Forgetting Her Mistake


I like to think I’m a nice person. I try to be that quiet-but-helpful girl people at least notice. But even after two years, I’m still basically “That Quiet Asian Girl Who Opens Doors for People”. Oh crap, I didn’t even introduce myself to you, and I’m already blathering about how crappy life is. My name is Rumiko Takahashi, and I’m 19 years old. I have light blues eyes and chocolate hair. If you had seen me during the course of the school day, you probably wouldn’t know I existed. I’m sort of invisible like that.

Who you WOULD have noticed is my roommate and senior, Annette Crawford. She’s one of the most popular people in our college for two reasons; A. She’s is unbelievably beautiful, and B. She has not had sex with anyone in her life. Add those together and you get the most sought after prize on campus. She could always be found at a bar or club, always tempting the locals with her voluptuous body. She had 34C breasts and a body like a coke bottle. I, on the other hand, was barely a B cup, and my body was more sprite bottle then coke. I wasn’t fat, by any means, but I wasn’t exactly supermodel either.

As such, I had grown use to her staying out late, coming home at 3 A.M. and collapsing on our couch, never making it to bed. I would never go out. I was always at home, either studying for my next paper, or playing World Of Warcraft. In fact that was what I did on an unusual evening, when I got a call from Anne. “Hiiiii Rumi!” She was slurring words; she clearly had a lot that night. “Are you coming home soon Anne?” I never hid how worried I got about her. “Soon, Rumi. I met this one guy, and he’s sooo cute! I think I might let him drive me home!”

I sighed. “Okay, Anne. Just make sure he didn’t drink or anything likes that, okay?”

She giggled. “Of course. Wait, he’s calling me over. I gotta go!” She didn’t even wait for me to say goodbye.

I didn’t think about it too much. Anne was a smart girl, after all. I trusted her to come home late, like she always did. I turned on the T.V. and fell asleep on the couch to an old documentary. When I woke up around 9 the next day, something felt very wrong. For one thing, when I woke up I was still on the couch, curled up under my blanket. If Anne had come home, she Ankara escort would have slept on the couch with me, because she’s usually too sloshed to even make it to her bed. Second, I didn’t even hear Anne come through the door last night. What if she didn’t come home at all?

As if responding to my request, I heard keys jingling in the lock to our door. In ran Anne, tears streaming down her face. I got up, but before I could even ask what was wrong, she threw her arms around me, clenching them around my neck. “Oh my God, Rumi I’m such an idiot!” I had to force her at forearms length away from me so I could look at her. “Calm down, Anne. Start from the beginning.” She stared into my eyes, full of despair.

“You remember that guy I told you about? Well, we were talking and he wanted to buy me a drink, so I Iet him. One of my friends said she saw him put something in my drink, but I just called her a jealous bitch and stormed off. I slammed it down, and then everything went black.” She was shaking worse than before. “I woke up in his apartment, he was gonna- H-he was g-gonna…” She couldn’t bring herself to finish it. “…But he was too much of a wimp. He just slept with me. When he told me I punched him and ran away. But Rumi, what if he did? What if he-?” She broke down and collapsed in my arms again.

I led her to the couch and we sat down. She buried her face in my chest, tears soaking through my nightshirt. I stroked her hair calmly, being as gentle as I could. After a few more minutes of bawling she fell asleep. I stroked her hair for a while longer. I eventually closed my eyes again as well.

I woke up around noon, with Anne still sleeping on my chest. Her breathing had slowed down, and her chest rose back and forth as she lay on her side. She was so beautiful. Her platinum hair was frayed, but her natural beauty still shone through. I gently pulled the front wisps of her hair away, revealing her forehead. Bending down, I put my lips gently to her alabaster skin. She shook, but otherwise didn’t move. I moved away, and before I could close my eyes, she roused herself and stared at me, peering right into me with her crystalline eyes. I searched for an excuse, any excuse, just to explain myself.

“Annette, Ankara escort bayan I-“But before I could finish, she lifted her arm and grazed my cheek with her forefinger.

Time stopped as our lips met, softly, before she parted my mouth with her tongue. My tongue held back at first, only becoming more aggressive as my inhibitions faded away. Soon she had turned full-body towards me, pinning me to the couch. “Anne, you-“

“Rumiko.” Her voice was hard. “I don’t want to remember. Make me forget.” An order, not a request.

I nodded.

She sat up for a moment, straddling my thighs. In one deft motion she peeled off her sexy cocktail dress, grabbing the hem of the skirt and pulling it off. I had never seen her body this close, never felt her heat against my legs as my own warmth began to bubble up inside me. “Your turn.” She felt my nightshirt’s hem and pulled slowly, awaiting my approval. I would not refuse her, eagerly raising my arms as it slid over my head.

Anne fell forward again, she in her bra and panties, and myself in my bra and pajama pants. I opened my mouth, expecting her tongue to take me again. Instead she fell on my neck, like a vampire for my jugular. She sucked slowly at first, gaining strength, as I began whimpering, my body hungering for more of her warm mouth. As her mouth moved downward, it stopped at the top of my breasts. I arched my back hoping for her unclasp my bra and free them; instead her mouth went to the flesh above it,licking back and forth, one breast to another, delicate like an art form. My breath became labored, foregoing her and simply unclasping them myself, throwing them into a corner. She licked ever so slowly from the top to the very edge of my nipple, swirling her tongue around it. Lightning was flowing through my bloodstream as my areolas began to swell under her care, she had begun a rhythm, licking one breast and pinching the other’s nipple, before switching.

“Shit, Anne,” I choked out between gasps. “Where did you learn all of this?”

She wouldn’t answer at first, only working harder. After another sensuous minute, she glanced at me for no more than a second. “I could tell you,” She whispered, before wrapping her fingers around my pajama waistband. “But Escort Ankara that would spoil the secret.” Her tongue found my breast again, but only for a second, because now she was slipping towards my womanhood. Once her tongue reached my waist, she raised my hips and pulled away my pajama bottoms. As they fell to the floor, she began to tug on my panties, but stopped. Instead she bent her head downward again, her mouth loving my warm pussy.

I tossed my head backwards as pleasure ran through my lower half and upward. Her mouth opened and closed around the fabric, which was getting more and more soaked as she begin to lick me through my panties. I soon found myself thrusting my hips upward, wanting more, more, of the pleasure it seemed only she could give me.

She finally broke rhythm to remove my panties, ripping them away before diving back into my hole.

“Oh God, don’t stop Anne!” I panted, begged her to not stop until I got to come.

She stopped, to my chagrin. “Say my name again.”


“Say-“She shoved one finger deep into me as I cried out. “-My-“A second finger. “Name!” She took them out and plunged them deep, twisting them around in my box.

“Annnnneee!” I drew her name out as long as I could, while she pumped both of the nimble fingers in and out of me. “Anne, Anne, Anne! Don’t stop!” She was now giving it to me both ways, her tongue dancing around my lips, her fingers delving into long unexplored waters.

Before long, I felt my body arch, my breath leave me, my breasts bounce, as an orgasm began stirring up inside me. “Anne, I think I’m gonna co-“But before I could choke the words out, Anne’s tongue flicked over my clitoris as her fingers crooked, pressing against my g-spot. “Oh, fuck!” My girlcream spilled forth, enveloping her as she began lapping voraciously, swallowing as much of my honey as she could. I could no longer contain myself as I grabbed a fistful of her hair and pushed her mouth into my crotch, wanting her to take more and more of me.

As my climax subsided, she crawled back next to me, while I tasted the sweet come on her lips.

“Thank you, Rumi.” She smiled.

“No problem,” I was suddenly curious. “But wasn’t I supposed to help you?” She got up and walked toward her bedroom, swinging her hips. “You will, silly. I was just warming you up.” When she got to her doorframe, she gave me the trademark seductive look that had one her so many others. “It’s your turn now, Rumiko.”

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