Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 21


Kristin and Jenny hadn’t had their chance to come during the massages, so when they got back to their room they had a long, leisurely 69 and then took another hot shower. It was warm in the room so they curled up in the nude for a little nap.

About a half-hour later there was a knock at the door. Kristin stood up to answer it; it was Elena, who smiled broadly at the sight of the naked blonde. “Sorry to disturb you,” she said. “Janet would like to see Jenny for a minute.”

“OK,” answered Jenny, yawning and reaching for some clothes.

“No need to get dressed,” said Elena. Jenny shrugged and followed Elena out of the room. She should be used to being naked in public by now, she thought – it certainly happened often enough – but she still felt a bit self-conscious walking through the house without a stitch of clothing on.

Elena led her down several hallways and through Janet’s bedroom – which was cavernous, dominated by a huge canopy bed – to her private bathroom, where she and Sophie were reclining in an enormous bathtub. A bottle of champagne and two glasses sat beside the tub. Seeing Jenny, Janet smiled and said “Why don’t you join us?”

There was just enough room for Jenny to squeeze in between Janet and Sophie. Janet put an arm around her and took sip of champagne. “Jenny, we’re really glad you could join us this weekend. Both Sophie and I have become very fond of you in this short time.”

“Well, thanks,” said Jenny shyly. “I like you guys too.” As they spoke Sophie had begun to fondle Jenny’s breasts, tugging on her nipples to make them hard.

“I’d like you to do me a favor tonight,” said Janet.

“Sure,” answered Jenny, as Sophie leaned down and started sucking on her nipples. “What is it?”

“Tonight Ankara bayan escort is going to be movie night and I’d like you to be the candy girl.”

“What does that mean?”

“That means it’s your job to serve everyone candy, snacks, drinks, and…” – she paused so the double meaning of what she was about to say would not be missed – “whatever else it is they need.”

“I’d be happy to,” said Jenny, jumping a little as Sophie clamped her teeth down on one nipple.

“Thank you,” said Janet. “And be sure to pay extra-special attention to Diana. It’s her birthday today.”

“Wow!” Jenny exclaimed, only partly because Sophie’s index finger had found its way inside her. “That’s awesome.”

“Good, then,” said Janet. “Sophie will take you to the lingerie room and help you put together your outfit.”

* * *

Meanwhile, it had not escaped Elena’s attention that Kristin was naked and alone. After taking Jenny to Janet, she circled back to Kristin and Jenny’s room and slipped quietly inside.

Kristin was waiting, her legs spread, one finger poised provocatively between her pussy lips. Elena quickly shed her clothes and began licking her way up the blonde’s legs; Kristin arched her back and moaned.

Elena’s talented tongue brought Kristin very quickly to an orgasm that ripped through her like lightning. Feeling suddenly energized, she picked Elena up in her arms and more or less threw her down on the other single bed at the other side of the room. Kristin stood for a moment looking down, just appreciating the stunning beauty of the Latina’s naked body; then she climbed on top and they fucked each other senseless.

* * *

In an anteroom just off Janet Lee’s bedroom was the house’s security Escort bayan Ankara center, and after climbing out of the bathtub Janet took a seat and dialed up the camera in the lingerie room. Just as she did so Sophie and Jenny walked in, both wrapped in white towels.

Not for long, though; Sophie had been wanting to get Jenny alone all day, and the moment the door was closed behind her she whipped off Jenny’s towel and dropped to her knees. “You’re so beautiful,” she said, nuzzling between Jenny’s legs. Jenny, flattered and turned on, leaned back against a table and spread her legs slightly to allow Sophie better access.

Fortunately the camera gave Janet a very good angle to watch Sophie tonguing the younger girl. Jenny came hard, gripping the edges of the table, whereupon Sophie dropped her own towel to the floor and began digging through a box full of dildos and other toys. She pulled out an item that Jenny did not recognize; it turned out to be a dildo with a head strap that Sophie fastened on Jenny, so that she appeared to have an 8-inch penis protruding from her face.

This is getting good, thought Janet, and took a moment to lock the door so she wouldn’t be disturbed. When she returned, Sophie had taken Jenny’s place on the table and Jenny was on her knees. Sophie gripped the shaft of the dildo and slid the tip between her pussy lips, grunting with satisfaction. Ever considerate, Jenny began to fuck Sophie diligently, moving her head forward and back as Sophie met the thrusts with her hips. Never before had Jenny had such a close-up view of a women getting fucked, and it was fascinating to behold.

Sophie and Janet came at about the same time, whereupon Janet realized that she had other things to do and switched Bayan escort Ankara off the monitor. Jenny and Sophie carried on in the same vein for an hour, and somehow found time in between to locate a very provocative dress for Jenny. It had a push-up bustier that made Jenny’s cleavage look luscious and was cut so short that a hint of her pubes peeked out from underneath.

To this outfit Sophie added white lace panties, long black-and-white-striped socks, and a pair of black fuck-me pumps, then finished it off with a length of black ribbon tied tightly around Jenny’s neck. When she was done, Jenny looked so delicious that it was all Sophie could do not to tear the clothes off and devour her. Instead she slowly, carefully removed the dress and panties before burying her head in Jenny’s crotch.

* * *

The house was outfitted with an elaborate home theater, complete with genuine theater seats and a gigantic projection screen. Janet, Diana, Juliet, and Kristin had already taken their seats and Sophie was fiddling with the computer attached to the projector when Jenny walked in carrying a tray loaded with chocolates and small bowls of ice cream. There was a collective intake of breath in the room at the sight of her; she was beyond sexy the way Sophie had put her together. Kristin thought she had never looked so hot, and reflected how lucky she was to be Jenny’s first and regular lover.

Setting the tray down, Jenny returned to the kitchen and returned a minute later with several bowls containing different flavors of gourmet popcorn that Elena had prepared. Then she took drink orders, made another trip to the kitchen to help Elena fix the drinks, and carefully delivered the finished product to the theater.

Janet Lee raised her cosmo in the air to toast the assembled group. “Ladies, it’s wonderful to have you as our guests today. I hope you enjoy this latest edition of our home movies.”

At that, Sophie dimmed the lights and clicked the Play button. It was showtime.

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