Getting Her Way


I’ve been bad. Not really, but I want to be. I want you to punish me. I’m sitting here thinking of ways to get what I want without making it seem that it’s what I want. So, what can I do that’s bad, but not too bad, and that’ll get me punished? Hmmm…

He walks into the room and I ignore him. He asks what’s for dinner and I still don’t reply. There isn’t dinner tonight. He’s told me no more eating out this week, that I need to cook, but I’ve decided not to listen. I don’t mind the cooking, enjoy it actually, but I know that not cooking after he gave me a big lecture last night is going to push him over the edge.

He walks over to me, raises my chin to look at him, and asks again, “What is for dinner?” I shrug my shoulders and stare back. If I open my mouth I’ll crack and start smiling like an idiot and that’s definitely not going to get me what I want. I hold his gaze steadily.

He doesn’t yell at me. He never yells at me, or at least very rarely. “Well, if you’re not going to cook it, we’re not eating.” Again I shrug and then look away.

My casual indifference sets him off. Did I go too far? God, I hope not, but I know if I speak up he’ll stop so I istanbul travesti hold my tongue to see what he’ll do. He grabs my wrist and raises me up and leads me up the stairs into our bedroom. Oh yeah! I’m reminding myself not to smile, laugh, anything to give away that this is really what I’m after. He doesn’t drag me, I’m not fighting him, I just continue to show him my indifference knowing that will push him further than my anger or any other reaction.

He shuts the door behind us and turns to face me. “What is the problem? Why couldn’t you cook a simple meal? We can’t afford to keep eating out and it’s got to stop!” Again, I shrug and just stare at him.

He pushes me over the end of the bed and raises the skirt I’d conveniently put on and brings his hand down across my ass. I gasp but he doesn’t seem to realize that it’s out of excitement and not shock or anger. Again and again his hand comes down across my backside. After a few minutes I’m trembling from the rush and the sensations. I don’t want it to stop, I’m going to cum and cum hard.

Sensing my trembling his hand pauses and he leans his face down beside mine. “Are you okay? kadıköy travesti I’m sorry, I’m sorry – I lost it but I didn’t mean to actually hurt you!” He thinks I’m trembling from fear or pain. Silly man.

I turn my head and smile and tell him that the only thing that would make me mad is if he didn’t keep going. He looks confused for a minute and then realization hits. He smirks back and then stands up behind me and gives my ass another smack. I groan and shift my ass back pleading for more.

His hands reach up and gently pull my panties down over my already pink cheeks. Down over my legs until they reach my feet and he brushes his hand against the back of my legs motioning for me to step out.

“You didn’t listen and I’m tired of it. I’m going to punish you until you learn to comply.” Then with one hand resting across my lower back holding my skirt you use the other to strike me again, harder this time leaving a sting. Oh boy, is this really what I want? Again, your hand lands and I can feel my wetness and decide that, yes, I want this.

You keep going, my ass and thighs growing pinker. You ask me anadolu yakası travesti if I’ve had enough and I shake my head. You chuckle and pull off your belt. Oh. My. God. I start cumming before the first strike lands. I am scared at this point, but I know that you’re doing this for me and I can stop it with a single word. You land half a dozen stripes across me before stopping and unbuckling your pants.

Shifting behind me you keep me pinned down and I can feel your hard dick against my backside seeking entrance. I’m wet, dripping down my stinging thighs. You know now that I’m not going to want it easy and you thrust into me as hard as you can. Again, my body erupts. You’re brutal and I love it, I love you. My fists tear at the bedding as you fuck me. It’s pure sex, it’s rough, and it’s crazy. It doesn’t take you long and I feel you burst inside of me, adding to the wetness pouring from my sore pussy.

It takes a few minutes to clean up, but eventually we end up in bed together snuggling, my stinging backside a reminder of what just happened. “Why didn’t you just tell me you wanted to be punished?” he asks. “I couldn’t, I didn’t know how you’d react and I wanted you to do it without thinking about it.” He sits quietly for a few minutes, holding me, stroking my back.

“Let’s come up with a better way for you to let me know what you want, okay? I don’t want to go hungry whenever you decide you need punished.”

“Oh, by the way, dinner is in the refrigerator, let’s go eat.”

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