and nipples as hard as he’d remembered from before. “Kelly. I- I’m sor-” But she said, “It’s OK,” and before she could change her mind say “Close the door,” and he did.

Kelly didn’t make any move to cover herself, and Kirk approached the bed, staring in awe at her exposed breasts. “Guess we’re even now” she said, smiling.

Kelly broke the awkward silence. “You know, ever since we… you know… I’ve been thinking about you…” she spoke softly, and Kirk stood at the end of the bed, still looking at her naked body. “I was thinking about you just now” she continued, and Kelly reached out to rub the obvious lump in his tight jeans. Kirk hesitated, but didn’t move back as his sister’s hand stroked his hardness. He staring lustily at her; her nipples seemed absurdly long, poking out from her full breasts as if demanding to be noticed. “I know you like looking at me” she said, eyes meeting his even as they flashed between her tits and her tattoo. “You like them, don’t you? My boobs? It’s OK…” she said, and guided his hand to her left breast, which he automatically began squeezing with surprising gentleness and skill. Kelly gasped as he kneaded the soft flesh. “That feels really good” she whispered, and she synchronized groping his cock with his groping of her boob and for a silent minute they casually pleasured each other.

Ever the aggressor, Kelly jumped off the bed and pushed Kirk to sit against the end of her bed as they switched position, him leaning against the bed and her standing naked before him. Kirk was delighted as Kelly continued “I’ve really been thinking about you a lot,” and her hand returned to rubbing him through his jeans. “Can- Can I see it?” she asked, looking down at his crotch and before he could answer, she was undoing his belt. He lifted briefly as she tugged his jeans down, exposing white escort uşak briefs stretched to their limits by his erection. Kelly almost moaned aloud when she saw it; the ridge of his cock clearly outlined against his briefs, the shaft tenting the stretchy fabric, and the bulge of his balls thick below. She felt a liquid squirt in her own panties as she put her fingers into the waistband and slowly, carefully pulled them down.

Kirk’s cock sprang free and stood up against his belly, wobbling with its new freedom and Kelly stared at it in wonder for a moment before gently putting her hands around it, feeling it pulse with his excitement. It felt amazing in her hands and as she had thought, it was much, much larger than her lotion bottle, now lying forgotten on her bed.

Kelly slid her hands up and down the thick shaft, breathing heavily as her body flushed with excitement. It felt hot. It felt hard. But also, it was incredibly soft, and her sex swelled and lubricated as she played with it. Kirk was in heaven; the warm hands he had been fantasizing about for a week, were back where he wanted them and now, leaning against the bed, his eyes were almost even with her magnificent breasts, nipples rock-hard with her own excitement.

Kelly was not sure why she did it but it had seemed natural. It had seemed- necessary, so with both hands still around his thick shaft Kelly knelt, pulling his erection toward her even as she moved her head forward and guided his cock into her open, eager mouth. Her lips closed around it, and she felt light-headed with the glory of its fullness in her mouth. Her tongue played around its head, explored the velvet cap, delicately traced around the rim, and moved over and across its length, the veined surface rough and smooth at the same time. Kelly pushed it deeper into her throat, feeling her gag reflex start before pulling back and trying again; eagerly trying to get as much into her as possible. It was the most exciting thing she’d ever felt, and she reveled in the sexual intensity of it. Kirks short, careful thrusts and her open mouth and wet lips soon working in perfect synchrony.

Kirk watched fascinated as Kelly reached down to her swollen sex and jammed two fingers deeply into her depths, the rhythm of her frigging matching her sucking. As her pace quickened, he leaned back on the bed, pushing his hips toward his sister. He felt the hot, building pressure of his climax and his thrusting became more urgent, even as Kelly working harder to take more of his length into her gaping mouth, and more of her fingers into her dripping sex.

Then, with a hot, fluid rush, he collapsed back and came. Hard. He felt it start deep in his balls, course though the length of his cock, and spray warmly into the back of his sisters delighted throat. The volume was a little more than she could take and she pulled back, coughing lightly as thick white semen ran from the corner of her wet mouth. She pulled sticky fingers from her pussy, cleaned the dribble from her mouth, and licked her finger, smiling. “I told you I’d pay you back for getting you in trouble,” she said to her still panting brother, and flopped down next to him on the bed to catch her breath.

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