First Time with a Retired Old man


First Time with a Retired Old manI spent my gap year travelling around Europe, seeing the sites and exploring whatever paths to adventure I could find. On a bus trip from London to Manchester, I was sitting at the rear of the coach, staring out the window and trying to read from time to time but the motion was making me a little uneasy. The seat next to me was empty and across the aisle sat an older man in his early sixties. He still had a pretty good head of white hair and a little stubble on his face. A little portly in the midsection as older men tend to get, but he was dressed nicely with a knit sweater and button up shirt underneath and khaki pants with a crisp crease. I think he could tell I wasn’t interested in reading my book and so he asked if I was wouldn’t mind chatting with him to pass the few hours of our trip. We started with the usual where was I from(America) and what I was doing in England. A very respectable older gentleman. He sat down in the seat next to me and I learned his name was Earl and he was headed to Manchester to visit with some old friends from university. He had a kind smile and he was a little bit cheeky. He started asking me how I fethiye escort did I like English women. We started speaking in hushed tones because although there weren’t any other passengers around us, there was a church group of older ladies sitting together at the front of the coach. Because of his forthright manner and care to be discreet, I decided to share a few stories about some of the girls I had met in London and trying to sneak them into my hostel to get laid. As he pressed me for more details of my sexual exploits, I noticed he was rubbing his crotch and squeezing the bulge in his trousers. My own cock was getting pretty hard as I retold my stories of fucking a cute redhead in the maintenance closet at the hostel. He looked me in the eye and gestured towards my lap – his left hand was poised over my groin waiting for my consent. I nodded to him, and he began to rub my cock through my jeans. We kept on like this for the next 20 miles until the first rest stop was announced. Arranging ourselves to get off the bus, Earl instructed me to follow him into the handicapped washroom. I looked around before going in to make sure nobody noticed us, but sure enough escort fethiye the church ladies had the driver busy and were headed for the cafeteria to get some tea. As the bathroom door shut behind me, Earl locked the door and quickly dropped his pants to the floor. He pulled me to him and planted a hungry wet kiss on my lips which I happily returned. I fumbled with my belt and oped up my jeans to allow his bare hands into my boxers. Earl softly gripped my cock and began to slowing wank me. Matching him, I found the opening of his briefs and cupped his balls in my hand, massaging his testicles between my fingers as we kissed. Knowing that we didn’t have much time, Earl broke our embrace to bend over and took my raging hard cock in his mouth. He was a master cocksucker! I leaned my back against the door and began to thrust my 7″ cock deeper and deeper into this beautiful old man’s mouth. I watched as he took it all down to the point where his face was pressed into my stomach before slurping back up to the tip, all the while jerking his own cock. I warned him that I was about to come and so he kept swirling his tongue around my glans and he jacked me off with a fethiye escort bayan furious pace. My load blew into his mouth, shot after shot of cum filling it up and still he kept jerking until I was spent. Earl was nearly there as well, so not wanting to seem ungrateful, I did as he asked and got down on my knees in front of him. I had never sucked another man’s cock before so I wasn’t exactly sure how to please him, but I eagerly opened my mouth and closed it around his thick shaft. He placed his left hand behind my head and guided his meat into my warm and welcoming mouth. To be honest, I didn’t have much say in the matter as he controlled my head and would push his dick in as he pleased. Earl began to build up some steam and rhythm. I looked up into his face and he smiled down at me, telling me I was a good little cocksucker. Finally he pulled out from around my lips and with one hand buried in my hair and the around tightly gripping his cock at the base he fired his first shot of cum right into the middle my forehead, the second plastered across my eye and nose and the third string of hot cum landed in my open mouth. As he descended from his climax and me still on my knees in front of him, he scooped up the cum from my face with his fingers and fed me his seed. I had no idea old men could be this deliciously dirty or that I had it in me to suck cock and eat cum like a slut – but I loved it!

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