First Time Sucking BBC Gay

First Time Sucking BBC Gay
I must give some backstory to this so you can better understand how this unfolded. I grew up reading sex stories in porn mags and I was always totally attracted to women and never doubted my sexuality. Yet as a crazy, horny young man, I at times would be turned on by stories of straight guys fooling around together and sucking each others dicks or something. This surprised me a bit yet, I’d somewhat been fascinated by cocks. Not in a pure sexual way, but more how I measured up against other dicks. Also the shared camaraderie of raw male sexual energy seemed enticing and exciting in the sex stories of bi-curiosity that were explored in a fairly tame, foreplay like encounter.

I had a best friend and we would swap porn mags and at times discuss fave stories. I asked him what he thought of the bi stories, confessing they turned me on. He agreed they somehow did for him too, yet we both stressed we were way more interested in pussy. Being horny young virgins with no outlet but masturbation, and no female prospects on the horizon, at some point we decided to try sucking each others dicks.

I am a well hung guy at close 8 inches in length, he was similar in length, but very thick at the base and narrowing towards the head. I wasn’t as thick but am same thickness whole length with a big mushroom head while his head was a bit smaller. It was a very nervous and awkward experience. He went first and sucked my dick pretty handily, making me shoot a load in 10 minutes or so.

I took my turn and enjoyed it mostly, but was not a natural for sure. I wanted him to come as well so I really got into it and did my best, but after some time he said I should stop as he wasn’t going to be able to. We tried this one more time with the same outcome. I came and he wasn’t able to. I was a bit disappointed I wasn’t able to give him the same pleasure I’d received, but for the most part we never discussed these encounters again. I went away to a different school and we lost touch.

Soon after I began getting girlfriends and never thought much about it, just chalking it up to young, horny experimentation. I was pussy crazy and began a very active and completely hetero lifestyle. I sometimes even had gay guys hit on me and was completely uninterested, with not even a hint of curiosity anymore.

I had continued watching porn and being fairly well hung, I most enjoyed watching porn with well hung guys that I could better relate to in the scenes. At that time especially, most of the better hung guys in porn were black, so I often watched scenes with hung black guys in them. I also enjoyed the contrast of the interracial porn.

Around this time there were still a lot of telephone dating sites, as the internet dating hadn’t yet taken off as much. I was very active dating women and did very well. I had a very active sex life and especially loved getting my dick sucked. Sometimes on the dating sites guys would sneak on the women’s side and try to engage with me, offering blowjobs or whatever. At first I would not interact at all with them, but after some time if I was bored I’d humor them a bit and interact being a bit playful and risque.

I realized guys were way more horny and always up for dirty talk, so I began to get more interested and curious and at times had fun with role play. I realized it was a huge mental turn on somehow to switch roles and pretend to be the one sucking the cock. It was a thrill to be like the women I admired so much when I received great oral. I understood, mentally a least, getting pleasure from pleasing. I started more and more fantasizing about sucking a dick again, but this time being able to make it come. I wondered if I ever did get the chance, would I be able to suck a load out? One thing was now apparent, I really wanted to try.

I began seeking a potential encounter and met a few guys but realized I’m not really into guys, it was only really about the cock. I wanted it to be at least as big as mine and I loved the idea of the contrast of a black dick as well. It gave me that extra little jolt of excitement, pushing my boundaries a bit more. No doubt about it, I wanted to suck a big, hard black cock and make it come. It had to unfold perfectly or I knew I wouldn’t be able to get into my role as a cocksucker. I met a few more guys but hadn’t found a guy yet that I felt comfortable with, and who also possessed a big, beautiful black cock that made me want to get on my knees.

I began to wonder if I could really go through with it and play it out as I’d fantasized about and masturbated to so many times. Then one day I got on a chatline and a guy messaged me and said he was what I needed. I had heard that before. He said he was 6’1″, black, muscular with a 9″ cut cock that needed to be sucked if I could come over. I said I would come over but with no guarantees until we hung out and made sure we were both still interested.

I was so nervous as I drove over, not sure what to expect and if it might finally unfold. Would I be ready and able to please and suck a load out of a big cock unlike I’d been able to years before. He answered the door and I was in awe. He was everything he said and more. Although not really attracted to guys, this guy was an Adonis. He was wearing sleek track pants and a t shirt, which fitted tight. He was jacked with a huge, muscular, ripped bodybuilder body and chiseled good looks.

I was beyond nervous but he calmed me with his friendly, welcoming demeanor and soon was flirting with me. I was relieved that this specimen of a man was into me. He gently touched my knee as we talked and I explained more about what I hoped would unfold and how I desired to suck a big black cock and make it come.

With that he stood up and grabbed my hand, leading me to a spot away from the window. I didn’t need encouragement now, I immediately sank to my knees in front of him. I was almost shaking with nervous anticipation and hopeful desire of what was about to unfold. I slowly pulled his track pants down as he removed his t shirt. His ripped perfect body and beautiful dark skin glistening as finally the object of my desire flopped out now only inches from my face.

He was still flaccid and my nervousness grew, what if I couldn’t even get him hard? I’d rehearsed this dozens, maybe hundreds of times in my mind. I began caressing his full, dark, smooth balls and leaned forward while guiding his beautiful soft black cock into my mouth. I knew I likely would not be able to get all of him in my mouth when fully erect, so I wanted to fit him all in before he grew. I was in ecstasy, my mouth full of a beautiful dark dick. I sucked him deep in my mouth and moved my head slowly back and forth feeling his shaft thicken and head swell.

Quickly my mouth was full of throbbing black cock. I loved the feeling of his thick mushroom head as my lips passed over it, stretching my mouth open wider and wider. As he quickly became fully erect I could now only get about a third of his throbbing thick black cock in my mouth before I felt his huge cock head against the back of my throat and I gagged slightly.

I was enthralled with the lust and passion of feeling a huge black cock pulsing in my eager mouth. I was suddenly aware of the fact I was a cocksucker. I was a faggot in the eyes of any of my friends if they knew what I was doing, yet I loved it. I loved how crazy and exciting it felt to be so uninhibited and able to act out my fantasy of wanting to please a huge black cock orally.

I was a fucking faggot cocksucker for black cock now, and all that mattered was being able to suck a huge load of come out of this black cock. I would be a failure if unable to, as I’d been unable to when I sucked my friends cock years before. Now was my chance to redeem myself and be a successful cocksucker, like the women I admired and enjoyed being pleased by so much.

I slowly continued sucking his beautiful black meat while gently massaging his big, smooth balls. I was savoring the feeling of his warm, hard pulsing cock in my mouth and his fat cock head as it passed over my lips and stretched my mouth further open.

I then held him with my hands and licked all around his cock, admiring it’s full, hard black beauty. Starting at the base I kissed and licked every inch of his cock, especially taking time to lick, kiss and slowly suck the fat mushroom head. Gliding my lips up and down the shaft I then slapped the thick, hard black cock on my face and tongue, moaning with pleasure.

Now I was in full cocksucker mode. He began to encourage me asking me if I liked his big black cock. I moaned and said I fucking love it and then quickly took him back in my mouth deep, almost gagging. I now had one mission in mind. To make this cock explode and shoot a hot load. I grasped his hard cock with both hands and admired its beauty.

It was now rock hard and perhaps not the nine inches he’d said but a full thick, throbbing eight inches of black cock perfection. I could fit both hands on his shaft and still have the head to suck. I began a steady pumping and sucking motion, at times removing my hands and fitting as much as I could in my mouth. I was loving being a cocksucker for big black dick.

He gently but firmly placed his large hands on my head and matched my rhythm while telling me I was a good cocksucker and to keep sucking his big cock. That turned me on more and spurred me to a faster pace, feeling that huge, throbbing mushroom head slide in and out of my mouth as my hands pumped his thick black shaft.

I then heard him say “I’m going to come soon, you’re sucking my cock so good”. That was music to my ears as I knew now I was going to be able to complete my task as a submissive cocksucker for a big black cock. He started moaning saying he it comes, I felt his cock harden even more.

I wanted to see his come shoot and view my reward for a blowjob well done, so i pulled back and jerked his cock as it sprayed shot after shot all over the floor. It was so glorious to have sucked this huge load out of this beautiful dick. I kept pumping and then gently sucked his softening cock head and enjoying this place on my knees as a cocksucker just a bit longer.

He was thrilled and thanked me and left. I was so horny I jerked my cock which was throbbing and hard from this hot experience. It only took a few strokes I never came so quick and so hard.

Hope you enjoyed my experience. My next experience sucking black cock was with a girlfriend watching, and I will share that next if anyone is interested.

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