Future Shock


Richard was totally pleased during the ride home, clutching the trophy he had won in the science fair. At 18 years of age he was already the talk of the town and several universities had approached him to think of attending their schools after he graduated high school at the end of the year. His exhibit showing how the behavior of frogs could be controlled by emitting a radio frequency that was tuned to their DNA’s electrical signature had astonished everyone, most especially the judges. Little did they know the application that Richard had in mind for his invention, though.

He smiled as he thought of how proud his parents had been. Mr. and Mrs. Perfect, he thought. Mr. and Mrs. Beautiful Couple. Mr. and Mrs. Rich and Successful. And he had impressed them and made them proud of him. He knew the teasing he took from his teammates on the tennis team had been worth it, and he couldn’t wait to see their faces when he showed them his trophy. Just because he had won the state tennis title didn’t mean that he didn’t take his studies seriously.

John and Sara Forge were bursting with pride in their son. Already taller than John, Richard was destined to be every bit as handsome as his father. His muscular frame and grace of movement always attracted people to him. The fact that he was very handsome didn’t hurt either. He wore his blonde hair long, tied back in a pony tail that hung halfway down his back. Sara marveled that she had produced such a beautiful child, now almost a man. She had been a cover girl at the age of 16 and had continued to grace the covers of magazines ever since. She knew she looked to be in her early to mid-20s rather than her actual age of 36. And she worked hard to maintain that, with workouts and trainers daily. John, too, was in superb shape, being financially comfortable enough to be able to indulge himself in himself.

After a wonderful celebratory dinner at Richard’s favorite restaurant, Señor Pedro’s, they headed home, the excitement barely worn off the achievement of the day.

“So, what will you do now to keep your mind busy?” John asked.

“Oh, I still have some tweaking to do with it,” Richard replied. “I’d like to see what practical applications it might have.”

“I think you should patent your idea,” John said. “It might be very important and you need to protect yourself from unscrupulous people.”

“I already thought of that,” Richard said. “I’ve had the papers filled out for over a month. I was just waiting to see how it went at the science fair.”

“Good for you,” John said with a laugh. “You let us know if there’s anything we can do to help you.”

“I will. I promise,” Richard said.

The next morning on his way to school, Richard stopped by his mother’s dressing table and collected the hair from her hairbrush. Once at school, he couldn’t wait for science class to start so he could use the equipment. Finally the time arrived and Richard quickly went to the DNA separator and put one of his mother’s hairs into it. In several minutes he had extracted several strands of viable DNA from the follicle. Isolating it, he then took it to the frequency analyzer, carefully adjusting it and then double checking to make sure he had done it correctly. When he was certain, Richard activated the analyzer and slowly began turning the dials, watching the oscilloscope to see when he had found the correct frequency.

Suddenly, there it was. The lines all took that form which was so familiar to Richard by now and he realized that he had the information he needed. Writing down the numbers on the display, Richard put the remaining hair into a vial in case he needed to rerun the test. When the school day finally ended, and there was no end to the congratulations he received, he hurried home, eager to begin the modifications that he had planned.

A couple of hours later he sat up, stretching his back and putting the soldering iron down. He had changed the frequency setting and had added several additional filters and switches to his original control. Now the only thing was to test it and see if all of his study and theorization would bear any results.

He heard his mother calling him to dinner, so he put the control down on his work table and went to eat. He could barely contain himself at dinner, talking with his parents, watching his mother as she talked and served both he and his father.

Richard thought his mother was the most beautiful woman in the world. In fact, he knew it. He also knew that his father constantly had girlfriends on the side. His mother hid it well, but he knew that she was bothered by this. He had seen a few of his father’s girlfriends and they all had one thing in common: They weren’t like his mother. They all dressed much more provocatively and were very openly affectionate towards his father. Richard couldn’t remember the last time he had caught his parents kissing, really kissing, not just a good-bye or goodnight kiss.

Well, he hoped to change all of that. If his idea worked, his father would have his hands full and xhamster porno wouldn’t need any more girlfriends and they could be a truly happy family again. He wanted this more than anything, especially since he was going away to college next year.

He caught himself staring at his mother and quickly averted his eyes, hoping she hadn’t noticed. Finishing dinner, Richard asked to be excused to his room, knowing that his parents, even now, had after-dinner coffee and drinks in the living room, looking out the big picture window that showed the wonderful view of the Rocky Mountains. Getting his control, Richard carefully checked to make sure that each of the switches and filters were tuned to the correct output frequency. His studies had indicated that different frequencies caused different behavioral responses.

As he quietly let himself out of his room, Richard was surprised to see his father heading towards his own bedroom by himself. Usually they spent at least a half an hour in the living room after dinner. Getting to where he could see into the living room, Richard saw his mother sitting by herself on the sofa, her coffee in her hands and a sad look on her face. Trying to decide what to do, Richard finally pointed the control towards his mother and pushed a sequence of buttons.

As he watched, his mother’s eyes suddenly opened wide, as if in surprise. She put her coffee down and stood up, running her hands down her body like she was smoothing out the wrinkles in her dress. As he watched she slowly brought her hands up to her breasts, cupping them and squeezing them. Richard couldn’t believe how well this was working. He could see a somewhat glazed look in his mother’s eyes as she continued to massage and rub her breasts.

Richard was totally surprised when she reached behind herself and unzipped her dress, letting it fall to the floor at her feet, leaving her standing there in her bra, panties and stockings. Even though he had seen her many times in her bathing suit, he couldn’t believe how beautiful she was. The girls at school would die for a body like that. He watched as her hands stroked her entire body, sliding up and down until her hands again ended up cupping her breasts. He watched as she rubbed them, squeezing them tightly. His mouth about hit the floor when she pulled the front of her bra down, letting her big, full breasts spill out.

Richard had never seen his mother’s naked breasts before and he was blown away by how beautiful they were. Big and full, they barely sagged. And she had huge nipples on the ends, bigger than silver dollars, with thick, protruding ends. He watched as she massaged her naked breasts, squeezing them. Then he was treated to the sight of his mother pinching her nipples between her fingers and pulling on them. He could actually hear her groan as she continued to play with herself.

This was working better than he had ever imagined. He knew that he had figured out the variation in the basic DNA frequency that controlled the inhibitions of the frogs, but he hadn’t expected the extrapolation to humans to work quite this well the first time. He smiled as he pictured his exhibit having featured people and wondered how the judges would have liked that.

As he continued to watch, his mother let one hand drift down to cup her crotch. He could see her finger rubbing back and forth between her legs as she rubbed herself through her panties. His own cock was as hard as it had ever been and he desperately wanted to go to his room and masturbate to relieve the pressure.

Suddenly she pushed her panties down with both hands, bending over to push them down to her feet and step out of them. Richard was treated to the sight of his mother’s ass and even a glimpse of her pussy between her legs as she bent over to push her panties down. She had just stood back up when his father walked back into the living room. He stopped in his tracks, his mouth dropping open as he saw his wife standing naked in the living room, moaning and running her hands all over herself.

“Sara! What the hell are you doing?” he demanded.

“Oh, John,” she gasped, “I’m not sure, but I feel so horny.”

“What if Richard were to come out here?” he asked. “What would you do?”

“Oh, John, please help me,” Sara begged, staring at him as her hands continued to touch and squeeze.

Quickly, Richard hit the off button on his control, trying to melt back into the shadows of the hallway to his room as his father moved towards his mother. He grabbed her by the shoulders, shaking her.

“What’s gotten into you?” he demanded.

“Oh, John, I don’t know,” Sara said, looking confused. “One minute I was having my coffee, then next thing I knew you were in front of me and I was naked.”

“Pick up your clothes and get to the bedroom,” John ordered. “Quickly!”

Frantically, Sara gathered her clothes into her arms, running from the living room to the bedroom, John following her. Richard smiled to himself, knowing that his father wasn’t going to have any work erotik porno to do at the office this night as he followed her into the bedroom. As the door shut, Richard tiptoed over to it, his ear to the door. What he heard convinced him that everyone was home for the night, so he returned to his room, a big smile on his face as he closed the door behind him.

Dropping his own pants, he quickly began to stroke himself, desperate to cum. He quickly stroked his nine inches of cock to an orgasm, filling his hand as spurt after spurt shot from his cock. Cleaning his hand off, he happily climbed into bed, looking forward to further experiments with his new invention.

The next day was Saturday, but as usual his father found a reason to have to go to his office and left early. Richard sat down in the kitchen to have breakfast with his mother and noticed that she seemed happier this morning than she had lately.

“Did you sleep okay, Mom?” he asked innocently.

“Just fine, Richard,” she smiled at him. “How about you?”

“Yeah, just great,” Richard replied.

“What are you going to do today?” she asked him as she sat down to eat.

“I don’t know, maybe play with my experiment some.”

“You should do more with your friends from school on weekends,” Sara admonished. “You’re still young, even though you graduate next year.”

“I know,” Richard agreed. “It’s just that I have some ideas I want to check out while they’re fresh. What about you, what are you going to do?”

“Oh, I think I’ll just sit out by the pool for a couple of hours and get some sun. It’s going to be such a beautiful day.”

“That sounds great,” Richard agreed.

“Then you should join me,” Sara said.

“Maybe later,” Richard agreed, getting to his feet. “I think I’ll go study now for a while.”

“Okay. But join me later, all right?”

“Sure, Mom,” Richard said. “I’d love to.”

“You’re such a wonderful son,” Sara said. “I’m very lucky.”

“I think I’m the lucky one,” Richard replied with a laugh.

Going back to his room, Richard couldn’t believe his luck. She was going to be laying around the pool in one of her bathing suits. Maybe he’d have the time to see just how far his control would let someone go. Waiting in his room for another 15 minutes, Richard took his control and made his way to his father’s office, which had the best view of the pool area and which he knew was closest to where his mother liked to sun herself. Peeking through the window, he saw her sitting down on the lounger wearing her light blue bikini. It was a really nice one that showed her body off without being too revealing. She always seemed so shy about herself, yet she worked so hard to look like that, he mused.

As he watched her for a few minutes, Richard could see that the gardener was working on the plant beds around the pool. It would be interesting to see if his presence would override the power of his control when his mother felt it. He waited until the gardener was within 20 feet of where his mother was laying before pushing the series of buttons.

There was an almost immediate reaction as his mother arched her back and slid her hands up her stomach to cup her breasts again. Richard watched in fascination as the gardener’s head turned to look towards his mother. She must have moaned out loud and he heard her, for his eyes got bigger and bigger as he watched her on the lounger as she continued to play with herself.

This time she immediately pulled the top to her bathing suit down, freeing her breasts, and began to pinch and pull on her nipples. Then one hand went down and into the bottom of her bathing suit and Richard knew that she was playing with her pussy. Since her feet were pointed to where the gardener was working, he knew that he had a perfect view. The gardener just stayed frozen in place, his mouth hanging open as he watched. Richard felt jealous that it wasn’t him, but he contented himself for now to continue his experiment.

Slowly the gardener got to his feet, an obvious erection in his pants as he watched Sara playing with herself. Cautiously he moved over so that he was standing next to the lounger looking down at her. Richard was shocked when she suddenly grabbed the gardener by the leg with both of her arms, hugging herself against his leg. He wished he could hear what was being said, but he had to be satisfied with just watching this silent drama unfolding before his eyes.

He almost hit the stop button when he saw his mother grab the gardener’s cock through his pants, squeezing it and then opening his zipper and pulling it out. But he couldn’t quite bring himself to hit the button. His curiosity and excitement made him want to see how far this would go.

By the look on the gardener’s face, Richard could see that he was scared as well as excited as Sara pulled his cock out of his pants. He couldn’t believe it, though, when she leaned forward and sucked the gardener’s entire cock into her mouth. Obviously, the gardener, too, was shocked, milf porno because he tried to pull away, but Sara held him close, sucking on his cock. Releasing him for a moment, Sara lowered the back of the lounger and quickly pulled off the bottoms to her bathing suit, leaving her naked on the lounger. Then reaching for the gardener again, she pulled on him until he was laying on top of her, his cock in her mouth and his face between her legs.

Richard was astonished as he watched his mother in a 69 with the gardener. He got to his feet and pulled out his own hard cock, stroking it to the rhythm of his mother sucking the gardener’s cock. He didn’t know how long it went on, but suddenly he was aware that the gardener was cumming in his mother’s mouth. He could see a dribble of cum at the corner of her mouth. His own cock erupted at this sight and he groaned at the ferocity of his orgasm. At the same time, he pushed the off button on his control.

The response was unbelievable. Sara totally freaked out, choking and sputtering on the gardener’s cock as she tried to push him off of her. The gardener jumped up terrified and ran off, leaving Sara sitting up on the lounger, cum all over her mouth and dribbling down her chin. She was sitting facing him and Richard could see right up between her spread legs into her pussy. His cock spurted an extra shot of cum at the sight.

He watched as his mother wiped her face with her hand, staring at the cum that covered it. He could tell by the way her mouth was working that she was tasting the last of the cum in her mouth. He watched as she suddenly burst into tears, burying her face in her hands as she sat there. Richard almost went out to comfort her when she jumped up, grabbed her suit and ran into the house.

With a satisfied look on his face and his own cum all over his hand, Richard quietly slipped out of his father’s office and went back to his room where he cleaned himself up. He knew what the next step in his experiment should be, but he wondered if he dared to carry it out. Quickly changing into his bathing suit, Richard went out to the pool with a towel and his control wrapped inside of it. Not seeing his mother there, he called out her name. When she didn’t answer, he went into the house looking for her. It all had to seem innocent. After calling her several times, Richard went and knocked on her bedroom door.

“Mom, you in there?” he called out. “I was looking for you. I’m ready to hang out with you by the pool.”

“I don’t really feel like it anymore,” Sara said from behind the door. “You go ahead without me.”

“Well, it wasn’t my idea,” Richard said. “I stopped working to come hang out with you because you wanted to. But if you don’t want to…”

“No, it’s not that,” Sara said from behind the door.

“I’ll just go back to work then,” Richard said.

“No, Richard, you need to do something besides work,” Sara said, opening the door.

He could see that her eyes were a bit red from crying and she had put on a robe.

“It won’t be any fun by myself,” he said. “I like hanging out with you.”

“You’re sweet,” she said, smiling in spite of herself.

“Come on,” Richard encouraged. “Let’s go.”

“Oh, all right,” Sara said. “I’ll be right there.”

“Great,” Richard said, turning and going out to the pool again.

He went out and laid down on a lounger, in a different area than his mother had been sitting just 15 minutes ago. When she came out, she came over to where he was laying and sat on the lounger next to him, letting her robe fall open. Richard could see that she was wearing another bathing suit, but he now knew how beautiful she was underneath it. They laid there for several minutes soaking up the sun and talking about how college would be the next year. And he listened for the umpteenth time to how he needed to spend more time with his schoolmates, how it wasn’t good for him to always be by himself.

“I think I’ll go for a swim,” he said as Sara carried on. “How about you?’

“Oh, not yet, I don’t think,” Sara said. “You go ahead.”

Carefully picking up his towel, Richard went over to the side of the pool. Reaching down to put the towel down on the edge of the pool, he pushed a couple of the buttons on the control and dove into the water. When he broke the surface on the other side of the pool and looked back to where he had left his mother, she was playing with herself. He could hear her moaning all the way over on this side of the pool. No wonder the gardener had heard her.

“Mom, are you coming in?” he called out.

Hearing no answer, Richard swam back across the pool. Again he called to Sara and got no response but her moaning. Pulling himself out of the pool, Richard could now clearly see his mother as she played with herself, one hand pinching and pulling on her nipples, the other jammed down into her suit between her legs. Her mouth was open and she was gasping. She was looking right at him, but she had a glazed look in her eyes and didn’t really seem to be seeing him.

Carefully picking up his towel and gripping the control inside of it, Richard went and stood next to his mother’s lounger and looked down at her. God, her nipples were so big, he thought. He imagined that he could hear her fingers between her legs as she played with herself.

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