Games with Beth Ch. 03


After we recuperated a bit, Beth asked if I would like to take a tour of the city. While I had not thought past the bedroom, I thought it would be fun to see what was going on in town. As we started getting dressed, she pulled some things out of the bag she had brought. First up, was a garter. It was eerie, how she could read my mind. When she started pulling out the fishnet stockings, I realized that I had indeed found the pathway to heaven. She finished her attire with the most form fitting, short dress that I had ever seen. She was indeed a vision of loveliness, and an instant erection to any male looking at her. She sat on the chair brushing her hair as I put on my shirt and showed a huge smile when I offered to brush it for her. She did not move a muscle as brushed and massaged her shoulders. She finally said, “if we are going to go, we had better leave now. I can feel myself dripping onto the chair.”

As we walked to the elevator, one of the hotel staff was getting off the elevator. I giggled to myself as he did a double take at Beth. His eyes just about swallowed her up. When we got on the elevator, she said, “Think he liked my dress?” I told her that I was sure he liked everything about her. As we walked toward the exit I saw the same valet that had enjoyed the show Beth had put on as we arrived. He took our ticket and was off into the frigid air. When he came back, he got out and came around to open the door for Beth. I was sure that she had flashed her gorgeous wares to him as she sat down. As we pulled away, I waved at him and he gave me a thumbs up again.

As we drove she directed me to the Mall of Americas. She said we didn’t have to stop, but she wanted me to see it. After seeing it we went through some of the different areas looking at the sites. While our conversation had not even had a hint of sexual overtones, I noticed that her nipples were very visible sticking though her dress. Guess it was the cold weather getting to her. She asked if I would like to go to a sex shop. I said I would, and she informed me that there was an excellent establishment about 40 minutes away in another town. That sounded fine to me, so we headed out of town. As we neared the neighboring town, she directed me to Heaven Scent. This was a huge istanbul travesti place. Much larger from the outside than any “sex” shop I had ever been to. When we walked in, Beth walked over to a beautiful older woman that was hanging up some items. Beth leaned into her and kissed her deeply. It was obvious they were exploring each other’s mouth, and I saw the older woman reach down and her hand went under the front of Beth’s dress. Fortunately there was no other folks in the place, or I probably would not have been able to have this show. Their kiss and touching only lasted a few seconds but it was so enjoyable. When they separated Beth brought her friend over to introduce us. I asked if they had known each other long. The woman said Beth had been a customer for a long time, and a lover for the past couple of years.

As Beth moved behind the divider for the clothing section, I followed her and saw the largest display of toys that I had ever seen. I went from case to case, looking at the toys that were on display and then moved to the first aisle. There was a wide selection of things that I had never seen. But then I came upon the remote control eggs. I had to have one of these. I tried several before finding one that vibrated very strongly. On the back wall I saw the BDSM toys. This was my forte, and as I glanced at Beth, I saw a wide smile across her lips. I picked out a crop, a flogger, some restraints, a spreader bar, and a blind fold. Beth came close as I walked upto the counter to sit down the items. “My goodness” she said, “You have done this before.” I assured her that I had but there was one more thing that I did not see. I left the counter, and could hear Beth and her friend talking. I could not make out what they were saying, but I was confident that it was an interesting conversation. When I came back with the vibrating butt plug, and nipple clamps, Beth looked at the butt plug, and said she had one in her bag at the hotel. I asked the lady where the lubricants were and she pulled out from under the counter a large bottle of Astroglide.

After I handed the woman my credit card, Beth leaned across and kissed her as she processed my card. The woman asked where Beth thought she was going. Beth said she şişli travesti was going next door to grab us a sandwich that we could take with us to the hotel. The woman said, “before you go, don’t you think you should at least make sure the egg works right”, as she winked at me. Beth said she thought that was a good idea. She walked around the corner and hopped up on the counter in front of the woman. As I stood there watching she leaned down and obviously licked Beth’s pussy. Beth grabbed her head and pulled her hard towards her and the lady was moaning as she loudly tongued Beth. She raised up with Beth’s juices gleaming on her face and took the egg out of it’s package. She handed me the remote and put some lubricant on it before sliding the egg into Beth. She kissed Beth again, and said, “my god your pussy always tastes so wonderful. Hope you have fun tonight. Beth hopped off the counter and kissed the woman goodbye. As she walked out, the lady handed my card back and asked if had ever played with feathers or anything that was for tickling. I said I had not, and she said she would throw in a couple of feathers free for us to experiment. As I put my wallet back in my pocket, she handed me a card and said, “My name is Sally. If you guys need any assistance away from the store, give me a call, Beth said I live minutes from your hotel” with a big smile on her face.

I turned just seeing Beth nearing the end of the long line of glass across the front of the store. I flicked the switch on the remote and saw Beth stop and lean against the brick pillar. She never looked my way, but the egg obviously worked.

On the way back to the hotel, Beth asked if I liked wine. I told her I did, but I was horrible at picking out wines since I knew very little about them. She directed me to a store and said she would pick out a couple of bottles for us. As we walked through the store, she ended up getting 3 bottles of wine and a bottle of champagne. She assured me that I would enjoy the wine and the champagne and I knew that if I were drinking it in her presence, it would be enjoyable. As we arrived at the hotel, this same guy literally ran to meet us. He opened the door for Beth, and I watched as she extended bakırköy travesti her legs out before standing up. I laughed as he smiled at her, and could imagine him running back to the bathroom, to stroke off after parking our car. When he came around to my side, I handed him one of my business cards and told him to text his phone number to be able to contact him. As we got on the elevator, I felt my phone vibrate, and looked… Jesus he wasted no time in sending me his number.

As we sat enjoying the view out the balcony, it had started to snow. I mean snow… Nothing like I had ever seen in Texas. Beth got up to get a couple of glasses and moved the table closer to the patio door so we could watch the snow while enjoying our dinner and the wine. The conversation soon turned toward our BDSM leanings. She was telling me some of the things that she had tried before and some that interested her. She mentioned that she had never had a crop used on her before and that she really didn’t like the paddles. I told her some of the things I had tried and what did and didn’t interest me. I asked if she had a safe word that she preferred. She said she had never ever had to use one, but we could come up with one that meant something to both of us. I laughed when she mentioned Yahtzee. Thank goodness for that game, or we never would have connected. I noticed that she was drinking the wine at least twice as fast as I was, and I felt myself getting a little tipsy.

When she suggested that we lay down for a bit to recharge our batteries, I was relieved. As she pulled her dress over her head, I was completely mesmerized that a completely perfect woman could exist. I shed my clothes keeping my boxers and T shirt on and Beth snuggled up next to me with just her bra, garter belt and hose. I held her close to me and nuzzled her hair as I pulled her close. I could tell by her breathing that she had dozed off. Thanks to the wine and the previous few hours, she was totally exhausted. In fairness, I dozed off too for an hour or so, but when I woke up from my power nap, she was still beautifully in her state of slumber. While I was caressing her softly, her breathing pattern never changed. When I extended her arm, she still was sound asleep. As I kissed down her back, she finally started moving a bit. She raised up and looked at me. “Daddy, are you going to be a bad boy?”

I got up and poured her another glass of wine and reached for the remote control to the egg. This was going to be a tiring weekend, but the rewards were going to be out of the stratosphere.

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