Give Then You Shall Receive


All my characters are over 18.

“Annabelle!” Charlie yelled from the next room, the harshness in his voice meant he wanted her now, she rolled her eyes looking towards the lounge room door.

“Coming!” she replied putting down her magazine, she stood adjusting her dress for her husband.

“Bring another fucking beer!” he ordered. Annabelle again rolled her large green eyes as she opened the fridge picking out a beer, She knew exactly what her husband wanted, she was not even close to being in the mood, but as a good wife she did as he requested. Annabelle entered the lounge, her husband sitting slouched legs open, trousers open his hard erection in his hand, the football on the TV.

“Good girl.” he said looking up at her in her short, short sleeved blue floral wrap dress, she handed him his beer, she even opened it for him.

She looked down at his 7 inch cut cock in his clenched fist, his shiny knob glistening in the low light, his pre-cum oozing from his tip. He looked up and smiled, “You know what to do!” he said. “Suck daddies cock.” he said smiling at her.

She knelt between his legs, Charlie removed his hand letting his wife grab his swollen shaft, she looked at him as she slid his knob into her mouth tasting his semen, the slight hint of another womans pussy juices on him.

Even though she knew her husband was out ‘fucking’ she did quite enjoy tasting the sweet taste of another woman on him, she just had to accept his infedelity. She knew she could never stop him but she did actually love him.

“Good girl, suck it bitch.” he said pressing his hand on top of her head, bunching her short blonde shoulder length hair in his fingers, lifting his hips moaning, pushing her head down his shaft, his knob hitting the back of her throat.

Charlie closed his eyes and lay his head back, keeping a grip on his wifes head, feeling is cock in her mouth, listening to her slurp and feeling her saliva on his cock.

He looked down pulling her off, holding her head he grabbed his shaft and brushed his knob along her pouty lips, smudging her red lip gloss.

“Taste nice?” he asked, her eyes meeting his, he knew she could taste the juices of another woman on him.

“Yes baby!” she said feeling her lips being spread by his swollen purple circumcised knob, grazing her teeth as it was pushed into her mouth.

“Good girl.” he said letting her go, she wrapped her fingers around his shaft, sucking with her mouth as she stroked him, while he drunk beer watching his game, she knew she had to do it in silence.


She knew she was a submissive wife, for the last twenty years he had being playing around, she was 55 now.

She kept herself fit, looked after herself, always dressed sexy, wore nice lingerie for him, given him what he wanted in the bedroom, she knew she was in a selfish marriage, she allowed him to play, even if she wanted to stop him she couldn’t.

Annabelle grew up in a wealthy home, her father a well known local politician he was true political stock, his father, his fathers father a long line of political influence in her family.

Growing up she could have anything she wanted, money, cars, clothing, boys, her mother was a well known lawyer for the white collar criminals, she had her own practice since she was 30, but retired at 70.

Both parents now retired living a good life, her father spending his retirement on the golf course, her mother now a member and trustee of muliple organisations and charities, even at the age of 74.


“Fuck I need to blow!” he said looking down as she sucked faster, he moaned and grabbed her head, “Oh yes baby.” he said with a almost painfull, but pleasured voice, she felt his cock twitch, his groin thrusting upwards, he held her head and gripped her.

“Faster bitch.” he said. She sucked faster, stroking him. “Oh yes.” he said as a second later her mouth and throat was filled with her husbands semen, she swallowed as he lifted her off his cock, semen dripping from her lips and chin onto his thigh.

“Better?” she said with a half grin,

“Lick it all up!” he said not giving her an answer, she looked down and licked his thigh, his knob, cleaning the stringy cum off his skin, from between his hairy thighs.

“Good girl.” he said downing the last of his beer, looking down at her, she licked the cum off her lips, “Another beer beautiful!” he said.

Annabelle stood and made her way to the kitchen, she opened the fridge getting out another beer, she felt a hand on her arse squeezing her buttock. she turned seeing her husband standing there, gazing at her, she handed him the beer, he took it and set it on the bench.

“Rather have you!” he said lifting his hand up to her bust squeezing her breast outside her dress.

“Your drunk!” she said.

“Oh I’m not fucking drunk darling!” he said leaning in to kiss her, she turned her head disgusted at the stench of his breath. “Oh come on babe.” he said.

Then she said it, she couldn’t believe it came out muş escort bayan of her mouth, finally she had said what she was thinking, she had never asked, always kept quiet. Afraid to confront him.

“Who is she?” she asked.

“What? Who’s who?” he questioned.

“Come on Charlie, the slut who’s pussy is all over your cock!” she snapped.

“Come on Anna, why is it a problem now, you know I fuck other women. She tastes nice dosn’t she?” Charlie said.

“Who is she?” Annabelle asked.

“Does it matter?” he said. “Its only casual sex, just a quick fuck. I don’t love them, I’m not going to run off with them, its just fucking sex.” he said.

“Fuck its Claire isn’t it.” Annabelle said looking at him.

“Claire? From the office?” he said.

“Yes, she is always strutting around in short skirts, low cut tops, her tits hanging out, in high heels flirting with every fucking man there, fuck Charlie, the little slut has probably fucked every man on your floor and the floors above and below you.” Annabelle said.

Charlie stepped back and looked at his wife. “Its not Claire.” he said softly. “Look you have never asked me.”

“Maybe, just maybe I want my husband, the man I’ve being married to for the last 36 years all to myself, my fucking pussy the only one he wants to fuck. She reached behind her back and undid the zip on her dress dropping it to the floor, she looked at him as she unclipped her bra, dropping it to the floor, she stood naked looking at him. “Dosn’t my body do it for you anymore?” she asked.

“Yes babe!” he said “Of course!”

She put her hands on her hips and looked at him, “Whos better in bed? Do they fuck your dick better than me? Do they suck your cock better than me?”

“Like I said its just fucking sex, nothing emotional, just sex.” he said stepping towards her placing his hands on her hips looking in her eyes.”

She looked at him and then to the side. “Guess I’m to fucking submissive, I don’t speak up. Let you do what you want.” she said. She looked down as his cock, his limp cock.

“Oh baby, I do love you.” he said.

“Well fuck me like you fuck your sluts!” she said stepping past him and walked to the dining room and pushed everything to the side and lay down opening her legs, her waxed pussy on show.

“Annabelle, you shaved your……”

“…… waxed my pussy, yes waxed not shaved, Arn’t your bitches hairless?” she said.

“Oh your fucking jealous.” Charlie said looking at his wife naked as she lay on the table.

“Go on, get your cock up and fuck me.” she said.

“Your’ve just fucking blown me bitch.” he snapped.

“Just a fucking excuse.” she said sitting and then standing picking up her dress and bra, she walked out of the kitchen.

“BITCH!” he yelled walking back to the lounge sitting getting back to the game.

Annabelle closed the bedroom door she threw her dress and bra on the floor, she sat on the bed and sighed, she thought about her four children, four daughters, she knew her husband resented her for not giving her a son.

Their doctor had explained to him that the man determines the sex of the baby, but of course it was still her fault.

She sat on the bed crossing her legs, she crossed her elbows on her knees looking down at the old faded carpet, the carpet her husband didn’t think they needed to replace, the house was old and needing urgent work.

“FUCK.” she said out loud standing up, she stepped over to her chest of drawers opening the top drawer, she pulled out a pair of underwear stepping into them, she put on a bra supporting her b cup breasts.

She heard her husband enter the toilet closing the door, the loud belch echoed in the small room as even from the bedroom you could hear the stream of urine flow directly into the water in the toilet.

“Drunk arsehole!” she said slipping into a pair of jeans, she put on a cowl neck knitted sweater and, pulled out a pair of platform shoes, she checked her hair in the mirror as she heard the toilet flush.

She stepped into the hallway seeing him stagger out of the toilet. “Fuck you going?” he questioned her.

“Out!” she said. “I don’t need your fucking permission. I’m a fucking adult.

“Out where?” he asked as she passed him.

He looked at her and followed. “Meeting a girlfriend!” she said picking up her handbag slinging it over her shoulder.

“Girlfriend……. who?” he asked.

“None of your fucking business Charlie!” she snapped.

“You can cook my fucking dinner first Annabelle.” he said.

She turned and faced him rage in her eyes, she had enough.

“You know what Charlie? I am no longer the chef in this house, you want to eat, cook your own fucking food, I am no longer your on call hooker, you want sex or a blowjob, go get one of your fucking sluts, and yes, I am going out, I don’t know how long I will be, in fact I might stay for the night.” she said turning and heading for the door scooping her car keys off the key holder.

“WHAT BOUT muş escort UCKING DINN ITCH?” Charlie yelled slurring his words.

“COOK YOU OWN UCKING DINN ARSEHOLE!” she yelled back mocking his drunk slurring of his words. She heard the beer can being thrown against the door.

“BITCH!” she heard him yell.

She got into her car and started it speeding off, she stopped it a small layby and turned off the car, her adrenaline racing, tears ran down her cheek. “FUCK FUCK FUCK!” she yelled as she slapped the steering wheel. For the first time she felt liberated, she even for the first time felt afraid of her alcoholic husband, she knew he denied it, according to him he wasn’t an alcoholic. “What the fuck just fucking happened?” she said.

She drove off and headed to her local bar, she needed a drink, she parked up and sat looking at the old style building, an old flour mill turned into a bespoke pub, and a craft beer brewery, she got out of her car and locked it. She walked towards the entrance, two happy, but not drunk men walked outside.

“Ma’am!” they said stepping out the way opening the old barn style door with a wrought iron handle, she looked smiling at them, thanking them as she stepped up the stairs and into the bar.

She walked down the middle isle, the long solid wood bar top, sat over the bar on her left, tables and chairs packed with patrons, laugthing and joking on her right, Annabelle walked into the toilets down the end, she didn’t make eye contact with anyone as she stepped into a cubicle closing the door, she pushed the lid down and sat looking up at the high wooden sarking over the big totora beams.

“Get yourself together!” she whispered to herself and sighed, she placed her leather handbag on her lap opening it pulling out her small mirror, she opened it looking at her face.

For five minutes she applied make-up, making an attempt to look presentable.

She stood and flushed as the door to the ladies flew open, slamming on the wall, the noise of high heels on the floor, staggering in, two girls laughting and joking.

“Bet he wants your fanny?” a voice high voice said.

“Fuck off bitch.” the other with a more stronger voice said as they both laughted, Annabelle heard one cubicle door close, jeans being undone and lowered, the plonk of an arse on the seat, the steady stream of urine in the toilet.

“Fuck.” she heard the woman with the stronger voice say in the toilet.

“You ok Tinny.” the woman with the high voice said.

“No, got no spare fucking tampons, you got one Mand.” Tinny said.

“No, and the vending machine with tampons and condoms is out of order.” Mand said.

“Don’t want a fuckin condom, I want a fuckin tampon.” Tinny cursed.

“Shove toilet paper up your pussy then.” Mand joked.

“Fuck you to bitch!” Tinny cursed again.

Annabelle looked in her purse finding a spare tampon, “I’ve got one.” She said stepping out of her cubicle.

“Who the fuck is that?” Tinny replied. Annabelle saw Mand at the sink applying lipstick, she only looked about 18, wearing high heels, in a dress that barely covered her arse and breasts. Mand looked at Annabelle holding up the tampon.

“A nice lady Tin.” Mand said. “Thank you, I’m Amanda, my friend is Tina, she just found out her boyfriend has being fucking his friend, he’s a boy.” Amanda said.

“Tell everyone about my love life why don’t you?” Tina said as Amanda put her hand over the door. “Thank you lady.” Tina said politely grabbing the tampon from her friend.

“It’s ok.” Annabelle said washing her hands,

“She is a little bit drunk!” Amanda whispered as they heard the toilet flush. The door flew open, Tina a 19 yr old in jeans, high heels and a low cut top, with her D cup breasts spilling over the top stepped out.

“Your tampon lady?” Tina said stepping up to her, hugging her, for a minute Annabelle felt breast envy, this drunk 19 yr old had breasts three or four times bigger than her’s. She felt the breasts press against her chest.

“I owe you a tampon.” she said as her friend pulled her off.

“Lets get you home, the taxi is waiting.” Amanda said looking at Annabelle smiling as she helped her friend out the door, Amanda looked behind mouthing ‘Thank you.’

Annabelle leant on the sink looking in the mirror, she didn’t look to bad. “Oh to be young again.” she said. She pulled her jersey forward at the neck and looked down. “Bigger tits to.” she said looking at her cleavage in her bra. She ran her fingers through her shoulder length blonde hair, took a deep breath and walked out into the bar, her two friends gone, nowhere in sight.

She stepped over to the bar and ordered a drink and sat in a booth by herself, aware she would probably get offers from men soon, seeing a attractive single female sitting alone.

She sat by herself, her fingers playing with the coaster, her other hand on the glass of wine. She thought and laughted to herself about the event in the bathroom, remembering how at that age she escort muş was young and silly.

“Aunty Annabelle!” she heard a voice say from beside her, she looked up seeing a tall man, short blonde hair, strong features, dressed in a suit.

“Bradley!” she said seeing her nephew, her sisters son standing there, she stood and hugged him.

“Hi, Aunty, how are you?” he said smiling at her.

“I’m good and you? she replied.


An hour later Annabelle stepped into the lounge, Bradley took off his suit jacket and loosened his tie, “Drink?” he asked.

“Yeh, why not, I’m not driving home tonight!” she said. “Sure a third wine won’t hurt.” she replied sitting in the leather lounge chair.

“No.” Bradley replied opening a bottle, he poured two glasses and sat next to her handing her one. He looked at her and smiled. “It’s sad Uncle Charlie treats you like that?” he said.

Annabelle swirled her wine in the glass and sighed, she looked at him with sadness in her eyes, a sigh of relief she met Bradley she felt so alone tonight. “Yes, but you know…… I…… don’t know if I can leave him.”

“Aunty Annabelle…….”

“Enough of the Aunty, call me Bella.” she said.

“Oh, ok. Bella.”

“All I am to him is the chef, and his personal…… I don’t know Brad.” she said staring up at the plastered ceiling. “……… I feel like his hooker, just sexually at his service when he wants me, either a blowjob, the fact he just wants a naked female in the house, or sex on tap.”

“Bella!” he said. “So he dosn’t see you as his wife?”

“Oh fuck no, just a baby factory when we were married, now just a convenient fuck at his request, I feel like a accessory in our marriage to make the jerk look good.” she said.

“But Bella you are so much more than that, you are attractive, you are sophisticated, you are a intelligent woman.” he said.

She looked in his eyes and grinned, a grin of appreciation at him. “You know how to flatter a woman don’t you?”

“Years of practice.” he said.

“Your only 24.” she said. “Gosh I’m 55 now and feel like a washed up old shipwreck on a beach.”

“A very sexy 55.” he said. “Oh shit, sorry, that just slipped out……. I…….”

“Oh Bradley, thank you, I have not being called sexy for a long time.” she replied.

“Oh, but you are Bella, I know your my Aunty, my mums sister, but……. you are.”

“Suppose you want to fuck me?” Bella said.

“Pardon, you mean……”

“I don’t mind if you do.” she replied. “My husband is out fucking other women.”

“Serious?” Bradley said

“Fuck yes, he comes home smelling of perfume, then expects me to suck his cock, with his sluts pussy all over him.”

“,Bella no.” Bradley gasped.

“Oh yes, I should have left years ago, but I have four kids and…….. “

“But you need to be happy Bella, not at home being treated like a second class wife, putting up with his bullshit.”

“Bradley, I feel like I need to explode, I feel like I need a serious fucking release, tonight I came out thinking I would let what ever happens tonight happen, I was thinking about. I secretly wanted to be picked up by a stranger and taken and fucked, the only man I have had sex with is my husband.”

“Oh Bella, really?”

“Yes, the only man to have had me.” she looked into her wine glass, contemplating. Bradley looking over his Aunty.

Bradley stood and went into the kitchen, Annabelle admiring his arse, she knew this was her Nephew but, she couldn’t stop her feelings.

She needed to have sex, she needed a revenge fuck, just a fuck, just a fuck to spite her arsehole of a cheating husband. She stood and followed him, a lust in her eyes, a fire in her groin, a pussy that needed another cock.

“Another wine?” Bradley asked her turning picking up the bottle.

She looked at him, she wanted him. She put her hand on his chest and gazed into his eyes, with a small smile. “Afterwards!”

“After what?” he asked staring closely into her deep green eyes.

“After you fuck me!” she said.

“Fuck you, have sex?”

“Yes, I’m your Aunty and I want you!” she said sliding her hand up to his face, holding his cheek.

Bradley stood seeing his Aunty Annabelle throwing herself at him, he felt horny, he did want her, he looked into her eyes, a certain connection, this was his Aunty, his mothers sister, wanting him to fuck her.

She was 55, she was beautiful, sexy, her shoulder length blonde hair, her deep green eyes, her extremely beautiful figure in front of him wanting him, his cock saying yes, his mind saying no, her hand on his chest, her slender fingers, her long finger nails with a well manicured french polish, her lips with red lipstick, she always presented herself well, looked after herself. He loved her arse in her jeans, her bust in her slim jersey.

“Fuck me!” she said again, rubbing his lip with her finger, he knew if he said no, he might regret it, he had always being fond of his Aunty Annabelle.

He leant in kissing her lips, being brave putting his lips on hers, she slid her hand around his neck pulling him in, pressing her lips on his, he pushed his hands onto her hips feeling his Aunty’s figure.

“I don’t have condoms!” he said breaking the kiss looking at her.

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