Finally we meet


Finally we meetI left an envelope at the reception desk for you when you arrived…”Meet me in the orchards near the river……….”Making your way towards the trees, excited and a little apprehensive This was the first time we would meet. Walking through the golden leafed trees you see me ahead. The sun is shining and the air is warm, a beautiful autumn day.Slowly I turn towards you and smile…. There’s no need either to be worried, I reach out to you and you pull me into your arms.’Irene’…. I know your voice, I’ve listened to your voice messages…. Hearing my name on your lips sends sparks of lust shooting straight through me.”Mark” my breath is soft and warm on your chest as you rest your chin on my head. We feel the pounding of the others heart. You step back and look down into my eyes, and slowly lower your mouth to mine. First touch, first kiss…… Your lips and tongue seducing me, stealing my breath away. So much more than our imaginations could conjure up.Breathless, light headed, I take your hand and lead you towards a path next to the river. We climb down to a rocky ledge overlooking a mini waterfall. I have a blanket and picnic basket waiting for us. One of our cyber fantasies has been to undress each other outdoors and explore all the sexual tension between us.No words are necessary, our bodies ache to experience what until now were only words in emails. You stand behind me arms encircling me and we look out at the beautiful, colourful landscape..There is no need to hurry, we are here now and time is not importantI feel your lips on my neck planting warm kisses up towards my ear. I angle my head to give you better access and my fingers squeeze yours where they are joined at my waist.I breath in deeply, a hint of spicy cologne, skin warmed by the sun, YOU…. I feel your hard, hot body pressed intimately against me and cannot believe this is really happening.Turning in your arms I slip the back of my fingers into your shirt, feeling your skin, the warmth of your flesh, your heart beat strongly. I begin to unbutton your shirt, placing warm wet kisses on each inch of skin as your chest becomes exposed to my mouth. Your chest is so sexy, so masculine. Your hands move down to my hips, settling me closer between your thighs….. I feel the bulge in your pants stir, thickening.I pull your unbuttoned shirt from your pants and run my hands across your chest, your hot skin, crisp hair and hard nipples excite me so! Our lips meet again, tongues stroking, the taste and texture of each other new and exciting. Shudders of need and sexual tension course through both our bodies.It may be the first time in reality, but our bodies are familiar to each other, we know what the other wants, needs.Your hands cup my breasts through the fabric of my dress and my nipples bead and harden under your fingers. Reaching around behind me you lower the zip on my dress and slide it down my arms, it slips to the ground and I stand before you in a lace bra and thong. You lean forward and run your tongue across my skin above the lace…..My hands türbanlı urfa escort are at your belt and I undo your belt and the button on your pants, but then I stop, I run a finger across the obvious bulge and feel your body tense……….. My eyes meet your electric gaze as I slowly lower the zip and your huge erection springs free…. I am so very glad you’re commando.I kneel down in front of you and softly touch your cock. I have imagined this so often. My fingers can barely encircle you, leaning in I kiss the tip and feel the heat and moisture on my lips…… Looking up at you I slowly lick around your glistening head and take you into my mouth…. I feel your body tense, your hands on my shoulders, caressing my skin. I run my tongue along the length of your iron hard cock, tasting, smelling and feeling the stiff velvety length of you. I inhale your essence, lost in the wonder of the reality of what is in store for us.You lift me to my feet, peeling your shirt off quickly. You unhook my bra and my voluptuous breasts are free…… Your large hands and sensitive fingers cup their generous curves and your mouth plants sweet tantalising hot kisses across each mound, teasing me. Tasting me. My nipples are pebble hard, begging for your attention……I have dreamt of your hands, your fingers stroking, caressing, arousing me…. But no amount of fantasising could prepare me for the amazing way your touch coaxes my body to respond to you. You seem to know every curve and hill, each sensitive spot and your touch is exquisite torture to my heated flushed skin.Slowly your warm, rough tongue rasps across one erect nipple and the electricity that shoots through my body straight to my womb has me gasping in pure pleasure.You lower us to the blanket, my hands slide into your pants cupping your hard ass, pulling your huge erection against my hip…. Your hands and mouth continue to explore my breasts, learning my taste and texture and scent that up until now has only been something you’ve imagined, fantasised about…….My body is glowing, aching for you…. I don’t want to wait,,,,, “Mark, please, I need you, I want to feel you inside me……….”You shake your head and lift your mouth from my nipple……” There’s no rush Irene, we’ve waited this long …… I want us to remember every moment.” Just your voice sends spirals of need and sweet erotic waves through my body.My hands move to your cock, hard, proud, waiting. I cup your balls and stroke your rigid hot skin. You kick your pants off to give me better access. Lying side by side as your mouth travels across my breasts and sends shivers of need and sexual tension through me, I rub my mound against your cock, the friction of my damp silk and lace panties against your cock almost makes me cum…..All I can think about is getting You, inside me. Having you fill me with your hard length, thrusting until the friction becomes unbearable and we explode into a thousand pieces of ecstasy.”Please Mark ” I sob on a note of sexual frustration türbanlı urfa escort bayan as your mouth travels over the wet silk of my panties, torturing my pussy.You push me back against the sun warmed rocks and pull my wet thong to the side….. Your mouth and tongue licking sucking swirling across my slit….teasing my clit, your tongue firm than gentle, bringing waves of pleasure but not allowing me to peak….oh God, you’re right there at my slick, wet entrance. I am desperate to feel your cock inside me ….. I grip your head and pull you up. Your mouth latches on to my nipple and I feel your groan vibrate through my body.Then slowly, inexorably, I feel the head of your shaft nudging at my entrance, sliding inside me….. I balk at the intrusion…. You’re huge! A frustrated moan from us both…… We want that final connection, full penetration, the place where two bodies join and work together to fulfil the ultimate goal of release.I take a deep breath, squeeze my eyes shut and concentrate on relaxing my inner muscles. You take immediate advantage and with one final forceful thrust you’re fully seated.”Mark” I gasp in pure pleasure, as you stretch me, fill me to the brim, stimulate every vibrating overly excited nerve ending.And suddenly, again I’m at that frightening precipice where the body takes over and rational thought is impossible. I wriggle against you, your large hands pin me against the rock, you slide out of me and I cry out in disappointment, “condom” you growl, “pill” I reply breathlessly………I ache so badly I think I’ll die if I don’t have you back inside me!”Oh Mark, please fuck me now!” I whimperAnd that’s it, your hips piston forward, impaling me on your rigid length and I am flung from the highest cliffs of passion until my body is nothing but pulsing, melting sensation. Hot liquid pleasure starts in my womb and spreads through my entire body.”Sweet heavens” I hear you growl as I feel the fierce hot wash of your release in my body and I continue to rhythmically contract around you, taking everything you have to give me.Slowly we come to our senses after the most mind blowing orgasm of our lives…….. A soft breeze caresses our damp, naked flesh and the sounds of the waterfall comes back to us…….My head is thrown back against the rock, eyes closed in absolute bliss, a crimson stain flushing my cheeks, the tall tale colour of a woman well satisfied and coming down from a convulsive release.You lean your forehead against mine”you ok?””Never been better” I sigh languidly and place a warm kiss against your damp throat.” I was rough …”Shaking my head, I bite your bottom lip and lick at the spot…..””Mmmhm no, I asked for it.. we needed that to take the edge off!”Inexplicably your cock begins to twitch and swell again where you’re still nestled snuggly inside me.Looking deep into my eyes, you reach down not wanting to break the magical physical connection between our bodies and with a twist of your fingers you rip the lace side seam of türbanlı escort urfa my thong and throw the scrap to the side.”Hey” I protest and your laugh ripples through our joined bodies, “I’ll buy you a hundred more” as your mouth joins mine and again my body becomes a boneless mass of nerve endings seeking ultimate pleasure and release in your arms. I smile in wonder at your cock, hard as nails again…… Pure feminine smugness fills me! I plant hot sweet kisses across your chest, my tongue flickering across your hard nipple. Your chest hair tickling my nose…..I inhale the masculine scent that is uniquely You, warm, musky….aphrodisiac delightYou pull my mouth to meet yours, our tongues dancing an ageless duet…. Your mouth moves to my neck, tongue licking my satiny skin as I turn to give you better access and your tongue drives me wild.Your mouth wanders down to my breast and pulls my tightly ruched bud into your mouth and tongues it to the roof of your mouth. A whimper of sweet longing escapes me as I press your head to my breast and writh my pelvis against your erection.I breath into your ear, “can I be on top this time?” My nipple pops out of your mouth as you lower us to the blanket”You can do anything you want!””Ride you slow and steady for an hour?””Mmmmm I’ll do my best to accommodate you”I rake my teeth across the skin of your chest and sink my teeth into your pectoral muscles causing every cell in your body to begin a slow humming vibration. Snaking a hand between us I grip the swollen length of you in my hand and position you just how I want you. Raising up on my knees I glide down you in one slow, glorious slide……… And thenI begin to moveA slow undulating roll of my hips that has your balls tightening and you feel the release bubbling at the base of your spine and in your aching groin.You place your hand against curve of my lower belly and move your thumb into the top of my sex, finding the hot bundle of nerves, slowly you circle and press, circle again and watch mesmerised as colour stains my breasts and rises to my cheeks…..My body arches back and I grip your sides with my knees, abandoning myself, us, to the sensations which our bodies cannot contain.Pulling me by my wrists you position my trembling thighs either side of your head….. I cry out “no””Shhhhh, let me, you wanted to ride me, but you didn’t say what kind of ride!”Palming the globes of my ass you tilt my pelvis forward “just relax and enjoy”Soon I am sighing in mindless pleasure, my hips rotating as you take the hot knot of my clit between your lips and lick at it repeatedly with the tip of your tongue. I grind my pelvis against the sweet tormenting pleasure of your mouth. I cry out in a melting, sweet, feminine dissolve as I cum fiercely, prolonged and your tongue laps at the honeyed juices you’ve brought from my body.As the last vestiges of that sweet orgasm ripple through me, I scoot backwards and smile knowingly at your hooded look. “It’s your turn!” I breathe against your mouth, tasting myself on your devouring lips. I reach back and cup your aching balls, pushing your cock deep inside me, and swivelling my hips back and forth, vigorously stroking you, clenching my channel tightly around you, we again discover the meaning of true sexual pleasure. You flood me with your hot spurts, again and again, holding my hips as you strain up, into my body that welcomes your release

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