First Date With Khloe


First Date With Khloe
For the last few weeks i’ve been seeing this stunning girl Khloe. Blonde, about 5’6, small, natural tits and just a little bit chubby. I met her online and we really hit it off, started out just a few casual messages, these got longer, then we progressed to Skype. I was stunned when she first appeared. Hair just touching her shoulders, full and defined lips, cute, feminine nose and dark, piercing eyes. We talked about everything, work, she was training to be a beautician, music, films, everything. We just seemed to click.

After a few weeks of talking on Skype I suggested to meet in real life. With a coy smile she told me that she would love to. I suggested a new bar in town that had just opened that everyone seemed to be talking about. The date was set. I could barely hold my excitement.

Eventually Saturday night rolled around. I got a hair cut, trimmed my beard, going for the ‘i’m so sexy I forgot to shave’ look. When I pulled up outside her house she opened the door and walked straight out. She looked amazing wearing a blue, retro, 60s dress that ended just above the knee. I got out the car, walked round and opened the door for her. ‘Thanks’ she said sweetly as she stepped in the car.

I was nervous as hell and clumsily started a conversation as I pulled out of her estate on on to the motorway. Soon my nerves died down and conversation started flowing more naturally. We got to the bar and ordered a couple of drinks, I had an beer, she ordered the house cocktail, fruity juice and vodka. We found a small table in the corner and sat across from each other. Staring into here eyes I couldn’t believe how beautiful she was as she delicately placed the straw in her mouth and took a sip. As we talked our legs became entangled under the table. After a few moments I reached out and took hold of her hand. Then I leaned in for a kiss, to my delight she followed my lead and the embraced lasted for a few seconds. Fireworks went off in my mind, everything felt so incredibly right. After we had finished our drinks I asked if she would like to come back to my place.

As soon as we walked through the door we were all over each other. Our lips were locked as our hand explored each others bodies. We made our way to the sofa and continued to make out, her on top pushing out fully clothed bodies together as hard as we could. Khloe started to unbutton my shirt, rubbing my chest as she straddled me. I reached over and pulled her dress over her head, revealing her matching white bra and knickers. I placed my hand on the back of her head and pulled her towards me for another deep, passionate kiss. With my other hand I undid the clasp of her bra, freeing her small, pert breasts. We continued to kiss, her breasts pressed against my hairy chest.

Khloe began to reach down to my fly and unzipped it and placed her hand on top of my rock hard 7 inch dick. A cheeky, sexy smile went over her lips and she slipped her hand under my boxers and gently stroked it. I lifted my bum up and slipped off my trousers and underwear. Khloe wrapped her fingers around my shaft and placed the tip in her mouth. Her tongue expertly circled the head and her hand slowly jacked me off. I was in ecstasy. She let go and began stroking my torso as she took me all in her mouth. After a few minutes she stopped , straddled me again and kissed me. I could feel her swelling against her knickers. I picked her up and flipped her over, so I was now lying on top. She lifted up her legs and I pulled of her panties and threw them on the floor. Her 5 inch cock shot to attention. ‘Fuck me’ she breathed in my ear, sending shivers right through my body. I stood up, took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom.

I threw her down on the bed and reach in the draw for lube and condoms. I slipped it over my dick and covered it in lube. With Khloe on her back, her legs up by my shoulders I gently pushed in the tip. She let out a delightful moan and I went in deeper. With one hand she cupped her left breast and the other she began to slowly wank her self off. When I was fully in she let out another moan and bit her bottom lip. I slowly pulled back out and then thrust back deeply inside her. I continued this rhythm for some time with her moan, squirming and pushing back against me. Just as I was ready to explode she stopped me, pushed me off and climbed above me so she was on top. Guiding my dick inside her she began to ride me slowly at first but soon picked up to an incredible speed. With one hand she supported her self up so we were eye to eye, her other hand furiously stroked her cock. I Could feel the orgasm building, ‘I’m going to cum.’ I managed to get out
‘Hold it just a few more seconds.’ She replied, increasing the pace. As my cock erupted she leaned back, grinding herself deep against me, shooting her own load all over my chest. After a moment or two she climbed of me and lied next to me. We both then fell asleep, holding each other in our arms.

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