Foot Cucked by a Bull Friend’s Ex


It was a balmy summer’s evening. The drink was flowing. The music was thumping. A hum of conversation flew around the room. Jay’s house parties were to become an annual staple amongst my group of friends from that evening onward. It was the first party I had attended at Jay and Kathy’s since I had my foot cuckold experience with them only a few months before. People from our school year had gathered to toast the old times and catch up. They talked about how their jobs were progressing, homes they were considering, summer holidays they had planned. Unfortunately, there was one source of entertainment that was somewhat distracting for the guests.

Jay’s ex-girlfriend from high school, Jen, had turned up. Her parents lived just a short distance away from Jay and Kathy’s new house. Being so close she could hardly not have been invited and would have heard about the reunion party anyway, but it did make things awkward. Their breakup back in high school had apparently been mutual, but it became clear that evening that he had taken things better than her and things weren’t working out with her long-term partner Sam. Where Jay had moved on to a relationship with Kathy and ultimately married, Jen had found herself with Sam and seemed unfulfilled by comparison. He was a nice enough guy, but some had concerns he was simply leading Jen on and there were rumours he had popped up on some online dating sites whilst they were together.

I had a bit of an eye for Jen myself. She was a redhead vixen with a fiery personality and a tight petite body to match. On a couple of drunken occasions in the past Jay had let slip that she was also pretty open minded in the bedroom. I stepped outside into the back garden of Jay and Kathy’s place, to take in the balmy evening air and look at the clear sky above. I sipped my beer and studied the stars before turning to glance through the nearest window that looked into the kitchen. A group of people had gathered for a chat. Jen was barely standing upright beside the kitchen counter, fumbling at the cork of another bottle of wine. Her friends Kirsty, Rachel, Sara and a few others were standing in a circle. Sam and a few other guys were sitting at the dining table with their backs to the window. A ripple of laughter went through the room and Jen lost her balance, falling sideways into the fridge. I sighed and took another sip of beer. I heard the sliding door creak open and turned to see Kathy coming towards me.

“Hey! What are you doing out here by yourself?”

“Just getting some fresh air. Any idea what’s so funny?” I replied, nodding in the direction of the kitchen.

“No idea. But it looks like Jen found it funny enough to fall over”.

“I suspect the bottle of rum she polished off had something to do with that”.

“Yeah, she’s in a bit of a state. If I’m honest I wasn’t really happy she and Sam turned up. They weren’t directly invited, and they’ve been causing a bit of a scene since getting here. Seems things aren’t great with them and she has been a bit pissed off her and Sam weren’t invited to Jay and I’s wedding. Would you mind doing me a massive favour?”

“What’s that?”

“Do you mind walking her home?”

“What? Do you think she’s that bad? Besides surely Sam would do it?”

“I thought so, but I heard he has booked a taxi to a bar not far from here. Sounds like a few are going. Think after the row with Jen earlier he is a bit pissed and wants to let her cool off. She can barely stand and will probably wind up in a ditch somewhere if we let her go by herself. I’d ask some of the others but they’re all planning to head on soon. Jay didn’t drink tonight so he’s driving them home. Plus it would be a bit awkward to ask him to walk his ex home with his wife sitting back here alone to clean up”.

“Worried she would try and get him to do the dirty under a tree on the way back?”

“Don’t be dirty!” Kathy said, slapping my arm, “but she does seem a bit clingy this evening. Reckon the drink has made her a bit touchy feely. Wouldn’t you like a chance with her yourself? Might finally get a chance seen as she is so pissed off at Sam”.

“You saying I will have magic powers to make her forget Sam?” I joked.

“Couldn’t hurt trying. You could start with one of your special foot-rubs,” Kathy said with a smirk.

Her remark sent my mind racing and I glanced down at Kathy’s size 5s. She had opted for a pair of blue pointed toe sandals with tight jeans. Although her toes weren’t on display I could see her wiggling them inside the tight point of each sandal.

“So, will you do it? If you say yes I might think about another night of foot fun. Jay and I haven’t had a foot slave night in a while…”

“Since you twisted my arm, I might as well take the bullet,” I sighed.

“Thanks. I’ll go and tell her the plan”.

I finished my beer and headed back inside with Kathy. The party was winding down to a low hum and people began packing bags and grabbing unfinished booze. Jay led the first group of passengers out to his car and we watched as it disappeared down the driveway out cebeci escort of sight. I stood on the porch and waited for Jen.

I turned as I heard staggered steps behind me. Jen was being carried down the hall by Kathy. She was wearing a pair of silver strappy heels which were definitely not practical. Though they did perfectly model her dainty size 4 feet. Her shapely toes were adorned with a deep red nail polish.

“So, I guess you’re my escort home? Fucking Sam going to the bar rather than taking his girlfriend home. Such a dick!” She said with slurred speech.

“Sadly I don’t have a chariot, so looks like we’re walking m’lady”.

“Oh well, as long as you’re ready to carry me at some stage”.

Kathy smiled at me then made herself scarce and closed the front door of the house as we set off. Jen had tried to turn back for a proper farewell but with some gentle encouragement we set off down the road. About half a mile along it there was a wooden gate that allowed walkers to cut into a nearby park. The path from there was dark in places, with large over hanging trees blocking out the moonlight. This led to Jen falling into me awkwardly several times, or insisting I put my hand around her waist to guide her. It seemed like an eternity walking the gravel boundary path of the park. Jen waxed lyrical about how her relationship with Jay had fallen apart all those years ago. There was the expected complaint about how quickly he had taken up with Kathy and how he hadn’t really talked to her since they broke up. A litany of names were thrown, along with derogatory statements. I nodded and consoled between each sentence, trying to seem sympathetic.

“…I mean really, it was like one day we broke up and the next thing he’s dating her. It just seemed so fast, didn’t it? Like he moved on in a split second, isn’t that weird?”

“Yeah, sure is. How far is your folks’ house now?”

“What? Oh, it’s just through those trees”.

Jen continued to talk as we ambled through her garden. The driveway was empty and no lights were on.

“Aren’t your parents home?”

“No, they’ve buggered off to France this week. Why? You getting some naughty ideas?”

“No I jus…”

Jen stumbled forward and pinned me against the back door, her breasts pressing into my chest. I felt her hands gripping my belt.

“Oh come on, I’ve seen how you looked at me during those summers at the end of high school. Don’t be shy. That summer when I turned up at the beach in a bikini I thought your eyes were going to fall out of your head…”

“Do you have the key for the door?” I said, turning and trying to fumble at the handle.

“Oh yes, right here”.

Jen fumbled open her handbag and removed the key. She looped the keyring around her little finger and ran her hand up my chest. I took the key to open the door and we both fell through. Jen turned on the lights and made her way down the hall into the living room.

“If you’re alright, I guess I should head then?” I called after her.

“No wait, stay a bit, it wouldn’t be too chivalrous if you just abandoned me would it? Oh, owww!”

I stepped into the living room to find Jennifer lying on the sofa staring down at her feet.

“What’s the problem?”

“It’s these shoes. They’re so pretty but they’re hell on my feet. Do you mind?”

I sat down at the end of the sofa and worked at the clasps of her strappy heels. Jen lay with her arm across her face as I finally undid the clasp and slipped off the strappy heels. I dropped them beside her feet on the sofa and sat back. Jen wriggled her toes and flexed her soles as she sighed.

“Oh yes, that’s much better. Thanks for that”.

“So, if that’s everything…” I said, sneaking glimpses at her feet.

I had no idea why I hadn’t noticed them before. Jen had perfect size 4s with small dainty toes, smooth creamy soles and heavenly heels. I felt myself getting hot under the collar just looking at them.

“Don’t leave me just yet. There is one more thing you can do. I would really love a glass of water”.

“Sure, where’s the kitchen?”

“Just down the hall on at the very end. Hurry back, I may need a foot rub after you get back”.

As I rose to go to the kitchen Jen turned over onto her stomach and propped her head on one of the sofa cushions. I made my way into the kitchen and searched through the cupboards until I found two large glasses. I got myself and Jen a large glass of water each and took a gulp from mine. I tried to think things over in my head. Jen was clearly upset with Sam, but they would likely reconcile so I didn’t want to jeopardize that. On the other hand, seeing her beautiful feet had made me feel extremely hot and sent my mind racing.

“Ok, I’ll go as far as a foot rub, if she asks. But draw the line there. I really don’t want to get caught up in shit between her and Sam,” I muttered to myself.

I topped up my glass of water and took both with me back to the living room. I set the glasses on the table as I spoke.

“Got one for each of çeşme escort us”.

Jen didn’t respond. I said again that her glass of water was there, but Jen still didn’t reply. My gaze wandered down her body to her now upturned soles pointed towards me. I took in a breath as I admired them, my mind starting to race again. Before I could think further my hand moved to one of her feet and I gently squeezed some of her toes between my fingers.

“Hey, your water is there Jen”.

Still nothing. Not even a murmur. With that my mind starting truly racing. Could I get away with a quick sniff? Maybe even a kiss? It had been months since I had the chance to worship Kathy’s feet whilst she was taken by Jay. It was the last time I had a woman’s feet in my face and I was left aching for the taste once again. To feel the sensation of the silky soles, the touch of toes on my tongue, the pheromonal scent through my nostrils. My thoughts were firing like an engine on full throttle and I could feel the flickers of desire rising up the back of my neck. I carefully removed my jacket and quietly placed it over the end of the sofa. Turning back to Jen she remained in her position on the sofa, her body rising and falling slowly with her breath. My hand reached for one of her worn strappy sandals and I maintained my gaze at her as I raised it to my face.

I took a long, purposeful breath through my nose as I held the shoe against it. The pungent scent rose me to a state of elation. I was drunk immediately. I could tell Jen had worn the sandals so many times on nights out and at dancing events she went to. The salty, sweaty aroma perfectly matched with the narrow leather sole of the sandal which had soaked up the fruitful and full-bodied scent of her feet. My other hand had moved by reflex to my trousers and I began to gently rub myself through them, my arousal beginning to spark as I drank in the scent of her worn heel. Jen remained still on the sofa as I replaced her shoe and lifted the second one to my nose. With this one I grew bolder, sniffing multiple times along the sole. Shorter, sharper intakes of breath, grasping for every ounce of fragrant scent from the sole. As I reached the toe of the sandal, I began to flick my tongue over the worn leather. The lingering salty taste of Jen’s perfect toes was spread evenly across the sole of the sandal which had enveloped her dainty foot only minutes before. My heart skipped a beat as Jen shuffled herself on the sofa and murmured in her sleep, her body writhing right down to her feet as she wriggled her toes before returning to her slumber.

Despite my flash of fear, I couldn’t stop. The fragrance and lingering taste of her feet from her shoes could not sate me. I had to continue. I had to feel and taste the perfection of her feet. I lowered the sandal from my face and placed it beside its pair, sliding them away from Jen. I carefully and quietly slid myself onto my knees on the floor, directly behind her feet, finding myself only inches away from their perfection. I could see lingering spots of dust and dirt as well as the sore points where the straps had pinched the sides of her toes. With one final glance towards Jen’s head to ensure she was still asleep I lowered my face towards them further.

I began with soft sniffs, moving my face across her soles and lowering my nose as close as possible without touching them. The fragrance was like a symphony, growing stronger and more particular with each different part of her foot. I glided across her creamy soles, around her heels, lingering over the ball of her foot where her toes met her sole. The bouquet that emerged from between her toes was particularly sharp whilst the fragrance from her soles and arches was softer and more refined. I greedily sniffed deeply across all parts of her feet and my cock began to surge in my trousers, spurring me on to worship the perfection of the feet before me. The combination of aromas had me totally intoxicated as I alternated between short sharp sniffs and long deep breaths, exploring the variety of scents emanating from Jen’s beautiful feet.

My trousers felt no longer able to contain my lust. I unzipped them and opened by boxers, allowing my surging cock to spring free. A small droplet of precum had already leaked from the tip as I began to stroke myself. My passion aflame I could no longer restrain my desires and lowered my face fully to Jen’s soft soles. I gently but firmly pressed my face into her soles, the soft and creamy perfection enveloping my face as my nose came to rest between her arches. With such small size 4 feet my nose only just squeezed into the gap and I allowed the soft, silky perfection of her cool soles to wash over my face. At that moment another ripple of movement rolled across Jen’s body as she made herself comfortable again. This time the disturbance barely perturbed me. My attention totally focused on her feet.

Once she settled again, I raised my face and opened my mouth, ready to explore the taste of her feet. I flicked my tongue in rapid, darting motions, touching the tip to cim cif yapan escort specific parts of Jen’s feet. I began with the midpoint of her sole, directly between the ball and heel. The sweet flavour soon saturated the tip of my tongue as I flicked it across one sole and then the other. My boldness grew and I began flicking up and down her soles, moving between the sole and heel, carefully down one foot before moving up the other. I braced myself for the spot of her toe line where the base of her toes met the top of her sole. I knew it to be the most flavoursome part of a woman’s foot and Jen did not disappoint. As my tongue discovered the strong, salty flavour I emitted a quiet impromptu groan of approval as the flavour rippled up my tongue and sparked a fevered heat across my body. The flavour was so intense I had no option but to allow my tongue to linger, running the tip in small rings around that part of Jen’s foot. She let out a small whimper, but I continued my worship.

My tongue still not yet satisfied, I grew even more bold, this time running my tongue in long sweeps up and down Jen’s soles. Every particle of dust and sweat was swept up by my tongue as I rolled across each sole in long purposeful strokes. I slowed the tempo of my stroking as I feared erupting too early, my cock leaking profusely from the worship so far. My tongue explored around the outer coarser edge of each heel before running again in long strokes down her soles to her toes and across the underside of each toe. The flavour was sensational as my tongue traversed every inch of her soles. But there remained one desire left unfulfilled.

I wanted to suck on each of Jen’s toes. Their pedicured perfection had caught my eye at the house party and I now had them within reach of my tongue and lips. I removed my hand from my cock and used it to gently cup the heel of Jen’s right foot. With the other hand, I softly slid underneath to palm the top side of her foot and raise it slightly off the sofa. With one small movement I had raised Jen’s toes from the sofa and they were freely resting in mid-air, inches from my lips. My lips fell open and succumbed to Jen’s toes as I leaned in and wrapped my lips around her big toe. My eyes shut and I was instantly taken to heaven as my lips and tongue slid back and forth up and down Jen’s toe, exploring the flavours and soft feel. My tongue flickered between her nail and the top of her toe as I began to suck hoping to coax every particle of flavour from her toe. My cock was pulsing between my legs and my body was aflame with excitement as I allowed the flavour, touch and smell to wash over me. A feeling of total ecstasy. My excitement had reached such a crescendo that I hadn’t heard the voice speaking down at me.

“Enjoying yourself down there?”

I opened my eyes to see Jen had slightly raised her head but hadn’t yet turned around. The sensation had clearly woken her from her slumber.

“Me…I was just…ummm…” I tried to fumble a reply and dropped her foot back onto the sofa.

With that Jen turned onto her side to look down at me, her hand flying to her mouth in shock.

“Oh my fucking god, were you licking my feet? And is that…holy shit you have your cock out!? You were wanking and licking my feet!”

“I’m sorry Jen, it was just a bit of fun. I mean…”

“Just a bit of fun? Oh wait, now things are making sense. Just before I left Jay and Kathy’s she mentioned something to me about you giving good foot rubs. I wondered what she meant and thought about asking for one, but I didn’t know this is what she meant! So, you must really have a thing for feet”.

“I do yeah. I am so sorry Jen, I guess I just had a bit too much to drink tonight and when I came back in with your water your feet were just there, and I thought it would just be a harmless bit of fun. Please don’t tell anyone…”

I moved to clamber back onto the sofa and zip myself up, but Jen clearly had other ideas.

“Well, not so fast. I don’t remember telling you to stop…”

My eyes locked with hers. She rolled over and sat upright, her legs and feet extended towards me. She had crossed her ankles and was rubbing her feet over each other.

“After Sam pissed me off, I was hoping to get up to some mischief. If you really want me to keep it a secret, I guess you will just have to do what I say…so, get naked”.


“You heard me, foot boy. You want to have fun with my feet and keep it a secret you can do what I say. So, go on, get your clothes off”.

After a few moments I rose and took off my shirt followed by my trousers and socks. I left my boxers to last, but the bulge in them made my arousal no secret as I slipped them off.

“Holy shit, you are rock hard just from licking and sniffing my feet. They must be so sweaty after I was dancing in them all night and then that walk back here. If I’m honest I was thinking about fucking you tonight to get back at Sam, but as sorry as I am to say it, your cock isn’t as big as I hoped. But we can still have some fun. It will be a nice change having a man who does exactly what I say. You can keep licking and sucking my feet, exactly as I say. Whilst I fantasize about fucking Jay. I know he’s married now but being honest he was the biggest dick I ever had, and I still like to fantasize about being with him. So, go on, get to work foot boy”.

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