Feet for Sale


As I had quite a few people asking for another story like Karen’s feet. Here is an unrelated but similar story but filled with footjobs and everything!!!

The story setting is a little weird but Its just an excuse for more foot fetish action…yeah

Any comments and feedback is welcome! Thanks!

Feet for sale

I yawned. I was bored and too hot. The lecture I was in was dull and I hoped it would end soon. I felt so sleepy and I was itching to get out. I sat there restlessly staring at the screen as the lecturer droned on listlessly. My feet sweaty in my converse, as I flexed them around inside my shoes.

I didn’t notice exactly when the lecture finished by the second I saw people stand up I left the building as quickly as I could.

Once outside I welcomed the cool breeze that made my black hair fly around. I walked towards the other side of the university campus where the old sports hall or gym was. In the evenings it was sometimes used for club activities and on some occasions some random parties but in the day nobody ever really went there.

Except I went there quite often as I asked guys to meet me there to have sex and so on. Some other girls also went there as well, but it was mostly me and my lucky guy friend. I had always been a bit sexually open and enjoyed it a lot, although I was generally careful to not let the fact that I was really slutty become too public.

I reached the hall and walked in the side door where the male changing rooms were. I could hear somebody in there and I walked into the changing room.

The guy was there, standing around, waiting. He looked up as I walked in and he smiled. I met him the other night in a bar and we exchanged numbers then ended up fucking out the back. Then this week I asked him for some no strings attached sex.

I couldn’t remember his name though, so I just grabbed him without warning and led him off to the empty supply room. Pushed open the door and went inside.

I closed the door after him and flicked on the dim light. It was a large room but most was taken up by dusty junk. But I ignored it kissing him slowly getting lower down. Kissing his chest, stomach then finally on my knees I pulled at his track suit. I looked up at him and licked my lips.

Then he said almost awkwardly “Maybe you could give me a footjob instead.”

I was stunned a bit. I hadn’t been asked for one of those before.

“Umm…sure,” I said , “but I haven’t done one before so you’ll have to help me.” I giggled trying to be friendly and hide my apprehension.

I undid my converse sliding my sweaty feet out of them and standing on the cold floor of the storage room. I pulled out an old floor mat from the pile of junk and we sat on that. He took a bottle out of his bag from other room. It looked like lube or oil, and he set it aside. I pushed my feet towards him wondering what he wanted me to do.

He took my feet and looked at them, rubbed them and ran his hands over them. Then he said they were sexy but I never really thought so nor did I care all that much. He unzipped his jeans and his cock was already stiff and ready. He took hold of my feet and placed them together his cock in between my soles.

He then took the lube and rubbed it into my feet and his cock. It felt cold and tingly.

He held my feet by the ankles and pulled them up and down.

“Do this,” he said breathing heavily obviously enjoying himself.

So I lifted my feet up and down his member as he wriggled in pleasure.

He moved my feet all around his dick. The oil making everything slip and slide effortlessly. The oil did feel nice and cool and strangely tingly, more than before. But sometimes he did grab my ankles too hard and it hurt. Eventually he pulled himself free of my feet and released his load onto my feet.

We sat there as I twitched my cum covered toes around his softening cock.

After a while he got up and so did I. He smiled in a strange way and turned away to open the door, thanked me, then he left. I was confused at what happened and when I was sure he wad gone I ran off to get some toilet paper to wipe my slimy and wet feet clean.

As I walked home my feet still felt oddly and tingly from the oil. I’d definitely wanted a shower when I got home. I got home a few minutes later. I lived in a flat with two of my friends but they always seemed to be out somewhere and the empty house confirmed that idea.

I slipped my bare tingling feet out of my converse and was annoyed as they were still greasy. So I ran to take a shower. I felt a bit dirty even though I was used to being with guys a lot, the footjob really put me off.

I enjoyed the shower and the hot water washing away all the disgusting things I felt were on me. I soaped up my feet especially to get rid of the oil the strange tingling and oily feeling.

Stepping out of the shower and wrapping a towel around myself I went to my bedroom.

Sitting on my bed, my wet body drying slowly as I pushed my damp dark hair from my face. I stared at the bornova escort floor and thought about the work I had to do and some other random things. I then realised I was staring at my feet as well.

I looked at them, my little toes and my pink soles. My feet actually did look quite nice. I wondered why I never saw it before. I pulled up my feet on the bed, still moist from the shower, and so soft.

I rubbed my little toes running my fingers between them. I felt horny, how or why I couldn’t say but I liked this.

I brought my feet together lying back on my towel. My soles together, remembering how the guy made me do it earlier. It was so arousing. I needed something to put between my feet. Something like a cock.

I got up, opening my drawer and took my dildo out. I placed it on the bed, managing to use one hand to hold the dildo as my tingling feet searched for the rubbery shaft. I gasped as my soles closed around the dildo. It felt unbelievable. As though my pussy was being penetrated. I grasped the dildo tightly with my hand as I brought my feet up and down repetitively on it. I thought back to the guy releasing his load all over me.

I looked at my small feet working the shaft and I had such a strong urge to suck warm cum from my toes.

My feet franticly fucked the dildo.

I needed something to suck of my cute little toes.

I dropped the dildo and ran, naked and sex crazed to the fridge and found the mayonnaise. I ran back the dildo. I rubbed my feet on it as before with the Mayo open in my hand.

It felt so good to foot fuck this dildo. I felt the pleasure increasing until I couldn’t hold it any longer. I took a scoop of Mayo and spread it all over my feet.

I forced my toes into my mouth and put them into my mouth in one big go. I sucked them hard. The thick creamy stuff wasn’t the right taste or consistency for cum but it did well enough.

I felt myself orgasming as I sucked my toes clean of the white stuff.

The pleasure ended and I relaxed onto my bed. Then I suddenly become aware of what had happened. Immediately I picked up the jar of mayonnaise and took it back to the kitchen. I was so shocked at what I’d done. What was wrong with me I wondered. Only then did I realise I was still naked from the shower.

I pulled on a bra and loose top and some baggy track suit bottoms.

I tried to put what had just happened out of my mind because it was so odd. I padded, still barefoot, into the living room falling onto the sofa. I picked up my laptop and continued tapping away at an essay that I was half way through.

As I typed I couldn’t help rubbing my smooth bare feet over each other. I liked how they felt.

But then I’d force myself to stop

and continue with the essay.

After awhile I took an Internet break, a few YouTube videos, Facebook and other things.

Then I found myself looking at my feet at the other end of the sofa.

They are pretty I thought. I had a strong urge to compare them as there were so pretty. I started typing in a long list of things into the Internet looking at other girls feet. It was fun. Most were not that nice, although there were a few I did think were sexy.

Even a few with nail polish which was odd as I usually hated it. I was so aroused when I started drafting footjobs. I never realised there were so many different things to do with my feet.

I was distracted as the front door opened and I heard voices. Jess and Rachael, my roommates had got back.

I quickly closed all the porn on my computer and closed the lid getting up to greet them.

They had been out in town. And had quite a few bags of shopping. I smiled, amused as they showed off all their purchases. As I watched I rubbed the bottom of my left food over the top

Of my right foot enjoying the feeling of my feet against each other.

Just then Jess jumped up and shouted, swearing loudly.

“What happened?” I said confused.

“I forgot that fucking bag in top shop,” Jess exclaimed, “I’ll have to go back for it,” she said glumly.

“I’ll go with you,” I said happily. Jess smiled and thanked me. We left quickly as Rachel had yawned and told us she was tired after saying bye as I slipped on my converse.

We walked up to the bus stop and waited, talking about university. Jess had this hilarious lecturer who always seemed to have an erection and he was thus called “the package”.

Once on the bus it didn’t take long to get to town. Jess hurried ahead eager to get her bag back.

“Look!” Jess said exasperatedly to the useless sales girl “it was a urban outfitters bag with two shirts in it and I left it around here by the checkout.”

While the girl kept looking in lost property I wondered around looking at some uninteresting jewellery. But then I saw an ankle bracelet. It was simple and nice enough looking. I went to the opposite side of the checkouts so Jess wouldn’t see me and bought it slipping it suspiciously into my jacket pocket.

As I walked slowly back bostancı escort over to Jess she said “Yes that’s it, thank you, thank you!”

We then left the shop heading for home.


Back at home I pulled my converse off my sweaty feet and went to my room while Jess examined her lost purchases. Rubbing my slightly sweaty feet and toes happily I clipped the new thin chain of the ankle bracelet around my right foot. It looked so nice and sexy.

I smiled to myself, the ankle bracelet looked so wonderful as I rotated my foot around, examining how it looked. I sat on my bed, reluctantly I gathered my laptop from the sitting room. Once I was back in my room I forced myself to continue with an exceptionally dull piece of work.

I whiled away the evening, examining my sexy feet. I thought of looking up more stuff on the Internet but I didn’t want to get carried away again and I started a new lecture course in the morning so I didn’t want to be late. I left my bracelet on, slipping into bed in my night dress. After I flicked off the light , my eyes drooped and I felt dead tired….


I was late for the lecture. I had overslept and had 10 minutes to get to the lecture when it would take 20 minutes.

I’d shoved on some loose jeans and a cute t-shirt and bra, and happily slipped my bare feet into my flats I now so loved.

I would have been more cross about being late but my feet looked so good. My ankle bracelet looked pretty as well, moving around my ankle as I hurried to class. When I got there it had already started and I had to sneak in the back entrance. There were over a hundred people in the dark lecture theatre. Some dull woman was scribbling on the board far below at the bottom of the room.

I sat down silently in the last row of chairs where one guy was sitting looking beneath the table at the glow of his phone. I tried to pay attention for awhile. But I knew all the information would be online anyway.

I slumped in my chair stretching out my legs the side.

The lecture had been going for ages and I hoped it would finish soon.

I yawned rather loudly and guy sitting near me turned. I said sorry and he smiled.

Then I realised it was him. The guy from yesterday. I then remembered his name! It was Matt.

“I didn’t know you did biology,” I whispered.

“I don’t,” he replied, “just an optional module.”

I nodded. As he glanced at my feet, revealed in my flats. I immediately felt horny.

I felt butterflies inside and I couldn’t control myself. I lifted my foot up, flat dangling like crazy as I rubbed against his leg.

His head snapped down and then at me. I smiled and his had grabbed my small foot. Knocking off my flat he lifted it to his thigh and I pushed my foot further forwards. I found his crotch and pressed my toes into him gently. He sighed slowly. He touched my ankle bracelet and smiled at me.

I felt him get harder as my foot pressed his cock. It felt so good I was so horny and I loved it.

I felt the bulge get harder and harder and he reached down to undo his trousers. But just then the lights flicked and people were getting up and leaving.

I let out a breath and took back my foot quickly when I realised.

We got up and walked out together as he used his bag to hide the massive bulge in his pants.

Just then Lucy a friend from biology approached and said “Hey what you up to.”

I told her I had to go and do something and walked off hoping she hadn’t noticed Matt going with me.

I walked with him out of the building and I made him follow me.

“Where are we going,” he asked.

I just looked at him. My feet were feeling crazy, I needed to put something between them. A bit later he realised where we were. It was the old sports hall.

When he realised he hurried towards the changing rooms.

In several seconds we were sitting on the old mat and I was pulling off his trousers. His dick was hard and delicious looking.

I ripped off my flats and brought my soles, moist from walking, to his member.

I closed my feet round it. I moaned. It was so good. I couldn’t think, the pleasure was too great.

All I could do was watch as I brought my soles up and down on the hard dick between them. I smiled as I looked at my feet with his cock between them and my pretty ankle bracelet.

He was gasping and in pleasure as well. He brought his hands to my feet to tighten the grip my soles had round him. He moved more thrusting upwards through my feet.

I moved one foot to his balls, toes wiggling them around while the other pressed his cock to his stomach while I rubbed it with the flat of my foot.

Then I changed back, his cock right between my tight smooth soles.

He started to thrust even more.

“I’m gonna cum!” he gasped.

“On my toes! on my toes! Please cum on my toes!” I moaned.

I placed my toes over his cock while the other still rubbed his cock.

Matt’s hand came down and buca escort jerked himself. And he came.

Warm sticky cum oozed though my toes on top of his cock. It was too much. It felt too good. I orgasmed like crazy.

All I could think was cock and feet and cum.

I couldn’t believe how amazing it was.

I brought my foot hurriedly to my mouth. I wanted the first taste of cum sucked from my toes.

I closed my lips over my toes. My tongue darting between my toes. The warm salty taste filling my mouth. I swallowed.

I pulled my foot out, and sucked more, putting each of my little toes into my mouth to make sure they were clean. It was delicious, I though as I swallowed the last of the cum.

But then Matt took hold of my other foot and wiped more cum off his dick onto my feet. I smiled so happily, I never wanted it so bad.

I brought my other foot up to my watering mouth.


We walked off campus together not saying anything. With the sexual buzz gone it was awkward.

“Well this is the way I go,” he said when we reached the main road.

“I go that way,” I said pointing in the opposite direction. “I’ll see you some other time,” I smiled.

“Just one thing,” he said, ” the first time I asked you didn’t seem too happy but just now you were crazy for it.”

I grinned and said “I realised how hot it was, and I was thinking about what we did all day afterwards,” I finished awkwardly and shouted bye as we parted ways.

Back home that night I foot fucked my dildo while watching porn video of lucky girls giving footjobs.

I hadn’t seen or heard from Matt for a whole week and by the next Wednesday I couldn’t wait for him to play with my feet in the lecture and I had a surprise for him too.

I got there extra early and spied him sitting much further down in the lecture theatre that before. My heart pounded as I sat down near him with one seat between us.

I was wearing flats today too, a new pair I bought which were lovely and loose and gave me arousing amounts of toe cleavage.

So I dangled my flats from my feet hoping he would notice.

The lights went off and the lecture started but I was in no mood for that. I dropped one flat and rubbed my bare toes against his leg again.

Matt looked at me. Horny but confused. He scribbled something down then passed the note it across to me.

“Careful, people behind us,” it read. I looked up and the two rows back another line of people were looking down.

I folded the note and kicked off the other flat. I placed both my feet in his lap.

He hands dropped to my feet.

Feeling my sweaty toes and soles as I felt him become hard beneath my feet.

I slowly rubbed the bulge with my right foot. He closed his eyes as he enjoyed the sensation.

I then used my foot to tug as his jeans. “Undo,” I wrote on the note with his pen.

He looked at me and I pulled harder with my toes at his jeans.

His hands slowly moved to the button and fly. Slowly he undid himself opening the fly just as slowly.

I took him by surprise my right foot dived into his boxers while the left pulled his boxers back. The elastic band of his boxers snapped once and then again as my toes struggled to free his rock hard cock.

He looked up worriedly but nobody paid any attention. Then finally with a big pull I got it passed the elastic of his boxers and, his cock was free.

I reached one handed uncomfortably due to the sideways angle I was sitting at, into my bag a took out a bottle of massage oil. I brought be feet back down unscrewed the lid and poured oil over my feet.

I tried to make sure he didn’t see and the his shock of when my slippery feet met his cock told me he hadn’t seen me do it. He looked down at my feet and his cock, glistening from the oil in the dim light from the projector. He smiled at me I gave a nervous smile back.

Slowly moving my feet up and down his stiff member. It was so easy, the oil made my little feet slide effortlessly up and down. The butterflies in my stomach where crazy. The thrill of giving him a footjob in a room with over a hundred people was insatiable.

I kept moving my feet up and down loving the round hardness of his dick pressing against my soft greasy soles.

I watched excitedly as my arches slipped up his delicious cock.

Bringing my feet back down just before my soles went over the big head of his dick.

It was so good I wanted to cum and I wanted his cum all over my feet.

I grabbed my ankles and started to press tighter as Matt tried to act as if nothing was going on. I kept on going, slightly out of breath from the effort until I was rewarded with a grunt and the wet stickiness of cum as it trickled over my soles.

I had to hold my breath to stop from moaning, it felt so good. I could feel my own orgasm coming. Without thinking I lifted my feet from his dick rubbing my soles over my toes to cover them in thick sticky cum. Then I slid my feet into my flats. I came.

Gasping a bit too loudly as somebody looked over. The sticky cum all over my feet, wiggling my toes in my flats.

The rest of the lecture went quickly as I had the enjoyment of dangling my sticky flats and wiggling my cum covered toes together. When the lecture ended Matt said he had stuff to do. I smiled as he walked away.

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