Finding Love Pt. 04


Author’s note: This is the fourth part of a very long story. Please remember that it is a work of fiction.

The characters (Jade and Terry) from my other story, ‘Hidden Desires,’ will appear here but reading their story is not necessary to understand their role in this one.

My sincere thanks and heartfelt gratitude to all who have voted, emailed and commented on my story. Your support makes writing worth it.

I hope Finding Love will continue be enjoyed. Comments and votes will be appreciated.

Chapter 21

When Vivian awoke, she was alone in bed. She checked the time and saw that it was already past ten am. She stretched and climbed out of bed. After a quick stop in the bathroom, she grabbed a robe and went in search of her young lover.

Ari was sitting by the large bay windows in Vivian’s living room. She was wearing one of Vivian’s robes and looking dejectedly at the sky.

Vivian thought she knew what it was all about. Last night had been wonderful, full of passion, and there had been very little time to think about anything beyond the pleasures of the flesh. She was sure that, in the light of day, Ari was thinking clearly about Kate and the ‘betrayal’ they had both participated in.

“Morning angel,” Vivian said and bent for a kiss. Despite Ari’s look of worry, the kiss was long and delicious.

“What are you thinking so hard about angel?”

“Just things.”

“Come on now pet, tell Vivian all about it.”

“I’m worried about what’s going to happen next. What am I going to tell Kate when I see her? She’s expecting me to still be her girlfriend but after last night, I can’t … I’m not anymore,” Ari said softly. Vivian’s heart quickened at hearing that.

“You’re not pet?” She asked, her voice calm and measured.

“No. You, me; after what we shared, I can never go back. I thought it was the same for you…” Ari said, her voice reflecting her worry that Vivian was going to say otherwise. She needn’t have worried as Vivian crushed her in a massive hug, her voice filled with warmth.

“Yes my sweet angel pet, I feel that way too. Now that I have you, I don’t ever want to let you go.” Vivian words were followed by a kiss, infused with passion, which had Ari’s ardor rising again.

“Mmm, as much as I want to just drag you back to bed pet, we cannot play on an empty stomach. Let’s shower and then we’ll go eat and spend the day together or do you have classes that you need to go to?”

“No, I can miss today; I’m far enough along that I can manage.”

“Alright, if you’re sure. I don’t want to get in the way of you doing your best.”

“I’m sure.”

“Okay. As for what to do about Kate, I’ll think about that ? so don’t worry,” Vivian said as she pulled Ari with her to the shower.

Despite her earlier claim, they did have some sexy fun in the shower. Ari’s large nipples were such a tempting treat for Vivian that she couldn’t help but nibble and suck on them. Of course, Ari had to return the favor, which led to her not wanting Vivian’s pussy to feel neglected. For her part, Vivian was not about to let her little angel with the devil tongue get the better of her and gave Ari three orgasms to her two.

They did manage to leave Vivian’s place by mid day. They stopped at Ari’s dorm where she packed a few things. As it was Friday, Vivian persuaded her young lover to spend the weekend with her.

They drove to a little diner where they had a good lunch then to a movie. The show was a lovely romantic comedy and they both laughed to the point of tears.

Afterward they went out walking around the nearby park, talking and really getting to know each other. They learned that they had much in common, despite the fact that they were ten years apart in age. They liked the same movies, many of the same foods, and had the same fashion sense when it came to casual wear. They laughed at the same jokes and shared the same core values about life. It might have been scary if it wasn’t just perfect how well they fit together.

* * * *

Vivian had a large porcelain bath tub and loved to soak in it after a long night at the club. It was a luxury she usually partook of alone but today was happy to have Ari with her.

The water was blissfully warm as they both sat; Vivian with her back to the tub and Ari facing her. Their hands roamed, sensually touching and gently washing each other while kisses were exchanged.

Ari felt completely at ease and relaxed with Vivian. She didn’t hesitate as her hand found its way to Vivian’s pussy as she cupped and gently rubbed the prominent lips.

“Mmm, you like my kitty don’t you angel,” Vivian asked

“I think it’s the most beautiful I’ve ever seen,” Ari replied.

“Ahh and you’ve seen how many exactly?”

“Yours makes three, not counting my own,” Ari answered truthfully, blushing a little at the question and the admission.

“Well my pet, don’t sell yours short ’cause it’s also a thing of beauty,” Vivian replied as her hand slipped to Ari’s Ankara bayan escort sex.

Their lips met as busy fingers worked under the water to bring each other pleasure. Vivian slipped a finger inside of Ari’s tunnel as her thumb worked on her clit. The change threw off Ari’s rhythm for a moment but she quickly recovered and followed Vivian’s lead.

Soon they were bucking and writhing against each other, their movements sloshing water onto the floor as they achieved mutual release. After they recovered, Vivian pulled the plug to drain the tub and turned on the shower so they could rinse off.


“Yes angel.”

“Um, how do you keep yours so smooth?” Ari asked.

“My what pet?”

“Your, you know…”

“What? This?” Vivian said as she cupped Ari’s sex with her hand.

“Yes,” Ari answered, blushing madly.

“What is this called pet? Come on say it.”

“Va?” Ari began.

“No,” Vivian cut her off, “Not the clinical term. Call it what it is.”

“Um, kitty?”

“Yes, that works but I want you to say pussy. Say it for me pet; pussy.”

Ari blushed ten different shades of red and stuttered a few times before she managed to say the word.

“That’s my angel. I want you to be comfortable using these words both in and out of bed. One of these days you’ll be screaming for me to fuck your pussy,” Vivian said heatedly, then kissed Ari. When they parted, Vivian continued, “To answer your question, I get mine waxed, that’s why it’s so smooth darling.”

“Doesn’t that hurt?”

“The first few times yes, but I’ve been doing it for years so I don’t feel any pain anymore. Does my sweet pet want to get her kitty waxed?” Vivian asked as her hand went to Ari’s mound, “You do need a touch up. When did you last shave?”

“I haven’t. Kate has been using a hair removal cream on me.”

“I see. Well I don’t have any of that but I may have a new razor here somewhere if you’d like me to help you?” Vivian said and licked her lips, suggesting that she could make this very enjoyable for the both of them.

“Okay, I’d like that.”

Vivian searched her bathroom and found some disposable razors and a can of shaving cream left by one of her previous overnight guests. She had Ari sit on the counter, next to the sink and began by holding a warm wash cloth to Ari’s mound.

Next she applied the cream and carefully shaved Ari’s pubes, parting the lips so she could remove all the hair. Running her fingers to check for any leftover stubble had Ari squirming. Vivian could smell her sweet scent and wanted to dive in and taste it but decided to give Ari a special treat.

She led Ari to the shower and, after turning on the water, removed the detachable shower head. Vivian stood behind Ari, one arm wrapped around her, the hand reaching for her pussy while the other held the shower head.

“Spread your legs a little, pet,” Vivian told her lover as she aimed the water and began washing away the leftover shave cream. She used her index finger to lift Ari’s clitoral hood slightly to allow the water to gently flow onto Ari’s clit.

Ari gasped sharply at the sweet, torturous feeling as her bundle of nerves was assaulted by the warm water. Her legs felt like jelly and began to tremble. She moaned and her hips began to rock slightly as waves of pure ecstasy flowed through her.

She threw her head back and groaned as the white hot sensations blanketed her mind, leaving her shuddering as she leaned against Vivian.

“Oh my angel, you are so beautiful when in the throes of bliss,” Vivian said warmly and gently kissed Ari.

Eventually they managed to leave the bathroom and get dressed. Vivian’s choice was an off white, figure hugging, halter style mini dress that showcased all of her assets. The front of the dress had a deep plunging neckline that went almost to her navel. Everyone would have trouble keeping their eyes off of the delicious view.

Ari’s outfit was a bit more reserved. Vivian had taken her to a small boutique and insisted on buying her a few outfits for her weekend stay. The simple yet sexy teal halter tie summer dress was loose fitting with a graceful flowing hemline that fell mid-thigh. Ari looked innocent and sexy at the same time.

They sat and ate a quiet dinner at Vivian’s apartment and Vivian told Ari all about what she would be doing later when the club opened.

“I have a manager ? Natasha. She’s amazing; been with me for three years now. She takes care of the majority of day-to-day things. I really just oversee, sign the checks and mostly meet and greet the guests. That’s what I’ll be doing later, meeting and mingling. You’re free to go about the club as you like or stay with me and be my sexy, delicious, arm candy,” Vivian said with a wink.

“That might be nice but are you sure I’m sexy enough to be arm candy?”

“Oh angel, don’t you know how absolutely gorgeous you are?”

“No, I don’t see that.”

“Then what do you see sweetheart when you look Escort bayan Ankara in the mirror?”

“Just me. Plain Jane of a girl from nowhere,” Ari answered believing it.

“Oh no, no, darling. You are beautiful, lovely and anything but plain. When I look at you I see innocence, intelligence and also a sweet, sexy little whip of a thing that turns heads whenever she walks by. Trust me angel, women of all ages would kill for a chance to be with you.”

Ari didn’t answer but smiled at Vivian’s words.

With dinner finished, they were ready to head down to the club when Vivian’s front door buzzed. The three short buzzes signaled that it was Kate. Like it or not, the time had come to face her.

Chapter 22

Kate awoke, her pulse pounding in her head from the effects of the bourbon. Her bedside clock said it was just before six pm. Her heart was broken, her mind struggling to make sense of all that had occurred.

Just yesterday, everything was perfect. She had a girlfriend, was in love and was happier than she ever imagined she would be. Now nothing made sense.

Why had her friend and her girlfriend done this to her? How could they?

The cold shower did wonders for her throbbing head. After forcing down some leftover Chinese, Kate made a decision. It was time to confront this thing head on. She had spilled enough tears over this and, in the process, made a fool of herself in front of Meg.

No more crying, Kate vowed. It was time to get angry and to unleash that anger on Vivian. Ari, she would deal with afterward. Kate wasn’t sure yet how she would handle that, but one thing at a time.

Grabbing her purse, she caught a cab and hurried into the club and to Vivian’s apartment. Three buzzes at the door let Viv know who it was. She was not going to hold back. Vivian spat on their friendship by going after her girl. That was unforgivable!!

* * * *

“Come in Kate,” Vivian signed. She hid her feelings well but Kate’s were written plainly on her face.

Kate walked in and flung her purse angrily onto the sofa. She turned, anger and hurt seeping out of every pore of her being.

“Kate, I know what you’re going to say,” Vivian began but was cut off sharply.

“Oh do you Vivian, have you added mind reader along with backstabbing cunt to your résumé,” Kate spat, her voice rising.

‘Shit, she’s using my full name; it means she’s really pissed, not that I can blame her,’ Vivian thought.

“What? Nothing to say? You were supposed to be my friend. How could you do this to me? You know how long I’ve been looking for someone to be with and now when I find that special someone, you go and fucking seduce her,” Kate screamed.

“Kate, you know I would never intentionally hurt you but I couldn’t help the pull I felt for her nor could she resist her attraction for me.”

“Shut the fuck up. I don’t want to hear your excuses. You hurt me. You could have had anyone. Women throw themselves at you at every turn but you chose to take mine. I will never forgive you for that Vivian. Our friendship is over.”

“Now wait just a minute. You can break off our friendship, fine, but you’ve got it wrong Kate, Ari was never yours.” Vivian signed.

“What the fuck are you talking about,” Kate fumed.

“Ari couldn’t be yours because you’re so fucking hung up on Meg,” Vivian retorted.

“That is bullshit Vivian. Meg is just a friend.”

“Oh give me a break Kate. For years now you’ve been coming here and moaning about how you wish Meg was even just bi-curious so you could show her what’s she’s missing. Did you know that sometimes after we fucked and you fell asleep you’d call out her name? I never told you but I know the truth Kate. Your heart belongs to Meg and no other woman will do for you.”

“That’s ridiculous. You’re out of your mind,” Kate shouted but Vivian wasn’t finished.

“Oh am I Kate? Then tell me, why are you trying to love Ari as if she were Meg?”

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”

“Kate, Ari is young, she’s inexperienced and submissive. She had one person take advantage of that already and it messed with her self esteem. She met you and loved you but you didn’t love her. You love Meg and transferred that love to Ari.”

“That’s crazy. I love Ari. I may have lusted after Meg but I don’t love her.”

“Kate, if you’re honest with yourself, you’ll see it. Ari told me that you were always gentle. You never pushed her or made any demands of her. That was sweet and kind of you but that wasn’t what Ari needed. She wants and needs someone in her life to take charge of her, lead her, love and guide the submissive in her.

“Meg is young but independent. She knows how to give and take and doesn’t need anyone to instruct her. She would be the perfect partner and wife, which is what you want, need, and expect of the person you are with. Ari isn’t there yet and you’re not the one to take her there. I am.”

“And you expect me to believe this and just roll over and let Bayan escort Ankara you and Ari be. Is that it?”

“No Kate. I want you to understand that things would not have worked between you two. Ari does love you and enjoyed being with you, but just my mere presence drew her away from you. She knew, sensed that I could give her what you couldn’t. She is a beautiful person, full of life, intelligence and a sweet innocence that is charming but also dangerous to her. She needs a strong person to help her grow and to protect her. Face it Kate, that’s not you.”

Through it all, Vivian had been speaking as well as signing. Kate was too upset to sign and was speaking and shouting. Kate didn’t know that Ari was in the bedroom and was hearing everything.

Ari knew that all of what Vivian had said about her was true. She did enjoy having Vivian take charge, not only in their lovemaking but in other aspects as well. She felt a kind of safety with Vivian that she never felt with Kate. She did love Kate but it wasn’t that deep, heart pounding thing that she felt it should have been.

Strangely, her mind went to Jade and Terry. Just being around them you could feel the love, passion and stability. She didn’t have that with Kate but did with Vivian. Just one night and one day versus three months and she was sure who she wanted to be with. Gathering her courage, Ari stepped out to confront the two women who changed her life.

* * * *

Kate paled when she saw Ari. She knew Ari had heard it all and also knew what was coming. If Ari was here then it meant that things were truly over between them. Somehow, deep down, Kate knew it was for the best, knew that most of what Vivian had said was true. She didn’t want to believe it but had to accept it.

Ari walked up to Kate and smiled a sad smile. Her hands trembled as she fought to keep her emotions under control as she tried to say what she needed to without breaking into tears.

“I never wanted to hurt you. I love you, I really do, but it’s not the kind of love that we can build a life with. I tried to deny it, tried to be true to you and us, but I just couldn’t resist Vivian. I’m in love with her. I see a future with her where I’m happy. I wanted that with you but I don’t see it. You’re wonderful but you’re not for me. Maybe Vivian is right and Meg is the one for you. I’ve seen you two together. I’m a writer, I notice things. She loves you. Please understand, I’ve found what was missing, what feels whole to me.”

By the time she finished signing, she was crying and so was Kate. The words were hard to hear, bitter to swallow, but rang true. There was love between them but not the epic kind Kate had always dreamed of. There was a lot for her to think about. She needed time, needed to get away and to mend her broken heart.

“I hope things work out better for you with Viv than they did with me,” Kate said. Sad, she took her purse and walked away, out of the apartment and out of the club. Finding a cab, she quickly rushed to the airport, grabbed the first available flight, and headed home.

Chapter 23

Kate was exhausted some four hours later as she exited the airport. Despite the late hour, she found a taxi quickly. The long flight, annoying passengers and the emotions of the day had all taken its toll on her and she just wanted to crash.

The drive to her childhood home was quick but when the taxi pulled up to the house Kate groaned as she recognized her brother’s car parked in the driveway. Stepping up to the front door, she rang the bell and waited.

James Price threw on a robe and went to see who was calling at such a late hour. He was shocked to open the door to his daughter, who looked like her world had just crumbled.

“Katie?” James signed and pulled her to him in a massive hug. He wouldn’t ask what was wrong; he would leave it up to her to say.

“James, who is it?” Sabrina asked as she hurried down the stairs to see what was going on. Kate pulled back from the hug to greet her parents.

“Hi Dad, Mom.”

“Katelyn, sweetheart, what happened, what are you doing here?” Sabrina signed quickly. She knew it had to be something big for her baby girl to rush home.

“Mom, Dad, it’s late and I’ve been on a plane for hours. Can I get a shower, some clothes and a bed? I’ll tell you everything tomorrow. I promise.”

“Of course Katelyn. I’ll get you some of my things and you can go to your old room. Logan and Adam are here so lock the bathroom door just in case one of them should wake up. I’m happy you’re home, baby girl,” Sabrina signed then hugged Kate tightly before leaving to get her daughter what she needed.

James watched as Kate followed. He could see the hurt in his daughter’s eyes and knew only one thing that caused pain like that. He briefly wondered if he would have to hold his wife back from rushing off to find the woman who broke their baby’s heart.

A short while later, after Kate was settled, James and Sabrina returned to bed.

“Did she say anything at all?” James asked.

“No, nothing. She barely spoke and wouldn’t meet my eyes. Whatever it is, it’s hurt her badly. Think it’s a girlfriend?”

“It has to be, nothing else would have her as unbalanced as she seems to be,” James concluded.

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