Gabriella’s Hot Road Trip


Dylan still has to pinch himself sometimes, how a boy from a little town in Alabama got into Harvard law on a scholarship. Another miracle is how he managed to snag such a gorgeous rich girlfriend: Gabriella Agnes Johnson III, quite a mouthful I know, not Gabby, Gabs or any other abbreviation, it had to be Gabriella. She could be quite bitchy and hated anyone with less money than her, she is lovely with Dylan, maybe that could be something to do with the fact that he told her, his family were rich.

Dylan’s dad is actually a tattooist and a major pothead, his mum is a waitress and also a pothead. That’s not going to go down well with the Johnsons. His girlfriend Gabriella was so beautiful, every boy in the school wanted her: Part Italian with a dark brown mane of hair which dropped down her back, beautiful Hazel green eyes, a tight body with the most firm bubble butt and most soft 36C breasts; if you’re lucky to touch them, which he had on only two occasions. He hasn’t even seen her naked properly, she was saving herself. It’s unlikely he ever would, when she finds out about his parents. He has heard rumors about some older boys and a professor sampling her soft body.

Spring recess is round the corner, so Dylan decides he will go and see his folks for the week. He fully expects Gabriella to be going to her parents for the week.

“Are you going to your parents Dylan? Can I come? I would love to meet them.”

He was shocked but also worried. If Gabriella met his parents, she would know he had been lying all the time they had been together.

“Why? Aren’t you seeing your parents?”

“No, daddy has to work.” Her dad was a congressman with ambitions of getting the big job. Even though Dylan was going to regret it, he agreed.

They rented a car and drove 1200 miles to his hometown. They booked two hotel stays on the way. Gabriella was a different person when just the two of them. She relaxed and didn’t put on airs and graces, she dropped her hypocritical twang in her accent. Her hair was in a ponytail and she wore sweats. The couple have a great time together. His stomach still churned at the thought of her meeting his parents and her response to them.

“I love you like this Gabriella, I wish I could see more of you like this.”

“I feel so relaxed when just the two of us, I feel I have to act like a congressman’s daughter at school.”

Dylan and Gabriella arrive at their first accommodation; a quaint little guest house run by two sisters. They have some food and wine; they told the sisters they were twenty one, they were both only nineteen. The drink brought out her horny side. They got back to the room and she started kissing Dylan passionately.

“Oh Dylan, strip for me. I want to see your penis.”

“Okay, let’s see you first.”

He would never be this confident if it wasn’t for the wine.

“So you want to see me naked do you? Well okay.”

Gabriella slowly strips off her pumps and joggers, she lifts her sweater over her head exposing her body, wearing nothing but a red lacy bra and thong combination. His penis rises to attention at the incredible sight in front of him, three months he’s been waiting for this. Dylan strips off completely, faster and less seductively than Gabriella.

“Wow! That is beautiful.” Her tongue runs over her lips at the sight of his dick.

“You have seen mine, let’s see yours.”

Gabriella unclips her bra and drops it to the floor, her knickers soon follow.

“Gabriella, you are so fucking beautiful. Oh my god sorry.”

Don’t think she hears him swear. She was on her knees taking his penis in her mouth. She has obviously done this before, maybe the rumors were true. Her tongue and soft lips make his body dance. She takes his dick down to the balls, Dylan grabs her hair and pulls it, he has never had his cock sucked before. Her hands move to his butt, she starts mouth fucking his dick.

“Oh my god, Dylan. Why did I wait so long? I love sucking your dick.”

Her hands still on his butt, her mouth taking all his cock and then out again. Moans of pleasure and a pleasant humming noise comes from her mouth on every suck. Something has transformed Gabriella into a horny devil.

Her tongue flicks his balls, her mouth sucks them. She puts her mouth round his dick again. Her motion quickens, her breasts bounce in the rhythm of her sucking.

“Fuck me Dylan!”

She lies on the bed, her legs wide open. He climbs on top of her body, they start kissing, her hand grips his dick; guiding it to her vagina. He awkwardly pushes it in her wet pussy. She pushes her pussy down on it, taking the whole dick inside. She gyrates her pussy on it.

“Oh, Gabriella.”

“Fuck me Dylan! Do it.”

Dylan’s confidence builds and he starts ramming his dick in hard.

“Yes Dylan yes!”

The bed rocks and bangs with the speed of their fucking.

“I’m coming, Gabriella.”

“Don’t cum in me.”

He pulls out of her and lies by her side. She moves her hand to his hard dick. She tugs at it with a ferocity. Dylan could escort videoları feel himself coming, He watches her begging for his cum. He can feel her hard nipples tickling against him.

“Shoot on me Dylan, come all over my tits.”

Dylan can feel his cock about to erupt, he doesn’t know why but he pushes her head down on it, taking his dick, deep down her throat, she receives his hot cum inside her mouth. He pulls his cock out, she just looks at him and smiles as she dribbles a mixture of saliva and cum onto her big tanned tits. She massages it into her soft skin, licking any residue from her fingers and swallowing it down.

The couple cuddle on the bed. He thought about when he would have another opportunity to sample her hot body. They leave after breakfast, another 400 miles to the next guest house. They stop to fill the car up with gas and grabbed some supplies; mostly energy drinks to keep them going.

They finally reach their guest house in a small town. It was a bit busier than the previous one. It was run by a lovely gay couple. Tyrone: a tall large black man and George: a very camp white man.

“Hi guys, your room is ready. Food and drink is available.”

“Oh, could we have some food and a bottle of water sent up please.”

“Tyrone will bring you up some sandwiches and a selection of meats for you.”

“Oh, thank you.”

Dylan and Gabriella made their way up the stairs to a lovely cozy room.

“Do you want to shower first? Gabriella.”

“No it’s okay, I will wait for our luggage.”

Dylan showered his sweaty, tired body.

Gabriella slipped off her hot clothes and slipped a robe round her naked body. There is a knock at the door. Gabriella opens it to see Tyrone standing there, he is holding their luggage in front of him.

“Here is your luggage, beautiful. Oh I have those things you asked for.”

“Thank you, Tyrone.” She stroked his muscly arm, she gulped at the size of his arm.

He dropped the luggage to the floor.

” Were you impressed with the size of my muscles, my beauty?”

“Um, yeah,um.” She can hardly speak as he guides her hand to his huge firm chest.

He pushes her hand down to his crotch. She can feel his huge dick, he pulls it out of his jeans.

“What are you doing? your gay. My husband is in the bathroom.”

His semi erect penis hangs between his legs. Gabriella suddenly saw that his cock was erect. Her body was shaking, she had slept with a black professor at school. Tyrone un did her robe, it opened up showing her firm body and soft tits. The shower was still on.

“Oh my god, I can’t do it, sorry.”

She was fighting her body, it wanted this cock so much.

“Please, I only want to look at you and masurbate. That’s all I need.”

Gabriella’s eyes open wide as the large black man starts stroking his large cock. His rhythm quickens as the shower stops.

“Quickly, Dylan is coming out.”

They heard Dylan brushing his teeth, time was at the essence.

“Come here, let me finish you.”

Gabriella grabs his dick, pulling him to the bed.

“If I’m doing this, I want something out of it.”

She snaps at Tyrone.

Her two hands wank him, she hears Dylan gargling mouthwash in the bathroom. Tyrone runs his large hand through her hair, she sucks the tip, in preparation to swallow his man juice. With one more stroke of her hands, Tyrone’s head flips back as he shoots his semen inside her mouth, Tyrone grips her as he still comes, Gabriella slurps every last bit.

His cum leaks from her mouth, dripping all over her chin and on to her soft breasts.

“Well done, my beauty. I knew you were a dirty tart, when you walked in.”

“But, um, your gay.”

” I like to play with the young tarts who stay here.”


Gabriella showered straight away, the stench of cum on her body. She started thinking about Tyrone and what he had done to her. She thought back to Mr. Smith: the tutor, who she had slept with. Her finger enters her vagina, her loins yearning. it moves to her clit, rubbing it hard. On the shelf she noticed her hairbrush: it has a thick long handle, she places the end of the handle against her clit, the coldness of it felt good against her red hot clitoris. She teases herself by placing the cold plastic handle near her hole. She thrusts the cold handle deep into her inside herself; positioned so the soft bristles tickle her engorged clit. Her fingers grip and pull her nipples hard as she gyrates on the hairbrush, the soft bristles tickle her clit sending an orgasm rushing down her body. The hot shower water cascades down her. The hairbrush moves in and out of her by her own hand, getting more rapid. Her legs buckle from another orgasm. She pulls the brush out of her and calmly sucks it as her body recovers, her breathing calms.

She climbs out of the shower, wraps a towel around herself.

“What am I doing?” She says out loud. What if her high society friends and family found out that a black gay guy had gaziantep escort bayan videoları spunked down her throat and on her. She had been on the road trip for two days and seen more dick than the last three months. She was enjoying her rebellious side.

She looks at the hairbrush lying at the bottom of the shower. She picks it up and cleans the end and replaces it back on the shelf. She climbs into bed and cuddles up to an already asleep Dylan, falling asleep very quickly.

An embarrassed Gabriella sits at a little table with Dylan, Tyrone serves them bacon and waffles for breakfast. Tyrone and Gabriella can’t look at each other, she is having regrettable feelings about last night. She also felt herself gazing at his crotch, she knew what was inside, no wonder George was happy all the time.

“Got a long journey until we get to your folks,darling.” She says, trying to think about something else.

“Yes, there is something I need to tell you about my folks.”


“They’re not rich, they live in a little town in Alabama. My dad is a tattooist, my mother a waitress. I’m so sorry.”

“What the actual hell, you’ve lied to me all the time we’ve been together.”

“I couldn’t believe it when you asked out on a date. My friend had told you I was rich and hoped you would fall in love with me or something.”

“This ain’t no stupid movie, Dylan. Get the car ready, I’ll pack and meet you there. I’m so angry with you.”

“You’re still coming to my folks with me.”

“Yes! You’re still my boyfriend, just!”

Gabriella was so angry with Dylan, how could he lie to her like that. She then thought it was a bit hypocritical of her after what happened with Tyrone. She packs their bags and heads to the waiting Dylan in their car. She checked out with George first.

She happens to see Tyrone cleaning up in the kitchen. Her hand moves to the edge of her plaid skirt, a yearning in her loins. Angry with Dylan she needed to work off her frustration. Tyrone catches her gaze and gestures to her to come over. She looks at George in the office and heads to the kitchen. They stare at each other, her panties wet with excitement. Tyrone pulls out his cock. Her pussy is now soaking wet in yearning for it. “I haven’t got a lot of time. Fuck me already.”

“I’m not fucking you. If I don’t put my cock into you,I’m not cheating on George.”

“What are you going to do?” She was shaking.

Tyrone is now hard, he bends her over the kitchen unit, rips her skirt up and pulls her knickers to the side. He pours some olive oil in his hand. Olive oil drips off the end of his fingers, without notice he rams three oil covered fingers in Gabriella’s tight pussy.

“FUCCKKK!” She screams as his large black sausage fingers stretch her pussy.

Tyrone wanks himself as his fingers fuck her. She puts a wooden spoon in her mouth and bites down on it, to stop herself screaming. Her pussy is streaming from an orgasm as his fingers continue to stretch her pussy. His thumb now runs over her clitoris. Her eyes bulge as she feels his fingers slide in and out her pussy. Her phone rings, Dylan is looking for her. The spoon drops out of her mouth as she lets out a scream.


His hand still stroking his large dick, his fingers and thumb still violating her vagina and clitoris, her firm tanned legs are buckling from the onslaught, he almost has his whole fist ramming inside her. Finally she hears him moan and feels his cum hit her butt hole and the back of her legs. He walks away and leaves her bent over the unit.her legs weak, her pussy sore, tears rolling down both cheeks. She regains her composure, her pussy sore from the fist fucking. She straightens her skirt and panties. Still wobbly from the onslaught on her pussy, she walks past reception.

“Thanks for staying with us.” Tyrone says with a grin.

She grabs her bags and makes for the car.

“I thought you had left me, where have you been?”

” Sorry darling, let’s just go to your folks.”

As she watched the scenery fly by, she started to think about the last two days. How could she let Tyrone do what he did to her? Her pussy still sore from the fist fucking. A few days ago she was an innocent little rich girl. Now she has been spunked on and fist fucked, deep down she was enjoying being carefree. Her attention turns to meeting Dylan’s parents; not the rich ones she was expecting, she was still angry with him about that.

They pull up to a run down wooden house, a large run down RV in the drive, a burnt out car by the side of it.

“Is this your parents house? Bloody hell Dylan, it’s disgusting, I’m not staying here.”

“We are not staying in the house, we are in there.” Dylan points towards the RV. The snobby bitch resurfaces in Gabriella,

“I’m not staying there, drive me to a hotel.”

Just as Dylan tried to calm her down, his dad appeared.

“Aye! Here he is, the Harvard dork.” Said Dylan’s dad Clint: a large plump man, gaziantep escort videoları a long scruffy beard, mohican haircut and dodgy hygiene.

“Hi pops, how are you?”

“It’s great to see you, my boy.”

“Where’s mom?”

“Working at the bar, she will be back later.”

“Who is this pretty little thing?”

“Dad, this is Gabriella.”

Clint hugs her tightly, she turns her head as far from his body as she can, his body odor wasn’t the greatest.

“Bloody hell, you have done alright for yourself boy. Come on Gabriella tell me how you got lumbered with numbnuts here.”

Despite the ribbing, Dylan and his dad were actually very close, he will be ever grateful to him.

Dylan followed them into the house. Gabriella raised a finger to her nose, the house smells musty.

“Sit in my chair, Gabby.” Clint says pushing her into a dusty lazyboy. Her legs flick up as she lands, flashing her black thong.

“My name is Gabriella.” She says, stepping from the chair, dusting off her plaid skirt and legs. She was so angry now. The door to the house opened.

“Here he is, the first one in this family, to make something of himself.”

“Gabriella, this is my grandpops, Peter.”

She could smell his stench from feet away, he was missing half his teeth; the others were rotting. Pete grabbed her and hugged her tight, her face buried in her chest, he took a sly look at her arse while sniffing her hair. She released herself, coughing from the smell.

“Dylan, we need to go.” She said hoping to get a nearby hotel.

“No Gabby, sorry Gabriella, you and Dylan are staying in the love wagon. Pops has moved out for you.”

“We are getting a hotel aren’t we Dylan?” She says, a stern look on her face.

“Poppycock, you’re staying in there.” Says Clint, a slight sound of frustration in his voice.

Gabriella and Dylan head to the RV. Clint and Pete sit on an old porch swing sipping at some cold canned beers.

“What do you think of Gabriella, Clint?”

“I think she is a snobby, posh girl, pops.”

“Fucking hot though.”

“Oh my god, pops. Those legs in that skirt.”

“What are you two old bastards talking about?” Dylan’s mom; Beryl, appeared after her shift at the bar.

“Is my gorgeous boy here yet?”

“Yes, with his bit of stuff.”

“What’s she like? Is she good enough for my boy?”

“She is a stuck up, rich girl, Beryl.”

“Really, pops. Stuck up is she?”

Beryl walks over to the RV, as she goes to knock the door, she can hear arguing.

“I’m stopping here tonight, then that’s it Dylan. We are over. Daddy is sending his driver down Tomorrow. I can’t be seen with a boyfriend who has a family like yours.”

“Please Gabriella, I love you.”

“I like you, Dylan. We are from different worlds. I thought it would be fine when you said you were rich. Maybe if you never see your family again. I will pretend to be your girlfriend tonight, tomorrow we are finished.”

Beryl is fuming, she can’t believe what this girl is saying to her boy. She returns to the men on the porch.

“Well, what did you think of her?”

“That is one stuck up bitch. She has finished with him. Apparently we are not from the right stock. I think that snobby little rich bitch needs to be taught a lesson.”

“Oh yes, Beryl. Let’s teach her the true meaning of family.” Clint says excitedly.

“Go and invite them for supper. Do you have any of your special cakes left, Beryl.” Grandpops replied.

“Oh yeah.” She replied.

Beryl knocks on the door. Dylan opens it.

“Mom! Lovely to see you.”

He hugs her so tight, tears running down his face.

“Alright my boy. Where’s your lovely girl?”

“Gabriella: this is my mom Beryl.”

“Hi lovely to see you.”

‘You fucking false bitch’ Beryl thought to herself.

“Come over for some supper, have a proper catch up.”

“Oh that will be lovely.” Gabriella replies.

” thanks mom.”

The couple make their way over to the house from the RV.

“Let’s just get through this meal, Dylan.”


“A last supper for us as a couple.”

The pair walked into the dining room; well the living room with the armchairs pushed back.

” Hi guys. Sit at the table.” Beryl says.

“DYLAN!” Shouting from the kitchen is his cousin Eddie: a fat waste of space, who helps his dad out. A bowl cut on his fathead. A blotchy complexion.

“Eddie, haven’t seen you for years. Eddie, this is Gabriella.”

Eddie looks at Gabriella. She is dressed in a Gucci check thigh length tweed skirt, white Gucci trainers and a white silk blouse, her hair draped down her back and bright red lipstick.

“Hi Eddie.” She says putting her soft hand out to shake it.

“Hi Darling. Oh yeah, see what you mean pops.” Eddie says, looking Gabriella up and down.

Gabriella is starting to feel uncomfortable at the attention she is receiving from the men. Gabriella sips at a glass of wine, maybe being pissed will help her to get through the meal.

“Keep that bitch’s glass filled, need to loosen her up, Clint.” Beryl says.

“Okay, mama.”

Gabriella is starting to relax as she downs another drink. Clint, Pete and Eddie sit at the table, gazing at her soft red lips caressing the rim of her wine glass. The family eats, all the men apart from Dylan stare at Gabriella eating her food. Every mouthful her tongue would wrap around her food.

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