Girlfriend’s Sissy Cousin


Girlfriend’s Sissy Cousin
Jarrod Rodgers didn’t mind that his live-in girlfriend had a relative moving to town. But he did mind that Amber’s cousin had to stay with them for about a month. This meant he could not walk around the house in just his boxer briefs like he usually did. It was a Saturday so he was watching college football. He also had a beer in his hand.

Amber walked out of the bedroom and announced she was heading to the bus station to pick up her family member. She left the apartment and started up her black 2015 Ford Focus sedan.

Jarrod pulled out his dick as soon as she was gone and flipped on some porn. He jacked off until he nutted. He cleaned up and went back to looking at the game. He decided to put on a pair of basketball shorts and a t-shirt so that he’d be properly dressed when Amber returned.

Jarrod’s phone rang. “Sup,” he said.
“Hey, baby,” replied Amber. “Do you want me to pick up some sliders?”
“Sure! Thanks!”
“See you in about twenty minutes.”

Amber ordered a box of 20 cheeseburger sliders. She also got her a cousin a large soda since they did not have any at the house.

Amber said, “Azia. You look really good. I love the green contacts!”
Azia replied, “Thanks, love! And thanks again for letting me crash with you for a few weeks.”
“It’s my pleasure. Don’t mind helping out my baby cuz.”

The pair arrived back at the apartment complex. Amber carried the food while Azia had both of her fake Louis Vuitton duffle bags in tow.

Azia walked behind his older cousin. The nineteen-year-old stood at five-feet-ten inches, had flawlessly smooth dark skin, a flat chest, a slender waist, and a huge booty. He was wearing a pair of yoga pants and a purple sweatshirt.

A teenaged caramel-skinned guy called out at him. Azia turned around the guy was amazed to see that Azia had a flat chest. Azia waved but did not talk to him.

They entered Amber and Jarrod’s abode.

“Hey, sweetie,” Amber said to her man who was still sitting on the couch.
“Hey, babe,” the house painter smiled.
“This is Azia.”
“Hey, Azia! I’m Jarrod.”
“Thanks for letting me stay here,” beamed the effeminate dude.
“So, Azia,” Amber started. “You’ll be sleeping on the couch. It pulls out into a bed. You can put your bags in this closet.”
“Got it! Do you mind if I take a shower real quick. Being on the bus for a whole twenty-four hours has me feeling icky,”
“Sure. First door on the left.”

Jarrod and Amber dug into the burgers. Amber informed him that she had picked up an overtime shift tonight at the hospital where she worked as a phlebotomist. After eating, she headed off to get some sleep as she was going in about three hours.

After Amber disappeared to the bedroom, Azia returned from his shower. He was now wearing a pair of gray drawstring shorts from Victoria’s Secret and a dark blue mesh tanktop. His ass was plump and shaking as he walked in. It caught Jarrod’s eye and the man watched the sissy switch over to the kitchen.

“You can come over here and eat if you want,” Jarrod said.
“Cool! Thanks,” the house guest smiled.

Azia grabbed some food and went over to the couch. “Where’s Amber?”
“She went to sleep since she gotta work this evening.”

They sat in relative silence until Amber woke up.

“Hey y’all,” Jarrod’s lady yawned.
“What’s going on, sleepy head,” teased her boyfriend.
She laughed, “I’m getting ready for work now.”

Twenty minutes later, Amber headed out of the apartment after giving Jarrod a kiss.

“Do you smoke,” Jarrod asked.
“Yes I do,” admitted Azia.

The five-eight, muscular resident stood up and went to the freezer where he kept the loud. He grabbed enough for one blunt. He also pulled out a bottle of Hennessy and two glasses. He returned to the couch and began rolling up. “Fix us a drink, Azia,” he said matter-of-factly.

The femboi poured the beverage just as Jarrod finished constructing the blunt.

Jarrod lit up and took a couple of puffs then passed it over to Azia.

After they finished smoking, Jarrod said, “Now I don’t mind you staying here. But you got on them li’l ass shorts with all that booty. So this is how you gonna pay rent. Stand up!”

Azia stood up and Jarrod starting massaging his ample derriere.

“Can you twerk,” Jarrod inquired.

Azia began hopping up and down. His ass was shaking fiercely.

“Take them shorts off, sexy,” ordered Jarrod.

Azia climbed out of his bottoms and had on a white thong. His seven-inch pecker was rock hard.

“Do you like my manly body, bitch boi,” checked Jarrod as he began removing his clothing.
“Yes, sir! You’re so muscular.”
“Thanks, faggit! When’s the last time you got fucked?”
“Three days ago.”
“By your boyfriend?”
“No. I don’t have a boyfriend. It was my stepdad’s brother.”
“I bet he fucked the shit outta you.”
“Oh, he did! Have you fucked a boi before?”
“Yeah. Been about two weeks ago. Latin sissy.”
“How’d you meet him?”
“I was painting his parents house. He kept hitting on me.”
“Suck my dick!”

Azia climbed onto the couch and began kissing the head of the eight-inch cock.

Jarrod played with Azia’s ass. He spanked it repeatedly. “You suck a mean dick, sissy! I’ma fuck this big ole booty! Bend over!”

Azia got on his knees and Jarrod moved behind him.

The man spat on Azia’s hole and went inside. “Damn! It’s tight!”
“You like it, daddy,” the femme bottom inquired.
“”Hell yeah! Take daddy’s dick, you fag bitch!”
“Fuck me with that big dick, daddy!”
“That’s right, slut,” Jarrod shared as he started spanking the fuck puppet. “Whose pussy is this?”
“It belongs to you, Jarrod!”
“Hell yeah! Come ride this dick,” Jarrod said as he laid down on the floor.
“Your dick feels so good,” Azia opined as he slid down the pole.
“Love how those walls grip my dick. Bounce on it with your pretty self. Love those green eyes!”

Jarrod put his hands on Azia’s waist and guided the punk up and down. After several minutes, he sat up. “Put them long legs around my back!” He stood up and fucked the sissy while walking from the living room the bedroom. He got into the bed and began plowing Azia in missionary position.

“Oh, yes,” Azia bellowed.
“You taking all my dick,” remarked Jarrod. “I’m gonna fuck you every day!”

He began power fucking Azia.

Azia hollered.

Jarrod pulled out stuck his dick back in Azia mouth for a little. Then, he climbed back on top of the sissy and pounded until he nutted hard in the sissy’s pussy hole.

“Whew,” Jarrod gasped. “I’m gonna smoke another blunt and fuck you some more!”
“I can’t wait,” grinned Azia.

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