Subject: First Semester 4 (gay, college) First Semester 4 ©[email protected] DISCLAIMER: This is a fantasy depicting sexual acts involving male teens. The story is intended for adult readers and not minors. IF YOU ARE NOT OF LEGAL AGE TO BE READING THIS STORY OR IF YOU FIND SUCH MATERIAL OFFENSIVE, PLEASE LEAVE. All characters are fictional and in no way related to any person or persons living or deceased. In no way is this intended to advocate for sex with minors its just my fantasy about growing up. _______________ I was digging thru my drawer looking for the shorts, still naked, when Axel popped in. “Whoa! Naked guy alert. What’s with it dude?” “I just came from the shower and was searching for some shorts.” “Maybe you need some underwear too? He walked over to his dresser and brought forth a pale blue nylon hip hugger style speedo competition suit. ” You know that I wear these all the time. They feel so much better than those nasty cotton things you wear. The fabric is soft and silky, feel great inside them. Also being a little tight they keeps your parts in control so checking out hot campus coeds won’t cause a major tent in your jeans.” He tossed them to me. “Try them on man. No loss if you hate them and maybe you will like them. I wear them all around the house at home if I am alone. Like I said, feels good and kind of pleasing to the eyes when passing a mirror. Sexy looking.” I held then out, put my feet in, and drew them up. Not even all the way on I knew what he meant. The silky cloth along my thighs was doing things to me. Embarrassing things so I turned away and tucked my half hard self in the pouch. My balls never felt better. “Good right? You like?” “Yeah, Pretty nice. The tight feels good too. Thanks for letting me try them.” I started to pull the waist free. “No Todd. Keep them. I have gaziantep travesti a bunch more here and even more at home. Consider it a gift. Keep them on this evening, Sleep in them and maybe even wear them to classes tomorrow. If you like them after that you will be sold on them forever and we can go to town and get you some others.” I headed over to the desk to begin reading my euro history text. It was a monster book. Sure hoped we only had to read part of it this semester. Axel striped down to his speedo and washed his face and hands before sitting in the other desk chair and grabbing one of his books. It was not but a few minutes before he says, “looking at the size of these books makes me a bit nervous about being successful in our studies. You?” “A little but things I can handle since I am a fast reader.” “Well my friend, if you can read fast I have a great idea to relieve any stressful tensions we are feeling. Ever had a good massage?” “Not really.” “I took some massage classes last summer and maybe I can practice with you. It will ease your stress and improve my technique and strength. Having nothing on but our suits we are attired perfectly for a rub down. Lay down on your face on the bed and I’ll get to work.” I was now more nervous. I had never had anyone else’s hands working my body much less having a guy do it. I knew guys on the teams at school who got regular rub downs sometimes from buddies and often from the local massage school students that did it for practice and grades. Still nervous I lay down nestling my half hard pecker into the soft mattress. Axel, in just the tight speedo, went to the dresser again and extracted a bottle of something. “Massage oil my friend. Very helpful and improves the contact with your skin and reduces friction. gaziantep masaj salonları Ready?” Seeing him walk back over with his bone obviously stiffening in his tight silky swim tog only served to worsen the situation in my new caressing attire and make me more tense as he knelt by my feet on the bed. Oiling his hands I first felt his thumbs pressing firm into the arches of my feet and his fingers rubbed the sides and up to the ankles. Wow, this was relaxing. After some more rounds of working the toes, heels and ankles his strong hands found the backs of my calves. Seemed the higher his hands felt the higher I felt all over. His thick thumbs massaged the muscles back there deeply then paused while his oily friction free hands glided up and down the full calf. Fuck I was hard as a rock before he ever got to my thighs.. “ummm! Thigh meat. Great from chickens even better all firm and nice like these on you.” Had to admit the probing and stroking had me very pleased. It felt so good! As his workings travel higher I anticipated him reaching my butt cheeks and that made me nervous. What if I liked it? Maybe too much? But he skipped past the entire nylon clad area and grasped my waist while working his powerful thumbs along each side of my spine. I swore I was oozing in my undies at this point. To say I was insanely hard at this point was an understatement. Apparently so was he! As Axel leaned over my back, working his hands upward, continuing his spinal trail work, his fingers were playful along the outer edges as well and reaching my neck I sensed lightly at first and then for sure his massive package pressing against my bottom. With the hands doing my shoulders his hips gyrated his own silky hard firmness against my speeded butt, Oh Shit! This felt gaziantep escort bayan way too good! I squirmed a little in reaction causing Axel to comment. “Oh. I think my roommate is enjoying the massage, especially this part.” At that moment he pressed his package more firmly against me. I must have been moaning but maybe only on the inside. Then he pulled away. My head screamed, Oh no! Keep doing that but he says, ” I think I missed a few spots. Let’s see what we can do about that.” Before I comprehended what that meant, his full flatten hands contacted the backs of my knees and, still oily, glided right up to the base of my butt orbs and wiggled their way into the leg openings, coming to rest on the apex of my cheeks. He was cupping my ass and man did that feel nice. HIs hands flowed round and round like rolling a volleyball in your hand before serving and began including son kneading motions like making bread. I swore my head was about to explode, or my dick, or both and I tried to talk myself out of that. Then disaster struck. Squeezing each cheek in a vice like grip Axel pressed his thumbs into the ass crack divide and pulled the meaty orbs outward stretching and exposing my pucker place to the faint breeze in the room. What an odd, but pleasant, sensation only exceeded by what came next. He dug his thumbs deeper into the crevice and rubbed the outer edges of my hole. Beyond Oh my God! It felt so good and all I could think of was the sounds of satisfaction emanating from Wu Hoo in the other stall earlier, getting his brains fucked out by Bill. My brain was on overload and I must have missed when Axel said that he thought this would make a great pussy for someone while poking my virgin posterior port with his digits. Fuck! I soon realized my efforts to stall the action in my groin had failed and I had blown a major load into the speedo Axel and lent me. Maybe I was in trouble. Then the weight of him and his hands pulled away, sitting back on his haunches and telling me to turn over. “We still have the front to work on.” Want to hear about ail Please consider donating to Nifty. I know that you enjoy it as much as fty/donate.html

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