Generation Gap


It had been a warm afternoon. The sun had shone all the time and the wine had been consumed in quantities. Combined with the heat, it had stirred Jane’s body with a vague awareness, a pleasant feeling of sexual desire. A slight ache which craved pacifying, though there was no hurry. Among the meaningless chatter of guests, the distant laughter, Jane started to think about her younger days when she would relieve her aching loins with deft fingers.

Memories of lying in the sun, holding her soft, plump genitals, squeezing them gently until the honey began to flow. Rubbing, probing with her index finger, exploring her own secret folds of responsive, supple flesh. Teasing her bud of delight, marveling at the ripples of lust surging through her in waves, building slowly to a pinnacle of overwhelming hunger for release. Holding back the climax until she could bear it no longer.

Her orgasms would rip through her like a great wave crashing over her. Smiling ruefully at the memory of those frequent, private occasions, she wondered what her guests would say if they knew what was in her mind. When everyone had gone, perhaps she would again lie in the sun – fondle herself once more, recalling earlier sexual encounters, flooding her vagina with sex juices. Yes, that would be nice. She began to look forward to it.

It was now early evening, still very warm with the terrace reflecting the heat of the earlier sun beating down on it. All the others had left. Her husband had gone down to the club with his friends. Only Susan, the neighbour’s nineteen-year old daughter was left. An attractive girl. Jane poured her a glass of red wine. She wouldn’t stay long. Then Jane could enjoy the treat she had promised herself.

‘May as well have the rest of this bottle,’ she said, holding out the glass to the young woman.

Susan smiled as he took the glass from her, little realising that Jane was quietly simmering with a deep-seated lust, waiting patiently for the time when she could be alone, to indulge herself. To relive moments of lecherousness as she searched her genitals for their moment of glory.

‘I’ll help you tidy up.’

‘You’re very kind Susan. What it is to have kind, useful neighbours. Cheers!’

They drank to each other with a mutual smile.

‘I don’t suppose mum and dad’ll be back for a while yet.’

They looked at each other for a few moments as they sipped their wine. Now in her fifties, Jane had no expectation of a sexual encounter, though thoughts and memories of past physical enjoyment came to mind from time to time. Particularly after a few glasses of wine, her mind would dwell on the more exciting aspects of her sex. And this was one of those occasions. There was a feeling of unease inside her. Yes! A slight ache, which troubled her.

Her mind was fixed on sex. Jane had never been a passionate lover, her enjoyment of the act being more calculated – more sensuous – more delightful. Her orgasms were always well controlled and thoroughly sublime. She preferred a partner of similar deliberations in his approach to love making, rather than one who rushed to his own climax. There had been several in her life. Her husband, though, usually – but not always if her fantasies during sex were particularly thrilling – fell short of her needs, which frequently gave rise to her necessity for careful and calculated masturbation to reach a climax.

She looked quizzically at Susan, wondering if she masturbated. But of course she did. Everyone does, don’t they? Jane’s sexual needs had faded over recent years, though she still enjoyed the occasional relaxing hour on a warm summer’s day, lying naked in her secluded garden, fondling her genitals all over with both hands, carefully spreading the seeping honey across the soft folds, coaxing them to a long drawn out, satisfying orgasm.

It always amazed Jane that every orgasm came upon her as a completely new surprise, a fresh experience, jerking her loins in joyful exhilaration. What a marvellous instrument the body is. The result was always a feeling of contentment as she lay there, eyes closed, her hand cupping the soft, warm vulva, the epicentre of her spiritual being.

As she looked at Susan, she found herself speculating on the sort of a genitals her young friend had, and how frequently she masturbated. Did she do it as often as Jane did in her youth, she wondered? Susan didn’t have a boyfriend so far as Jane knew. She wondered why. Perhaps she preferred other girls?

Jane broke the silence. ‘Beautiful evening.’

‘Still warm enough to sunbathe,’ Susan replied.

‘Oh, be my guest. I shall be on my own for quite a while yet. Why not stay a little longer? Get your kit off. Enjoy the sun. I shall enjoy your company.’ she smiled at her as she put her wine glass on the table.

‘Thank you.’

And Susan quickly slipped out of her blouse and skirt before lying on one of the loungers facing the sun, wearing a skimpy bra and a lace thong. Although not very tall, her long legs were a pleasant tan colour. Her breasts were smallish, Ankara escort the dark nipples showing clearly through the bra. From either side of the thong, Jane saw the tufts of dark pubic hair. She found it erotic and was strangely excited by a glimpse of another woman’s private fleece, still wondering what her labia were like. Little did she know what surprise was in store for her.

Jane laughed. ‘May as well join you,’ and shrugged her light top from her shoulders and unbuckled her skirt, allowing it fall to he ground. Her bra was rather more modest than Susan’s, though her ample breasts were bulging from the top. In the warmth of the summer, Jane usually wore French knickers, trimmed with silk lace. They were more comfortable. The the loose gusset allowed her heavy growth of auburn hair to be clearly evident.

Susan looked across at Jane. ‘Mmm! You look good, Jane.’

‘You too, darling,’ was the reply. Jane was feeling decidedly naughty. She would encourage her young neighbour to strip naked. ‘Look, we’re fully secluded here, so I’m stripping off altogether.’

And without another word, Jane removed her knickers and bra, to stand beside Susan quite naked. Her young friend stood up with a smile, unclasped her own bra to release her attractive boobs, and peeled off her thong to reveal the full splendour of the dark curls covering her groin. To Jane’s utter surprise, Susan’s clitoris was protruding from it’s hood, like a small penis, with its hood acting as a foreskin. It was stiff and pointed. Goodness! She was a female hermaphrodite, though with a fully functional vagina by the look of it.

The sight made Jane gasp with lust. A girl with a tiny prick! Never had she seen anything like this – but then she realised that she wasn’t all that familiar with women’s bodies. She wrapped her arms round Susan’s waist, kissing her on the lips quite unexpectedly. She felt the texture of Susan’s lips on hers. Determined to test out her reactions, she put her hand behind Susan’s head to press their faces together, allowing her lips to part slightly, the tip of her tongue tracing her lips.

Tasting Susan’s soft lips, Jane unexpectedly remembered her first real kiss and feel. It was at an end-of-year school party. She was standing with friends between dances when she became suddenly aware of a boy looking at her intently from a little distance away. His eyes were filled with a curious hypnotic look she had never seen in anyone before. Her own eyes were drawn to his. Although she had seen him often enough before, Jane had never realized what a gorgeous youth he was.

The fluttering in her groin surprised her – her body was beginning to ache – wanting attention. Her vulva started to leak with desire. She felt as though she was standing naked in front of him, A blush came to her cheeks at the thought. He made a vague gesture with his head asking her to go outside with him. He sauntered off through the far door towards the outer door leading to the toilet block. Making a vague excuse to her friends, Jane followed him as casually as she could. She was breathless with excitement.

It was almost dark. She stood in the doorway for a moment. A quiet pst! told her where the youth was standing. She crossed to him quickly, breathless. He put his arms round her, turned her round and pressed her against the wall in an alcove kissing her on the lips. She had no idea how to respond but just enjoyed the wickedness of it. When she felt his hand hoist up her skirt she panicked. She wasn’t expecting this. He was going to feel her sex, she thought.

‘No! No!’ she muttered, but without conviction. She was just as curious as he was to know how it felt to have other fingers than her own playing with her soft virgin lips. Even so, she was nervous – and she soon found out how it felt. Deliciously wicked! His hot hand rubbed against the crotch of her cotton knickers. Her loins jerked at the touch. She couldn’t help it! It was the first hand that had ever touched her there.

Her mind was in a whirl of excitement. Her mouth turned dry. Then she felt a finger ease the knickers to one side and prod its way into her soft crack, moist with excitement. Jane gasped, her stimulation mounting.

‘My God! He’s got his finger inside me’ she murmured to herself. Before she had time to realise fully what was happening, the boy took hold of her hand, pushing it against his trousers. Somehow he had managed to pull his cock out, stiff and hard. He wrapped her palm round the naked shaft. Gosh! A boy’s cock – in her hand. It was breathtaking! A hard shaft of warm flesh she had longed to fondle for ages. Now here is was in her hand. A real cock!

Although confused, she knew she was expected to pump it up and down. Older girls had explained that to her. Curled round the shaft, her hand jerked eagerly. She felt his fingers push in an out of her soaking vagina as he started to grunt in her mouth, his loins were jerking against her belly. Jane now pressed the cock along the length of her wet crack. She wanted it to fuck her. But with the Ankara escort bayan palm of her hand, she rubbed it up and down vigorously against her belly until she suddenly felt him explode with a stifled grunt.

When the hot effusion splattered her groin, Jane froze in horror. She knew about ejaculation, but to actually feel it flood against her sparse public hair surprised her. Nervously dabbling her fingers in the sweet stickiness, she rubbed it over her own clitoris. Jane was desperate for an orgasm. The additional wickedness of having a load of sperm spill over her thinly haired groin brought about the crashing wave of lust that tumbled throughout her body.

Jane delighted in orgasms. She couldn’t have enough of them when sdhe was younger, feeling them take over her entire being. But this was the first one brought about by another person. A male! She exploded with amazing intensity!

She still recalled that first experience of hot sperm gushing onto her belly. It was to remain an everlasting exiting memory for her. The first of many spouting cocks on her nipples and hairy crotch.

And here she was, many years later, in the arms of another woman – much younger and softer than herself. Jane was excited at the thought of exploring the soft pliant labia of her neighbour’s daughter. Perhaps even lick it and nibble that wonderful, stiff clit. Her hands gently caressed the young flesh of her friend’s tight buttocks.

Susan couldn’t believe her luck, either! Jane, of all people, in her arms and asking for kisses. What else does she want she wondered? She had often thought that Jane was probably a sexy lady, particularly when younger – but even now. She was certainly an attractive lady – handsome, rather than beautiful. Susan gazed hungrily at Jane’s body. She really enjoyed looking on other women’s bodies. Ever since her youth, she had secretly lusted after her schoolfriend’s bodies during PE and swimming. And, later in life, exploring them sensuously. So, here she was, enjoying the sight of a mature woman’s curves. The long fat labia, the heavy bush of hair. Thrilling!

Jane reminded Susan of her PE mistress, although Miss Johns was a bit shorter and stockier, with solid muscles in her legs and arms. But she too, had a thick bush of pubic hair which she had encouraged Susan to explore and examine. At first, it was Miss Jones who had pointed out to Susan that the oversized clitoris was a very special piece of anatomy, and one to be cherished. To illustrate this, after lessons, she had exposed her own genitals to Susan, pointing out the difference between them. Both clits responded to stimulation, however, with their vaginas – she explained – capable of secreting lubricating juices. These lessons became more regular, continuing for some time.

Susan had been encouraged to test Miss Jones’s reaction by having Susan finger her clitoris, allowing the PE mistress to play with her long clitoris, which stiffened at the touch. As Susan watched Miss Jones loins begin to tremble, her breathing becoming irregular, Susan witnessed an orgasm in a woman’s face for the first time. She also felt the first stirrings of a similar feeling in herself.

Thereafter, Susan had enjoyed mutual groping with other young women, sometimes in a twosome and sometimes in groups, learning to build orgasms within her body by rapid masturbation of her clit, using the lubricating honey that seeped from her vagina. Each orgasm became a supreme thrill – a succession of them was bliss! Soon, however, it became necessary for her to have a tissue at the ready, for her orgasms released small splashes of thick juices, which became rather more copious as she grew older.

It had been her cousin who took her virginity, and though she enjoyed being fucked by a stiff cock plunging in and out of her vagina, rubbing against the shaft of her clit, Susan preferred the sexual ministrations of another woman. They knew best how to bring her to the boil, to keep her simmering until the wave of a climax overwhelmed her to a juddering release. Men were generally only interested in bringing their own ejaculations to the boil. Although Susan was curious about men’s ejaculations, mesmerized by the eruption, her own spurts were equally fascinating for her – and her friends.

Susan was looking intently at Jane, who didn’t smile easily – she was a serious lady with fine straight features and a solid figure, which interested Susan – she had often wanted to explore her, to search the secrets of those hairy folds. And here was the chance. Sliding her hands down her back until they reached her buttocks, Susan took a cheek in each hand, pressing them to her own groin as she began to gently kiss Jane’s neck and ears.

It was with a gasp of delight that Jane felt Susan’s hands take hold of the cheeks of her plump bottom. When her lips reached her neck and ear lobes, Jane knew she would enjoy the encounter. In the past, nibbled ears had always set her loins fluttering. This evening was no exception. She felt like a sixteen-year old wanton again.

‘Do Escort Ankara you know, Jane, some wicked thoughts are beginning to stir in me.’

‘That’s not the only thing stirring,’ she smiled. Susan’s clitoris was pressing into her groin. ‘You have an unusual bit of thrilling flesh there, darling! It throbs!’

The old feelings Jane had never really expected to have again were returning to her. Her body was becoming alive! She intended to enjoy herself. Throwing her head back, she moaned softly with pleasure, ripples of desire spreading through her once more. With calm deliberation, her hand slipped its way between their bodies to grasp in her palm, the whole of Susan’s vulva, with its stiff little prick. She felt it jerk at her touch. It held much promise for her.

‘Are you feeling naughty?’ Jane asked.


‘How naughty?’

Susan’s interest was awakened. She was getting quite eager and excited. With growing curiosity she fumbled between Jane’s thighs, moaning with satisfaction as her palm slid over the wet, hairy gash. With no shame at all, she slipped two fingers between the fat labia, catching her breath, marveling at their size and thickness, pushing them up and down.

‘Fairly naughty,’ was the eventual breathless response.

Susan realised that Jane was seriously wanting sex! Not just a quick mutual feel. Here she was fondling her clitoris, whilst Susan’s own fingers were exploring the dribbling vagina of the older woman. There was no need for cautious foreplay any more.

‘And how much more naughty do you want to be?’

Jane crouched before the naked girl, studying the phenomenal small penis. It was a good inch and a half long, like a small finger, with the hood acting as a foreskin. Jane was curious to know if it ejaculated. She would have to wait to find out! She eagerly clutched the stiff clit between her lips to feel its stiffness. Astonishing!

‘Naughtier than that?’ she muttered.

‘Oh, yes!’ Susan said gasping for breath, ‘much, much naughtier than that.’

Susan lowered herself on the side of the lounger, splaying her hips wide apart to expose her vulva in all it’s glory, the long hard clitoris now showing the full extent of its size. The labia were slung either side of the protrusion, almost like dangling, separate testicles, wrinkled and wet with her starchy juices. Jane was fascinated by it. What a vulva on one so young!

‘There you are. Is that what you wanted to see?’ Susan smiled. ‘Is that naughty enough?’

‘Wonderful,’ she muttered. ‘Very naughty indeed.’

‘You approve?’

Jane certainly did. Presented with the sight of a new pair of breasts, in addition to the unusual vulva, with the vagina partly dilated to show the entrance to the mysterious passage. After taking careful note of the erotic image, Jane sat beside her friend, to study the young body. Breasts not very large, but puckered nipples like thimbles, stiff and proud. Her fingers explored the texture.

Susan was also examining Jane’s figure. Still in good shape, the full breasts settled on her rib cage, nipples pointing outwards. They were superbly surrounded by large swollen areola, edged with a ring of tiny pimples, with the main nipple, dark and wrinkled in the centre. Susan was thrilled. She didn’t know why, but she delighted in examining other women’s breasts. And these were wonderful.

Susan didn’t speak. She weighed the left breast in the palm of her hand, rolling the pad of her thumb across the thickening nub, before lowering her face, taking the inviting nipple between her lips and rolling her tongue over the contours.

Jane entered a state of rapture as lips began to suckle her hard nipple. The wrinkles smoothed out as it swelled in Susan’s warm mouth. Her loins were now on fire with lust. Although she wanted cock, her full attention was concentrated on the touch of lips on nipple. Jane was determined to enjoy every sensation to the limit. It was years since her yearning had been so strong – even when she masturbated for personal enjoyment. It was not her dildo she craved for now. It was Susan’s lips.

‘You could get even naughtier,’ she murmured thickly.

Susan decided that the time had come to explore the centre of Jane’s universe. The promise of fondling her vulva filled her with excited anticipation. Sliding over the smooth belly, her fingers snaked their way through the mass of coarse hair until they felt the glow of heat from her most private part – her vagina. She couldn’t wait. Cupping Jane’s vulva in her hand, the warm fleshy contents filled her palm, she continued suckling the breasts. Damp and squashy labia. Her probing fingers found their target. Jane’s excitement was conspicuous. She shuddered.

Honey was oozing from that passage of joy. There is nothing quite like that first encounter with a strange lady’s genitals, wet and yearning. A new valley to explore and enjoy. Susan’s fingers searched the pouting inner labia, sensing the quiver in Jane’s loins at the touch. They grappled with the generous slippery flaps of the dark supple flesh, carefully feeling every crevice and crease with delicate fingers. She was in a seventh heaven as her index finger parted the folds to delve into the delicious opening of Jane’s vagina, oozing with honey.

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