Forbidden Ch. 2


Throughout my life, I had experienced many things. I had been in threesomes, made love to a woman, and had my taste of sadomasochism. Though I was intrigued by those experiences, none had made me yearn for more the way Fernando did.

A few months had gone by since my last visit home. I decided I needed to make another trip back. I needed time away from my husband. I longed to feel a sexual release from my built up frustration.

I arrived at the airport, my husband dropped me off and drove away, blowing me a kiss in the air. I wondered if he had someone to release his frustration on. Perhaps he was satisfied. All I knew is that I wasn’t. As I boarded the plane I made a decision to take advantage of this trip. None of the bullshit of talking about irrelevant things, joking about life. I walked down the plane isle and found my seat. I sat back and closed my eyes as the plane lifted off the ground. I started to think about a previous visit. Fernando and I hadn’t seen each other in a while. He had a serious girlfriend and I was in a serious relationship myself. When he came over, we got into his car and drove around. We claimed it was just to talk, but we both knew better. Down the dusty back roads, we looked at houses and joked around.

I decided to drive, so we switched seats. As we drove, I remember wanting to lean over and do things to him he never imagined possible. I was sure it was just me. I couldn’t stop thinking about his warm body pressed against mine, my bare breast laying on his soft, light brown skin. I wanted him to run his hands up and down my body. I decided to go for it. I decided I was going to stop the car and just take him. Instead, I turned to him and…”I really want to kiss you…” That wasn’t all I wanted, but I waited escort bayan gaziantep for this response. He didn’t look at me. My heart pounded until he turned and… “…so, why don’t you?” I leaned over, ran my fingers through his hair and pulled him towards me. I caressed his tongue with mine. His warm lips tasted just as I had remember. Sliding my hand into his pants, I could feel that he had the same thing in mind as I had. His lips moved down my neck and I could feel my pussy start to drip.

Suddenly, I was awakened by the stewardess. The plane had landed. With my luggage in hand, I walked down the terminal to find Fernando waiting for me. A smile came across his face as he looked up from his watch. We decided to have lunch in a quiet café not too far away. I wore my hair down and my favorite little black dress. Sitting across from him, I could see his eyes shifting to my legs. I uncrossed my legs, placing one leg on his. Looking down, to he stared at my red laced panties. We were in a discreet corner where almost no one could see us. So, I ran my hands up the side of my dress and pulled my panties off. I rolled it in to a ball and passed it under the table, into his hand.

I pulled my chair in closer to the table and he ran his hands up my thighs. He pulled his chair back and leaned forward. I could feel his large warm hands entering me. I opened my legs wider and placed one leg up on the chair next to me. In a moment of braveness, he looked around and got underneath the table, were he began licking my pussy up and down, gliding his tongue in and out of me. I wrapped my legs around his shoulders and decided I needed to reciprocate. I stopped him before I came and directed him to pull his chair forward. I rubbed my hand over his pants and felt his cock getting harder with each stroke.

I slowly undid his pants, assured that no one would be around and licked my hand as I continued to rub his hard dick. I zipped him back up and walked him towards the car. The sky was filled with dark clouds. Suddenly we heard thunder crash and it began to rain. The water soaked our hair and I stopped him as he opened the car door. Again, we found ourselves secluded. I undid his pants and leaned him against the seat. The rain poured on us as I kissed his neck. I got on my knees and began kissing his cock. My tongue licked his balls and ran up and down his shaft. I softly licked the head of his cock and I could feel it starting to raining harder. We climbed inside where I took off my dress and continued to suck his cock. Fernando caught glimpse of the clock and decided we would continue later. He had promised to meet his girlfriend for dinner. I climbed into the front seat and dried my dress over the heater. I leaned over as he drove and continued to suck his cock. I made sure to stop every time he got close. I didn’t let him finish. I slipped my dress back on. Now he would have something to think about as he ate dinner.

That night, I climbed into bed and reached over to my suitcase to pull out a small, silver clit vibrator. I closed my eyes, remember the day and slid my fingers into my pussy. It began raining again and I decided to stop. Remember Fernando saying that his girlfriend wouldn’t be home tonight, but at a friends, I made my way to the car. I slipped on a pair of jean shorts under my nighty. I got to his house and parked my car a few houses away. I walked towards his window, now soaking wet, I peeked in to find him asleep. Wait…he wasn’t asleep. I looked closer to find him biting his lip and pulling at his cock. His eyes were closed and no one else was home. I snuck in without disturbing him and watched him for a bit. He would come close but not be able to satisfy his urge. I slid my shorts off my wet body and slowly pulled his jeans back. I closed his eyes with my hand and whispered in his ear.

“Shhhh….keep your eyes closed.”

I stradled him and began to ride his hard cock. He ran his hands up and down my back as he opened his eyes and found me wet and horny. He smiled and laid his head back. I watched his cock go in and out of my pussy. I started to cum when he pulled out and turned me around. He lifted my legs back and licked my pussy up and down. I turned around and placed my pussy over his face as I leaned over and sucked his cock. I placed an ice cube in my mouth and continued sucking. I felt the goose bumps all over his body I started to cum again.

“Mmm… oohh, God, don’t stop Fernando… just like that… uhhhh.”

I stood up and leaned against the mirror. I placed a palm on each side of the mirror. He glided his dick into my pussy and I pulled him out. Grabbing the baby oil, I directed him to my ass. He covered me in oil and slowly entered my ass. I could see the expression on his face and I began to get more turned on. He grabbed my breasts and I moaned with each palpitation. He came and I could feel his warm cum filling me up.

I zipped my pants back on, lit a joint and slowly walked away. His eyes still closed, laying on the bed now, I climbed out the window. I didn’t wait for him to open his eyes. I drove away with the windows sown, feeling the cool breeze on my face and shoulders.

God, I couldn’t get enough. I thought about going back. I kept driving, anyway. I’d be sure to see him again before I left. I flicked the ash out the window and imagined our next interlude.

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