Girls Night In


I had always been a bit of a loner. It’s hard for me to open up to others even if they appear to really enjoy my company. In an effort to put myself out more into the world, I asked Shelly, a work acquaintance, out for drinks after work one Friday evening. To my surprise, she didn’t have plans and seemed very excited to go out with me. I had an eye on her since she started working in receiving. She’s so confident and intelligent. Every time we cross paths in the copy room I always marvel at her fashionable clothes, and that beautiful body. She’s so petite and delicate but a total powerhouse. She is everything I wished I could be.

On the evening that we were scheduled to go out, I left work a little early. I wanted to make sure I was looking my best for Shelly. I rushed home to shower, fix my makeup and to pick a suitable outfit. I decided to wear a lavender silk button up blouse and a short black skirt and pumps. This seemed like a good choice for the occasion. I hoped that Shelly would like it. We decided on a little Spanish restaurant that is down the street from our office. I arrived first and got us a table towards the back of the restaurant. It was quiet and perfect for conversation. I was so looking forward to getting to know her. I ordered a drink to calm my nerves and waited patiently for her arrival. Only a few moments passed before I saw her walking into the restaurant. I watched as she scanned the room to find me. Our eyes met and I raised my hand to urge her towards our table.

We talked and drank for hours. I learned so much about Shelly. Where she grew up, where she went to school, and how she had been married for a year after graduating college but decided that monogamy wasn’t her thing. I shared my story too and she seemed to hang on every word I was saying. Ankara escort It isn’t often that I feel people are really listening to me. She did, with bated breath. The end of the night was drawing near and the restaurant began to clear out. At this point, I was pretty intoxicated. My nerves had gotten the best of me and I drank too much. Shelly could tell I was in no condition to drive. She offered to let me spend the night at her place and take me back to get my car in the morning. Of course I complied with this suggestion. I’m not the type to engage in risky behavior, especially drunk driving.

When we arrived to Shelly’s apartment, she took her shoes off and immediately offered me another drink. I thanked her and took my pumps off by the door. We sat on the couch together and continued to talk sipping our rum and cokes while Shelly flipped on the television and began channel surfing. After a few moments of what seemed like awkward ice breaker conversation, Shelly slid over to my side of the couch and placed her hand on my thigh. She continued channel surfing as she held my thigh like it wasn’t unusual or potentially unwanted physical contact. My mind began to race and my heart began to pound. What did this mean? I immediately clammed up. She began running her fingers up and down my thigh and in doing so, my skirt lifted slightly. I began to feel very warm. I could tell my face was flush. I could feel it. Suddenly, Shelly threw the remote control on the other end of the couch and turned toward me. Without any hesitation, Shelly took my face in her hands and kissed me softly on the mouth.

We kissed for what seemed like hours. My lips became so raw and sore but I didn’t care. I didn’t want to stop. I couldn’t remember ever being so turned on ever in my life. Shelly climbed Ankara escort bayan on top of me and unbuttoned her blouse. She began to unbuttoned mine as well. My body was shaking. I could barely believe this was happening. She was so beautiful. I could see her fully erect nipples protruding through her green lace bra. I wanted to touch them. Once my blouse was completely unbuttoned, I adjusted my position on the couch so I was sitting more upright. I reached around Shelly’s waist and slid my hands up her back to unclasp her bra. She sat very still and let her bra fall into her lap. Her tiny nipples were at attention, ready to be touched and kissed like I so badly wanted to do. She leaned in towards me and began to kiss me again while I cupped her soft perky tits. Shelly began to moan in a faint whisper. I could feel how excited I truly was by the wetness between my legs. My panties were soaked with juices. I could feel how excited Shelly was too. Her slacks were very warm and wet in the crotch. I unbuttoned her slacks and slide my hand inside. I could feel her soft hair, in a small strip and farther down, her moist eager lips. Shelly began to moan louder. She took my hand from her pants and pushed it up and over my head. She held me down and kissed me hard, first on the lips then my neck and chest. She let go of my hand and pulled down my bra with both hands. My full breasts were exposed. She looked at them for a moment, taking time to discover every detail of my skin. She began to lightly lick in a circular motion around my – now hard – protrusions. I told her how badly I wanted to be fucked. She reached her hand down, tickling between my legs. Then finally, with a coarse and almost masculine action Shelly pulled my panties aside and slid three fingers into my drenched fuck hole. Escort Ankara I was startled by her strength and dominance. I could feel my pussy gushing and vibrating as she finger fucked me into submission.

I came all over her hand and screamed “Yes! Oh God. Yes!”

Once the glow of orgasm had subsided, I kissed Shelly softly on the mouth and made my way onto the floor. At her feet I lightly tugged on her slacks and panties until they were a bundle on the floor. I could see her exquisite pussy. My mouth began to water. I leaned in and kissed her right thigh, then the left. I inched my way up to her sweet swollen lips. She smelled of rosewater. I spread her legs wider and slide my tongue inside. She tasted so sweet.

A loud moan escaped Shelly’s lips. “Oh Jessica” she said. “I want you to make me cum”.

Hearing those words come out of her mouth urged me on. I felt her hand on the back of my head, burying my face deeper into that sweet, beautiful pussy. I furiously licked and sucked to the sound of Shelly’s moans.

“Oh yes, don’t stop! Fuck me! Yes!” She screamed.

I felt her legs start to tighten around my head. I took this opportunity to sneakily side two fingers into her, deep and hard like she had done to me. I could feel her juices running down my forearm.

“I’m cuming! I’m cuming! Yeeeessss! Fuck me!” she howled.

Her thighs tighten so hard around my head that I could barely breathe. I could feel the walls of her cunt tighten around my already pruned and exhausted fingers. I loved every second of it. Only a moment passed before I felt Shelly’s body go completely limp with my hand still deep inside her. I pulled my fingers out and licked them clean before climbing back onto the couch to give her one last kiss before calling it a night.

Things have never been the same for me since that evening. My life seems far more exciting with Shelly in it. I love our stolen glances in the executive office and secret impromptu fuck sessions in the copy room. But that’s another story…

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